To love an Ancient: An Aeris and Sephiroth story

Hi there, Aer_seph4eva here. Gosh it has been so many years since I have properly used this site. Seven years ago, I started this fic. It used to be my little pride and joy. For that reason, over the last few days I have spent so much time trying to sort out all the large grammatical errors which were littered through this TLAA fic. And darn there were loads of sp and gram errors. Loads and loads and loads. Lol x Afterall I started this fiction when I was 14. Im 22 now so obviously my standards of writing literacy has improved. lol Gosh time really does fly. But anywho, this update is just to let everyone know that I have returned, and that I am definitely going to finish the second arc of TLAA, preferably before ff7-2 on the PS3 comes out haha x

So to my former fans who im sure are throwing rotten tomatos at me due to my tardiness of updating this TLAA fic. All I can say is Erm sorry? Lol x Bows down to the ground in formal apology. Gomen Nesai x lol

And to any new readers who have had the opportunity to read my non-canon themed fics. All I can say is I hope you have enjoyed reading them, and really, if you want me to update more in the future then threaten me, seriously. Writers Block is usually my best buddy so sometimes I need a lot of encouragement to hurry up with my updates haha x

Xau x



Im sooooooooooo glad to be back xxx hehe xxx