I woke up in Edward's arms as I did mostly every morning. I cant believe my dad was still oblivious to the fact that my boyfriend sneaks in every night to be with me as I slept. But, hey I'm not complaining.

He brushed his fingertips across my cheek. I just smiled and opened my eyes.

"Did I wake you?"

His voice was light and playful as He kissed the top of my hair pulling me in closer to his bare chest. I couldn't help but long for another set of cold arms wrapped around my breakable frame. I pushed the thought to the side and reminded my self that the Cullen I wanted was taken and he would never go for a human like me. Edward was everything I could have asked for. In many ways he was too good for me, and it just threw us out of balance more than it made us stable.

"Kinda, but I needed to get up anyways. Good morning."

I laughed and hid my face in my pillow wishing my dream would take my imagination once more.

After twenty minutes of laying in a dreamless sleep I decided to wake up and make the best of my day. Edwards phone was buzzing in his pocket and it became increasingly annoying as it continued to vibrate against my side.

"Are you going to get that?"

I asked him pointing to the pocket where his phone was.

"I guess I should. Carlisle and Esme are going out of town this weekend so it might be important."

Without delay the phone was by his ear. I would never get over his vampire speed. It amazed me even after being together for two years.


He said in his polite tone just in case it was his parents..

I could hear someone talk but couldn't make out the words, it was definitely a female voice that much my human ears were capable of picking up on..

"Alice. No. She could get hurt. I wont let her"

"What ever, we will be home shortly. Just wait till we get there ok?"

He hung up the phone and got off my bed.

"What was all that about.?"

I tilted my head to the side knowing that what ever he said would surprise me.

"That would be Alice. She has ..um... arranged for you to stay the weekend at home with me"

I practically jumped for joy when I found out I would be staying at the Cullen's home this weekend. I love spending time there even if my motives were off.

"Oh. Ok well why would I be getting hurt at a sleep over?"

"Because Alice wants to play a game."

He said almost growling at the thought.

"Oh it sounds like fun. But what kind of game?"

"Just get ready and I'll let Alice explain it to you. Its her game and her rules."

He grabbed a bag and started putting clothes in it for me. He had my entire bag packed before I was done brushing my teeth. Gosh a vampire boyfriend was handy. I giggled while putting on some jeans and a shirt trying not to dwell on the though of Alice's game. I was honestly shocked that Edward wanted me to go around his house for any lengthy amount of time. In all honestly he tried to keep me away from there as much as possible, that I would never understand.

"Ok lets get going"

I smiled at him and kissed him on his cheek.

He let me climb on his back before he jumped out my window. Something that never ceased to scare the hell out of me. He shook with laughter as my heart rate increased with fear.

"Bella I would never let anything happen to you. Stop worrying. I worry enough about your safety for the two of us."

He smiled and kissed my hand that was around his neck. I buried my head into his shoulder and closed my eyes. Almost giggling to myself because Edward was so oblivious to why I was nervous, I'd like to keep it that way at all cost. I couldn't watch as he sped through the forest. It mad me sick to my stomach so I thought about what ever fun game Alice had planned and tried not to imagine the trees I was flying past as Edward ran through the forest.

We were at his house within minutes. Alice was sitting on the porch waiting for us smiling devilishly. Oh joy what in the hell could have up her sleeve .

"Bella this is going to be so much fun! I can see it."

She ran over to us and smiled while showing Edward her vision. It was annoying sometimes that they could have an entire conversation and not need words. I hated not knowing what was going on.

"Ok let's go inside, everyone is waiting."

Edward zoomed off towards the living room without any notice and I felt my stomach tighten as I clenched my eyes shut. We were on the couch in no time. I was sitting in Edwards lap as usual and Alice was on the floor by jasper.

Emmett came running down the stairs screaming.

"I go first I go first."

He skipped the last ten stairs flailing his arms around like a two year old.

Rosalie just waked down behind him glaring at the back of his head I couldn't help but envy what she had and yet she didn't even act as if she cared. Her gaze turned from Emmett to me and I immediately looked to the ground under my feet. The only thing that came to mind was a sentence from one of my favorite novels. "If looks could kill".

"Fine, but let's tell Bella what we're playing first."

Alice almost sang the words in her soft voice.

I felt Edwards grip on me tighten as if someones thoughts were about me and the game we were soon to play..

"You don't have to play Bella."

Edwards cool breath ran across my neck as he whispered into my ear.

Alice frowned.

"Bella you can play and leave Mr. grumpy pants out of the game."

"The only reason his pants are grumpy is because he doesn't get any."

Emmett said laughing while pounding fists with jasper. I blushed.

"Alice what game?"

I asked trying to distract myself from Emmett's gaze that was making jasper apparently confused..

"Truth or dare"

An evil smile was on her face and for the first time I was scared of Alice.

"Before you say no. We are going to make new rules so you wont get hurt.

Rule one. No daring Bella to do something she can physically not do.

Rule two. No dares outside of the country.

Rule three. You get one pass to skip your dare if you wish

Rule four. If you back out no sex with your mate for a week. That includes kissing."

She looked at me and Edward during rule four.

"Ok, there's all the rules. You in?"

I knew she already knew my answer, but she asked anyways.

