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Chapter 13: The Calm Before the Storm [Part 1]

"Hey, Asuma, Anko, over here!" shouted Kurenai as she was waving her arm back and forth. "Made it just in time and…." she stopped at mid-sentence as she saw little Naruto being held by Sarutobi.

"Hey, Asuma, did Kakashi leave Naruto to you?" asked Iruka.

"Yeah, he went on a quick errand and told me to meet him here…the kid wasn't too much trouble thankfully Kakashi took care of the nasty work." commented Asuma, "Look here, Naruto, its Uncle Iruka and Gaara, say hi." The blonde baby looked up and gave a wide smile to Iruka, but when he looked at Gaara's direction, he immediately looked away, shivering in fear.

"Hey, little guy, what's wrong?" consoled Iruka, he tried to hand Gaara to Kurenai but his son had another thing on his mind, he tightened his grip on his father. "Hmm…looks like someone doesn't want to let go."

"Anyways, you guys are here, so I presume that you have received Kakashi's invitation?" assumed Asuma, as he patted on Naruto's back softly.

"Well, doesn't he have one final mission before becoming an ANBU?" asked Anko, "So, why would he invite us here knowing that he's on a mission…." she whispered to herself but Iruka and Kurenai heard her and nodded in agreement.

"Hey, guys…. I'm here!" yelled Kakashi and the group turned to see him and saw that he wasn't alone, he was being followed by three different individuals. One looked like she was in her 20's, the other one was around their age, and the last person was probably five years old or so.

"Who are those people?" whispered Kurenai in Iruka's ear.

"They might be the people that Kakashi mentioned before…you know being some escort or whatever for the new citizens of Konoha." he whispered an answer to his teammates question. Kakashi's group stopped in front of them, there was a moment of silence before Asuma broke off the silence,

"So, care to do an introduction, Kakashi?"

"Yeah, well these individuals are new to the village and will be staying here in Konoha for a couple of years." He went to stand next the 20 or something year old and said,

"Introduce yourself guys, they won't bite I promise not unless you harm them. Haha" joked the masked ninja. The purple haired lady gave a slight smile before speaking,

"Hello, you all must be the friends that Kakashi has told us all so much about, I' am Ayumi Soto and I have come from a small village down south. The children next to me, their names are Aska and Hatsuharu Soto, they were abandoned and I took them in my watch." After she was done, Aska and Hatsuharu bowed and said,

"Pleasure to meet you all."

"It's a pleasure to meet you guys as well, I'm Iruka and this little guy here is Gaara." Iruka smiled and moved Gaara's hand to wave hi.

"I'm Hayate (cough) and I'm Iruka's teammate and (cough) I cough a lot so don't worry about it, I'm fine its genetic."

"The name's Kurenai and I'm also their teammate which is lame but I deal with it haha" laughed the kunoichi.

"Anko Mitirashi and just so you know, no one lays eyes on Iruka, he's mine!" Anko laughed as she put her arm around Iruka, "Right. Iruka?"

"Uhh….no, you're joking, right?" he asked,

"Of course, I' am only said that because I noticed Aska over there blushing and staring at you." On cue Aska jumped and blushed even more and gave a yelp before turning around in embarrassment.

"Geez, Anko leave the girl alone, there is no need to be jealous, and hello, I'm Asuma and a longtime friend of all of them."

"Aska…compose yourself." Ordered Ayumi,

"Yes, Lady Ayumi, my apologizes!" the teenager turns towards them again and bowed,

"It's all good, no need to apologize if anyone should apologize is Anko." Iruka said,

"Hmph, whatever" replied the snake ninja. Kakashi walked towards Asuma and got a hold on baby Naruto,

"Finally, this little guy is Naruto, he is my adopted son."

"Aw him and Gaara are adorable, my so that means Gaara is also adopted?" questioned Ayumi, she smiled at Gaara but the red-haired looked away and got closer to Iruka,

"Yes, ma'am Gaara is adopted and by me." Answered Iruka as he was rocking the baby back and forth.

"How mature of you boys to take a child as your own, let me tell you one thing, is not easy." Said Ayumi as she moved toward Hatsuharu and patted his head, "But the feeling is so rewarding."

"Thank you, ma'am, we noticed that it wasn't easy but we can manage right Ruka?" the masked ninja asked.

"Yes, so now that the introductions are over and done with, what do you need help with Kakashi?" stated the scarred Chunin

"Well, Ayumi and Aska are planning to work as Konoha ninjas while they are staying and the Third has requested that they be put up to the test to see their level of skill. Since I know a genjutsu specialist, a wind chakra expert, a sword master, a summoning-jutsu ninja, and a few taijutsu and ninjutsu people, I wanted to ask all of you if you can help test them out in a variety of areas. That way we know what their strengths and weaknesses are and will go from there." After Kakashi was done explaining, the teenagers all look at one another and Kurenai spoke,

"You really think we're that good? Haha my team are Chunin's and you along with Anko and Asuma are Jounins, seems a little unfair for Ayumi and Aska, don't you think?"

