A/n: WELL, WELL, WELL, what have we here? Something that is particularly similar to the one story I wrote called "Green Onions" XD yes, this one is rotated around the 60s/70s and with the hippies! I absolutely love the 60s/70s scene and with the hippies and I wanted to do one similar to the one that was like the 50s one. There will be a part 2 so look out for it!

Disclaimer: The characters in this ARE NOT MINE, and the songs go to their respectful owners!


What was there to do in Beverly Hills, California in 1969? Especially when you had no dough to spend, and three best friends who loved having good times? Nothing would be more fun to three ordinary hippies than to sit on the grassy ground outside their large van and crank up the classic tunes that everybody around these parts loved.

However some of these hippies preferred the quiet, cool, relaxing and peaceful moments. Yeah sure, they'd still sit outside their van on the grassy ground and hang out, but they'd make their own music. Acoustic guitarists were a dime a dozen around here, but that didn't matter, they would always get a couple of bucks from strumming their guitars on the sidewalks and be extremely grateful when a passing person would walk by and drop a few cents into their guitar case.

Out in a large open field was filled with about twelve vans and many young people, male and female. There was the sound of rock music and the sound of people singing and playing guitars. Some people were dancing and some people were calmly having a make-out session in front of everybody around the large bonfire that hot afternoon under the sun, not that the hippies cared, they were just having the time of their lives.

One particular van nearby, with the picture of an ocean with crashing waves spray-painted on the side, had several people hanging around it, four to be exact. The doors in the back of the van were wide open, revealing a back seated area with purple carpet and posters of popular musical artists on the walls, which included Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, The Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart along with a few others. A young chocolate-haired boy was laying in the back of the van, eyes shut and feet hanging over the edge of the back of the van.

"Okay, man, I'm gettin' bored of this, man. Can we listen to some professional stuff now, man?"

The brunette blinked his eyes and sat up, rubbing at his eyes sleepily and looking around. "No, Axel! Don't tell Riku to stop playing, man!" Cried the boy.

A couple of feet in front of him was a silver-haired male, situated comfortably on the grassy ground with a guitar positioned perfectly in his lap and he was strumming it contently, until a tall and particularly skinny redhead who could pass for a girl came and told him to stop.

Riku, the young male playing the guitar, blinked and looked up, seeing the tall redhead silhouetted by the sunlight practically. He was staring down at him with his arms crossed.

"Not that I don't like your music, man, it's just that I'm ready to hear some good rock, man, okay?" said the redhead, Axel.

"Yeah, no problem, man," Riku said, rising to his feet and approaching the back of the van. "Sorry, Sora. Axel drove us here and I guess he decides what we listen to then."

Sora, the young looking brunette, pouted sadly and plopped unhappily back down on the floor in the back of the van, "Rikuuu, I looove your music, it puts me to sleep! Because it's so relaxing and peaceful."

The silver-haired male gave a smile, his brilliant turquoise eyes practically smiling themselves. With a sigh, he sat down next to Sora, after placing away his guitar back into it's guitar case, of course. Shortly after Riku stopped playing his guitar, Axel had strolled around to the front of his van - yes the van belonged to him - and opened up the driver's door, moving close to the radio in the car and turned up the volume. He was leaning so far forward that the round, purple tinted glasses he was wearing slipped down and nearly fell off his face.

Right as Axel turned up the volume on the radio, a song came on a second later that sounded particularly like a song that Axel might like.

"Get ready for some Frankie Valli, my friends, and rock out and boogie down to this song 'Grease', and have fun and pass on the peace!"

I solve my problems, and I see the light, we got a lovin' thing, we gotta feed it right! We start believing now that we can be who we are, grease is the word!

Axel moved back out of the van, nearly tripping as he backed up before pushing up his glasses back on his face. He heard a loud laugh and he turned, his covered eyes landing on the form of a slender blond boy that had managed to escape from the crowd around the bonfire and was making his way back over to the large van. He was shirtless, but however wearing a pair of chocolate brown cargo shorts with a light brown string going through the sides and a pair of simple sandals.

