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Author's note: Hi there, and welcome to my 21st fic. (19 Disney stories and 2 Kingdom Hearts stories) This story is about Mickey and Minnie. Check my profile for my thoughts of ages. This is a little story I was inspired to write about how Mickey and Minnie met. Now officially they met in Steamboat Willie (1928), but this is a fictional story. Fanfic, duh. :) This is just a little thought about how they met. The setting is present time, 2009. There are also things pertaining to the Disney legacy throughout the fic, so be sure to look for them. ;D I hope you enjoy it. No flames or criticism.

Also, I want to thank Miss Minnie Mouse for the inspiration for this fic. Thank you very much. :)

Squad Unit 19.


A small cry erupted from inside of room 1928 at the Walter D. Memorial hospital on the morning of November 18th. It was a crisp morning, with the chilly nip in the air outside. The mother of the child hugged her little one close to her chest, while the father stood at the beside. The mouse couple looked fondly at the little bundle of joy laying snuggled in the soft, blue blanket they had him wrapped in. The mother stroked the little ones little, round ears as she hummed softly to him. His name...

Mickey Mortimer Mouse.

He was a little mouse with black skin, black ears, a peach face, dark chocolate brown hair and eyes, a little black nose, and a little black wiry tail.

Then, as if it was destiny, the next year, in November at the same hospital and in the same room, another little life was brought into the world. Mickey's parents and this newborns parent's were good friends, and came to see the newborn child. Mickey was barely a year old, as his mother cradled him in her arms. Mickey looked down at the little bundle wrapped in the pink blanket in her mother's arms. The eyes of the two babies met, and one could say that destiny had sealed itself right there. Both babies cooed at each other. Her name...

Minnie Minerva Mouse.

Like Mickey, she was a little mouse, just a little smaller than him, with black skin, black ears, a peach face, dark chocolate brown eyes and hair, a little black nose and a little black wiry tail.

As the years past and Mickey and Minnie grew, they were inseparable. They did everything together: They played together, ate together, and even napped together. The friendship that they shared was like no other. It's bonds were bound together by a strength stronger than steel. Their parents could see how close the little mice were right from the start. It sometimes even amazed them how close they were. If one was upset and crying, the one thing could always calm them down was to put them together. If you took one away from the other, they would cry and wail until they were together again.

As their intelligence grew and they continued to learn, the more they found out about the world around them and about each other. Sometimes their parents would place them down for a nap, come back a moment later to check, and Minnie would be curled up next to Mickey and vice versa. It was clear, these two little hearts would always be together and share the same rhythm. The little mice would crawl around together, laugh together, play together, do everything together.

As Minnie's parents started helping her learn to talk, her very first word was "Mickey". Mickey's very first word spoken was "Minnie". The mice helped each other to learn as they got older, and even when they started kindergarten. By now, the little mice were very close. They spent more time with each other than they did with other kids. And, once in a blue moon, if they were with somebody else, all they could think of was each other. They would share their toys, their lunches, along with may other things. When they'd play with blocks, they'd spell out I LIKE YOU. In preschool, things were no different. They ate, napped, and played together. Some of the other kids would make jokes about them loving each other, since they spent so much time together and did everything together, even held hands when they would walk. But the mice ignored them. And sometimes, if they wanted the kids to shut up, they would just smile and say, "Thanks." They knew they had a special connection, and they were proud of it and thankful for it. They made each other a promise that they would always be together. And that was a promise that each would keep throughout their lives.

In Arts and Crafts, Mickey and Minnie would always sit together. They loved to draw and paint, and sometimes they'd draw or paint each other. One day, during Arts and Crafts, Minnie ran out of paint and went to get some more. A mean kid tripped her when she walked past back to the table where she and Mickey were sitting, causing her to fall and get the paint on her. She started crying and instantly Mickey got up and went over to her. They hated seeing each other cry, and they always did their best to make one another feel better. And it never failed. Mickey started telling her that it would be okay and they'd clean her up. When Minnie looked up to him and wiped her eyes, she smiled almost instantly. Just knowing Mickey was near and seeing his smile never failed to lift her spirits. He got a cloth and started to wipe some of the paint off her cheek and she smiled warmly at his action and thanked him.

