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Squad Unit 19.


A week had passed since Mickey and Minnie had solved the robbery case, and things were calm and quiet in town. Mickey was on his way to the diner to have lunch with Minnie like he did every day. He took a deep breath, trying to calm his heart which was beating a mile a minute in his chest. He knew why he was nervous, he just hoped he didn't make an idiot out of himself at the diner. He slipped his hand into his right pocket, double checking that the object was still there. Exhaling a breath of relief that it was, he drove onward to his intended location.

He pulled into the diner's parking lot, and as he exited his car, found his legs felt like jell-o. Taking another deep breath, then another, and another, he gathered enough courage to make the trip through the diner's doors. As he entered the establishment, his eyes met those of his true love, who was wiping off a table. Upon seeing him, she beamed brightly, and instantly strode over to him.

"Hello, Mickey," Minnie smiled happily, her dark brown eyes shimmering with excitement at the sight of him. They alone were enough to make his legs go weak.

"H-hi, Minnie," Mickey smiled shyly, trying to keep his heart from beating out of his chest.

"You ready for some lunch?" she asked him, her smile never faltering. He couldn't help but notice how her little tail curled and twitched behind her in a cute way.

"Sure, but there's something I gotta do first."

"Oh?" She tilted her head to the side in a cute way as she looked at him curiously, letting her hands meet in front of her as she interlaced her fingers.

"Minnie," Mickey started, taking a deep breath as he took her hands into his. It was now or never, and he wasn't about to back down. "Those three years I spent without you were the worst of my life. I thought about you every day. The thought of seeing you again was the only thing that kept me going. It was the only thing that kept me sane." As Mickey spoke, Minnie felt her heart flutter as the rest of her turned to mush at his words. She had to blink back the tears of happiness she felt threatening to fall. "I don't ever want to be away from you like that again."

"Oh, Mickey..." Minnie uttered before throwing her arms around him in a tight hug. He moved his arms around her waist and hugged her back. After a few seconds, she pulled back a little and wiped her eyes before taking his hands into hers. "You don't have to be," she smiled. "Those three years away from you were the worst of my life. I thought about you every day, and I wanted to see you so badly, Mickey. The thought of seeing you again was the only thing that kept me from going insane. It was the only thing that kept me going." Mickey felt his own heart flutter as Minnie spoke. "I don't ever want to be away from you again."

"Aw, gee, Minnie..." Mickey murmured. "You don't have to be." She smiled lovingly and adoringly at him as she let a few tears of joy trail down her cheeks. "I don't ever want to be away from you like that again. So that's why..." Mickey reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, dark-blue velvet box. "I got you this." The young girl mouse's eyes widened as her heart began to race.

Still holding one of her hands, Mickey knelled down on one knee, and a soft gasp escaped Minnie's lips as she instinctively raised her free hand over her mouth. Was he doing what she thought and hoped he was doing? Mickey took a deep breath and gazed up into her beautiful eyes.

"Minnie, will you marry me?" She didn't have to even think about her answer.

"Yes!" she nodded happily, letting her joyful tears run down her cheeks.

"You will?" Mickey said as he quickly stood up, a bright smile coming to his face. She beamed, her heart leaping with joy in her chest.

"Oh, Mickey, yes! Of course I will!" Minnie cried in pure joy as she lunged at him, throwing her arms around him in a warm and tight hug. She pulled back and kissed him several times on his face, making them both chuckle, then she embraced him tightly again. Mickey wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up gently as he twirled her around, both laughing and her crying with joy as they twirled around. Both were completely oblivious to the applause and cheers from everyone in the diner as they shared this timeless moment together. When Mickey set Minnie back down, they shared a loving and passionate kiss, neither paying any mind to anyone or anything around them. All that mattered was that they were together, and this wonderful moment they were sharing. "I love you so much, Mickey," she smiled breathlessly, taking his face into her hands.

"I love you, too, Minnie. So much," he smiled. They kissed one another again before she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tight again. After a bit, both pulled back and smiled at one another. "I know I can't get those three years back, but I want to make it up to you," he said.

"Me, too. I know I can't get back those three years, but I want to make it up to you too," she said. It was then that Mickey remembered the ring. He brought his hand that held the box around in front of her and held it up for her. She smiled as she delicately took the little box and gently opened the lid, revealing a beautiful engagement ring, making her gasp softly. "Oh, Mickey," she whispered as she looked at it, feeling her eyes water again and her heart flip-flop. "It's beautiful..." It was simple; nothing fancy. A simple golden band with a little diamond on top. But to her, it was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. She loved it and didn't want any other kind. She would hold onto the ring for as long as she lived.

"I know it's not much, but-"

"No," she stopped him, smiling happily. "I love it. I don't want any other kind." She kissed his cheek. "Thank you." He then gently took the ring from the box, then took her left hand and gently slipped it onto her middle/ring finger. A perfect fit. As their eyes met again, both young mice were beaming with love and joy as they embraced each other again. Minnie was Mickey's fiancé and he was hers. How she loved the sound of that, as did he. Neither little mouse could hardly believe it. Soon they would be husband and wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Mouse; Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Mouse.