"Well I could ask Genins and ANBU's but they're all busy with all sorts of missions and they probably won't agree to help, plus you guys are my friends." Kakashi said, "So are you guys going to help?"

Anko sighed and looked at the rest of the gang,

"Might as well, we ain't got nothing to do, so when do we start testing them?"

"I was thinking we can test them today if it's all good with you all." the copy ninja replied.

"Hmmm…how about tomorrow morning, I have important errands to run today and I do not want to delay it." Umino spoke, He was feeling a little uncomfortable rocking Gaara, he was feeling a huge tension coming from Gaara. He wanted to check something with him and Naruto, prove his and Kakashi's theory on the jealously and the jinchuuriki.

"That's fine, we can test them tomorrow first thing, is that alright with everyone." Kakashi said, the group of ninjas were looking at each other and nodded in agreement. The visitors also nodded,

"Tomorrow morning seems fine, Kakashi, it is already the middle of the day and I must feed Aska and Hatsuharu some food." Ayumi explained. "However, I do have a question."

"What's the question Lady Ayumi?" the copy nin asked

"Well, tomorrow morning Hatsuharu will be all alone and I do not think it is a good idea to leave him alone, so what should I do?"

"Hmm…that is a good thing to ask. I don't know honestly, I may need to ask the Hokage about this— "Kakashi was then interrupted.

"I can take care of him as well as Naruto since I'm already caring Gaara." Iruka intervene, "Besides I'm not very highly skilled to be testing future ninjas."

"Iruka you're highly skilled, you're the only one out of everyone in the village that outsmarted Shikaku-sensei in developing a well-planned out strategy for that A rank mission months ago." Kurenai praised and Hayate was nodding in agreement,

"She's right you know and let's add that you know how to detect chakra from miles and miles away (cough) even when the individual is (cough) masking their chakra." He added,

"Don't forget that he once defeated Guy in a taijutsu match." Whispered Asuma to Kurenai,

"Ok, ok I get it! Can we stop praising me now? All I'm trying to say is that Kakashi has all you guys to test only two individuals and some of you guys already specialize on what I do best so there is no need for me to be part of this…." Iruka persuaded and looked down at Gaara and notice that the boy was shivering, unbeknownst to the rest of the gang, "Besides I don't mind babysitting and we won't be bothering the busy Hokage over a little problem, anyways look guys I need to get going. It was nice to meet all of you. Bye" and with that Iruka was gone.

Kakashi raised an eyebrow and looked down on little Naruto, the boy smiled back at him,

'Something doesn't feel right, I better check on Iruka and quick.'

"Huh wonder what's eating him, well I'm off to do some shopping, you want to come with Kurenai?" asked Anko and her friend nodded and bowed to the new people and walked with Anko.

"Well, Kakashi we will come and stop by Iruka's place by sunrise and drop Hatsuharu okay. Come along now children." Ayumi turned and walked and,

"Hn." Was the only thing Hatsuharu said and followed the purple-haired woman,

"It was indeed an honor to meet all of you and please do not go easy on my test tomorrow. Good-bye." Aska requested and left.

Kakashi, Hayate, and Asuma were left behind and were quiet for a minute before Asuma broke the ice,

"Something is bothering Iruka, right Kakashi?"

"You can say that again Asuma, he made a shocking discovering regarding Gaara, and I believe that he wants to see if his discovery is true or not."

"What (cough) are you talking about, Kakashi?" chipped Hayate.

"Look I really can't say this to you guys without getting the okay from Ruka, but know that this can lead to even more proof that Gaara is a jinchuuriki."

"Hm…well if I were you and I know you're going to do it anyways, I go check on Iruka on this and help in any way you can but be careful." Advised Sarutobi and walked out with a wave from behind telling his teammates bye.

"(cough) good luck with Iruka, I'll check up on him later (cough) with Kurenai and Shikaku-sensei." With that Hayate was gone and Kakashi just stood there and was thinking,

'Well, no use just standing here, I'll feed Naruto and change him then I'll go see Iruka.' As if on cue Naruto started to cry and Kakashi headed to his apartment.

Training Fields

*Sigh* "Gaara what is going on in that little head of yours?" Iruka asked, it had been an hour since meeting the new individuals in Konoha and Iruka had calmed Gaara down after it ate and checked on his diaper. Although the shivering did not make a complete stop until Iruka took him to the training fields and sat under a tree and rocked him smoothly.

"There has to be something that can be done with this shivering and the mysterious sand appearing around you…" while he was talking to himself he heard someone approaching.