He also started to say something about her being a different color, and that made her giggle. When she gently touched her finger to his nose and got paint on it, both began to laugh. They always made each other feel better. They smiled and laughed at the scenario. The teacher came over and told Minnie that they would take her to the bathroom to get cleaned up. She hugged Mickey tight and asked if he could come to. The teacher smiled and agreed. When they got to the bathroom, the teacher informed Mickey that he would have to wait outside. Minnie and Mickey hugged each other tight, not wanting to be apart. The teacher smiled and assured Mickey that she would take care of the little girl mouse. Reluctantly, Minnie went with the teacher and got the paint off her dress, hair bow, gloves and shoes. When the teacher exited the bathroom, Minnie outstretched her arms to Mickey as soon as she saw him, and smiled brightly. Mickey did the same. The little one struggled in the teacher's arms and as soon as she set the little girl down, she jumped into the arms of the male mouse and hugged him as he hugged her.

The teacher smiled warmly at the display, seeing these two young, innocent hearts hold each other. It wasn't that often that she saw two friends with a bond as strong as theirs. She could tell that this was truly a special one. One day, Mickey and Minnie were playing on the swing set outside and Mickey fell and scraped his knee. Minnie was at his side in an instant and immediately started trying to make him feel better. She raised a hand and began to rub one of his ears as she held her other hand over the scratch. She started telling him that it would be okay and she'd fix him up. He smiled almost immediately. Having her there and seeing her sweet smile always made him feel better. She kissed his boo-boo and got a bandage out of a her backpack and put it over his cut. He smiled and and thanked her, and she gave him a playful kiss on his nose, making both chuckle. After that, she took his hand and helped him up, then they started playing together again.

They would also have sleepovers together, just the two of them. They'd eat popcorn, tell stories, watch a movie, play a game, and stay up. Usually, when they went to sleep, Minnie would always curl up next to Mickey. He brought her a sense of safety and security that she didn't feel anywhere else, with anything else. If she was upset or frightened, she would huddle against him. He just had the effect on her that no matter how bad she felt, he always made her feel better.

When they got older, they attended school together, and much their delight, went to the same classes together. Most of the time they sat side-by-side one another. They passed each other notes sometimes in class without the teacher knowing. Mickey would flip a note onto Minnie's desk, and she'd smile at him, open it and read it. Minnie would also flip a note onto Mickey's desk, and he'd smile at her, open it and read it. Over time, they became quite skilled at fliking notes onto each others desk. Sometimes they'd ask each other questions about homework, sometimes they'd share they knowledge about a topic, and other times they'd pass each other notes for fun. Mickey and Minnie were still inseparable when they moved on to Walter D. Junior High. They also began to date, much to their delight. They didn't tell their parents about them going out for fear that they wouldn't approve. Minnie also thought it was romantic for them to date in secrecy. They continued to hang out together and pass each other notes in class. Of the notes they wrote, were also love notes to each other.

Early on, Minnie realized that what she felt for Mickey was more than just friendship. She realized that she had a huge crush on him. Mickey had also discovered that he had a huge crush on Minnie, and both started to see each other in a new light. To Mickey, Minnie became prettier, cuter and much more. To Minnie, Mickey became handsomer, cuter and much more. Nothing changed between them. Rather, things got so much better as their romance continued to blossom. They gave each other notes that read "Love you", "You're swell!" and "You're a swell pal!". They'd also leave little notes in each others locker.

When Valentine's Day would come around, Mickey would find numerous cards in his locker all from Minnie. Some read "I love you!", "You're wonderful, Mickey!", "You're a swell friend!" and "Be mine". Minnie was very creative, as there were cards that had hearts drawn on them with glitter outlining them, and some had lace glued around the edges. Minnie would also find numerous cards in her locker all from Mickey. "I love you!", "You're a swell Pal!", "You're great, Minnie!" and "Be my Valentine," were among the cards that he sent her. They loved and kept every card they sent one another. They would also give each other cards in person. Class projects were always a treat because they did them together. When the teacher would tell the class to pick their partners, Mickey and Minnie would always pick each other.

Both grew up and lived on a farm that was just down a little dirt road from one another. The mice would play together on each others farms. They would ride horses, play in the hay, go swimming in the pond, and they'd jump out of the hayloft into the hay.