During those three years they were apart, the mice never dated anyone else, or even thought about it for that matter. Minnie had always been loyal and faithful to Mickey, and she always would be. She would rather have her tail cut off than to be unfaithful to him or to hurt his trust and faith in her. There was no other guy like him in her eyes. In her eyes, he was the most handsome, sweetest, kindest and most sensitive man in the world. She never even looked at another guy. He was the only guy for her; her one true love, the love of her life. Even when she was away from him, she never even thought about anybody else. She didn't want anybody else. Mickey would always be the guy whom had her heart, the key to it, and all the love in it. She gave him her heart, her love, and once they got married, she'd give him her body too. Mickey had always been faithful to Minnie too. He would rather have his tail cut off than to hurt her trust and faith in him or to be unfaithful. He never looked at another girl, and he didn't want anybody else. She was the only girl for him; his true love, the love of his life. She had his heart, the key to it, and all the love in it. He had given her his heart, his love, and after they got married, she'd get his body as well. They mice wanted no other, and were devoted to one another from the beginning. They always had been loyal, faithful and true to one another, and they always would be.

The mice was so excited and anxious that they decided to tie the knot only a couple weeks from then. Both wanted to get married at the little church they had always went to, which coincidental, Mickey's parents and Minnie's parents had gotten married at. Within that time, they had taken care of the wedding plans, Minnie had picked out her dress, and Mickey his tux, and everything else had been taken care of. Both were very ecstatic to walk down the aisle and become Mr. and Mrs. Mouse. From the moment they laid eyes upon one another, their hearts had always been joined together. Now they were being joined together in holy matrimony.

Mickey's bachelor party and Minnie's bachelorette party was completely innocent, which is what both wanted. Mickey didn't want any girl at his party, and Minnie didn't want any guy at hers. Mickey, Oswald and Tom, Cathy's boyfriend, all hung out together; going bowling, fishing, and hitting a baseball game. Minnie, Ember and Cathy also hung out together; rollerskating, bowling - after the boys had finished their game - and going to the ice rink skating. At the engagement party, Cathy toasted the young mouse couple, stating that if she had ever saw real, true love, she saw it every time he looked at them, and that their chemistry could be felt all the way to the planet Pluto. The mice blushed, but smiled at one another as they held each others hand.

The day of the wedding, Mickey was a little nervous as he stood at the alter waiting for Minnie's father to escort her down the aisle. Oswald was his Best Man, and Ember and Cathy were Bride's Maids. Minnie's sister was the Maid of Honer.

"You alright, Bro?" Oswald whispered, nudging Mickey in his side. Mickey nodded.

"Yeah, I'm okay."


"A little."

"Heh, you just have some wedding jitters," the rabbit said. "Don't worry, Mickey, everything will be fine."

"I hope so. I just want everything to be perfect." Oswald smiled reassuringly as he patted Mickey's back.

"Just as long as Minnie got to be with you, she wouldn't mind if you and her got hitched on the moon. She's happy just as long as she's with you. You of all people ought to know that by now." Just then, Mickey watched as Minnie's nieces, Melody and Milicent, walked down the aisle dropping flower petals. They were the Flower Girls. Behind them were Mickey's nephews, Morty and Ferdie, whom were the Ring Bearers. Mickey smiled as he watched his nephew's and Minnie's nieces. Then he heard Wagner's Wedding March begin to play and saw the doors open up, and he smiled ear to ear as he saw his true love, fiancé and soon-to-be-wife being escorted down the aisle. She looked beautiful to say the least. She looked so radiant, so elegant, so breathtaking. If there were ever an angel on earth, it was her. He felt a warmth fill him as he smiled at her.

Minnie's wedding dress was a beautiful snow white color. The bodice was simple in design, with short, puffy sleeves that had lace around the open parts. The skirt of the dress had a top layer of fabric that overlapped the second row, and it seemed to flow as the young mouse girl walked down the aisle toward her awaiting fiance. Around her waist was a gold piece of silk fabric that was tied into a gold bow at her back. Mickey could also see a little bit of her white pumps/heels poking out from under the skirt of her dress with every step she took. She wore her standard white gloves. In her hair atop her head were two, little white roses, one in front of each of her ears, and a white veil that was attached to the roses, cascaded down behind her head and stopped at her shoulder blades. She held a bouquet of white and red roses, and she wore a loving and adoring smile as she walked up to the alter. The young, little girl mouse was beaming with happiness and love as she walked up to her one true love.

Minnie looked at Mickey, admiring him from afar the whole time she walked up to him. She smiled from ear to ear and felt a warmth fill her as soon as she saw her one true love, fiancé and soon-to-be-husband standing at the alter. He looked so handsome, so dashing, so breathtaking. If there ever were a hero or an angel on earth, it was him.

Mickey's tuxedo was a mixture of black, white and grey. The shirt was black with white cuffs, and under it was a white waistcoat/vest. The pants were a soft grey, with thin, black stripes up the sides of the pant legs. He also wore black dress shoes. The mice kept their eyes on each other as Minnie stepped up to Mickey and both gazed into each others eyes as they took each others hands.

