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Official Summary: Edward Cullen is finally getting his wish--to be away from his future ex wife, Bella Swan. When they cannot determine the reason for their split, the judge denies their divorce and sentences them to counseling. Along the way, will they rekindle their marriage or go through with the divorce? All Human

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Edward's Point of View

As I walked down the hall to the divorce court, I couldn't help but think why I was in this situation in the first place. Only one name came to mind.

Isabella Marie Swan.

I met Bella about three years ago when she moved to Forks, Washington. We were shy at first but worked our way up to being friends. After a few months, we began dating. I thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives together and I had been thinking about proposing for a while. Then finally I got up the courage and asked Bella to marry me. She said yes and we got married about a month later. A couple of months into our marriage, things went down hill.

We were young when we got married, only eighteen. We were happy, though. We were even trying for a baby. But I guess Bella started to have doubts about our marriage around her nineteenth birthday. We slowly started to gravitate away from one another. But it wasn't my fault, I was sure of it. Bella pushed me away. She never told me what was on her mind and we were making love less often. The worst was when I told her I wanted a divorce.

I pounded my fist on the table to break the awful silence. Bella jumped and stopped washing the dishes as she turned around.

"Bella what's wrong with you? Why have you been acting so...so distant lately?" I demanded. When our marriage started, everything was perfect. I wondered where the turn of events came from.

She looked down and her hair covered her face. "I'm sorry. I'd really like to tell you but I...I can't." Her eyes pleaded with me, begging me to understand. But I shook my head and tears started to form in her eyes. I was beyond waiting for her to explain. I was done.

I sighed and stood up from the table and, in three strides, I was right in front of her, my hands on either side of my face. She looked up at me with hopeful eyes. It only made this harder.

"Bella, you know I love you right?" She nodded and more tears came out. "You know I'll never love anyone like I loved you?"

Her face went blank. "Loved?" She questioned, noticing my past tense. I felt my own tears forming at what I was about to do, but it had to be done.

I closed my eyes and felt the tears cover my face. "Bella, I want a divorce."

She didn't speak. The only sound was our steady breathing and the sobs that racked her body. I opened my eyes and she looked like she was burning.

I explained myself. "Bella, I love you. But I'm not in love with you anymore, you pushed me away. I don't want to be the only one in this relationship anymore."

She placed her hands over mine. "Edward. I'm in love with you. And I don't want you to do this. I just need some time. Edward, if you'll give me some time, we can work this out." She eyes shined bright at the possibility.

I wanted things to be like that too. For it to be like old times. But it was too late. "Bella, no. We can't. I want a divorce, Bella." I let go of her face and reached into my pocket to pull out the divorce papers. I held them in front of her face, giving her one last chance. "Bella, if you tell me now why you pushed me away, then I'll burn these papers and we can continue our marriage. Don't you want that?"

She looked torn. Her heart battling for two things that were important to her: Her love or whatever she was keeping from me. She closed the distance between us and crashed her lips down to mine. I kissed her back and was so sure of her answer until she pulled away. Her eyes held sadness and, when she spoke, her voice broke, "Edward, I'll sign the papers."

I looked at her like I had been betrayed. My hand lifted and I practically ripped my ring off. I could even hear her heart breaking when I threw the ring on the floor. "Fine. Isabella Marie Swan." Her eyes widened as I called her by her surname instead of our last name. But she had just agreed that we should be divorced over a secret and my pain only tripled hers. "If your willing to throw away our marriage over a secret...then I guess I'd never really meant anything to you."

Her expression was horrified. "No, Edward! It's not like that! I don't want to get a divorce, but I can't-"

I put up a hand to stop her. "If you can't tell me whatever the hell is on you mind, then I can't love you anymore. I'll be out by the end of this week. When the papers are signed, just give them to Alice. I don't want to see you anymore. Goodbye." I put my jacket on and grabbed my keys. I walked out the door but not before I saw Bella on the floor, crying her heart out.

That was three months ago and I still hadn't seen Bella. Today would be the first time I'd seen her since that fateful day. It took Bella almost a month to sign the divorce papers. But obviously her secret was more important than our marriage and she eventually signed the papers.

Alice told me that Bella was a mess. She told me that she wouldn't talk to anyone but her or Rose. She'd always looked like she had just been crying. They were careful not to mention my name around her though. I was referred to as him and whenever I was mentioned, Bella asked about me.

Rose and Alice had said she'd ask them if I missed her, or if we could get past her secret and forget about the divorce. When they answered no to the second question, Bella's fit of tears would start all over again.