The mice would show up at each others house for all the holidays. They'd go Trick-or-Treating together on Halloween, eat dinner together on Thanksgiving, and open their gifts together on Christmas. If one was sick, the other would always call and/or go over to check on the other. If one was sick and couldn't go to school, the other would often play sick too so they go over to see the other. Neither liked going to school without the other. They worked this plan out together and made sure not to over do it so their parents wouldn't catch on to it. They would also study together. When they had homework to do, they would go over to each others house and study together. Naturally, the girl mouse's father kept a watchful eye on his daughter. Though he liked Mickey, he still wasn't too thrilled about him and his little girl being alone in her bedroom.

As Mickey and Minnie advanced, they began high school together. They knew now that they loved each other deeply and truly. Besides being boyfriend and girlfriend, they were also best friends. They would tell each other secrets they never told anyone else. They hung out together, played together, studied together, even got in trouble together. If one was late for whatever reason, the other would do something to get in trouble just so the other wouldn't be by themselves in detention. Though most of the time they went to school together and came home together. When they attended the sexual education class, it was... something... Both left class with a blush and when they looked at each other, they blushed worse. It changed nothing between them, but it certainly made each other aware of the differences between them. It was around that time that both mice started having dreams of each other. Dreams of them doing "things" with each other... They didn't tell each other about these dreams because they both felt too embarrassed to mention it. But they each started writing down every detail about them so they would always remember them. And should they get married as references... But they still remained just as close as they always were.

When Mickey got his driver's license, Minnie went with him to provide support and encouragement. He passed, and took her out to dinner to celebrate. By now they decided to tell their parents that they were dating, mostly so that Mickey's parents would let him borrow the car so they could go out. But they didn't tell them how long they had been dating. They decided to keep that secret to themselves. When Minnie celebrated her sweet sixteen, Mickey was her special guest. Later, when Minnie went to get her driver's license, Mickey went with her to provide encouragement and support. She too passed, and took him out to dinner to celebrate. Mickey and Minnie continued to help one another through high school. They'd help each other stay on the right track and steer each other away from bad influences.

The young mice' romance had bloomed into much more over their growing years. Though it was strong before, it became an unbreakable bond that could never be broken or weathered. Some of the kids were even envious of the relationship the mouse couple shared. Throughout high school there were some guys that would try to steal Minnie's attention, but every effort was fruitless, as she never even looked at them. Some girls would also try to get Mickey's attention, but their efforts too were in vain, as they never got it. The mice remained true only to each other. There was nobody like each other in their eyes. The first time they kissed it was a magical moment for both young hearts. Neither had felt anything as powerful, or tasted anything as sweet. It quickly became something they often indulged in. Mickey would carry Minnie's books for her, they'd share their lunch, help each other out with homework, do everything together. Mickey ended up trying out for the high school football team and got on. His speed and agility had a major advantage. Naturally, Minnie was supporting him 100%. Minnie tried out for the cheer squad and got on. Her athletic skill and flexibility were a major advantage. During the games, Mickey would catch the ball and race down the field while Minnie would cheer him on the whole time. She never rooted for anyone else. Only Mickey. He was the star to her.

Mickey would take some bangs and bruises during some of the games, and Minnie would worry, but she always helped him to recover. Whether their team won or lost, Minnie would always congratulate Mickey with a warm hug and she would shower his face with kisses. If he was limping after a game, she would help him walk. If he had a cut, she would kiss it and place a cloth over it. If he had a sore muscle, she would get him an ice pack. They were always there for one another, night or day, sunny or hail, they were there. Heck, even the mail wasn't even like them. When Minnie learned a new cheer technique, Mickey was the first person she wanted to show. And when Mickey would learn a new football technique, Minnie would be the first person he showed. Minnie would often go to bed at night wearing one of Mickey's football jerseys he gave her as a night shirt. Often, when it was a clear night, they would sneak out and curl up together in the hay in one or the others barn and look up at the stars together.

They both got a job at the same place working together. They got a job in town at their favorite mall; Minnie worked in the clothing department organizing the clothes, and Mickey got a job at the food court helping to prepare the food right next to the clothing store. During their lunch breaks, they always ate together. Mickey got a discount on their food and Minnie got a discount on their clothes. And sometimes when one of them wasn't busy, they would stroll over to the other store to see the other. When there was a school dance, Mickey would always ask Minnie and she would always happily accept. When the school would have a Sadie Hawkins dance, Minnie would always ask Mickey, and he would happily oblige. Mickey and Minnie also went to the prom together. And it was a magical night. They danced evey dance together. Mickey became Homecoming King and Minnie was Homecoming Queen. They voted for each other naturally.

