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Spinsterhood bounded Bella Swan has finally found the love of her life, Edward William Cullen. Both are committed to making their new-found relationship work, but exactly how much are they willing to give when certain situations threaten to tear them apart?

Meanwhile, playboy Edward James Masen has finally found hope within his pathetic love life when an old flame reappears. But, how much is he really willing to sacrifice for his first love? And how much is his first love really over her troubled past?

Only time, trust and true love will tell. This simply is a story of four people who are trying to find and keep what everyone desires – their true love.

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Chapter One - Six Months Later

Masen POV

Groaning in sleepy annoyance, I turned my naked body away from the obnoxious sunlight that was currently piercing through my oversized bay window; with the sun out of my line of sight, I sighed in relaxation and let myself fall into a peace sleep once more. That, however, was interrupted once again when I felt a slight movement from the other side of the bed. I smiled.

Greedily wrapping my arm around the woman's petite waist, I pulled her thin frame against mine and nuzzled my nose into her neck. Taking a deep breath, I relished in her scent of vanilla and sweet musk, pure fucking heaven.

"Morning, Edward," the woman's sleep-laced voice chimed.

"Hello, love," I responded, my lips kissing the luxurious curve of her neck. I could feel her lips curve up into a smile, even though her back was turned to me. That thought made me insanely happy.

God, I'm still a pussy.

Absentmindedly, I ran the pads of my fingers down the length of her long back, taking pleasure in how soft her skin was. My eyes closed softly, my mind and body relaxing in the peaceful moment. However, a soft moan from the woman broke me out of my relaxation.

"Edward, if you keep doing that, you're going to make us late for work." I chuckled merrily. I was glad to see that after all these years I still had that sort of effect on her.

"And that would be a problem because…?" I asked innocently.

"Because I am never late for work, James."

"Never, Tanya?" I asked teasingly, slipping my eager fingers in between the apex of her long legs; I groaned, pressing my hardening body into hers – she was already wet.

"Ah…" she whimpered, grinding herself against my fingers. Her hips thrust softly, my fingers meeting her eager clit. However, as soon as everything started – it ended. I felt Tanya's hand rest on top of mine, stopping my movements. Roughly, she pushed my hand away from her body; I think I pouted.

"Never, James," she said firmly. I just chuckled and rolled onto my back, letting my hands rest behind my head.

"Oh, come on, Tanya, weren't you the one that literally begged to come home with me last night?" Tanya rolled her eyes and huffed, throwing my luxurious sheets off her gloriously naked body.

"I only came home with you, James, because I was completely drunk," she retorted, rising from the bed. I quirked an eyebrow, challenging her, I knew that she was completely bullshitting me.

"Oh really?" I taunted, watching her. Tanya stood defiant, turning her naked form to face me.

"Yes, really," she snapped, emphasizing on the 'really' bit.

I smiled crookedly as I propped myself up on one elbow. I studied her for a moment - her voice spoke of defiance but her body language said it all – she. wanted. it. Cockily, I got up from the bed, letting the sheets slide off my naked body. Walking towards her, I stood in front of her, letting my hands rest on her womanly hips.

"So, if I can remember correctly," I said my head bent down, taking in her naked form, "you're not the one who said, 'please, take me home, Edward' last night? That wasn't you, right?"

Tanya's arms were now crossed over her luscious tits, avoided my gaze as I tilted my head upwards.

"Maybe," she shrugged, nonchalantly, her head turned off towards the side. "But, I didn't mean it. It was the wine asking." Trailing my fingers upwards, I tangled them within her lush, golden tresses; Tanya moaned softly.

"Ah, so it was the wine who asked to come home with me, then?" I asked, my fingers tracing down her delicate neck. My lips made contact with the soft curve of her neck, sucking gently on her sweet skin. Tanya tilted her head and opened her lips to let another soft moan escape.

"Completely," She said breathlessly. I chuckled, continuing my subtle assault. I knew that it would only be seconds until Tanya fucking lost it.




