Em pov

Well, this shit just got real. Because, tomorrow at 7:00 pm will be when me and Bella go 'talk' to charlie, at his house, about me dating his daughter. Great. But, I do have to give the man credit, he (for the most part) tried to remain calm on the phone with Bella. With my super hearing and all, I could tell that he knew something was up, and he sure as hell didn't like that I Emmett Cullen was coming with Bella to have a serious talk. Too bad for him, hes just going to have to get fucking used to it. Because, we are a two for one deal. I love her and need her, speaking of need. She NEEDS to get back from hunting with Alice, because apparently, Edward and Lilly are going to come back over tonight. I don't know why though, no one wants them here. Well, Esme and Carlisle, and , Alice. Well shit, me too, and jasper. OK scratch that. No one wants Lilly here. And, with Bella being a fresh new born and all, it could end badly. But, Edward seems to think everything is going to be ok. Alice, on the other hand is kind of antsy about it all. So, that's not good. But what the fuck ever. No one is here now but me and jazz, and he is in his room doing only lord knows what. So... I might as well be productive with my time. What to do. What to do.

I know.

I reached for my laptop. If college is what she wants, then ill find us a dope ass crib(as promised) to live in while we are up late every night 'studying' (as if that would happen). I opened up the screen, damn! This shit is dirtier than hell, jasper's fault no doubt. Speaking of jazzy boy. He could help with this, seeing as he isn't doing anything important anyways.


I yelled loud enough so that he would hear me about 5 miles from here and within a few seconds he was sitting right beside me.

"Whats up Emmett?"

"Well, I'm looking up houses for sale in Alaska. I thought you'd be able to help, you know I'm not really good with stuff like this."

I had a point. If it were up to me I'd have a house with a flat screen and x box in every room, Bella probably wouldn't like that. Well, knowing her she probably would.

That's beside the point. I gave up the battle and gave into the fact that I needed his advice, for sure.

"Yeah I definitely need your help."

He nodded in agreement with me.

"Let me go grab my computer, and we'll see what we can find."

~about 100 houses for sale later.~

"Jazz, it's perfect."

I don't know if I was talking more to him or myself but either way, it was true.

"Find one?"

He sounded relived.

"Yeah dude look at this. 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 11 acres, heated pool, the fucking works."

I tossed him my laptop with a little bit of pride swelling through my veins, this would be the first house I bought, for me and my wife to live in.

"I swear, if you don't buy this, I will just for pure desire to own a house in Alaska. We should go check it out sometime."

He handed me back my computer, not sure why he didn't just throw it. Probably part of his whole manner thing, whatever.

"Yeah, and sometime soon."

I saved the page and did a mental note of the address and calculated how far of a run it was from the 'tree house'. Only about 120 miles, not to shabby. Good job emmy boy.

I could hear the unmistakable roar of Bella's car. (her and Alice must have gone to get her car.) yay!

I got an instant wave of horny, damn Jasper and his little 'gift'


Jazz had a smug look on his face that didn't exactly say 'sorry'.

"For what?"

Alice walked in, taking off her coach coat, and matching sunglasses.

"For not kissing you sooner."

Alice laughed, but I just gagged which made my Bella bear laugh.

"Jazz, keep it in your pants."

I shot Bella a wink at I got an annoyed look from the 'love birds' aka Alice and jasper.

"Come here you sexy thing you."

It took about point seven seconds and Bella was tackling me, I love when she does that.

"Glad to see you too, baby cakes."

A heated make out session was in full swing with me and Bella on the floor, jazz just laughed.

"Emmett, keep IT in YOURE pants"

He laughed as he put Alice in his lap. Ok, they went from almost banging to sitting calmly, Such control, such lameness.

"Come on guys, Edward should be here in like 10 min, we don't want a family brawl."

Alice was soo adorable, her little pixie voice. But she was wrong, I did want a family brawl.

"Speak for yourself."

Bella sent me a wink and wiggled around under my bulky frame.

Bella, likes a protective Emmett. A little too much.

They both laughed but me and Bella just glared at them.

And, then jasper sent a wave of control over us, Damn him.

"Now Emmett, Bella, behave."

I swear I wanted to strangle that little pixie.

And then, a wave of love. Fuck jasper and his mood changing shit.

Bella grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes.

"She's somewhat right. We should try to make this a nice event?"

She made it like a question, obviously not looking forward to this much.

So we got up and waited, Carlisle and Esme joined us. And then, we did more waiting.