Of course they had their little spats every once in while, but it was hardly ever, and they were never big arguments. Neither ever thought about calling it quits. Minnie loved Mickey way too much to let him go, and Mickey loved Minnie way too much to let her go. If, and when, they ever did have a little tiff, they always made up, and it never affected their relationship. If anything, it strengthened it. The longest arguments they ever had only lasted a whole night, and they would each lie awake feeling guilty and bad about it. They hated getting upset at one another. They always felt bad and guilty over it until they made up. When they would see each other the next day, they would always apologize and make up.

Early on, Minnie found a deep sense of comfort in Mickey that she couldn't find in anyone or anything else. When he held her in his arms, she felt safe, loved and comfy. There was a sense of peace and comfort in his arms that made her feel at peace, and seemed to make any problem she had not matter. In truth, he was a drug, and she was addicted him. She was hooked on him. He made her feel like no one else could. They never did anything intimate together. Not that neither didn't think about it... But neither were the type to do anything until they each had a gold band on their fingers. Their relationship was completely innocent.

A month had passed since the prom, and Mickey and Minnie were still extremely close to each other. Then one day after work, Minnie's parents informed her that they were going to move because her dad had been offered a transfer at his job that paid just slightly better salary. And if that weren't bad enough, they were going to put her in an all girls school! And what made it worse was that the move would take them into the next state, a two and a half hour drive from where Mickey was. Poor little Minnie was heartbroken. She had spent all of her life with the one guy whom she loved with all her heart and soul, whom she had done so much with, whom she promised that she would always be with. Now she had to leave him behind? They wouldn't even be able to graduate together... She would spend the remainder of her time in school away from Mickey.

She broke down into sobs and ran to the one place she could find comfort - Mickey. When she arrived she threw herself into the arms of her shocked and worried boyfriend, and began crying her heart out, while he began trying to comfort her. Her sobs wracked her delicate frame as she cried into his chest. When she composed herself enough, she broke the horrible news to her lover, and he too was shocked and hurt. Both young lovers cried on each other for a while, trying to comfort one another. She asked her parents everything, trying to make them reconsider, but it was useless. She even begged them to let her stay, but her father wouldn't hear of it. He liked Mickey. But he wasn't about to let his little girl stay behind with a boy.

It had turned into a tale of Romeo and Juliet, with Mickey being Romeo and Minnie as Juliet. That same night, Minnie spent the night at Mickey's. If she had to move, she wanted to spend as much time with him as she could. They had a sleepover like they had done may times before. They watched their favorite movie, ate popcorn and worked some crossword puzzles together. They ended up drifting off to sleep in the living room floor, snuggled against one another. The move would take place within the same week, so Minnie and Mickey tried to spend every moment together that they could. A few of those nights that week, Mickey would sneak over to Minnie's and she would meet him at her window. She'd crawl out, down to him and they'd sneak over to his barn and lay in the hay curled up together talking and looking up at the stars. One of those nights, they laid there until early that next morning before they snuck back into their houses before their parents found out. Two of those nights, Minnie drifted off to sleep cuddled next to Mickey, and he dozed off shortly after. Both awoke early the next morning and each snuck back home before their parents found out.

The day of the move was a day that would torture Minnie and Mickey's hearts. Mickey was there to see her off. He felt the hot tears threatening to fall, but he tried to keep himself together. Mainly for the sake of his companion, for he knew how hard she was taking it. When Minnie's parents were ready to leave, she faced Mickey - her lover, soul mate, boyfriend and best friend. She tried to hold back the hot tears that were brimming in her eyes but as she looked into those wonderful brown eyes of his she come to love from the moment she saw them, she lost it. She flung herself onto him, throwing her arms around him and holding him tightly, never wanting to be away from him - from the only real comfort she ever knew. She bawled on his chest, hugging him for dear life, as if she was pulled away from him, her heart would shatter. Though she didn't think there were very many pieces left.

Mickey hugged and consoled her, rubbing her back, stroking her hair, and whispering to her. After a few minutes, Minnie's father hollered from the car and told her to come on. She pulled back slightly, and took one last look into the dark chocolate eyes and at the face of the guy she adored so much. He smiled at her with as much courage as he could muster, and she smiled weakly back. They reassured one another that they would always keep in touch by writing each other. They leaned close and pressed their lips together once last time as they gave each other one last tight hug. They kissed each other passionately, so that each would always remember. After about five seconds, they pulled back, and gazed into each others chocolate brown eyes for one final time as they each uttered the same three words...