Eagerly, Tanya's hands grabbed, twisted, and pulled at my ever messy, bronzed hair – not that I minded. Her lips battled with mine – her tongue soft against my own. I responded promptly, my elegant hands squeezing her shapely hips, my hard dick pressing into her soft, flat belly. My hands impatiently slid from her hips to her backside, grabbing it roughly and pulling her even closer to my needing body.

"Love… please," I begged in between the feverish kisses. Tanya responded to my begging by biting down on my lower lip and broke out of my embrace. I was literally about to plead with her when she walked over to the bed, leaned over the edge, and spread her glorious self for me.

"Make it quick, Edward. I need to be at the gallery in thirty."

I groaned in pure fucking pleasure. I forgot how much of a fuck goddess this woman was.

Dear fucking bloody Christ, I think I'm in love all over again.

"Fuck, Tanya. You just saying that makes me want to come." Tanya threw her head back and laughed joyfully. I basically skipped over to my plush bed and leaned down to kiss her pale shoulder. Lovingly, I glided my hand down her long back to her ass - I grabbed it roughly and at the same time I quickly thrust into her. We both moaned in pure-fucking-ecstasy.

"Oh, Edward…"

Wrapping my hands tightly around her hips, I began to move expertly, impatiently. Her delightful moans echoed my own - my fingertips digging deeper and deeper into her creamy skin, our bodies thrusting against one another.

"Fuck, Love… you feel insanely incredible." I panted, my movements becoming quicker – more eager. A glimmering sheen broke out across my skin, breaking out on my body. It wasn't long before my own passion overtook my body, a satisfied moan escaping from my parched lips. Tanya with her musical groans filling the room – tossed her blonde waves over her shoulder and parted her lips – her trembling words pouring out of her luscious mouth.

"Oh, James… yes… yes…" she breathily moaned, her orgasm hitting her with pleasure-filled force. I smiled pleasantly as I leaned down to kiss the soft skin of her arse cheek.

"So, was that as good for you as it was for me, love?" I asked playfully. Tanya lifted her body from the bed, turned around, and shrugged her narrow shoulders.

"It'll do," she simply stated.

I huffed and rolled my eyes. "Why do you always feel the need to take me down a notch?"

"Well, if I don't… who will?"

Bella always did. My inner voice taunted.

"James?" Tanya asked, stepping closer to me.

I shook my head out of my thoughts. I promised myself that I would stop thinking of her -for me, for Tanya.

I reached for the woman in front of me. Grabbing her hand, I kissed her pale skin softly. "Only you, love."

Tanya gave me an inquisitive look, but shrugged it off nonetheless. Leaning forward, she placed her soft lips upon my own. "Edward, we need to get ready, sweetheart."

I nodded, squeezing her hand and letting it fall. Tanya walked towards the other side of the room where her clothes were hung in the closet – God forbid they were to ever get a wrinkle on them.

Watching Tanya get dressed – her slip perfectly sliding over her pale skin, her breasts outlining the fabric perfectly; next was her dress – it was of a pale yellow and was made out of the finest silk – Tanya never had less. Throwing on her favorite cashmere cream cardigan, she completed her look. My heart leaped to my throat – she was absolutely breathtaking.

"James?" Tanya asked – she must have seen me watching her.

"I've… I've forgot how exquisite you are, Tanya."

Tanya's cheeks reddened slightly – an unlikely trait for her. Twisting up her hair, Tanya stepped toward me, taking my hand within hers.

"I know this is new, James. But, I want to be with you… I'm just…" she started her bottom pink lip in between her teeth.

"Just what?" I pressed.

"Hesitant," she sighed.

I nodded. I knew what – or more importantly who - she was talking about… the one woman whom she believe my heart still slightly ached for.

I grabbed her dainty hand, kissing her inner wrist. "I want you, Tanya; no one else."

She smiled, placing her hands upon my cheeks and sighed softly. "Dinner tonight?" she asked, her voice soothing me.

"Of course… although, if you're going to blame the wine again…" I said, playfully teasing. Tanya laughed merrily.