"Roxas, where's your shirt, honey?" Axel cooed, reaching out to rub the boy's shoulder.

Roxas laughed gently and brushed a hand through his golden blond spikes, "Oh I dunno, really, man! We just thought it would look kinda cool if one of us threw our shirt into the fire, and I volunteered."

Axel gave a disappointed sounding noise, "Oh dear, but I got you that shirt!"

Roxas simply laughed, acting like it was absolutely no big deal at all, "Oh, who cares, huh? There's plenty of shirts like that around here. Besides, I was getting kind of hot in it."

Axel scratched the mass of fiery red hair that was coming from his head, and it threatened to pop the little hair tie that was holding his hair back in a pony tail as he scratched his head. "Sooo you threw it in the bonfire?"

Roxas nodded with a perky sounding 'uh huh!' before strolling around to the back where Riku and Sora were. "Hey guys, what'cha up to?"

Sora was resting his head on Riku's shoulder, and Riku had an arm wrapped around his shoulder. It was by far obvious now that the two had the hots for each other and wanted to start dating, but they really hadn't talked about it yet or made it settled that it was obvious.

"Nothing, Axel's just a friggin' ass for making Riku stop playing his guitar," Sora said, looking up at the silver-haired male next to him. "Because I think his music is professional."

"Of course it is, man!" Roxas smiled, sitting up on the edge of the van himself. "You oughta get a record deal sometime, ya know?"

Riku didn't say anything, however just messed with the head band around his forehead. "I dunno, I'm not that good. I put Sora to sleep when I play it." Riku looked down at Sora and offered him a smile, the brunette hurriedly smiling back, much wider and happier.

"So have you guys heard the news?" Roxas suddenly chirped up.

"News?" Sora repeated, his eyes widening and looking up at Roxas.

"Yeah, what news?" came the voice of Axel, sitting up in the front seat and leaning back and trying to listen in but also hear the Hendrix song that just came on the radio.

"God, you guys don't get out much!" Roxas laughed, cheeks slightly pink.

"Just spit it out, man, what news?" Sora said a bit louder.

"Okay okay!" Roxas laughed again. "There is this GIANT concert starting in New York in about three weeks. It's called Woodstock, and so many awesome people are gonna be there, and like, everybody here says they're going. I totally think we should go, you guys, huh?"

"Groovy, man! Seriously?" Sora said, sitting up more and looking very interested.

"Yeah, man!" Roxas laughed. "What do you guys think?" Roxas looked up at Riku and Axel, waiting to hear a positive response back from them. Riku stuck out his bottom lip.

"We don't have any money," said Riku. "The trip up to New York would like, outta sight, yeah, but it would cost a lot of dough for the gas."

"Don't worry, man," Roxas smiled. "I hear it's only twenty-five dollars per person. And besides, Axel said he just got a job--"

"Wait, Roxas," Axel whispered desperately. The redhead's cheeks turned a very noticeable dark red, and he was looking between the three young males in front of him quite nervously.

"What? What's the job?" Sora asked with a small grin.

Axel groaned nervously and looked slowly back at Roxas, the blond giggling gently behind a closed mouth and nearly biting his bottom lip in the process. "Don't worry, Axel, I think it's cute."

Axel closed his eyes behind his purple-tinted glasses and waved his hand, muttering a 'whatever' before climbing back up in the driver's seat so he wouldn't have to see the looks on his friends' faces when Roxas would speak the truth of Axel's embarrassing part-time job.

Sora laughed gently, "So come on, Roxas, what job is Axel doing?"

Roxas's blue orbs slowly migrated back to Riku and Sora, a mischievous little smile upon his lips. "Axel is The Beverly Hills Panthers high school football team's mascot."

The reactions that came from Riku and Sora were near-priceless. Riku was on the verge of laughing his ass off but decided to stifle it by biting his lip extremely tightly while spitting and stuttering, his cheeks slightly on the pink side. However, Sora, didn't hold back his laughter by falling to his knees, holding his stomach and laughing heartily.

