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"The weather calls for some pretty bad storms tonight, Leon."

"Thank you, Lola, now with tonight's sports…"

Rin turned off the TV with a sigh. Yet another thunderstorm waiting to ruin her night again. How she hated thunderstorms after being left alone on accident one night with no one around. She shuddered at the thought. However, she didn't notice her brother watching her carefully as she flashbacked to all the horrible storms that she had to face.

"Rin?" Len asked. "Are you okay?" Rin looked at him with surprise.

"Shouldn't you know by now that I'm afraid of thunderstorms?!" she asked, incredulously.

"Of course I do!" Len shot back, but suddenly recoiled. "I mean, I'm just worried." Rin shook of the rest of their conversation and ran towards her room. Len sat there in silence until pit-pat of the rain drowned out his thoughts about Rin.

"Oh no, it's starting…" Rin said, nervously. She closed her blinds, hopped into her bed, and pulled her pillow over her head, but that didn't stop the first flash of lightning to reach her eyes and the loud boom that followed. She whimpered and tears started swelling in her eyes. The memory of that one night alone came back fresh to her as if it was just last night instead to five years ago.

Len made his way to his room, passing several other rooms filled with sleeping people. Every room had the owner's name on a plaque and a few decorations on the door. Len stopped at a door cracked open with some light shining out. It was the room of one of the newest Vocaloids, Yumi Rikuku. Len slightly peaked in to see Yumi sitting in bed watching TV with the lights on.

"Len, what are you doing here?" Yumi asked, suddenly. She said it without even looking to see who he was.

"H-how did you know it was me?" Len asked.

"Pure logic," Yumi said. "Everyone else is asleep except for you and Rin and there's a thunderstorms going on right now, so you'd be the only one out."

"Oh." Yumi finally turned to face Len.

"Shouldn't you be with Rin?" she asked.


"Isn't she scared of thunderstorms?" Yumi asked. Len nodded. "Then go help her get over it." Len thought about it and blushed. Lately, he had been getting more and more embarrassed around his sister. Yumi smirked. Everyone knew that he already had the forbidden crush on his sister. But before Yumi could say anything, a stroke of lightning appeared and a clap of thunder right after it.

"Rin!" Len said. "Good night, onee-chan." He rushed out of Yumi's room instantly and she giggled.

Rin had already thrown herself into the closet by the time Len got into her room. Her bed sheets were all messed up and her pillows were on the ground.

"Len? Is that you?" Rin asked, a bit strained. Len followed the voice to the closet and shook the door.

"Rin, come out," Len said. "You don't have to be afraid of lightning. Come on Rin. You're the bravest girl I know."

"I can't, Len," Rin answered softly.

"Yes you can, now get out of there!" Len said, yanking open the door. Rin stared at him wide eyed and he bent down to hug her. "Now I have a secret to tell you, so you have to listen carefully." Rin slightly nodded. Len seemed to wait forever until a stroke of lightning appeared. "I love you."

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