I walked over to the espresso and got a coffee to calm my nerves. I would be seeing Bella today, and I was happy. But I didn't want to see all the pain I'd caused her.

But it wasn't like I was happy about getting a divorce. I never wanted it in the first place. I still wished Bella hadn't pushed me away to the point where this had to be done. But she wouldn't tell me her problem and I had no other choice.

I've seen other people since Bella. But every girl had a characteristic of Bella. Even if it was the color of her hair or the roundness of her eyes or anything, I was reminded of her. I was far from moving on, and I knew Bella had an even longer journey.

I fixed my suit and headed towards the courtroom. I pushed open the big doors and walked down the walkway. My eyes flickered everywhere, searching for her. Finally I spotted her. She was fidgeting in her seat and I could faintly hear her saying, "Is he here? Where is here? I want to see him." Was she talking about me?

I took my seat by my lawyer and I could see Bella staring at me from the corner of my eye. I smiled her favorite cooking smile, hoping she noticed. She did and quickly turned around to Alice and Rose to whisper something to them. From her tone, she was excited. But about what?

The hearing dragged out and I droned the judges words out, only focusing on Bella. She stared back at me too. After a while she mouthed "I miss you. Come back to me." I looked away immediately. I couldn't risk another heart break.

I was so unfocused that I barely heard my own name being called by the judge. My lawyer nudged me and I perked up, formal.

"Mr. Cullen would you like to tell us your reasoning for the separation from Ms. Swan?"

I heard Bella squeak from her seat, probably because she was no longer addressed as Mrs. Cullen.

I cleared my throat. "Um, yes. I would like to be granted a separation from Ms. Swan," another squeak from the crowd.

"And why is that?" The judge cocked an eyebrow.

"Your honor, I truthfully cannot explain that. I love Bella and I didn't want this to happen in the first place. But she pushed me away and I no longer want to go through that."

The judge turned to Bella and she shifted uncomfortably in her seat. I knew she hated when all eyes were on her. The judge spoke, "Ms. Swan would you please tell us why you pushed him away?"

Bella's head snapped up to look at me. But it wasn't that easy. I nodded for her to answer the judge and she closed her eyes in defeat. Her lips moved but nothing came out.

"Ms. Swan I cannot hear you. Please speak louder."

Bella exhaled slowly and opened her eyes. "Mrs. Cullen. My name is Bella Cullen."

The judge spoke slowly. "Okay Mrs. Cullen would you tell us you reason for distancing yourself away from your husband?" I saw Bella smile when the judge referred to me as Bella's husband.

It then disappeared as she realised everyone was waiting for her to answer. "I won't tell. It's too painful."

The judge sighed in frustration and smacked down the mallet. "Seems like I have some thinking to do. I am calling a recess and I want you both to report back tomorrow eight o'clock sharp. Dismissed."

I groaned. I wanted this over with. I wanted to be a free man, away from the painful strings Bella still had attached to me.

My lawyer and I rushed to get all our papers in order to leave more quickly. I knew Bella would try to talk to me. And sure enough, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bella walking up to me, looking down.

"Hi," she whispered, still looking down.

We both looked up simultaneously. And for the first time, I noticed what she was wearing. She had on a light gray pencil skirt that came just above her knees. Her shirt was white with spaghetti straps that was covered by her gray jacket. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She looked beautiful.

I remembered that Bella had given Alice my ring for her to give it back to me. Bella still thought we had a chance to work it out. But I was done past reasoning.

I reached into my briefcase and pulled out my ring. I grabbed her hand, opened her fingers, and put the ring into her small palm before closing her hand. I was about to leave when she grabbed my hand, holding it tightly in hers.

"Don't do it," she whispered, her voice breaking.

"Bella, I love you. But I can't handle the secrets. If you'll just tell me, then we can get past this and I would be more than happy to call you Mrs. Cullen." I pulled my hand gently out of hers.

She ignored my suggestion and asked, "Do you miss us?"

I smiled her favorite crooked smile and her eyes lit up. "I miss us, but I know you don't."

Her eyes were then blank and started immediately to fill with tears. "No, Edward. I can-"

"Explain? You haven't explained anything. Even though I've given you numerous chances. But it'll all be over tomorrow and you won't have any hold on me. I won't have to see you." I grabbed my things and walked away from her tear stained face. "I'll see you tomorrow, Isabella Swan," I called over my shoulder.

I was barely out the courtroom before I heard her cry out my name.

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