Axel, on the other hand, began to bang his head gently against the steering wheel, earning a honk in return every time he'd jam his head back down, blushing very hard.

"Yeah, he wears a big black panther outfit and everything," Roxas laughed gently back in response to the two other boys' laughing. The blond glanced back at Axel in the front seat who was shaking his head in shame, Roxas smiling sweetly, "Axel, I think it's cute, alright?"

"I-Is his face covered up, or does he have a g-goofy head, too?" Sora cackled.

"Can we just get back on the subject of the road trip please?!" Axel shrieked in the front seat. Right as Axel said the words 'road trip'; several hippies had run by Axel's van, hollering out, "Road trip! Road trip! Who said road trip!?"

Roxas smiled and crossed his arms, "But anyways, Axel makes roughly around ten dollars an hour, because everyone knows how hot it is in those suits, plus that it is a real candyass thing to do."

"Cut it OUT, Roxas!" growled Axel in the front seat, very tempted to turn up some of the Hendrix music playing on the radio.

Roxas giggled gently and looked back at Riku and Sora, "So by the time we hit the road to New York, we'd have plenty of cash for food, drinks, gas and the tickets when we get there!"

Riku crossed his arms himself, Sora placing a hand on his chin before smiling perkily and looking up at Riku with big, excited blue eyes, "Whaddya think, Riku? Sounds pretty far out, right?"

Riku didn't say anything for a moment, but simply stuck out his bottom lip for a moment before smiling widely, "Cool, man, definitely gonna work out."

"Yeah! All Axel has to do is continue with this job and we'll be rich in no time!" Sora giggled madly, nearly hopping up and down in the process of talking.

"Okay, okay, don't flip your wig, Sora," Axel said with a smirk, leaning over and looking back at the other males. "C'mon, let's book."

All three males gave a nod, Sora calling out that he had dibs on the passenger seat, but then earned a heavy glare from Roxas and Sora climbed into the back with Riku. All the doors were closed, and Axel cranked up his van, turned up the music and pressed his foot down on the gas peddle, the van immediately beginning to move and head back onto the road.


Things were going pretty swell to gang of Riku, Axel, Sora and Roxas and their plans to go to New York and to the awesome-sounding concert called Woodstock. It sounded like the time of a lifetime to get to go to something that great, and around town it turned out that the four males weren't the only ones interested in going. In fact, there had to be over one hundred who were extremely interested in going, and or actually going. Many were trying to earn money and throw it all together and go to New York, while others said they would just hitch hike all the way up there because their cars were broken down and they didn't nearly have enough money to buy a new ride.

Two weeks had passed since that day when the four young men had decided that they were going to burn asphalt up to New York, and that Axel would work his ass off as the Beverly Hills Panthers football team with cheering, jumping up and down and giving little kids hugs to earn enough money to pay for all four of them's entry into Woodstock. It would turn out to be one hundred dollars for all four of them, and not only that, but they needed money for food, gas, and of course drinks which you cannot go on a road trip without. Overall, they needed at least around three hundred to four hundred for four teenage men to live on the road for about a week.

When realization hit Riku that Axel would probably be half-dead every day after working overtime in a giant black panther suit to get about thirty dollars every day, Riku decided to throw in a helping hand. The silver-head had gotten a part-time job himself working at a burger joint and giving the local teenage girls something nice to look at when Riku would roller skate out into the parking lot with their greasy food. Sora would nearly swoon every time he'd see Riku roller skate because the man was just so graceful and pretty when he'd slide by with a little smile and a wave.

Riku reckoned his part-time job was doing the four boys a lot of good, because by the end of the day he would have made roughly around twenty dollars. Sora and Roxas insisted that they help earn some of the dough, but the two older males had told them sternly that they were going to get all of the money because they wanted to be the cool ones with all the cash. The two young males would simply roll their eyes at Axel and Riku's stubbornness and Roxas had said something around the lines of 'ah well, we don't have to sweat', which made Sora laugh slightly.

