Another crossover?

Been into Shugo Chara lately, both the manga and the anime. While I generally do like the manga better, I love the songs from the anime. Especially anything by Nana Mizuki (Utau's VA). But God. This may be a children's series, but Peach-Pit seems determined to see just how far they can push it.

So this is going to have a few chapters (if I finish it); think of it as another single episode of either series. I'm still contemplating whether or not to bring Ikuto in. Do love the character, even if he seems to have a slight fetish for licking the physical manifestations for other kids' dreams. Just not sure if he'll fit in here. And as in most of my stories, no real focus on romance except canon behavior and crushes. This story is mostly going to focus on Kagome's own insecurities and inner character.

Anyways, for the Shugo Chara timeline, Utau just got Dia(mond) and is currently gathering more X-Eggs to turn into the Black Diamond CDs. Inuyasha, doesn't really matter ^-^.




-Chapter 1-


Kagome's head fell onto the open math textbook and her moans were muffled by the pages. Her three friends went over to her desk.

"You didn't get any of it, did you?" Eri asked. Kagome's face was rubbed against the pages as she shook her head.

"You poor thing," Ayumi said sympathetically. "And you finally got over pig fever as well. I never knew it could force you into bed for a month."

Grandpa, I'm going to kill you. Pig fever?

"Don't worry Kagome-chan! I've got just the thing for you!" Yuka exclaimed, immediately rummaging through her bag. Kagome lifted her head just enough to prop it up with her chin and was rewarded for her efforts with a CD in its clear case brandished in her face.

"Bu-ra-ku Dai-ya-mon-do?" Kagome said with confusion in her voice as she read the English on the CD with some difficulty. It was black in color with a white X on it, the words printed in large, bold letters in the front.

"You got a Black Diamond CD? Cool!" Eri gushed out. Yuka nodded proudly then immediately noticed Kagome's apparent confusion.

"Being sick all the time makes you really out of touch with the current events, right Kagome? (It's not my fault.) It's a new band! Lately they've been doing free performances around the city to promote themselves, and they're really good! My little sister managed to get two of the promo CDs they were passing out, so it's not a big deal if I give one to you!"

Kagome took the CD and the moment it brushed against her fingers, something unpleasant seemed to spark inside of her. Something uneasy. She turned it over in her hands but as far as she could tell, it was just an ordinary CD. She attributed the uneasiness to her stress and horror from the terror known as homework before sliding the CD into her bag.

"Thanks Yuka-chan, but how is this going to help me?" she asked.

"I heard that by listening to the CD, your wish will come true," Ayumi said. Yuka and Eri nodded enthusiastically.

"Isn't that cool! You can wish to pass the next exam!" Yuka pointed out.

"Or help dealing with your boyfriend," Eri said with a sly smile. Kagome's head fell back onto her textbook.


"My wish…" Kagome said wistfully as she was walking home, subconciously fingering the tiny jar that was behind her shirt. "My wish-"

''Come on, what do you want? What are you looking for?"

Kagome was snapped out of her thoughts by a beautiful voice. Up ahead the block, part of the sidewalk had been taken up by a large black van, some large speakers and equipment, and of course, the performers. There was a guitarist and a guy with a keyboard, but all the attention was on the black-clad singer.

Kagome couldn't make out the singer's face; she wore a large hat and sunglasses, but her posture indicated that she was in utmost confidence in herself. And the song! The song that was pouring out of her throat was amazing. It seemed to flow straight into Kagome's own heart and take down its barriers…

The band was attracting everybody in the vicinity as if in a trance, Kagome included. The singer was now building up for the finish, and everyone held their breath.

"Dark diamond, black diamond!"

Kagome gasped as her hands flew to her chest; a sensation horrifyingly familiar coming over her. My soul! It's-it's coming out!

Falling to her knees, she fought to keep it in, but for the other spectators the effect was much more immediate. What appeared to be purple mist shot upwards from their bodies, their eyes glazed over as what appeared to be black, X-adorned eggs emerged from their chests. The eggs floated aimlessly above their owners.

"What's going on?! Are those their souls?!" Kagome cried out, wincing as what she assumed to be her own soul seemed to be forcibly yanked from her chest. Oh no you don't, you're staying right there. You've left my body plenty of times as it is and dammit! You're not leaving again!

The singer was now finished with her song and was now regarding Kagome with assumable curiosity (as Kagome still couldn't see her face). "Strange…those with weak and wavering wills lose their eggs easily, but those who have strong ones can resist my song…your egg was about to come out, but you forced it in…does that make you strong or weak? It doesn't look like you have a Guardian Character either, yet you can see the X Eggs..."

Before Kagome could begin a tirade about the evils of…whatever that strange girl just did to those people and what the hell was going on, a strange creature hovered in front of her. It looked like a tiny little girl, only a few inches tall, dark skinned with long blonde hair in a side ponytail. She wore a black dress and gloves, but what really stood out about her was the large white 'X' on the yellow diamond shaped clip on her lacy hairband, and the empty yellow eyes that seemed to stare right into her heart.

"I can hear your heart whispering," she said softly.

"Dia!" the singer said in alarm. "What are you doing?!"

"You're stuck in two worlds with duties to both," 'Dia' said. Kagome gasped at the strange creature's words. How does she know-?

"You cannot give up one for the other, but the two are interfering. Though you are determined to face any problems that you face in the present, you are afraid of the future. Where you will be after all your duties are over. If you can overcome them at all. The possible choice that you will have to choose between them. And the bonds you have from both worlds."

Something inside of Kagome cracked. Tears threatened to spill from her eyes as she clutched her head, the creature's words echoing within.

The future…what's going to happen to me?

Purple mist shot out of her as a black egg slowly emerged from her chest.