Em Pov

Me and Bella walked hand in hand down the stairs To greet the rest of the family. Carlisle was talking to Edward about Emily, Lilly, what ever the fuck her name is. She is quite pretty though. No where near my Bella bear but pretty in her own kind of way. As if on Que Bella looked at me and smiled. Somehow even though I just sorta killed my wife/sister (which is really kind of fucked up if you think about it) Everything seems as if it will be ok. I Kissed Bella's hand admiring her ring and What that represents for us. Me and her as a whole starting a whole new life together and leaving all of the bad shit behind us.

Mostly by bad I mean Rosalie. But, ya know what the fuck ever right?

I left Bella's side and went to Edward.

"Hey bro, I'm sorry about Lilly."

I ran my hand over my head trying to rack my brain for the right words to say. He just looked at me.

"I'm sorry for that poor human you drained"

He had read my thoughts, all though my eyes gave me away because they were as red as murder. I couldn't tell if he was joking or if he was pissed. He has one hell of a poker face. He really should go to Vegas and compete in a championship or some shit there is no way hell he could never lose.

"Yeah, I didn't mean to. I slipped"

Hanging my head now in shame. Because even though it was tasty as fuck it was also against my 'diet'

He pulled me into a hug.

"It's ok Emmett. It has been a rough day. And no one expected any of this to happen. Water under the bridge now. I'm just glad my Lilly is going to be alright."

Concern pained him as he glanced at 'his lilly'. The way he called her his was so possessive, that cocky fucker.

"She is the one Emmett. Unlike any other person I have ever met. I truly love her"

OH god here he fucking goes on some love bullshit, It's been what, Two days? Even IF that.

"Think what you wish."

Damn mind reader. I turned around to find Bella talking to Carlisle. I walked on over and apologized to the family for my slip up today. It truly could have put us all at an exposure risk.

"It's ok son. It's ok."

He gave me a hug and Esme kissed my cheek. Even when I didn't deserve it they were supportive of me and my actions. Even now when I don't deserve any of it.

I stood by Bella's side and everything (even as fucked up as it was) seemed to be going ok.

Alice came from the kitchen with jasper .

"Well today has been Full of surprises. Anyone else have anything they would like to share."

She glanced over at me and winked. Not fucking now. IS she fucking serious. Dammit she is fuckign serious. Fuckity fuck fuck. I honestly forgot the family didn't know. I don't even know if they noticed Mt. Everest in the room. Jasper sarcasticly pointed to his finger and mouthed 'the ring'. Thanks ass hole. Everyone turned towards me and Bella and all of a sudden Edward was upright. Everyone faced us. Well The sooner everyone knows the better. Let's get this shit over with. Bella looked up at me for confirmation. 'We're going in baby'.

"I Emmett Cullen have asked Isabella Swan to be my wife. And, Seeing as my last 'mate' Has passed in an untimely death, the sooner I can start my life with my Bella bear the better."

I smiled. Because I was happy to be sharing my life with her. Everyone started congratulating us after they frowned at my Rosalie jokes.. What? Too soon?

"Con'on Bella let me see the ring"

Alice was practically bouncing.

Bella raised her hand to show off the masterpiece. I swelled with pride. As if I wasn't prideful enough.

"Emmett picked it out all by himself."

She smiled and kissed me.

Jasper fake coughed. I gave him a shut the fuck up look. Bella didn't need to know Jasper was there. He would take credit for finding It.

"Congratulations, It's quite beautiful."

Edward the fist person to comment. He half smiled at her and returned to Lilly's side.

Everyone kind of looked at him in disbelief, but after everything that's went on today I couldn't handle any more sibling drama. In fact no one could.

Everyone followed with wanting to see it up close and Bella took it off numerous times for everyone to see. IN fact I think Alice might have been a tiny bit jealous because it was in fact so beautiful. I can easily see Jasper making a ring purchase soon. Alice started Gushing about wedding plans and Bella looked kind of confused honestly. Carlisle and Esme went to the office. No matter how calm they acted I'm sure they were hurting for the loss of a child. Edward carried Lilly to his room to rest. Me and Jasper plopped on the couch and picked up some controllers. Finally the only damn thing that has made any sense today. Time to whip some ass at Halo.

"Wanna bet an Rv on this round?"

Jasper looked at me and smiled. He knew he would lose and if he didn't he was fucking retarded. But; the game and betting got our mind off of shit and it worked for us.

"You're on mother fucker"

Anyways the girls wanted to go camping. And with Alice in the woods for over a week. We needed a camper just to haul her shit in.

"You ready to lose golden boy?"

I had to ask to make sure he could handle it.

"Not a chance meat head."

And it was on. Rockets, guns, and chill time with jasper is just what the doctor ordered.