9 min and 39 seconds later

"They are here."

Alice didn't need to inform any of us, because we could in fact here them outside. But, she seemed nervous. I'm not sure why... the second human eddy boy has dated and brought home. With a brand new vampire. No biggy.

Alice sat beside jazz, Esme and Carlisle stood by the door holding hands, and I had Bella in my lap. If nothing else just to make sure she wouldn't hurt anyone. Because, I believe she would feel bad if she killed someone. Not that I would, but what the fuck ever!

Foot step, foot step, foot step, (humans take for fucking ever.) A cough. Fuck I forgot that Edwardo could read minds. Damn.. This is going to be wired.

Esme opened the door before they could even knock which I think startled the girl. Ah, this could be fun. I flashed her a 'smile'. Well see who startles easily. Then something changed,

I tried to take in all the details. But, so much was happening at once.

Edward growled. Alice was having a vision. And, someone had broken into a window upstairs. The poor girl. Looked terrified and Bella, ran upstairs. Oh Fuck it was Rosalie.

"Oh, you wanna show up today of all days?"

That's all it took for me to run upstairs, Rosalie would NOT fucking touch Bella or she would lose her head.

Esme hugged Edward and he came up stairs with me as we said our brief hellos.

Alice and jasper soon followed. I'm sure that left an awkward moment downstairs with Carlisle and Esme, and Lilly.

I walked in on Bella crouched, growling at Rosalie who was sitting on mine and Bella's bead.

"All you guys broke was the frame? What Emmett, is Bella not doing it for you? Obviously shes not as attractive as I..."


Bella, had lunged at Rosalie, and in .1 second Edward had grabbed Bella, HELLL naw.

I grabbed Edward from behind, and he slipped out of my grip.

"Don't fucking touch her."

I couldn't help but snarl every word, I think he got the msg.

"I just didn't want her to get hurt."

He said this soo proper. Fucking douche bag.

"She can handle her own fucking self. Do not touch her."

I was now roaring at Edward, bitch, come at me.

He looked away form me and to the other side of the room.

A mixture of Bella and Rosalie wrestling, which Bella was obviously winning.

"He's mine, bitch. I Will burn you."

Emmett, do something.

Alice shrieked at me, obviously worried for Bella.

Where as jasper looked concentrated, and enraged. Trying to calm them down for sure.

I grabbed Bella, who snapped at me. Damn, shes pissed.

"Aww, your little boy friend has to protect you. So cute."

"Rosalie, leave. Now."

Edward so calm, fucking douch.

"Oh Edward you don't want me to leave."

She was trying dazzle Edward, it wasn't working.

"Leave bitch, or I will handle you."
Alice, did sound threatening. And that through Rosalie off, she looked over at Alice and laughed.

Then she looked at Edward.

"You don't want her to find out? Why not, it would be so fun to watch her try to hurt me."

"Rosalie, stop it, NOW."

Edward was now angry. She surely didn't think she could beat us all could she?

"what hoe, tell me. Open your overly glossed lips and fucking tell me."

Bella was still strangling to get out of my arms. And, in all honesty she was winning. I wouldn't be able to hold on much longer.

"Oh Bella, such anger. Its not about you, its too Alice, about jasper."

She giggled and twirled her hair.

"fucking stop Rosalie."

Edward obviously wasn't helping. But he had to know what she talking about. What the fuck?

Then a gasp, and a lunge. Holy shit

"You tried to fuck my jazz. I will kill you."

Alice had Rosalie in a choke hold. What the fuck?

Bella, wiggles out of my arms, oh shit.

I looked at jasper who was freaking out, damn.

I re grabbed Bella, and held on tightly, as Edward attempted to get Alice off of Rosalie.


Alice wasn't letting go, and Bella was trying harder to get to Rosalie.

Then Rosalie jumped out the window laughing.

Alice was on her heels, and Edward heaved and ran down stairs. Bella elbowed my stomach and leaped out the window.

I decided to fucking follow Edward, jasper right behind me.

Son of a bitch. Rosalie. Had. Lilly. by the thought.

Alice and Bella were snarling. Carlisle was trying to calm Rosalie down. But I was too in focus on Bella to pay attention to anything. She had a huge mark on her face that was healing up by the second. I will kill this bitch. I am Emmett Cullen, and no one fucks with my Bella.


I was angry

"Emmett, nooooo."

Edward tried to stop me, fuck him.