"Wow..." both whispered in awe at the sight of one another, then both blushed a little as they smiled. They were mesmerized by one another. Everyone bowed their heads as the preacher said a prayer, and as he finished, the mice opened their eyes to meet each others. As the preacher began, the mice gazed into each others eyes and smiled. Neither could stop smiling if they had to. Both were so happy. Their hearts were thudding with excitement in their chests, but they were both beating to the same rhythm of love and happiness. They listened for the preacher to get to the part they waited for.

"Do you Mickey take this woman as your lawful wedded wife? To love and to cherish, to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, for better or worse, to always be devoted and faithful to and forsake all others, through sickness and in health, 'til death do you part?"

"I do," Mickey said, smiling warmly as he gazed into his fiancé's shimmering eyes.

"And do you Minnie take this man to be your lawful wedded husband? To love and to cherish, to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, for better or worse, to always be devoted and faithful to and forsake all others, through sickness and in health, 'til death do you part?"

"I do. Forever and ever," Minnie said, smiling warmly as she, too, gazed into her fiancé's eyes.

"The rings," the preacher mentioned. Mickey and Minnie removed the rings from the pillows Morty and Ferdie each held. Mickey took his bride's left hand and gently slipped the gold wedding band on her middle/ring finger. Then Minnie took her groom's left hand, and gently slipped the gold wedding band onto his middle/ring finger. Then they took one anothers hand as their adoring smiles met again.

"Then by the power vested in me and with God as my witness, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride."

Both mice smiled at one another, then Mickey leaned close to her as Minnie leaned close to him, and they shared a loving and passionate kiss. Instinctively, Minnie circled her arms around her husband's neck as she kissed him deeply, and Mickey wrapped his arms around his wife's waist as he kissed her back. Both were totally oblivious to the cheers and applause form their onlookers as they happily indulged in their first kiss as husband and wife. Both agreed that it was just as powerful, passionate and amazing as their first kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend. After several seconds, both slowly pulled apart as their eyes met - deep brown and deep brown. They smiled adoringly and lovingly at one another as they held one another. After a moment, they pulled apart a bit and turned to their family and friends who were all clapping for them. The mice turned to each other with a blush. Both were so transfixed by one another that both had forgotten about everybody else in the little church.

Minnie tossed the bouquet and Ember caught it. Upon doing so, the tan rabbit winked at Oswald, who's face turned as red as Mickey's shorts. The mice laughed at the sight. Minnie intertwined her arm around Mickey's, and they began walking from the alter down the asle. Shortly after, Minnie held Mickey's hand as they cut their wedding cake together. He fed her a slice of the cake, then she fed him a slice, both chuckling as they did. They didn't have any champagne, which neither wanted. Instead, they drank plum juice. Later, they shared their first dance together as a married couple. Mickey held Minnie's right hand with his left as he rested his other hand on her back, and she rested her other hand on his right shoulder. Soon, she wrapped both arms around his neck and he moved both arms around her waist as they continued their dance. They danced slow and close, smiling and gazing into each others eyes. Their eyes sparkled with the love the felt for each other.

"I love you, Mickey," Minnie smiled softly.

"I love you, Minnie," Mickey smiled back softly. Each leaned close and shared a tender kiss, and after a moment, pulled back as their brown spheres met once more. Glancing around, the mice noticed other people dancing together; Ember and Oswald, Cathy and Tom, Minnie's parent's, Marcus and Margie, as well as Mickey's parent's, Walter and Lilian. The mice chuckled, then looked at one another again. They nuzzled noses, then pulled back as they continued their dance, their arms around one another, and their hearts full of love. Words could never describe the joy and happiness the mice felt, or the love and admiration they felt for one another. Their feelings were simply beyond measure. The chemistry between the two young lovers could create an explosion big enough to wipe out every chemistry lab in the world. The fire of love between them was wild and large enough that it would burn down every forest on the planet.

Later, their friends and family threw rice as the mice walked arm-in-arm out of the church, both laughing and smiling happily as they walked over to Mickey's little red jalopy, which had tin cans tied to the back, and a sign on the trunk that read "JUST MARRIED". Mickey held open the door for his wife, and Minnie kissed his cheek as she got in. As Mickey got in, Minnie cuddled against her husband as they drove off on their honeymoon. The mice were beginning their new life as Mr. and Mrs. Mouse, and both knew it would be just as wonderful and timeless as their life as boyfriend and girlfriend. They were husband and wife, they had each other, and they were happy. Their romance was one that would truly last a lifetime.
They knew that whatever lay ahead, just like before, they'd face it side-by-side, and heart-to-heart. They would always be together. The young mouse couple were now joined together as Mr. and Mrs. Mouse. They were partners, equals, a team; just like they had always been. Two hearts, one love.

And Mickey and Minnie lived happily ever after.


A.N.: Walter and Lillian really are the names of Mickey's parents. I found that out via a page that had Mickey and Minnie's entire family tree listed. Walter and Lillian is also Walt and Lilly Disney. I want to dedicate this to Walt and Lilian Disney, Roy E. Disney, Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor. God bless all of you. And thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Squad Unit 19.