"Yeah I'm in"


Alice squealed.

"Edward you game?"

Emmett asked making his tone almost sound as if he didn't want Edward to play.

"He better be game or I'll make fun of him for the rest of his life."

Jasper said

"You cant back out Eddie. It's not allowed"

Alice chimed in.

"If Bella's in, I'm in"

I could feel a growl start to rumble in his chest so I kissed his cheek to calm him down.


Alice said clapping her hands. She was so cute and lovable, everything a sister should be.

"Ok who is fist?"

I asked Alice, praying to god she didn't pick me.

"Um hello Alice. Me DUH"

Emmett was pointing at himself with a retarded look on his face. He was so cute, why couldn't Edward be more like him, carefree and not so damn controlling?

"Emmett, please try to act at least fifteen ok?"

Rose said as she sat by his side and sent a glare my way.

"Fine, I'll try"

He would do anything to keep Rosalie happy. Even if that meant not being himself.

Edward laughed so someone else was probably thinking similar to me.

"Ok, Emmett you go first."

Alice said rolling her eyes

"Umm fine Bella.. truth or dare."



I said it flatly. I did not want to know the kind of things he would dare me to do, although I would love to do some of them I am sure..

"You cant pick truth you pussy"

My eyes bulged out of my head at the thought of him wanting me to pick dare.

"Actually Emmett the game is called TRUTH or dare. She can pick as she pleases. And please, refrain from calling my Bella name's that are not her own"

Edward saved me on that one.

"Fine... Bella do you masturbate? And if so, to who?"

Emmett looked pleased with himself. I just sat there and blushed. OH shit what do I say.. Oh man.. Fuck me...

"You don't have to answer Bella. We can back out right now"

Edward said, glaring at Emmett.

"No its ok".

Ok brave ass. Just go for it.

"I do actually and... I think about …...Edward."

I lied to save myself from that one. In all honesty, I think of another Cullen while I fiddle my diddle. A Cullen who was not Edward. A Cullen that was sitting across the room from me.. A Cullen who was dripping sex. The same Cullen who was asking me my truth. Emmett.



Edward looked so shocked. And, I could feel him get hard beneath me.


I said looking at the ground. As Edward just started at me. Talk about fucking awkward.


Emmett said laughing, trying to hide an emotion that flashed across his face. Of course it was gone all too soon and I had no idea what it was..

"My turn"

I wanted to change the subject quickly.

Edward shook his head to agree with me. Clearly wanting to end that discussion just as much as I did.

"Humph. Rosalie truth or dare."

She looked taken back by my question.

"Dare. I'm no pussy. Give me your best shot human."

"Ok,. I dare you to undress Emmett down to his boxers with your teeth"

She looked bored.

"Easy as killing a deer"

She smiled.

"I'm not done. Once he is undressed you may not touch him for the remainder of the game unless a dare calls for it. And, he must remain in just his boxers until the game is over"

Take that bitch.

She huffed.

"Wow, Bella I didn't know you had it in you. That's a perfect dare for them."

Edward kissed me. And, maybe I'm fucking crazy but that sounded a bit sarcastic.

Rosalie sat by a nearly naked Emmett..

Edward chuckled. Probably by Rosalie or Emmett's thoughts.

"Don't laugh Edward... Truth or dare"


Edward looked shocked but confident.

"Rosalie that's hardly fair."

"No Edward you have too."


"Whats the freakin dare Edward?"

I yelled as my frustrations grew.

"Rosalie dares me to strip down to my boxers and I have to keep my hands on you at all times unless a dare requires me to move. Basically she turned her dare around on us"

Within seconds he was down to only boxers. OH my holy shit.

I blushed but was glad he actually let me see his bare body.


Jasper laughed. I was sure he cool feel my emotions but I was glad he didn't know the reason for them.

It was so embarrassing with him around. He always new when I was turned on even if he didn't know by who.


Jasper looked at me and busted out laughing. I blushed ten shades of red.

Alice giggled in her hands and Emmett rolled around on the floor laughing.

Edward just kissed me. His cool breath spilling into my mouth. This kiss was not as guarded as most of our kisses were. He was turned on by the closeness and my instincts kicked in. I kissed him deeper, Feeling his erection strain against his boxers.

Oh my good god Edward is huge. I could feel his boner now more closely. It was the first time he had allowed us to be this close.

I grabbed a fist full of his hair. Pulling his face into mine with all of my human force.

"Bella please. Control yourself."

Jasper now spoke.

"She can't control herself, she is trying to get her some Edward loving"

He was making kissy faces and moaning noises. Rosalie just looked at him in disgust.

Jasper must be getting strong vibes from me and Edward because he was now eying Alice. Having the same need for Alice as I had for Emmett and that Edward had for me. What a tangled web we weave. Lust was rolling off of jasper as his feeling became stronger.

Alice just shook her head saying no and threw a pencil at Edward hitting him directly in the middle of his forehead.

"Edward please dare someone before the living room is turned into a sex fest."

Her smile was gone and she looked serious.

I pulled away from Edward in embarrassment, and saw Emmett out of the corner of my eye looking at me and almost simultaneously Edward growled. Oh god..

"Jasper truth or dare?"


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