I charged the bitch, she would not hurt any of my family. All I saw was Rosalie. That's all that mattered. I slammed into her body making her release Lilly, a faint cracking noise rang in my ear but I figured it was just Rosalie. As I tackled her to the ground.

"Quit trying to hurt the people I love, and stay the fuck away from me and Bella."

She hissed at me and bit the fuck out of my shoulder.


That fucking hurt, I could faintly hear screams form people behind me but I didn't fucking care. I couldn't understand what they were saying. They were unimportant.

I re arranged my hands around Rosalie's neck.

"Till death do us part."

And, wham, her head went flying.

Take that bitch. And within seconds, I had jasper and Carlisle pulling me off of her corpse.

All I could see was vibrant red. I snarled in anger.

"Carlisle, come here. I think something is wrong with Lilly."

Edward was examining her neck sounding panicked , apparently something is broken.(her neck, fuck I heard her neck crack)

That vein bitch was trying to fucking kill Lilly. uhh, I looked at her head and stomped the shit out of it. Out of the anger from the realization of everything that had just taken place. Then I realized what I had just done and took off out of fear. I didn't want to be around my family like this.

I ran out the door at full speed, gasps form my departure echoed form the house behind me. The woods,

safe, I could smash some trees, maybe a bear... I took in a breath and something sweet caught my senses, human. This poor human wouldn't live long, and my family may disown me. I may hate myself afterward. But, its too late to turn around now, I stalked my pray and attacked.

One scream escaped before I had broke the neck of the poor woman and sunk my teeth into its warm waiting flesh. Soo good. I drained her for everything she had, and instantly regretted it. What the fuck have I done? I dropped the corpse to the ground and wiped my mouth clean of my mistake.

Holy shit, I've slipped. I'm going to have to leave home. What the fuck did I do?

I was freaking out, I needed to calm down. Think rational, what should I do next? I thought logically then decided I needed to cover up any evidence.

So I buried the body so far that it would be impossible to find. And disposed of nay trace of the woman or me. Then ran away. Something I was good at lately. Running. I could feel the change happening in my body, human blood, more power, faster running. I really am a fucking monster. I climbed the top of the highest tree I could find and stood there. Debating to jump, though it wouldn't do shit. Fuck. I sat down and looked into the sky. If there is a heaven I wont be attending. That poor woman, with a family, kids, a husband, and maybe a dog. She lived and I ended that for her. I wanted to cry but that wasn't possible so I screamed. And slammed my head into the tree. After repeatedly doing this, it put things in perspective for me. I had killed Rosalie, drained a human, and ran away form everything. My everything...

Bella, fuck. I hope she's ok. I dint even look. Son of a bitch, I'm not doing shit right today. Fuck.

I leaped down and headed home, not caring about anything else. I was at the house in three minutes. Had I ran that far? The smoke was evident from the back of the house. Rosalie was being burned. I opened the front door and stormed in. Everyone looked at me. Alice knew, Edward knew. Where was Bella?


Edward, could read my mind but he didn't seem interested in my mistakes. He was worried about Lilly.

Alice however seemed angry. Weather it with me or Rosalie, who knows. Carlisle and jasper were outside, and Esme was looking over Lilly with Edward. And I was running upstairs.

I broke through the door and engulfed Bella into my arms, kissing her. Foolishly. She got too rough, the blood, she tasted it. She realized she was getting too aggressive and pulled away.

"Are you ok, are you hurt?"

My question had a double meaning.

And she caught it.

"Im fine."

Then she looked into my eyes and gasped.

"Emmett, you're eyes."

I looked down, fuck.


It's all I needed to say, she knew.

"It was an accident, the woods, poor human, I was angry, I'm sorry."

She clung to me, and I too her. Such a fucking baby, sure fuck everything up and cry to your fiancee about it. Such a girly man.

"I know, I know."

She kissed my cheek.

"We need to go downstairs to check on everything."

"Yeah, we do."

She looked into my eyes, and I was full of shame, marked as a killer, she just smiled.

"You look slightly dangerous. In an odd way it's sexy."

She giggled and took my hand in hers.

"I love you Bella."

She looked at me.

"I love you too Emmett."

All anger in me had died, maybe because of Bella, maybe because of jasper. Who knows.

I kissed Bella's hand and headed downstairs into the unknown.


I have no excuse for not updating. Other than I simply was not inspired. But I found inspiration and finished this chapter. I really hope you liked it. I did. I had tons of fun writing it. It meant a lot to me. So leave comments with your thoughts. Love as always. -allie b