"Oh, James, I'm so glad that we've found one another again." I echoed her laugh and wrapped her petite body in my embrace.

"Me too, love… me too."

Bella POV


I smiled - ignoring the soothing, velvety voice that called me. Snuggling closer to my pillow, I hugged the covers tightly over my naked body; it was too early to wake up.

"Bella," Cullen whispered again. This time I felt the bed dip with his weight and sighed contently when his strong arms pulled me to him - pressing my bare back to his chest.

Still somewhat asleep, I easily relaxed against him, enjoying our closeness. We had come a long way, even if it had only been six months since I had finally admitted to myself that William was the man I've had always wanted.

I knew now, more than ever, that I had made the right choice. Our relationship was not easy, more often than not; we clashed on very simple matters - what movie to watch on a weekend, who were we going to vote for, how we should discipline E.J., if I was allowed to change the style for the bedroom…

Yeah, still need to win that one.

--Come on, Swan, you know he'll never allow you to replace his Egyptian cotton sheets for your simple pink ones.

Well… we'll just see about that.

I held back a smile as I reminisced on that particular discussion and how I planned to finally win it. Just the fact that I had a say on how to decorate his… our pristine room was enough to make me giddy as hell.

Yes, ladies and gentleman - I, Bella Marie Swan, once tragic spinster and spokeswoman for how to fuck up one's life, have been in a stable relationship for six months. Not only that, but we had taken a huge leap and moved in together. A part of me still couldn't believe it… I had moved in with him, my gorgeous, Adonis-of-a-boyfriend, Edward William Cullen.

In a nutshell, life couldn't get any better. The sex was as amazing as the first time, our connection even deeper now that our relationship was official. Despite our obvious differences in personality, I liked to think that we complemented one another's quirks. Sure, I still had trouble staying away from my nicotine fixes and opinionated outbursts; Cullen was still an anal bastard who thought he was better than everyone else but in the end we still loved each other passionately.

I was finally living my happy ending and every moment was as good as the previous one – I couldn't have been happier.

"Isabella!" Cullen growled, trying once again to get my attention. I sighed heavily.

Then again, life would be a little better if he let you sleep in once in a while.

--I won't argue with you there.

I continued to ignore him, trying my best to drift back to the amazing sleep session that was currently being interrupted. Cullen sighed behind me, pressing a light kiss on the top of my head. Sneaking a hand under the covers he trailed his fingers over my waist -his light touch waking me up slightly, sending goose bumps over my flesh.

"Bella," he whispered, moving the curtain of hair and kissing the nape of my neck lightly. I shivered involuntarily.

Now, this is the way to wake up.

"Hmm?" I replied sleepily - his hand went back to my waist.

He chuckled behind me. "You'll be late again, darling." He kissed his way from my neck to my ear. "You made me promise to wake you up on time today," he murmured, biting my earlobe.

I gasped as the sensation sent a shock straight to my center. "I did?"

"Yes, I also set the alarm clock before I left for my morning run with E.J., but I guess you took care of that too," he remarked. I felt him motion towards the floor next to the bed where I had carelessly thrown the offending object.

Fucking alarm clock.

I turned in his arms and snuggled up to his chest, pouting my lips as I buried my face in the crook of his neck. "Too early…" I mumbled, "It's your own fault anyways, you kept me up last night." I tried to hide the smirk on my lips as I remembered exactly why we went to bed late.

"Yes, if I remember correctly, I told you that you wouldn't wake up on time… and that's when you made me promise to wake you up."

Damn him and his good memory.

"You didn't complain last night," I grumbled, my eyes still closed.

Cullen laughed and shook his head. "Oh, no, darling, you'll never hear me complain when I have you in bed," he replied, his hand moving suggestively down my back.

I couldn't contain myself. Knowing I would be unable to go back to sleep, I started placing soft kisses on his neck; he moaned, pulling me tighter against him. My hands moved over his clothed chest - his shirt was slightly damp from his morning run. A light sheen of sweet covered his body; for some reason it made me incredibly hot.

