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A crisp breeze tickled my skin as I took my evening walk. My semester abroad in Paris was coming to an end just as life in the city was coming back to life. All of the flowers and trees were in full bloom and the city was alive and bustling. While I was anxious to return home to my family and friends, I would miss Paris. This was truly an experience that I would not trade for the world. The only thing lacking from my time here was a random rendezvous with a sultry stranger; something to think back on with a slightly chagrined smile from time to time when I returned home.

I took the usual path down the street and strolled casually to my favorite local caf , Caf toile. The owners, Renata and Alec, had learned my favorite drink and always had it ready as soon as they saw me come in after seeing me so often. Today was no exception. I exchanged my usual pleasantries with them and took a seat outside to enjoy what was left of the remaining sunlight.

Another day, another twilight. All the more magical in this city of romance. The splendor of the buildings washed in subdued shades of orange and rose never ceased to amaze me. There was warmth and passion in those colors. The same glow as candlelight with a slightly feminine touch. It was breathtaking to watch, and just as mystifying once the lights lit up the streets at nightfall.

My silent reverie was brought to an abrupt end when a stranger with a truly appetizing scent sat down across from me and smiled a deliciously crooked grin in my direction. My heart quickened immediately and I glanced inconspicuously around to see if there was someone else that heartbreaking smile was directed at. When I found no one I felt the faint stirrings of a blush creep up into my cheeks. He leaned in slightly towards me and I was hypnotized by the sparkle in his deep, green eyes.

"Me pardonner?" His velvety voice broke the silence. "Peux-je m'asseoir ici?"

He wanted to sit with me? This was all too good to be true. There was no way that this walking Adonis could want anything to do with me. His statuesque physique and tousled bronze locks accompanied by those dazzling green eyes did not belong to girls like me. I felt more than plain next to him, I felt inadequate. Simple brown hair, ordinary brown eyes, pale skin- that was me. This man, this incredibly sexy man, was far too good to be true. Not to mention that oh-so-sexy leather jacket he wore that just screamed of a true sensual lover.

"Ma dame?" he prompted when I made no response.

"Oui, bien s r," I replied automatically, not wanting to waste the perfect opportunity that I was being handed.

I nervously took a small sip of my coffee and watched from just above the rim of the cup as his eyes focused on mine. The intensity that I saw in them matched the same desire that I was feeling for him. If ever I needed a one-night stand with no strings attached, this was it. And the man sitting in front of me? He exuded an aura that stated without question, that he knew how to give me the pleasure that I was aching for.

"Do you speak English?" he asked as I sat my cup down.

I hesitated in my response, though why I am not sure. "Yes?" I answered in the form of a question.

He let out a deep chuckle. "I only ask because there is a definite American accent in your voice," he calmly replied.

I let out a rather un-ladylike indignant huff. "I m an exchange student for the semester. I can t help it if I was born and raised in the United States and only started speaking French for this opportunity a year ago," I defended.

He raised his hands as a sign of surrender." I meant no insult, mon amour. I m from Washington myself and studying here as an exchange student. Though I have practiced French for more than a year." He smirked at that.

I chose not to dwell on the fact that he was from Washington. It was still a big enough state that the odds of me ever running into him again were slim and I had obviously never seen him before. There was not a chance in hell that I would have forgot that body, that face, those eyes. Taking a risk with him tonight would be worth it. I could have my one fling in France with him and not have to see him again to relive in humiliation what I was about to do. Although, my instincts seemed to insinuate that nothing I did with him or that he did to me I would live to regret.

"My name is Bella," I said while extending my hand.

"Edward," he replied simply. He took my hand in his and brought it to his lips, pausing only to gaze directly into my eyes and he kissed the top of it and winked at me as he released it back to me.

"So, Bella," my name rolled easily off his tongue. "What are you studying?"

I decided to act preemptively. This was to be my no-strings-attached night and I would not complicate that by revealing personal details. I did not want to risk either or us growing attached, or worse, backing out after learning about one another. This was to be purely lust-filled.

I shook my head and tsked. "Why don t we leave out the personal details?" I suggested in a low voice.

He gulped. He actually gulped! I had brought that reaction out in him. I had made the man that looked like sex on legs gulp in response to my words. Maybe going through with this would be easier than I though. Maybe my self-confidence could carry me through this after all.

"What did you have in mind?" he asked in a noticeably husky tone.

I pretended to contemplate that thought for a moment. Honestly, I did not need to think about it. From the moment that I saw him, strike that, from the moment I smelled his alluring scent, I knew exactly what I wanted to do to him. I wanted to ravish his entire body. I wanted him to give me pleasure in so many ways that I would not be able to even do a proper walk of shame the next morning. Neither of which was entirely appropriate to blurt out without a hint of thought though. So I took a brief moment to gather my thoughts and my courage before responding.

"Why don t we go back to your place and I can show you instead?" I suggested in an innocent tone while batting my eyelashes playfully.