Finally, the two weeks had ended, and the last week would be the trip up to New York. All four boys were particularly excited about this trip and new they were gonna have a blast. Axel and Riku had earned a total of four-hundred and eighty-two dollars by the time the two weeks ended and them working overtime. The money was certainly enough to keep the males alive with the trip up there, and they knew they were going to be stopping a lot on the way there picking up hitch hikers and stopping to grab a bite to eat, and other various unnecessary things that would have at least one of them distracted by the driving. But oh well, that was what being an adventurous hippie was all about, man!

It was an early Friday morning, and the sun was just beginning to rise over the lazy looking neighborhood. The four males were currently at Riku's pad and getting all of their belongings loaded up into the back of Axel's van. The redhead had thoroughly cleaned the inside of his van considering that the four of them would be probably spending most of their time in it. He had collected a few more cushiony objects and blankets because they'd probably be crashing in the van every night because they didn't want to waste their money on a hotel.

They collected their guitars - each of the males had their own - and threw on their most comfortable clothes, and the ones which they thought were the most cool, had one giant cooler full of every soft drink they knew about, and of course their cash. Anything else that could've been brought would've just gotten in the way, so overall the items they brought were related with music and drinks.

It was around nine when all four males had completed their task of packing everything and throwing it in the back of Axel's van.

"Alright, I think that just about does it, man," Riku smiled as he closed up the back doors of the van.

"So, we're ready to go?" Sora grinned excitedly, rocking back on the balls of his sandal-clad feet.

"I believe so," said Riku, crossing his arms and strolling closer to his small group of friends. "Axel it's your van, let's burn some rubber, mmkay?"

Axel smirked, tilting down his shades so that his jade orbs were revealed to Riku's eyes, "It will be my pleasure, man." The boys all laughed gently and boarded the large van, Riku and Sora parking themselves in the back - as always - and Axel and Roxas up front. Axel turned started up the van within seconds, grinning back at his friends and saying, "This is the first day of the rest of our lives!" And then the van pulled out onto the driveway and was off.

"Go ahead and get some tunes on," Roxas smiled brightly to Axel.

Axel gave a smile of his own and reached down to turn up the volume on the radio, and after the last unidentified song had ended, within fourteen seconds later, and then, quite clear as daylight to anybody who knew music, the drumming of Charlie Watts, and guitar playing of Keith Richards and then, of course, the vocalist of Mick Jagger.

I live in an apartment on the 99th floor of my block. And I sit at home looking out the window imagining the world has stopped. Then in flies a guy who's all dressed up just like a Union Jack. And says, "I've won five pounds if I have his kind of detergent pack."

"Whoo!" cheered the males as the foot-tapping music of The Rolling Stones filled their van and they began singing along with the legendary Jagger. "I say hey, you, get off of my cloud! Hey, you, get off of my cloud! Hey, you, get off of my cloud! Don't hang around 'cause two's a crowd on MY cloud, baby!"

With their windows down, the rock music blared out into the morning air and got the attention of anybody who liked good music standing around nearby. Before they even reached the interstate, Axel had driven by a gas station where another comfortably dressed group of hippies hung around and talked among themselves. There was one male with long red haired, which was tied back in a long pony-tail, leaning casually on another van and talking with a young girl who looked like a cheerleader.

"Hey! Reno!" called Axel, coming to a slow, but not stopping, drive in front of the gas station. "Aren't ya gonna tell that paper shaker there that you're not interested in girls?"

Reno, the male with the red-hair tied back in a very long pony tail, "What did you say, man?!"

Roxas got the giggles suddenly and leaned over so he was slightly on top of Axel and he gave Reno a large grin, "Hey there, Reno!"

"Roxas?" Reno gasped. "What're you doin' with Axel?!"

"Come on, you're a Flower Child, not a cheerleader!" Roxas said with a laugh.

"J-Just where're you guys off to anyways?" Reno barked.

