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Cullen POV

"You have no new messages and no saved messages." The machine beeped, unknowingly mocking me. I groaned out of frustration. I had hoped that Bella left a message while I was out walking E.J. However, I hadn't heard anything from her since our disastrous encounter at York's and it was making it fucking impossible to concentrate on anything.

To kill some time and giving into the anal need to over-analyze everything, I quickly chastised myself for not explaining to Bella what the dinner with Anais meant. I knew that I couldn't be mad at Bella - I knew that if I had been in her position I would've acted the same way, or worse yet, I knew that nothing would stop me from going into possessive-jealous boyfriend mode. At least my Bella was able to walk out without much of a scene.

However, the moment she strolled off with Alice I knew that I needed to let her cool off before I even thought about talking with her. After our encounter, I went back into the restaurant and explained to Anais that she had just spoken to my girlfriend. To Anais' credit, she apologized profusely about the situation, and I told her that it was probably best for me to go home and wait for Bella. Anais was extremely understanding, and told me that we would make arrangements at the office the next morning.

After leaving the restaurant, I basically ran back to our place, hoping that Bella would be there. However, I wasn't too surprised to find our house empty, except for E.J., of course. I called her - dying to explain myself, but again, I wasn't surprised that she didn't answer her phone. I took a deep breath; I knew she'd be safe with Alice and I knew sooner or later she'd come home.

But, after waiting two long-as-fuck hours, I decided that I've had enough of the eerie silence and took E.J. out for his nightly walk. Of course I was hoping to find Bella home by the time I came back, but obviously that didn't happen.

So, here I am, sitting in my study, staring off into space. I took a sideways glance at the clock noticing that it was half pass midnight. Worried, I tried calling Bella again – no answer. I really didn't want my apology to be said on her answering machine, but I was getting desperate.

"Bella, please darling, call me back. I'm worried. And I promise it's not what you think… just, call me back." I paused. "I love you."

Sighing, I ended the call. To keep my mind busy, I ended up cleaning up the house a little bit. I chuckled - Bella was constantly complaining about my need for cleanliness, while I constantly complained about her disorganization. Making myself a drink, I straightened out the desk we shared; I smiled softly as I noticed some of Bella's work papers had little hearts with our names around the edges. Sure, it was a bit childish, but honestly? I wouldn't have my Bella any other way. After I killed a few minutes cleaning our desk, I decided to finally start working on the case, hoping to lose myself within the mass amounts of paperwork.

Several work-filled hours past and I was startled by the main door opening and Bella and Alice's loud giggles disrupting the house's quiet atmosphere. I walked towards the entrance, following their slurred singing of, "Tainted Love". Alice was singing loudly as Bella hummed along.

"Don't tease me please, I cannot stand the way you teeeeeeeeeeease!" both of them yelled at the same time, before entering the living room and collapsing in a fit of laughter.

My features took on a look of disapproval as I noticed just how drunk they really were.


Bella swerved slightly at the sound of her name being called. She turned to face me, her smile instantly fading as she glared at me.

"Edward," she said with a flat, sarcastic tone.

Alice snickered behind her saying something about a Mexican standoff. I rolled my eyes and began to open my mouth, but before I could say anything, Bella turned and walked towards the kitchen grabbing Alice by the wrist and taking her with her.

Completely irritated I walked back into my office – I really didn't want to make a bigger deal out of the situation, so I retreated and decided that I would wait for Bella to come to me. I tried to get back to work, but I was too distracted by Alice and Bella quietly talking in the kitchen.

After a more few minutes I heard the door open and shut and a few seconds later, Bella strolled into my office. She leaned against the doorway and looked at me. She looked a little more sober than before; I assumed it was okay to talk to her.

"Are you going to let me explain now?" I asked, annoyed by her childish actions.

Bella gave me a look that said 'don't push it'. She then remained quiet, so I continued with slight caution.

"Anais is the lawyer I'm going to be working with on a case with my father. She arrived today and we spent all afternoon working. I wasn't lying when I told you I was working late. Anais got hungry and she mentioned she wanted to try that particular restaurant. I saw no harm in taking her…"

"You see 'no harm'," Bella interrupted, angrily, "in taking a very attractive woman to a restaurant normal people can't get in without a reservation?"

