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~B heartsB~

It was late, Thai and paperwork were on the coffee table, and Booth was on the couch. As she watched, she couldn't help but think of the case they just closed. Truthfully, what she couldn't stop thinking about was how they worked together during the case.

It was their second one since Booth was reinstated and she returned from Guatemala. Their second case and they still haven't fully discussed his "coma dream". There were many times she wanted to ask questions, but she just couldn't get the words out.

There were a few particular questions that were always on the tip of her tongue. But to her, they didn't make sense. Why did she care? How could she feel a twinge of jealousy when it was only a dream? And how could she be jealous when the object of his dream was her? He finally met her gaze, and in that second, she decided. She decided to open that door.

"What was I like in your dream?"

Booth watched her as she came and sat next to him. The next few seconds were filled with silence, but not uncomfortably so. He needed to get this right, and he knew that she knew that.

He sat back and looked like he was relaxing just like any other day. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then opened them again. He turned to her with the intention of telling her everything she wanted to know.

"Well Bones, you were pretty much the same, just a little different."

Obviously that didn't make any logical sense to her whatsoever.

"I don't know what that means."

He laughed at her trademark statement and went on to clarify.

"Ok, what I mean is that your personality was pretty much the same but circumstances were different."

She obviously accepted that explanation and waited for him to continue.

"For example, you were very direct and to the point. You were logical and even thought it was sweet when I used logic on you. But on the other hand, you and I were married and owned a night club."

She knew at least one more detail he was leaving out.

"And I was pregnant."

He knew it wasn't a question, just a statement of a fact.

"Yep, that's the last thing I remember, you telling me we were going to have a baby."

There was no backing down, she had to keep asking, and she had to know.

"So that means, in your dream, we were intimate with each other."

All he could do was smile, nod his head, and respond.

"Well yeah Bones, that's usually how that happens."

Her next question shocked him into silence. He couldn't have heard her right? Right?

"How were we…together?"

As soon as the words left her mouth, her confidence dropped and so did her eyes. All of a sudden, his shoe was the most interesting object she'd ever seen. She wasn't afraid of the silence between them, she was afraid of what his eyes would tell her when she looked into them.

When she regained her courage, what she saw astounded her. His pupils were completely dilated, like his eyes were trying their damnedest to drink in the site of her. And she even thought she saw what Agent Perotta was inquiring about that day at the ice rink. She thought she saw his eyes twinkling.

This time the silence was unsettling, so she pushed forward, refusing to back down. She figured that this turn in the conversation probably had him feeling a bit uncomfortable, and she could tell by his constant shifting that she was correct. She decided that the best she could do in this situation was put a smirk on her face and try to lighten the mood.

"Is your silence a way of telling me I was awful? Because I can assure you I am quite adept."

If he hadn't been looking at her when she said this, he would have been mortified he had her thinking that way. But the smile that began with her lips and ended with her eyes told the truth. It told him to trust his feelings and go with his Lion heart.

"No Bones, you weren't awful. We weren't awful. We were amazing. I can't remember ever feeling so happy and content. I don't think there was an object on this Earth that could have extinguished the fire you lit in my heart and soul"

She was amazed with his revelation. Amazed he didn't back down at the last second. Amazed with the words he used to describe them together. Simply amazed.

"How long before you realized it was all in your head and those feelings weren't true?"

Now it was his turn to be amazed. Amazed at how innocent, clueless, and naïve she still appeared to this day. Only she wouldn't be able to fully read between the lines. But that's one of the many reasons why he loved her so much. And now was as good time as any to set her misconception straight.

"I didn't Bones. Those feelings never went away. And since I'm laying it all on the line, I might as well tell you that I loved you even before the coma."

She was at a loss for words and felt horrible for it. Even she knew a declaration of love was a huge deal, and leaving the offering party hanging was considered cruel torture.

Does she say thank you? Does she laugh and attempt to make a joke? Looking into his warm and patient eyes she knew better than to say anything like that.

"How long before the coma?"

He's known for a while now, known that one day he'd have to answer that question. Every time he thought of the answer, he came to the same conclusion. That conclusion was that he honestly didn't know. But how do you explain an answer like that?

"I don't know Bones. I've tried to figure it out many times but just keep coming back to the same place. I think it gradually happened. First I hated you, then I liked you, then I cared about you, and now I love you. I just can't pinpoint the exact time I went from care to love. Does that make sense to you?"

It did make sense, it honestly did. That explanation got her thinking though. She hated him at first, and then liked him, now cared deeply for him. Does that mean next she would love him? Even worse, what if she was in love with him right now and didn't even know it?

She trusted his gut and knew if she asked, he would answer her honestly.

"Yes, it makes sense. Your explanation of your feelings got me thinking. The course your feelings took matches mine. I care about you more than anyone else in my life right now. But now I have to wonder if that's all. Do you think I love you too?"

He could not help but laugh inside. Only she would look at this scientifically and try to figure out feelings, to make them true or false, fact or fiction.

"I wish the answer was cut and dry, but I just don't know. But, if you'll let me, I want the opportunity to figure this out. Have us figure this out together."

She didn't even have to think about what her answer would be. She knew instantly. She put her hand in his, interlocking their fingers like matching puzzle pieces. The warmth she was feeling in her chest had her grinning like a silly little girl.

"I would like that opportunity as well."

Booth took that as his cue to finally make the move he has dreamed about for years. With his free hand, he cupped the side of her face gently and guided her closer to where he needed her most. The soft feel of her lips proved to be his undoing and lost all control he thought he had. There was no need to think, just react. React to the obvious signs of her willingness and enjoyment of where they finally dared to go.

This was definitely where his heart belonged, and God willing, he'd spend the rest of his life showing her that her heart belonged with him as well.

~B heartsB~