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Some time later I was watching T.V. with an hour left before dinner and I heard a soft knock on my door. Expecting it to be Tasha or her soon to be husband, I opened my door, but Rose stood in my doorway. He eyes were down cast, but then I saw something inside of her snap and she composed herself.

"Sorry to disturb you Belikov, but I need some assistance and Lissa is…Lissa is busy at the moment."

"No problem," I said and followed her to her room.

"This is going to be a little strange but I wasn't too sure which to wear," she indicated two dresses lying on her bed.

Just looking at them I was not sure which one, I gave a small smile, "Try them on and I will tell you."

"Okay." She grabbed a deep blue dress and went into the bathroom. A couple of minutes later she walked out. It slinked down her body hitting the floor. There were no straps. There was intricate bead work on the top of it dress. It really did nothing.

"It's a nice color on you, but I'd like to see this red one."

Without a word she grabbed it off of the bed and went to the bathroom. I sat down in a chair close to the bathroom, looking out the window. It wasn't until I saw her reflection in the window I realized she was out. I turned toward her.

I had no words. It was garnet so deep it looked like blood. The front had a deep 'V' cut in it and small gold chain holding the two font halves together. It went up and around her neck into a halter and as she spun another deep 'V' graced the back. Only this one was dangerously low. A long gold chain hung down from the top to about mid back and what looked like a small crystal dangled from it. I felt myself growing stiff in my pants, which unfortunately were khakis. Her hair hung down around her shoulders.

"Dimitri, are you okay? Hello! Anyone alive inside?"

I don't know what was wrong with me. I looked up at her and she was standing closer to me now; within touching distance. I balled my hands into fists and closed my eyes, looking away.

"Is this the dress?" I looked back at her, half expecting to see some sort of sarcastic smirk on her face, however, she was not looking at my face. Her eyes were trained lower and her face took on a hungry expression. I followed her gaze. Of course, she was looking at my erection, which was trying desperately to get out of the confines of my pants. "I'll take that as a yes."

I stood up and put a hand into my pocket, gripping my embarrassing body part, which sent a shock through my body and a slight growl to escape my throat.

"Yes, you look amazing in it. I will be taking my leave now to get ready." Careful not to touch her I walked to the door, just as my hand reached the door knob I heard her, "Wait."

I looked back at her, only turning my head and I saw what she was doing but my head didn't process it in time to turn away and flee. Her hand reached behind her and I heard a noise, then her hands when to the halter. My eyes never left hers as the dress pooled at her feet and her breasts were exposed. Without any thought, I turned and made my way to her. Gathering her in my arms I pulled her close, one arm around her torso, the other finding it's was into her hair. I ate at her mouth, much like she did mine. Her hands went to my bottom and pulled me closer. I gasped into her mouth, my erection trapped between out bodies. My hand left her hair went around her waist and picked her up, depositing her onto the bed.

Pulling away I looked into her eyes, both of us breathing hard. "Make love to me Dimitri, please. I have needed this for so very long." She kissed me again and I obliged her. I trailed kisses down her neck, to the swell of her breasts, lavishing each nipple. I made my way down her belly and came to the top of her panties, they were black and lace. I buried my face into her, inhaling her scent. Animal urges took over and I ripped them off. Standing up, I took in her naked sight. Perfect. I divested myself of my clothing and stood there naked for her to look at. Unconsciously, I gripped myself and started to stroke, pulling my foreskin back revealing my head. I did not know how long this went on, but when I came back to myself, Rose was masturbating herself. Her eyes were half closed and she was ramming her fingers in and out of herself. My breathing faltered and I felt my testicles draw closer to my body and my hand sped up. Her other hand joined and she started to rub circles around her clit, she let out a moan and that was nearly my undoing.

I found enough strength to take my hand off of my dick. I grabbed her hands and moved them aside. She flashed a dangerous look at me, until she realized I was getting between her legs. I kneeled between her and gripped her legs, holding them in my arms. Then, for the first time, Rose gripped my dick and positioned it at her opening. That was all the invitation I needed. I sank in, letting her legs drop as I fell on top of her. I relished in the moment, not moving. I opened my eyes and saw that Rose's were closed; tears streaking her face.

"Are you okay?" I whispered. Her eyes slowly opened and all of her love for me shone through and a smile formed on her lips, "Perfectly fine. It feels to right, but it hurts a little."

I gave a small chuckle, "It hurts a little? You're wetter than anything and I am far from being hu-," I really looked at her and something sparked inside of me. I sat up and looked at our joining bodies, pulling out every so slightly. Blood.

"But, bu-, but I saw you and Adrian at Christian and Lissa's wedding. You looked so intimate-." Rose's hand went to my mouth, silencing my protests.

"I told you, we were better friends. After you left, I was broken; I didn't have much will to do anything. Adrian was there to pick up some pieces. We tried, we really tried, but it wasn't right. He wasn't right. Why give myself to someone I don't really love?"

I looked at her in silence. My head was having trouble processing what she was telling me. Could she be telling me that she loves me?

Just then she broke out in a dazzling smile, one that reached and truly lit up her eyes. "Yes, Belikov, it means what you think. I love you. I always have and this is right. I want this and I need this."

I bent down and kissed her for all it was worth. My tongue danced with hers and I invaded her mouth deeply. I pulled back just a little, our lips still touching, "I love you, Roza." And that was all it took. I pulled out to the tip and thrust my way back in, her legs wrapped around my waist as I buried myself.

The coupling itself was sweet and tender. I stayed quite for most of it, reveling in her soft sighs, her hitching breath, her whispers of love and pleasure. Towards the end however, she wanted control and she got on top. She braced her hands on my shoulders and rode me, my hands on her hips helping her. Her eyes bored into mine with such intensity and then she surprised me. She got on her feet, in a crouching position and started to slam herself onto me without any inhibition. It was then when I lost it. I bent my knees and met her halfway and then I came, my balls tightened, I felt myself swell within her and I was gone.

"Belikov, wake up. Honey, you need to wake up."

I sighed. Figures, it was all a dream. When I opened my eyes I knew it hadn't been a dream. Roza was sprawled next to me, her waist covered, but breasts bare for the world to see. Then realization hit me. "SHIT! We're late for the rehearsal!"

Rose laughed. "Dim, its fine, we're really not late." I rolled over and the clock told a different story.

"It is 9pm Rose, were late. The rehearsal started an hour ago."

Rose smiled, "You see, here's the thing. They were kind of figuring this would happen and they got us all here a day early, I didn't know until Tasha came about thirty minutes, after…after we…"

"After we made the most amazing love in the history of the world?"

"Yes, after we made love. She said she knew this would happen, so she had us all thinking differently. The wedding isn't for two days from now and the rehearsal isn't until tomorrow at 8pm."


"Oh is right. So now, we can sit up all night, talking about how things should have been, our regrets for not admitting our feelings and how we should have been more grown up about things. How much we love each other. And just how much more sex we can and will have between now and tomorrow."


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