I winced as Bella's voice grew louder with every word. "No, Edward, there was 'no harm' at all in going out with a woman who obviously had no problem batting her eyelashes at you and touching you…"

"She was not touching me!" I countered.

"Oh, please," Bella snorted, "Anais or whatever the fuck her name was, was all over you! A few more minutes and I would've found her sitting in your lap!"

"Don't be ridiculous, Bella!"

Bella's expression told me that was the worst thing I could've said.

"Ridiculous?" she murmured, her eyes glistening with tears. "Right… well, sorry! Of course it was silly of me to get upset at seeing my boyfriend have dinner with a strange, attractive woman when he was supposed to be "working"!"

Bella turned and walked away – immediately I bolted after her I was able to catch her; grabbing her by the waist I pulled her towards me.

"Darling, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that."

"Forget it! You just don't get it, do you?"

"Yes, I do. Bella, you think I don't get jealous of your situation with James? You work and meet with him everyday, but I trust you and that's why I never say anything." I seethed.

Bella was startled by my confession. I could tell she had never thought about my feelings with her staying at Twilight Publishing. Of course I never expected her to quit or find another job - that was her life, her decision. However, it would be a lie for me to say that I didn't think that things would be easier if she had a job where she didn't interact with her ex-fiancé on a daily basis.

"I… I didn't know you felt that way," Bella said in a small voice, her eyes curiously reaching out to mine.

I sighed. "Darling, I'm trying … really, really hard not to be a possessive bastard. But the fact of the matter is that sometimes I really wish you would get another job…"

Bella gasped softly; I could start to see the protest in her features. I quickly interrupted her before she could protest. "But I know how silly that sounds. I don't want you to quit or do anything to damage your career."

Bella closed her mouth and gave me a small glare, but I could see her resolve weaken.

I chuckled, "Hell, I know you wouldn't do anything you didn't want to. That's why I love you and why I never told you anything. Besides, I trust you and in the end you chose me."

Snaking my arms around Bella I pulled her closer giving her a small smile. I knew most of her anger had dissipated by now. She allowed me to embrace her and kiss her lightly on her soft pink lips.

"I did… I chose you," she whispered. "You, Cullen, are one smooth talker."

I laughed quietly, cupping my hands around her cheeks. "I really am sorry," I said, resting my forehead against hers.

"I am too," Bella said, snuggling closer.

"Are we okay?" I asked, pulling back to look at her.

Bella nodded, "Yeah. I'm sorry I overreacted. Besides, it's only a case right? It's not like you'll be with her 24/7."

I stiffened. I was hoping we would wait until tomorrow to have this conversation, but I couldn't lie to her.

"It may not be that simple, baby."

Bella frowned and pulled away from my embrace. Crossing her arms, she gave me a questioning look. "I don't understand."

Nervously running a hand through my hair I pondered the best way to tell her – however, after a few seconds, I concluded the best way would be to just tell her.

"Bella, I need to move to London for a while."

Bella POV

What. The. Fuck. Move to London? As in, 'across the ocean' London?!

Unable to grasp what he was telling me in my mind, I simply asked the first thing that came to mind. "What the fuck, Cullen? London! What the fuck do you mean, London?!"

Cullen seemed alarmed at my tone. "Bella," he called soothing, reaching for my hand. Ignoring my childish want to throw a tantrum, I let him take my hand.

- Breathe, Bella. Nothing, nothing comes good out of you over-reacting.

Shit, my subconscious is right. Know-it-all bitch.

So, I made myself calm down, reminding myself again that nothing good ever came out of my overreactions, so I kept my mouth shut and listened as Cullen explained all about his problems at work. About how his father and how he requested his help and then about Anais and his need to keep her from screwing up things even more.

By the time he finished explaining things, we were seated on the fancy dark brown leather sofa in Cullen's home office. I could feel his frustration and suddenly I felt horrible for keeping him from his work. I really never stopped to wonder what all those free weekends and early evenings were doing to him and his career. How could I make a big deal out of this when he had just confessed he swallowed his jealousy for the sake of my career?

I wanted to be supportive, but the thought of him leaving for a long period of time filled me with absolute dread. Would we even be able to survive a long distance relationship? Although I loved him more than words could express, I didn't really have a good track record with boyfriends leaving me for London.

