A/N: For Lodylodylody, who wanted to see Carey have a successful romance for once, I hope this cheers you up! This fic works under the assumption that Carey and Raven have already met, Disney did a crossover a few years ago and called it the 'That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana' I believe, so I took that and ran with it.

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A/N2: Ages: I'm guessing here, but I'm going to say that Carey had the twins at about 20 years old, and they're about 9 years younger than Raven, which makes Carey 11 years older than Raven in this fic. I'm making Raven 28, which puts Carey at 39 and the twins at 19 (not that they matter, they won't really factor into this fic at all).


Raven Baxter was a busy woman. She'd been busy for the last several years having started her own fashion line shortly after she'd graduated. Sure, she'd worked as an intern for some of the bigger names in fashion, but striking out on her own had been the best move she could have ever made. She'd been very successful almost from the start for her bold innovative designs made to suit all walks of life. Raven's goal in life was to make everyone look fabulous, which would make them feel fabulous.

Spreading fabulous to the masses was not an easy job, and often it required she travel to places far and wide for inspiration. Her main studio was in Washington, D.C., near where her dad worked as head chef to the President, but she had several smaller studios all over the world, including several within the United States. Unfortunately she did not yet have a studio in Boston, where she happened to be at the moment, but she did have a long standing relationship with one of the world's most successful luxury hotel chains, The Tipton Hotels.

As a teenager she'd been sent to the Tipton for reasons she no longer clearly remembered, but she remembered all the people she'd met there. Including London Tipton, heiress to the Tipton fortune; Hannah Montana, aka Miley, the world's most beloved pop star; Moseby, the hotel manager; Maddie, the candy counter girl, now a graduate student; Zach and Cody, the most mischief prone twins she'd ever met; and Carey, mother to the twins. She'd kept in touch with each of them as her schedule permitted. She replied to their emails and messages as soon as she was able, which was how she'd known all but Maddie and Carey had gone off on a luxury cruise ship meant to branch out the Tipton's prospects. She'd answered their excited emails while they were at sea, she felt a little jealous that they were having so much fun while she was working to build her line, but not anywhere near as jealous as Maddie felt (all of her best friends had gone on that cruise, leaving her behind to go to school). She remembered their excitement when the ship finally docked, too, anxious to return to their lives on land; and Carey's happy email about her boys finally coming home.

Raven had only seen London and Hannah since they'd all been at the Tipton. London was always visiting her stores, purchasing just about everything in her size. Hannah had asked Raven to design several of her event outfits, which required them to see each other pretty regularly. But she missed all the others. She enjoyed keeping in touch through email and phone, but it wasn't the same as seeing them in person, so she was glad to be in Boston again and able to once again visit the Tipton, where she'd made so many friends.

Only Moseby knew she was coming, so her arrival at the hotel should be a surprise to all the others there.


Carey Martin was in the middle of rehearsing her new act when her 19 year old sons, Zach and Cody, burst into the lounge shouting at the top of their voices.

"Mom!" Zach and Cody shouted at the same time so Carey got it in stereo. "Mom, you'll never guess who just walked in!" They continued, still in stereo.

"Who?" The boys didn't often get this excited, usually only their father got this type of response from them.

While Zach would have waited for her to guess correctly, Cody couldn't contain his excitement as he rushed to inform her, "Raven Baxter! She's here! She just checked in!"

Carey felt happiness and excitement well within her. She didn't have many friends outside of the hotel, Raven was one of them, and one Carey treasured. The young woman had a refreshing take charge attitude and a drive to make others happy with her fashion. She was one of the very few female people Carey got to talk to on anything resembling a regular basis.

She cut her rehearsal short, knowing she had a couple of days to get this act together. She rushed out into the lobby and saw Raven hopping about with a giddy London. The heiress was talking a mile a minute, with Raven talking right there with her, it was a wonder either of them heard what the other said…Carey couldn't make out a word. When they calmed Raven spotted Carey over London's shoulder and immediately rushed over to crush her in a hug saying, "Giiiiiiiiirl, it is so good to see you!"

Carey was nearly bursting with joy as she squeezed Raven back smiling hugely, "Raven! Oh, how are you, sweetie? What are you doing here?"

Raven pulled back and said, "I'm better now that all my peeps are here! I've got business in town. I've had an agent of mine looking for studios in the city so I could set up shop here, he thinks he's found one I just have to have. So here I am! How are you, beautiful? It's been too long since we talked."

"It has, you flatterer. I'm good. I've got a new act in the works and the boys are getting ready for college. Oh gosh, it is so good to have you here!" She gave Raven one more squeeze before releasing her completely.

Raven didn't let her get too far away; she grabbed Carey's hand and kept a hold of it while walking back towards the front desk. "You're sticking with me. We've got a lot to catch up on, and you can show me all that's changed around here. It's been a while since I've been in this town. That and I've got to outfit you for that new act!"

After a token protest Carey was only too happy to oblige, allowing Raven to drag her hither and yon for the rest of the day, until they were both too tired to do anything but collapse on the sofa in Raven's suite.