"Join me in the shower?" he moaned, cupping my naked breast; his fingers traced my pebbled peaks.

I smiled against his skin, dipping my hand under his sweatpants. I grasped his already hard cock and traced my fingers over his warm, soft skin. "Is this just a plan to get me out of bed?" I taunted, using my forefinger to circle the head of his member.

Cullen flinched, then shivered when I applied just a little more pressure on him, but he quickly responded, "Just keeping my promise."


I sighed dramatically taking my hand off him. Grasping the back of his head I pulled him in for a chaste kiss. "I'll wait here. Let me know when the shower is ready," I said flipping over and pulling the covers up to my neck. I tried to stifle a giggle.

I could feel his shocked gaze, however, he simply relented. Getting up from the bed and heading to the bathroom, he replied, "You'll pay for that later, darling."

Can't wait. I thought to myself as I settled to enjoy the last few second before joining him in the shower.

What I did not anticipate, however, was the sudden entrance of my now huge - and completely hyperactive - Labrador. As soon as Cullen turned on the shower, I heard E.J. run towards the main bedroom. Before I could move out of the way, the door flew open and fifty pounds of dog jumped on top of the bed and crushed me.

"E.J., no!" I tried to say with authority, but failed miserably since E.J. was obviously very happy to see me awake. He kept trying to lick my face.

I tried to sit up and push him off the bed, but was unsuccessful. I kept trying to get the dog off the bed while simultaneously trying to keep a hold of the sheet close to my chest causing my body to scoot closer and closer to the edge of the bed. I didn't realize I was about to fall over the edge of the bed.

"Edward Junior, stop this instant!" I practically screamed. Immediately, E.J. stopped. He knew he was in big trouble when I used his full name. However, before I knew it my ass collided with the floor causing a loud thump and I knew I would be bruised by the end of the day.

"Argh!" I grunted looking up to see a sheepish E.J. look down at me from on top of the bed. He made a move to come down towards me but I stopped him with a glare.

"Don't you dare, Edward!" I seethed.

"What did I do now?" Cullen asked. I glanced back to see him leaning against the bathroom door, his features amused - his naked torso on full display.

"He attacked me! I've told you not to leave the bedroom door open, William! He always does that," I grumbled, trying to stand up; which was hard considering the bed sheet was still wrapped around me.

Cullen, who was soon by my side, pulled me up and gently set me on my two feet, "Bella, he's just a dog, I don't think E.J. pushed you over the bed."

"Your right, he didn't. But my ass wouldn't be hurting if you'd closed the door when you came in!" I said defiantly. Glaring at him, I turned to walk towards the bathroom, wanting to get the last word in.

However, clumsy me, did not see the unpacked box in the middle of room. By the time I realized the offending thing was there, it was too late. I tried to avoid hitting it entirely, but I wasn't fast enough and the edge of the damn box ended up hitting my little toe.

"Fucking shit!" I yelled, hopping in one place, tears involuntarily falling from my eyes.

Closing my eyes, I bit my tongue to keep me from saying any more colorful words when I felt two strong arms lift me up. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around Cullen's neck and tried my best to ignore the throbbing pain on my toe.

After Cullen set me down on the sink, I carefully opened my eyes and saw that he was kneeling before me, his hands softly examining the injury. My heart swelled at his concern, but of course it didn't take long for his know-it-all smirk to show up.

I rolled my eyes. "Just say it," I huffed, crossing my arms in annoyance.

"I'm not saying anything," Cullen replied nonchalantly, setting my foot down. Edward then ran his hands gently over my ankles, my calves, my thighs…

I was momentarily distracted when they went up higher and higher up my thigh and under the sheet that was still carelessly wrapped around my body.

"Come on," I whispered, "You're probably dying to say, 'This is why I told you we needed to unpack your boxes right away,'" I said, trying my best to do an imitation of his stern voice.

Although, I must admit… it was really hard to concentrate, when his hands reached my hips and pulled me to the edge of the countertop. I moaned involuntarily.