- Aka, Masen?

But that was before! This is now. I'm in a grown up relationship, now. I can do this!

--But are you really going to let him leave? Especially for London?

Yes, I am. Cullen loves me; I have nothing to be afraid off. Besides, this is just a setback. Before I know it he'll be back and hopefully we can start talking about marriage…

--Wait! Marriage?

Knowing my mind was wondering into dangerous territory, I snapped out of my trance and glanced back at Cullen who was looking at me intently.

I smiled softly. "Can I visit you in London?" I asked innocently, my anger hidden.

He smiled brightly and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me towards him. His lips collided with mine in a fierce, passionate kiss. I moaned breathlessly, tangling my tongue with his, deepening our heated kiss. Soon, I lost myself in his embrace. Honestly, I don't know how long our make out session lasted, but before I knew it, Cullen's hips were pressed tightly against mine and my legs were wrapped loosely against him; my dress hiked up to my waist, allowed the bulge on his pants to press right against my center.

"Oh, Bella," Cullen said, finally pulling away from my lips. "Darling, I would take you with me if you'd let me."

Assaulting the supple skin of my neck, Edward became eager - his lips trailed downward, softly nibbling my shoulder before kissing my exposed cleavage. His hands moved from my waist, gliding up the bunched material of my black dress to my covered tits - his fingers ghosting over my hardened nipples before cupping my breasts.

"Edward," I moaned, automatically writhing my hips against his.

"Darling… I need you. Please…" Cullen said, his hypnotizing voice making me forget everything but my need for him.

My body leaned in closer to his, my erratic breath hot on his ear. "Then take me," I whispered.

Cullen's hazel eyes looked up at me with such intensity, that it my heart pound against my chest. He slowly sat up, unbuttoned his shirt and undressed. I bit my lip as he revealed his toned chest, before lying down on top of me once more.

My hands traveled all over his bare back as we kissed once more, his six-o-clock shadow roughly grazing the soft skin of my chin. I fucking loved the texture, the roughness of his beard combined with the softness of his lips and his warm, wet tongue on my body.

His hands cupped my breasts roughly, before moving his hands towards my back and slowly unzipping the garment. He broke the kiss quickly, and lifted himself just enough to see as his hands moved the thin spaghetti strands downward. My panting hindered the movement of the fabric, but Cullen didn't stop.

I shivered as his fingers slowly caressed the skin on my shoulders and pulled the strands completely off. I shivered as Edward exposed my skin inch by inch to the cold air in the room; it was an erotic contrast against the heat radiating off my skin. Finally, the sweetheart neckline dipped low enough that my breast was revealed to Cullen's lustful mouth. His fingers left the strands, slowly moving across my arm and right above my nipple.

It would've been easy to be embarrassed by the low whimper that escaped my lips as soon as his cold fingers met the delicate rosy skin of my peaks, but I was too far gone to care. His thumbs circled around them, teasing them to the point where they were painfully tight. I'm dying for more of his touch, his naked body, but Cullen seemed content with his current exploration.

"God, you are so fucking beautiful," he murmured, his low tenure making my panties embarrassingly wet.

Not giving me any proper time to respond - not that I could actually find the words to properly respond - he hooked his fingers under the fabric of my dress and pulled it downwards - the dress bunched up completely on my waist. I noticed that it was slightly erotic to technically still be dressed yet be so completely exposed. I blushed as I realized how I might look to him.

Cullen groaned as he kissed my neck and left a fiery trail of hot kisses on my breasts, finally reaching my nipples and sucking gently on them. "Oh Darling," Edward growled, "I love it when you blush… you blush all over."

"Edward, please." I wasn't passed begging.

"Yes, Bella?" Cullen asked, the teasing bastard. Moving his hand over my thigh and pushing it up against the apex of my legs, I moaned. Cullen continued to tease me over my panties, rubbing his fingers slowly up and down my pussy.

"Fuck me," I whimpered, thrusting my hips up to meet the erotic movement of his fingers.

Cullen complied - well sort of - his hand moved under my panties; his fingers slowly dipped into my pussy, spreading the wetness before moving up and pressing his thumb right against my clit.

"Oh, Edward," I cried out.