"Come on out, there is no point in hiding, I already knew you were watching for quite some time." he called out, and with that a shadow figure appeared and replied,

"Your comrades weren't lying when they said that you are great in detecting enemies in hiding, Iruka-sama." The Umino looked straight ahead and called out the person in hiding,

"Aska Soto?" She came out and nodded to Iruka,

"Yes, Iruka-sama, sorry for hiding from you, but I just wanted to see if you were going to be alright, I noticed the baby shivering and was worried for him."

"I suppose it's okay, there was no harm done just don't hide from me next time." He smiled and when he smiled he had closed his eyes so he did not see the small blush coming from the newcomer,

"Uh, okay I won't let it happen again Iruka-sama…"

"Just call me Iruka-san, please I haven't done anything or not from royalty to have a 'sama' behind my name." he laid Gaara on the grass and stood up, out of nowhere the boy started to cry uncontrollably, "Gaara, shhhh, there is no need to cry, I'm not leaving and you're safe, so please be silent." Gaara just kept crying and got to his feet and slowly walked to Iruka and when he got to him, he clutched on Iruka's leg and had no intention to let. The Umino sighed in frustration,

"He's no ordinary child, is he?" Aksa asked while staring at the boy.

"What do you mean not ordinary? Gaara is just a little too attached to me, just like a one year old is."

"Iruka-san, I know we just met, but I can tell when someone is lying and you're lying. You can trust me with anything, I want to help you and the boy in any way I can."

"You want to help? Care to explain how you can help me?"

"I'm really not supposed to tell anybody about this according to Ayumi-sama, but I feel that I need to tell you and you won't tell nobody."

"It's nothing that would endanger the lives of people or property, right?" Aska giggled,

"God no, it's an ability that I possess and I truly think it be a great help for you both." As Aska was talking to Iruka, Gaara looked at the lady from the corner of his and held on to Iruka tighter, unconsciously he was bringing small amounts of sand and wrapping it around Iruka's leg. Iruka felt a tug but chose to ignore it and listened to what the newcomer had to say.

"So, Aska what can you do?"

"I have 2 chakra affiliations, wind and water, but that is not all that I possess…" Iruka looked puzzled, "I also have spiritual energy."

"Spiritual energy? Like what a monk and priestess have?" She nodded at his statement.

"That can't be true, thought that ability went extinct when the massacre happened a hundred years ago." Iruka flinched at the sudden pain on his leg and jumped, when he did the sand that was around his leg was gone, Gaara held on to Iruka tighter and was tearing up.

"Please tell me what is bothering you with Gaara, Iruka. Also, are you okay?" She inched closer and motioned Iruka to sit on the grass, in which he did and brought Gaara on his lap. Iruka was in deep thought but finally gave in,

"Fine, since you told me something that you weren't supposed to say, I can tell this, but swear you will not anyone else"

"You have my word." She raised her left hand up while the right hand was placed on her heart.

"Well, Gaara here isn't from the Leaf village. We found him all alone during a mission in the Sand village, we were there because there was a rumor going around that the Kazekage got a hold of one of the nine tailed beasts. We were there for a while because the rumor also said that the tailed beast was being hidden inside a newborn baby." His eyes wondered down at Gaara and still can see that he was clutching on him too much and was trembling again,

"Da-da, da-da!" the baby yelled, then all sudden a gush of wind and sand was circulating the teenagers and Iruka jumped up as well as Aska,

"What the hell is going!?" Umino shouted, Aska was observing the gust of sand-wind and saw that the baby is under stress and walked to him. Next thing Iruka knew was Aska placed her right palm on Gaara's hand and a mysterious purple-pink glow showed up and she was chanting a soothing spell in which Iruka could not understand,

'Vivit Dominus,

Tuus sum.

Et galeam spem salutis gero.

Scutum fidei habeo quod petis.

Gladium spiritus habeo. Lumbos vestros in veritate et curiosa circa lumbos meos.

Et induti loricam iustitiae

Et ambulabunt cothurnos promptu pacemque suaderent.

Tuus sum.'

When she finished reciting the spell, the glow on her hand disappeared as well as the little sandstorm that was surrounding.

"IRUKA! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Umino still in awed looked to the direction where the yell was coming from and saw Kakashi along with Naruto making their way towards them.

"(Pant) Oh good, you're both are fine (pant), what happened? Iruka?" Iruka did not respond, but looked at Aska and said,

"What are you?" Aska just looked down in silence and Kakashi wondered what was going, and all you could hear was the low whimpering from Gaara and the remainder of the wind.

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Living Lord,

I am yours.

I wear the helmet of salvation and hope.

I carry the shield of faith and your word.

I hold the sword of the spirit.

I buckle the belt of truth around my waist.

I put on the breastplate of righteousness

And I walk with the boots of readiness and peace.

I am yours.

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