"Well," he drawled, leaning in and placing a soft kiss on my bare knee. "I did say that." Cullen pulled back and I saw as his shy smirk turn into a full evil one.

I would've been annoyed if I wasn't so turned on. "So you're glad I got hurt then?" I asked, feigning anger.

Cullen shook his head. "No, no. Darling, of course not," he replied, his hands tracing slowly from my hips, down my thighs and resting on top of my knees. "In fact, I hate seeing you hurt. Why don't you let me make you feel better?"

Without waiting for a response, Cullen gently pushed my legs open. I gasped in anticipation. Shivering as he opened me for him, he slowly kissed the inside of my thighs until he reached my wet center.

I bit my lip so hard when his tongue finally circled my clit, I'm sure that I drew a little blood but I didn't care, the pleasure was immense. Soft moans left my mouth as I arched my back, making sure I was pressed completely into his willing mouth. My body having a mind of its own, and I actually didn't realize how my hips rotated in time with his tongue until his strong hands pressed on my hips, willing them into submission.

The steam from the hot water did nothing to help quell the heat within me. Craving more, I lifted my hands from the counter and cupped my tits; pinching my nipples I helped my body give in to my building orgasm.

Looking down, I saw the wonderful sight of Cullen's hazel eyes looking up at me, his gaze hungry with possessiveness. I knew he was enjoying watching me pleasure myself. Suddenly, he grazed his teeth against my sensitive bud and everything shattered around me.

I had a mind to be half embarrassed of my loud moans as I felt the blush creep up my skin. I heard Cullen chuckle and kiss his way up to my neck, my limp body letting him do whatever he wanted.

"Feel better, darling?" he asked smirking before pressing his luscious lips to mine.

The kiss was hungry and passionate. All the teasing and joking aside, I knew that I needed him. My hands gently massaged his toned chest and back, my nails trailing with just enough pressure to cause a little pain – which I knew, drove him wild. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I knew he couldn't resist.

"Just take me," I pleaded, grinding my hips over his bulging cock. Edward snapped. I could practically taste his desperation, his desire to bury himself within me. Nothing made me feel sexier than to hear the deep groans emanating from him.

His hands stopped my hips once more, begging me to take it slower – for his sake. I abruptly stopped the kiss, leaned over to his ear and whispered huskily, "Edward, please."

Cullen said nothing; cupping my ass, he lifted me from the sink, letting the thin bed sheet fall lazily to the floor. I wrapped my arms around his neck and bit his earlobe lightly, coaxing him into giving me what I wanted – what I needed.

I rubbed myself over his cock once more, moaning when my throbbing pussy felt the harsh nylon of his sweats. "Take them off," I growled, becoming impatient.

"I will… soon," he said, amused.

Cullen strode over to the shower door; I could feel the steam beginning to caress my naked skin. Opening the glass door, Edward set me down in front of it.

"After you, beautiful," Cullen smirked, his hands moved from my ass to the underside of my breasts, his thumbs grazing my pebbled nipples.

"Was this all I trick to get me out of bed?" I can't help but resist, biting my lip to stifle a moan.

"The shower can be just as interesting as the bed, Bella." He taunted.

"Promise to make it worth my while?" I asked teasingly, closing my eyes to the blissfulness feeling of his hands.

I felt, rather than saw, Cullen leaning down next to my ear. "Always," he whispered.

Giving him a light peck, I carefully stepped into the shower. I looked back at him and smiled playfully, beckoning him to join me. Not taking my eyes off him, I stepped into the pleasantly hot water, letting the multiple jets massage my back. I couldn't help but tease my nipples as the hot water cascaded down them. Edward wasted no time yanking his annoying nylon pants off, along with his boxers, his hard cock in need of dire attention.

I licked my lips - careful not to break our gaze. Edward's eyes turn to a dark, piercing hazel, making me feel like he was the predator and I was his prey. He stepped into the shower, quickly pressing his chest against mine and moved his hands to cup my face. I bit my lip once more to keep myself from moaning like some lust-craved woman. I was powerless, however, when his left thumb moved over my cheek and grazed my lips.