"Darling, you're so wet… so wet for me, baby." Cullen said, his voice heavy with desire - his hazel eyes boring into mine. It felt as if he was memorizing my expressions, my moans. If I hadn't been so entranced by his fingers I would've been self-conscious.

"Baby, I want… I need to feel you," I panted, moving my hips the pace his fingers created.

Cullen said nothing; he simply sat back, his fingers leaving my hot, wet skin - making me groan in frustration. Before I knew it, I was on my knees beside him, helping him unbuckle his belt, harshly unzipping his constricting pants. However, before I could strip Cullen completely, he stopped my movements by wrapping his fingers around my shoulders and pushing me back down onto the leather sofa. I gasped loudly as his hands harshly pulled at my panties; I faintly heard the sound of them ripping but I was way passed caring. Then Cullen's hands harshly pulled my legs over his waist, and in one hard thrust he entered me completely. We both groaned at the initial blow; it was hard and forceful and I fucking loved it.

"Are you okay?" Cullen panted.

"Fuck, move! Please move," I cried, desperately moving my hips against his. Cullen moaned, moving with me. In contrast to his initial hardness, he set a slow pace. I followed his lead, enjoying each stoke, each caress and feeling all the love that emanated from the act.

I kissed him, slowly grazing my lips against his and wordlessly trying to show him how much he meant to me. Soon, our pace quickened after each stroke and I hid my face in the crook of his neck, trying to stifle my loud moans. Each stroke getting me closer to the pleasure I craved, and needed.

Cullen shivered as he felt my hot breath on his neck. "Please, Edward… Oh, God," I panted, holding him tighter, my fingers grasping at the skin on his back.

"Oh, Bella," Edward groaned, moving his hands pass my waist - where they had been holding me - and grabbed my ass.

Cupping my ass, he pulled me upwards. I let him move my hips, letting myself give into the pleasure we were creating. After a few forceful thrusts, I fell over the edge. As my orgasm flew through my body in hot, white flashes, I felt my cunt tighten against Cullen's hard cock, sending another quick orgasm through my body; it only took two more thrusts before Cullen reached his orgasm.

We collapsed into the sofa, spent and sated. I giggled softly as I felt Cullen kiss my cheek softly.

"I love you," I finally said, my voice quiet.

"I love you too. We'll get through this, Darling. I promise, everything will be okay," Cullen said reassuringly, his fingertips softly caressing my cheek.

I simply nodded and gave him a small smile, he responded by kissing me softly. We stayed on the leather sofa for a while, lying side by side, talking about random things - his work to mine, our friends and what his work in London would be. I felt strangely appeased as he explained that everything would be over soon and that he would pay for me to visit as often as I could. I chastised him about not letting me pay for my own plane tickets, but Cullen wouldn't hear any of it.


We spent the rest of the early morning talking and caressing, and once again I felt reassured that we could survive whatever came. As I snuggled into his arms, and let myself drift to sleep, I knew that we would always end up in each other arms… and that was all that mattered.


Cullen POV

A couple of weeks passed since the night Bella and I made love in our home office. Surprisingly, Bella had been extremely supportive of my new assignment. After the initial fight, she never complained again about Anais - even if lately it seemed like I was spending more time with my co-worker instead of my girlfriend.

Honestly, I really couldn't express how much I missed my Bella; I was usually out of the house after walking E.J. in the mornings and Bella would still be sleeping. She had tried to wake up as early as I did and even attempted to accompany me in my morning runs, but it was a complete disaster. My love was not a morning person and I had to reassure her that she didn't have to go out of her way to show me she cared. That's when she went back to sleeping in; although I appreciated her attempt, E.J. and I really liked it better when she was in good mood.

Part of me felt guilty at leaving Bella alone most afternoons. Before work got into a tangled mess, we used to have dinner, walk E.J. together afterward - talking about our days before heading home and spend the rest of the evening together. Now, I got home unusually late. I was used to this kind of work-pace before meeting Bella; I thrived when I was in the office. However, knowing Bella was at home waiting for me made it so much fucking harder.

To her credit, Bella was always awake when I got home, usually working on our bed. I would apologize profusely to her, but she would dismiss most saying that her new 'alone time' allowed her to get ahead on a commission that would surely get her the promotion she was craving at work. I tried to believe her, but I could tell she missed our random date nights and spontaneous love making… I knew… because I fucking missed it too.