"WOOOOOODSTOOOOOCK!" screamed Sora from the back.

"What the HELL was that?" Reno scowled.

"Hey!" Riku snapped, pushing up from the back slightly so he was on top of Roxas who was on top of Axel. "That's my boyfriend you're talking to! And yeah, we're on our way to New York to Woodstock!"

Reno blinked in utter surprise, "YOU JERKS! You knew how bad I wanted to go to that but I couldn't 'cause my car broke down!"

Axel chuckled and pulled down his full-moon spectacles again so his cocky jade eyes were shown. "Oh really? I don't seem to remember that crossing my mind!"

"Hey, Reno, what did he mean by you aren't interested in girls?" the cheerleader next to Reno said with a tug on the redhead's arms.

"Oh, um, nothin', baby, he just--"

"He's just interested in GUYS, is all!" laughed Axel.

"You're a queer!?" shrieked the cheerleader, staring up at Reno with utter disgust. "I can't believe I wanted to make-out with you!" And with that, the cheerleader marched away from the small gang of hippies.

"Ooh hoo, you are SO gonna pay for that, man!" Reno growled, beginning to stomp straight over to Axel's van with a very angry look.

"Drive! DRIVE!" Roxas yelled into Axel's ear, half-laughing.

Axel, wincing from Roxas's screaming, slammed his boot-clad foot onto the gas right as Reno reached his car door. The van made a loud screeching noise against the pavement and made black smoke and drove quickly past Reno, the redhead standing on his feet getting caught in a huge cloud of black smoke, coughing crazily.

The spray-painted van was back onto the road within seconds, heading straight to the interstate with fun music blaring out of the radio. Sora had something particular on his mind for the past twelve minutes as Riku started to play his guitar, a peaceful sounding strum that caused Sora's eyelids to begin to fall. But he needed to talk to Riku, it was important.

"S-So, Riku, um..." Sora began, rubbing the back of his neck. "You said I was your boyfriend."

Riku paused and looked at Sora, smiling sweetly and nodding his head, "Yeah, Sora. You're my little Chocolate Kiss, and I think our love for each other should be known."

Sora gave a very noticeable dark blush and smiled slightly, looking down, unable to wipe off that grin that was growing widely.

"Why? Is it a problem?" Riku asked, sounding particularly concerned when Sora didn't say anything.

"No!" Sora immediately replied, shooting out a hand and grabbing Riku's hand. "I'm just speechless, Riku, but...so freakin' happy!"

Without warning, Sora practically flung himself into Riku's arms, laying partially on the silver-head's dark guitar and firmly pushing his nose into Riku's chest. Riku's turquoise eyes widened to a large degree as he felt Sora this close to him, nuzzling into his chest and giggling madly. Not that this didn't happen a lot, it's just that this was a particularly special moment between them.

Riku smiled and wrapped his arms around the small brunette, smiling widely and pushing his nose into Sora's chocolate brown hair.

"Shall we put on some sweet music for you two?" laughed Roxas, staring back at the two huggling with a mischievous smirk.

Immediately after saying that, ironically, a particular sweet song came on that seriously made Riku's heart give a little flutter. A very happy strum of guitar and a happy sounding voice.

Sugar. Ah, honey, honey. You are my candy girl. And you got me wanting you.

Although The Archies were singing about a girl, Riku couldn't stop his cheeks from burning a hot redness.

Ah, honey! Oh, sugar sugar. You are my candy girl, and you got me wanting you!

Sora smiled widely and looked up at Riku with a wide grin, showing his white teeth. "I think Roxas and Axel are making fun of us by playing this music."

Riku was still blushing extremely darkly, arms still holding Sora around the waist and he smiled gently, "Really? I think it was rather sweet, haha."

Sora's blue eyes widened and his cheeks flushed darkly themselves and he pressed his cheek harder back down against Riku's chest again, sighing in extreme content.