He extended his hand towards mine to help me out of my seat. I smiled coyly as I placed mine in his. The electric shock that tingled upon contact was, well, shocking. I gasped and quickly withdrew my hand from his. I looked down at my hand in confusion and was slightly pleased, when I looked up again, that his expression matched my own. Of course, it there was that kind of electricity between us in just holding hands, I could only imagine what kind of electricity we could create once in bed. That thought brought a wry smile to my lips.

"Nous faire?" he asked.

Yes, Edward. Yes we certainly shall. I smiled and nodded my head at him as I followed him down the path. We walked side by side a short distant to his apartment where he paused briefly to take the key out of pocket. The smell of leather permeated the air as he moved, intoxicating me with the wonderful scent that was this man. He motioned for me to cross the threshold ahead of him and I shyly complied.

The apartment was just as amazing as the man that resided there. Warm shades of brown covered nearly every surface in some way. The walls were a pale mocha color, the couch brown leather, the area rug a geometric pattern of gold and mahogany.

"You certainly have a beautiful home," I remarked as casually as I could manage.

His hand came to rest on my lower back as he guided me towards the voluptuous couch. "It serves its purpose."

"Oh?" I squeaked out, turning my head to face his smoldering eyes. "And what purpose might that be?"

Sometime during the course of our bantering we had slowly moved closer together. His hand was rubbing up and down my thigh. His French had done unexplainable things to me. My panties were soaked. His hand traveled up my side, along my arms. He tangled his fingers through my hair, pulling my head toward his. Our lips met, the electricity even stronger. His lips were incredibly smooth for being a man's, and his hands framed my face gently. I melted into the kiss, allowing his tongue to explore my mouth. He pulled my roughly against his body, I ran my fingers through his wild bronze hair, gripping it tightly. I leaned up on my knees, and pressed him back against couch. I pulled away from him, throwing one knee over his lap, straddling him. I pushed down, rubbing against his hardening erection.

I removed my sweater, getting warm. My shirt was tight, making my boobs look amazing. They were at his eye level, and he took full advantage. I cleared my throat, and he looked up into my eyes, a lazy smirk spread on his face. I leaned down and nipped at his lips. He ran his hands up my back, under my shirt. He fisted the hem of my shirt, pulling it over my head. His fingers teased at the clasp of my bra, slowly undoing each one. I held it there, before slowly letting it slide down my arms, exposing my breasts to him.

"Seins souples," he eyed them hungrily. "Je veux sucer sur eux," he whispered, hovering over my left breast.

"Oui," I moaned out as he latched on, lightly flicking my taut nipple with his tongue. My head lulled back, and I ground against while he switched breasts. I realized he was far too dressed. I pushed him back, and pulled his t-shirt off, tousling his hair more in the process. I wound my fingers into it. I leaned down and kissed him again, his tongue caressing mine, making my mind wonder. I wanted to feel his tongue somewhere else. I wanted to go to his bedroom, to get naked and have sex. I kissed down his jaw, nibbling on his ear lobe.

"Bedroom, now," I whispered to him. He grabbed me under my ass, securing my legs around him. He stood, walking us towards his room, flipping on the radio as he passed it. Notes of 'Come Away With Me', floated over us and Norah Jones serenaded us the rest of the way. He laid me down in the center of his bed. I laid there, propped up on my elbows, he climbed up towards me slowly, like a lion stalking his prey. I bit my lip, eager for him to reach me and resume his ministrations.

"Trop de v tements," he grumbled, reaching my hips, unbuttoning my jeans. He slowly solved the problem of too many clothes. He rid me of my jeans, fingers playing with my blue lace thong. He slid it down, tossing it aside leaving me completely exposed. I reached down, and unbuttoned his jeans, revealing his boxers under a lot of strain. I slipped them down past his large throbbing member. I gasped in suprise. It was larger then I expected.

"L'aide de seigneur me," I mumbled a prayer of help. Edward chuckled, pushing me against the mattress, kissing me roughly. I wound my fingers into his hair, pulling him closer to me. I wrapped my legs around his hips. His head teased my entrance, coming close, but never quite there. He reached over to his nightstand and pulled out an unopened box of condoms. I wasn't sure if that meant he hadn't had sex the whole time he had been here, or if this was a new box, and had gone through enough girls to use another one. He slid the foil package out, and opened it, sliding the condom onto his shaft. He slowly pushed into me, filling every single inch with his huge cock. He pushed all the way in with a quick thrust.

"Exquis," he told me as he looked over my body connected to his. His eyes ravaging my body made me feel exquisite. He slowly pulled back out, almost all the way. He slowly pushed back in, teasing me. I raked my nails down his back to his firm ass, squeezing it and pulling him against me hard. He grunted as he buried his cock deep within me. I clenched a little around him, and let go as he pulled back out. He pushed back into me, harder. Bending down he kissed my jaw line, brushing against my lips. He placed searing kisses along my collarbone, making me shiver.

