I'm awful. I'm a terrible terrible person. I haven't written a single word in forever. Like forever forever. So after the episode tonight I tried to get out of my writing slump but writing a really quick oneshot. I hope it worked.

This was mildly based off the scene where Tony is in the elevator with Ziva and he almost says something, then changes his mind at the last second. Hope you like it. R&R

He had known her for over three years now, yet somehow even in that time he hadn't been able to fully understand the beautiful Israeli sitting before him. She was like a ray of light. No matter how hard he tried to keep a hold of her, she continued to slip through his fingers; still visibly there, but evading his grasp. Of course, she had always been like that, his sneaky ninja, dancing around him, letting him in just enough to leave him wanting more.

And then she was gone.

And he continued to go on with his life like everything was okay. And it was. But when you live the life of an NCIS agent, okay is never enough. Now it was not only her slipping through his fingers, but his friends, his job, his very reason for existence.

And then they lost her again, and found her, and saved her, and brought her back.. sort of.

But now, everything is different: no more jokes, no more fun, no more sneaking longing glances across the bullpen. Simply professional. But as he looks over at his ninja, he realizes nothing has really changed. She is still her. She is still his. His friend, his partner, his life. And no matter how long it takes for her to realize that, too, he'll be there, because she's worth the wait.

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