"WELL," came Axel, having just entered the interstate. "Sora may be your 'sugar, sugar', Riku...but Roxas is my buttercup." The redhead glanced over at Roxas and gave the boy a very wide, almost suggestive, grin which caused Roxas to blush and lean back in his seat, avoiding eye contact with the redhead.

"Don't start singing that song; I swear to god I will punch you!" Roxas said laughingly.

"Why do you build me up, buttercup, baby, just to let me down?" Axel began singing in a quite out-of-key voice.

Roxas slapped two hands over his ears and began shaking his head in embarrassment, blushing very darkly and closing his eyes shut. "No! No, no, no, noooo! It's embarrassing, SHUT UP!"

"And mess me around and then worst of all you never call, baby, when you say you will! But I love you still, I need you, more than ANYONE, DARLING! You know that I have from the staaaart! So build me up, buttercup, don't break my heaaarrtt!"

Roxas slowly removed his hands from his ears, smiling slightly when Axel began to stop singing.

"Okay, I'll stop now," Axel chuckled. "When I start singing I just can't stop, I need to finish the chorus at least."

Riku and Sora were quietly laughing in the back at the sweet bickering that Roxas and Axel had in the front seat, it was quite different from Riku and Sora's way of romance, but it was still cute.

"I promise I'll call you when I actually say I do, too," Roxas smiled at Axel.

Axel glanced at Roxas for a moment before looking back at the road, "Aww, well, thank you, Roxy. I'd kiss you right now, but I might kill us all."

Roxas laughed gently and leaned forward, pressing his hands in-between both seats to press his lips firmly against Axel's cheeks, the redhead's eyes widening behind his shades for a moment and he grinned. "Thank you, buttercup."

Roxas gave Axel a wink before sitting back properly in his seat, looking back at Riku and Sora with a cheeky little grin.

Sora seemed to be beginning to doze against Riku's chest, the silver-head managing to pull out his guitar from underneath Sora and begin playing it again while Sora still laid in his lap, practically asleep now.

"I guess I better let him sleep, then. It's gonna be at least a week until we get to New York," Riku smiled, giving Sora's head a little stroke, the brunette shifting slightly and nuzzling more into Riku.

"Ohhh don't worry, this won't be all that we'll be doing the entire week," Axel said, glancing back in the review mirror for a moment. "I mean, I might die if we're in the van the whole time."

"Yeah, but this van will probably be the place we'll be in the most this week," Roxas added.

"Yeah," Axel said with an unfortunate shrug, turning the steering wheel in a certain direction.

"But DAMN, when we actually GET THERE!" Roxas exclaimed, eyes wide and extremely excited. "Oh baby, it's gonna be one far out weekend!"

"Indeed it will," Riku said, playing the notes on his guitar slower. "Guys, I think Sora's asleep...and..."

Roxas blinked and turned to look at Riku, "And?"

Riku stared down at Sora in his lap, the silver-head's legs bent underneath his body in a particularly uncomfortable position, "And I can't move." It was like disturbing a very comfortable, cozy kitten that was asleep in your lap, and Riku did most definitely not want to wake Sora.

Roxas giggled slightly and shrugged, "Ahh well, Riku, it's your problem, not ours. TURN UP THE MUSIC, AXEL!"

The redhead laughed quite loudly, and Riku's eyes widened in tremendous fear as Axel turned up the volume on the radio, awaiting them yet another Rolling Stones hit song.

I see a red door and I want to paint it black. No colors anymore, I want them to turn black. I see the girls walked by dressed in their summer clothes. I have to turn my head until my darkness goes.

"Guys!" Riku whispered desperately as both boys in the front seats began to purposely sing loudly to the music. "Please! He's gonna wake up!"

"I SEE PEOPLE TURN THEIR HEADS AND QUICKLY LOOK AWAY!" sang both Axel and Roxas, along with Mick Jagger himself on the radio. "LIKE A NEWBORN BABY, IT JUST HAPPENS EVERYDAY!"

The brightly painted van continued down the long interstate, the loud rock music blaring out of the windows, and the same thing was going through all three of the males' minds...

This was going to be one fun ass week!