I sighed, realizing the hardest part was about to come. Currently, Bella was helping me pack for London. I was set to move into one of my father's apartments for the time being, as it was only a few blocks away from his law offices. Anais had traveled back the previous week, prepping everything under my instruction before it was time for me to join her.

The thing that worried me the most was how Bella seemed to retreat into herself these past couple of days. Although my angel put on a brave face and smiled, her eyes held a sadness that mirrored my own and I didn't know how to make it better. We were carefully tiptoeing around the conversation of when she would visit or when exactly I would come back; everything was up in the air at the moment and I hated the uneasiness that settled within me.

"You have everything?" Bella's quiet voice asked, her eyes scanning around the room; I shut the suitcase with a sharp thud.

"I think so," I sighed, putting an arm around her slender shoulders and pressing her body against mine.

Her head settled easily on the crook of my neck, her breath soft against my skin. She wrapped her arms around my waist, her fingers interlocking. We were silent for a moment, enjoying the comfort of one other's presence. After a few moments, the sound of my cab honking interrupted us. I kissed the top of her head, committing to memory the strawberry scent I knew and loved; I would miss it every morning. I quickly chastised myself - this wasn't a goodbye - I would come back soon before I even know it. Everything would go back to normal.

"I should get going," I said, taking her face in my hand and placing a soft kiss upon her lips.

Bella simply nodded give me a diluted smile. "I'll call you at a decent hour," I said, taking her hands and giving them a reassuring squeeze.

"Call me as soon as you land, promise?" she said, her eyes narrowing playfully.

I chuckled, "I will."

I couldn't help but take her into my arms and kiss her once again, this time with passion and need. It was a quick kiss; I didn't want to start anything I couldn't finish. But, I just needed to feel her.

Bella followed me to the porch where the cabbie was impatiently waiting. E.J. ran around us, barking happily and completely oblivious as to what was going on.

After placing my bags into the yellow vehicle I turned to Bella.

"I'll miss you," she whispered softly, crossing her arms and looking up at me with those wonderful doe eyes of hers.

"I'll be back before you know it." I said playfully, grabbing her by waist and pulling her against me. "Actually, I'm slightly afraid of the mess that will happen with you two without my supervision," I teased.

Bella rolled her eyes. "I promise there will still be a house for you to get back to…" she huffed.

I laughed. "Call me anytime okay?"

"Yeah, yeah," Bella said dismissively, a playful smile on her lips.

God knows, I wanted so badly to ravage her right then and there but I knew the cabbie would get much more than he was already getting paid for. Not wanting to drag it out, I disentangled myself from her embrace and said my final goodbye.

Anais seemed to have impeccable timing because as soon as I entered the taxi, she called asking me if I was already at the airport.

"Edward," her melodic voice said cheerily; I wonder what time it over there for her to be calling me. "Oh, good I caught you. Are you already on the airport? I need to talk to you about my conversation with…"

Before letting me answer, she went into a complete speech about the previous day where she had a brief meeting with our defendant. Before I realized what was happening, the taxi was already well on its way and I hadn't had a chance to look back at Bella as the car pulled out. When I looked back, completely ignoring whatever Anais was talking about, we were already on another street and Bella was completely out of my sight.

I tried to suppress the disappointment I felt at not being able to have one last look at my love, but I was unable to do so.

"Anais!" I grumbled into the phone. "We can discuss this when I'm there, okay?" Not waiting for a response, I hung up and pinched the bridge of my nose in frustration.

As a lawyer, I knew I had to trust my instincts and follow my gut. I was worried about Bella and our relationship; mostly I was worried she would be lonely or sad or both. But last night, a stupid, stupid idea popped in my head and I wasn't able to let it go.

I needed to make sure there was someone who would look after my Bella, someone who truly cared for her and would tell me if she was really okay.

"Fuck!" I cried, punching the seat next to me. If the cabbie heard me he made no indication.

I knew what I had to do and I knew who could help me… but my plan could either work to my benefit or backfire on me… but… it was worth the risk. I just wanted Bella to be okay while I was away.

Before I lost my nerve, I grabbed my cell phone and cursed myself for the number I just dialed.

"James, I need a favor."

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