He pulled out and immediately I missed the contact. He smirked, as if he could read my mind. I sat back on his legs, reaching his hand out for mine. I willingly place my hand in his, and allow him to pull me up to his body. I rest on my knees, as he runs his hands down my arms, his erection pressing into my stomach. He tilts my head back and kisses me roughly. I moaned loudly and allowed his hands to continue thier exploration. My fingertips finding his cock, and slowly wrap around it, stroking it once, twice and third time for good measure. He pulled back and my eyes fluttered open. He bends, and lightly bites my shoulder, making his way around me, sitting behind me. He started kissing my back, working his way to the nape of my neck, licking me slightly once he got there.

Blowing on the wet spot, he pushes me forward onto my hands and knees. He reached around, lifting my chin, pulling my head up just enough to see us reflected in the mirror. The thought of watching as he took me from behind, heightened my arousal. He slowly massaged my lower back, run down my cheeks. He came up my sides to my hips, and grabbed them. Settling behind me, he placed his head at my entrance. Entering me slowly, filling every inch of me. Our eyes met in the mirror, and I bit my lower lip. He was fully sheathed inside of me. He settled his hands, for a better grip, he slides out, and reenters harder. I moan against the onslaught of a little bit of pain mixing with my pleasure. My breasts swinging with each thrust. Skin slapping skin made a delicious sound.

I kept my eyes on the mirror, watching him. He snaked his hand around to my front. Lightly caressing my clit. He started flicking it in time to his thrusts. Bringing me close. He pushed down, the added pressure on it made me jump, pushing back into him, sending his cock deep inside me. He groaned, thrusting faster. He moved his fingers faster, helping me get closer to the edge. He bent over slightly, and whispered against my skin, kissing it as he went.

"J'aime la vue," his words made me blush, but brought me over the edge. I closed my eyes, crying out through my orgasm. He thrust into me just twice more, stilling and groaning out his orgasm.

"Magnifique," he breathed after he came. Collapsing on me, then rolling off to the side. He pulled me along with him, settling me against his side. I drew lazy circles on his washboard stomach. Feeling perfectly sated, we settled in. My eyes drooped, and finally closed.

I awoke with a start. The room was bathed in moonlight, and the delicious stranger was still next to me sound asleep. I smiled at his sleeping form, and slowly climbed from his bed. I snuck into the bathroom and cleaned up best I could without making any noise. I came back out into his room and grabbed my jeans. My thong was next to them. An idea quickly formed, I slid my jeans on, and tip-toed to his bed. I slid the underwear in his semi-closed fist. I stepped away quickly, and left the room. I pulled my bra then shirt on, finally snuggling into my sweater, and creeping to the front door. I opened it, and slipped out into the dark hallway, closing his door quietly.

As I walked back to my own apartment farther down the road I smiled up at the twinkling light of the starts above me. They would share this walk of shame with me and no one else. My little secret, my French rendezvous with a gloriously sexy stranger, would be kept just that, my little secret. Perhaps Edward would keep my thong as something to remember me by. I would certainly remember his scent for the rest of my life.

Wait! What if he was a panty-sniffer and I just left him my own for her personal sniffing fetish? I shrugged off the thought. Even if he was, I would never see him again. And even if he was, he had given me the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life. Every other sexual experience I ever had was blown completely out of the water by this one amazing orgasm. I would even venture to say that I was officially ruined for any future partners because there was no way that they could ever live up to what I had just experienced. And if they could God help me!

:-:-: 2 months later :-:-:

Charlie and I were out at the diner celebrating my return. I had graciously offered to cook, knowing full well that he hadn t had a home cooked meal in months since I was away, but he adamantly refused. He had insisted on taking me out to celebrate my return home. I didn t object too much. It was nice to get out in a familiar setting again.

My best friend Rosalie was going to join as there as well. When I spotted her walking through the door I rolled my eyes. Of course, she had brought her entourage. Her twin brother Jasper and his long time girlfriend Alice, along with someone new that Alice was literally dragging through the door. I watched the stranger curiously until he pulled back his hood and removed his glasses revealing familiar green eyes and bronze, tousled hair. Edward. My Parisian fling.

Edward looked at me with complete shock written across the perfect features that I had all but memorized two months ago. I m sure that my expression mirrored his own. That is, until reality set in and my famous blush covered my entire body. Let Charlie and my friends question my reaction; I would never tell. I stole one last glance at Edward as they made their way to our table just in time to see that crooked grin of his make an appearance. This was going to be a long, painful dinner.

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Me pardoner Pardon me Peux-je m'asseoir ici ? Can I sit here?
Ma dame My lady Oui, bien s r Yes, of course Mon amour My love Nous faire Shall we?
Seins souples Supple breasts
Je veux sucer sur eux I want to suck on them
Oui Yes Trop de v tements Too many clothes
L'aide de seigneur me Lord help me
Exquis Exquisite
J'aime la vue I love the view
Magnifique Magnificent