Unable to resist, I slowly sneaked my tongue out of brush the tip of his thumb. His eyes darkened even more so as he slowly pushed him thumb pass my lips and inside my mouth; I immediately teased him - grazing his skin with my teeth and sucking it without hurry, suggestively telling him I wish it was a different part of his anatomy.

I felt his cock twitch at our little game and press right into my belly. Knowing that we had played this game long enough, I released him with a soft 'pop'. Edward groaned, took my head between his hands and kissed me feverishly.

"No more games, Bella, I need to be inside you," he murmured in between kisses.

I nodded, very aware that I was about to explode from all the anticipation as well. Edward quickly took advantage of my acceptance and turned me around by grabbing my arms and facing me away from the water. He then bent me over lightly, and placed my hands on opposite wall.

"Stay," he commanded, making me pant and quiver.

He roughly opened my legs with his, making sure he could fit between them and grabbed my hips so I wouldn't fall. Without any hesitation, he positioned himself at my entrance and gave a forceful push.

"Ah," I yelled, not out of pain, but of pure raw pleasure. I absolutely fucking loved it when Edward took control over me.

"Oh, Bella," he whispered reverently, more like a harsh breath than his actual voice, still I heard him.

I moved against him, desperately trying to gyrate my hips to get some kind of friction but Cullen denied me. Snaking an arm around my hips he kept me still; his right hand reached over and intertwined itself with mine. Keeping our hands pressed against the wall limited my movements, but the connection of our fingers showed me how much he loved me.

"Shh, my darling, I said I'll make it worth your while," he murmured, his chest lightly pressed against my back. He kissed my shoulder blade and started thrusting his hips with mine.

I was lost to all sensation except that of him, pounding in and out of me, bringing me close and closer to the bliss he always gave me. Our combined moans were enough to fill the whole bathroom and perhaps the house, but I was too far gone to care.

"Oh, God, I love you," Edward grunted, his rhythm growing faster.

"I love you;" I managed to whimper, "so fucking much."

Edward let go of my hand and grasped my hips fully, pressing me harder against him. I kept my hold on the wall, allowing myself to take whatever he gave me.

"I…" I moaned, "I.. I'm cumming," I yelled, finally feeling my muscles clench him – a blissful shudder swept through my body.

Edward groaned and pushed himself into me one last time before releasing his own orgasm. I could feel his cock twitching inside me and for some reason it made feel powerful, like I had claimed him as my own.

When we finally came down from our high, Edward released my hips and pulled out of me. I whimpered slightly as he trailed his hands over my waist and pulled me close to him. I was so spent - Edward was practically holding me up. He leaned down and kissed my neck.

"Are you okay?" he whispered, sweetly kissing my cheek.

I couldn't help but giggle, "Better than okay."

Cullen chucked behind me, and I did the same. We spent the rest of the shower playfully washing ourselves and sneaking in some light touches and sweet kisses. We stepped out of the shower once we ran out of hot water and Cullen insisted we needed to get ready for work.

I think I pouted when Cullen wrapped a towel over his hips and tried to resist the urge to jump on him and remove it, so I decided to venture on to our room and leave him to shave in peace. Wrapping my own towel around myself I made my way to the doorway when I felt him pick me up and throw me over his shoulder.

"What are you doing?!" I shrieked.

"You were about to run into another box," he laughed setting me down on the bed, and lying beside me.

Annoyed I stared at him, and then down to the floor where I saw the box he was referring too. I blushed when I realized the most probable scenario was that my foot would've collided with it again.

Before I could deny the obvious accusation, Cullen spoke up, "Why don't we order some pizza tonight and make a date to put away all these."

"You're going to boss me around?" I asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Cullen rolled his eyes. "No, I wont," he replied, taking a strand of my wet hair and twirling it on his fingers.

I smiled. "Ok then, tonight. Pizza and putting away boxes… Just you and I," I asked, wiggling my eyebrows suggestively.

Cullen laughed and leaned down to kiss me softly, "Yes, just you and I."

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