Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. I only play in the sandbox.

When the rain falls, and thunder lights the skies; this is when she feels the most alive.

Her roots can finally grow deep in times like these; her tree-self can wake; she can shake loose her human trappings, and her branches are freed to claw at a grey sky.

The other Senshi leave her now; their eyes carefully neutral, their movements just a fraction too quick. Nervous eyes watch her tall figure straighten, watch bright eyes crackle with electricity. Four young girls watch their friend become frightningly more, treading a path where they cannot follow. So they leave her.

If her oaken soul could care about such little creatures, she would be amused. Did she not already stand over them? Protect them with her unbending strength?

Anticipation stirs.

When it comes, the very thunder roars her defiance.