"I love you."

As Minnie stepped away from him, her hand stayed in his until her fingers slipped off the tips of his own. She could feel her heart breaking in her chest as she walked to the car. She would've given anything and everything to stay home - to stay with Mickey. She kept her gaze on him as she walked to her parent's car, tears streaking down her cheeks. She got inside and closed the door. She didn't even notice that her dad had started the car and put it in drive until they started to move. Her sad brown eyes stayed fixated on the boy who was her friend, love, and soul mate as they began to drive away. She waved out the window to him and he waved back. They each whispered to one another...

"I love you, Mickey. I always will. And I'll never forget you. I'll come back to you someday. I promise."

"I love you, Minnie. I always will. And I'll never forget you. I'll find you again someday. I promise."

As the car carried the two mice further and further from each other, they waved to one another until they could no longer see each other. Mickey sunk his head low as he sniffed, wiped his eyes, and turned as he began walking back down the dirt road. Minnie sunk down low in the back seat as she hung her head low, sniffed and wiped her eyes. Both mice made a silent vow to be together again someday. Neither mouse's heart ever felt the same after that. It always felt like a piece of them were missing. And each knew why. When Minnie, her parent's and her sister moved into the next state, they showed her the school she would be attending.

A chill ran up her spine at the sight of it. Sure it was rather large and may look nice, but without Mickey there next to her, nothing felt the same. Not her heart, not her soul, not her life, nothing. That same night, a storm had hit. Thunder raged outside and bright flashes of light pierced the darkness. Minnie huddled under the covers of her bed, scared and crying. Sometimes, if there was a bad storm and she and Mickey were together, she would huddle against him and feel safe. But without him, she felt alone and scared.

The first day of school, Minnie didn't want to get out of bed. She pulled the covers back over herself, trying to avoid the whole day. But when her sister came in and yanked the cover off her, she knew there was no getting out of it. After putting on the clothes she was supposed to wear she checked her appearance in the mirror. She didn't mind the clothes, she actually thought they were cute and comfy. But she had a thing about always showing Mickey her new clothes. But he was a whole two and a half hour drive away. And she couldn't call him because it wouldn't look good on the phone bill. So writing was the only option she had. When her mom drove her to the school, her stomach was queasy the whole time. When she attended her first class, she could already tell that some of the other girls were stuck up snobs. In her other school, Minnie didn't care what the other girls did, and she never felt alone because she always had Mickey. But now she felt like an orange in a bushel of apples.

And things went from bad to worse when the headmaster walked in. If she had've walked into a ring with a bull, Minnie wouldn't have been surprised if the bull tucked its tail between its legs and trotted off. Minnie jumped when the headmaster, who's name was Miss Upstuck, clacked her ruler on the desk, making a loud "WHIP", getting the class' attention. No wonder this woman wasn't married... During school, Minnie stayed by herself. The only thing that brought her comfort, was the small picture of Mickey she carried with her everywhere she went. During lunch, she'd sit under a tree away from the other students, and she'd pull out her picture of the other half of her heart. She stroked her fingers across his picture, wishing that her prince charming would come up to her and take her away from this prison. But she knew that that wouldn't be possible.

The headmaster had a thing against any of the students even mentioning a boy. She was highly strict about any of the girls having anything to do with the opposite sex. If any boy came within ten feet of the school gates Minnie didn't want to know what the headmaster would do to them. They probably wouldn't be a male anymore... Minnie sat underneath the tree with her picture of Mickey and wrote her letters to him. In them, she would describe how the school was, how much she missed him and how much she loved him, and about how it's lonely without him there.

Every day, Minnie would run to the mail office, grab her mail and dash back to her private room, hoping for a letter from Mickey. Having a private room was a major relief for her. When she would see his name on an envelope, she would squeal with excitement and her heart would leap with joy. She'd open it and read it over and over again. His words always brought her some peace and some rays of light into the now dark world she seemed to be living in. She kept the shoebox from her shoes and started keeping his letters in them. She kept them hidden in her closet, behind some things of hers where she knew the headmaster would never look when she did her random room inspections. Mickey and Minnie sent letters back and forth to one another and pictures of themselves too.

It was the only way for their bound hearts to stay connected...