"Oh man," Raven sighed out, "It's been so long since I've had a girls' day. Thank you for coming with me today and showing me around again."

Carey smiled at the younger woman, "It was my pleasure. It's been nearly twenty years since I've had a real girls' day. Not since the boys were born. This was so much fun."

Raven smiled back, "Well, I'd be all too happy to have a few more girls' days with you. Goodness knows we need them."

"Careful Raven, I might take you up on that offer." Carey laughed.

Raven laughed with her and replied, "Please do. I'd love to hang out with you more often. If this studio thing pans out I'll be in Boston almost full time. It'd be nice to have some friends who knew me before I was a famous designer." Raven was only half teasing at that last part. She had a handful of friends who knew her before she was famous, including her best friends Chelsea and Eddie, but she had dozens of people called 'friends' that she'd made since becoming famous that only contacted her when they wanted something from her, it was very tiresome.

"I'd be happy to be one of those friends. I could use some more female friends around here anyway. Maddie and London are all I've got. Maddie's always so busy and London, as sweet as she is, just isn't a very good conversationalist when we aren't talking about her." Carey loved both of those girls dearly, but she needed something more that neither of them could provide, and she had hopes that Raven could.

"Good. I'll keep you." Raven decided to tease the older woman a little, "Of course, you know this means I'm going to drag you out shopping at every opportunity and that you'll be my guinea pig when I get new fashion ideas."

"Of course." Carey said mock seriously, "I'll take my duties very seriously. I know shopping is serious business, as is being your model."

Raven hadn't thought Carey would be her model, but now that the idea was planted it was growing fast. Before she could slow her mind she'd already mapped out six different designs to try on her friend, and she enjoyed the mental picture each one made. She could imagine her in various dresses, in jackets and pants, pants and blouses, blouses and skirts, without jackets, in shorts, in short skirts, it wasn't long before Carey was stripped down to her underwear and Raven had to mentally shake herself before she started drooling. She'd known as a teen that she found Carey attractive, but she didn't usually let her mind wander so far. She supposed having the older woman sitting right in front of her saying she'd model for her was giving her mind a little too much leeway. She quickly picked up the thread of their conversation and said, "Darn straight it's serious business. It's my business and I'm full of ideas so you're going to have you're hands full keeping up with me."

Carey laughed. "I don't doubt it. I've followed your career. You practically exploded onto the scene when you started and have been keeping everyone else on their toes since! People still rave about how unexpected you were. I knew you'd be something special when I met you, but I had no idea."

Flattered, Raven blushed and said, "Well, I didn't know I'd be so special either."

Charmed by Raven's sudden modesty Carey decided to give the younger woman a break. "It's getting late. I should probably go and let you rest." She rose to leave the room and Raven stood to walk her to the door.

"It's later than I thought it was. Maybe I'm the one who'll have to work hard to keep up with you. Chasing after the boys all these years must have given you some extra endurance." She smiled when Carey chuckled and agreed.

Carey was halfway out the door when Raven caught her arm and said, "I had fun today. Thanks for sticking with me." Then she rose up onto her tiptoes and kissed Carey's cheek. She didn't pull away immediately, allowing herself to linger in the older woman's presence, wishing she were brave enough to just kiss Carey like she wanted to.

Carey, who was unused to giving or receiving affection of this type, decided to take some initiative and turned her head intending to kiss Raven's cheek and instead landed a solid yet gentle kiss on the designer's waiting and eager lips.

It was soft. Surprisingly so. Raven's lips were silky smooth with gloss, mocha flavored, and so warm. Carey had never kissed lips so smooth, considering she'd only ever kissed men this wasn't such a surprise, but even so the feel of such tender lips stole her breath away and made her heart race.

She pulled back slowly, lips clinging to the gloss, confused about what had happened and how it made her feel. Never before had she kissed another woman. She'd been hit on, sure, many times. She was a lounge singer, getting hit on was practically part of the job. But she'd never taken any woman up on her offer; she'd never even considered it really. She was straight, had always been straight, and would always be straight. Or so she'd thought. But this kiss, an accident, with this woman had sparked something in her and she wasn't sure what to do with all these new feelings and thoughts. So, in the time honored tradition of all people who feel in over their heads, Carey panicked and fled calling a goodnight over her shoulder.

Raven thought briefly of chasing after the older woman, to calm her down, to explain things, to talk it all out, to plead her case, to something but she didn't know what she could say to make this better and until she did know she would have to leave Carey to her own devices. She couldn't bring herself to regret moving to capture lips at the last moment, she regretted the turmoil it had obviously caused her friend, but the kiss itself had been perfect. It had been everything she'd ever hoped for in a kiss, everything she'd dreamed of. For her it had been like a movie kiss complete with spinning cameras and swelling orchestra; it had felt like something had finally slid into place within her making her more solid, more real than she'd been before. And though she hadn't had a vision about this, hadn't had a vision in years, she felt as though with that kiss she had seen one of her visions come to life and complete itself the way it was meant to.

Raven went to her bed smiling. She had finally gotten a kiss she'd dreamed of for ten years, and it was even better than she'd imagined.