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I came into a clearing and I saw Bella up against a tree at least a foot off the ground, she was tied to it with vines. Wayde had his hand up palm facing Bella, "Wayde, let me down!" Bella yelled at him. I stepped forward. "Let her go" I growled.

"This doesn't concern you" He spat at me,

"Bella are you okay?" I asked she nodded.

"Don't talk to her," he said and I was thrown back by some vines, I pounced on him, I heard Bella scream and I looked around to see that she had fallen to the ground, I was thrown back again, And i heard Bella scream, but it was cut off into a gurgled cry, I looked for her and saw her on the ground a vine around her neck and around her mid section. They looked tight, "You're hurting her!" I screamed. "Leave, and she will be fine," He growled.

I looked back to my angel "Don't think i won't kill her" he threatened; I couldn't tell if he was bluffing or not, his thoughts didn't give him away either, I nodded and ran off.


I saw Edward run off and I felt the vines tighten, everything went black.

I woke up in a big king sized bed, I looked around and I noticed it was my room in Avalon. I yawned and I felt the bed indent, "Hello father" I greeted him,

"You had us worried Isabella, you must be more careful" he said placing his hand on mine,

"What are you talking about father?" I asked, more careful what is he on about? Wayde attacked me, the prick.

"You fell down while hiking alone; it's not like Faeries to be clumsy. But its lucky Wayde found you in time." He said brushing some hair out of my face.

"Yeah, yeah I remember now" I lied, and father smiled.

"What about Charlie? Where does he think I am?" I asked,

"Janica called him and said you will be staying at her place for a sleep over," he said, and i nodded. Janica is Wayde's sister.

"Okay, when can I go back?" I asked.

"As soon as you feel better" Father answered.

"Okay" I nodded and started to get up, I hissed in pain, "Oh yes, the doctors said you had a broken rib"

"Yes, well I know that now" I answered, Wayde came into the room then, "Oh Bella you're awake!" He said coming over to me for a hug, I stepped back and shook my head, "Bella what's wrong?" he asked.

"I don't think we should be together" I could tell he was seething.

"Isabella, Wayde is perfect for you" Father insisted.

"No father, I don't feel anything for him it doesn't feel right" I said truthfully, and he nodded.

"You can leave, Wayde." Father said, clearly a rejection.

"I'd like to go back as soon as possible, please" I said, and he nodded, "Get dressed and I will walk you to the Portal" He said and left.

I quickly got dressed in some jeans and a T-shirt, something that I could get in huge trouble for wearing if i was not going back to earth. Father and I quickly walked back and before I left he said. "Remember the orders Isabella, goodbye my daughter" he said and kissed my forehead, I opened the portal and Stepped through.


I quickly drove to school hoping to see Bella. And as I pulled up I saw Bella's beaten up Chevy and I instantly smiled. I walked over to her with Alice tagging closely behind, "Are you okay?" I asked her, she nodded, "Uh . . . could I talk to you?" she said, "Alone" she finished looking at Alice, I looked at her confused, but nodded she walked off and I followed, we entered a empty class room and Bella closed the door and pulled down the blinds, "what's wrong Bella?" I asked,

"People are watching, okay, maybe not people more like the guards father has them checking up on me bloody over protective foolish old man" she muttered and started to pace, "Bella what are you talking about?"

She looked at me and her eyes softened, "god" she whispered, and she took a hesitant step forward then another, she then crossed the room quickly and kissed me, I automatically kissed her back, winding my arms around her small frame, her hands made their way to my hair. I licked her bottom lip looking for an entrance and she gladly let me in, my tongue swirled around in her mouth, she pulled back for air. She was breathing heavily as was I "What was that not that I'm complaining" I said looking at her,

"I love you, I never stopped loving you, It's a long story, I'll talk to you after school." She said clinging to me.

I nodded, "one thing, we can't let anyone see this" she said gesturing to us holding each other, I was confused but I nodded. I let her go and we walked outside and we rushed to our first classes.


I was already at my house, waiting for Bella to come down the drive, soon enough I heard the crunch of gravel soon there was a knock at the door and I forced myself to go at a human speed to walk to the door, "Hello Bella" I greeted, she nodded and came in as soon as I closed the door she said "Do you have a basement?" she asked,

"Yes, why?" I asked

"We will need to talk down there" she said,

"Okay, everyone, Family meeting in the basement!" I called out as I showed Bella the way to the basement; everyone was soon sitting down on the cold cement of the basement.

"Okay, I know some of you are angry at me for leaving Edward" she started and everyone nodded, I was surprised to see Carlisle and Esme nod, "I am sorry, I do love him. It's rather complicated . . ." she trailed off

"Please, try to explain" Esme said.

"You see my Uncle. . . . well . . . it's really hard to explain" she said looking nervous, I looked to Jasper she really is nervous and worried right now he thought towards me, I took Bella's hand in an attempt to calm her down. She looked at me and smiled; "Well you see my uncle didn't approve of our relationship, and well his opinion really matters . . . ." she trailed off

"Why?" Alice said.

"Well . . . . He sort of is the leader of Avalon, and my father is his only brother, and I am my father's only child, so I would eventually get the crown. But Avalon has always had a king and they would like to keep it that way, rather sexist if you ask me. But if I were to marry my husband would become the ruler by default, my Uncle as well as my father feared if i were to marry Edward, he would become the leader one day, and Faeries don't really trust vampires so. . ."

She trailed off, "So you're like a . . . . Princess?" Alice asked with a huge grin on her face Bella rolled her eyes but nodded "you could say that."

"But why did you break up with Edward?" Jasper asked,

"Well, Father told me to, well maybe ordered is the right word. You have no idea what would happen if he knew I was crossing him" Bella shuttered, and I put my arm around her waist.

"Does this mean you two can date again?" Alice asked on the brink of bouncing up and down.

"Yes, but not publicly, father has guards watching over me," Bella said shaking her head.

"So that's why we are in the basement!" Emmett boomed and Bella chuckled, "yeah, that's right."

"Why did you just say no when your father told you to break up with me?" I asked

"I couldn't you see, it's hard to explain, but when one of your parents tells you to do something, you have to do it, you kind of have no choice, this only goes away once you reach the age of 18. The only exception is if they tell you to do something that would harm others, or yourself." She clarified,

"So how are you going against his orders now?" Alice asked,

Bella shrugged "I'm not sure . . ." she shook her head "but the point is I am and I do love Edward" Bella said smiling at me. "I love you too" I whispered and kissed her softly on the lips. It was meant to be a small, sweet kiss, since we were in the presence of my family, but Bella threw her arms around my neck and twisted her hands in my hair, she deepened the kiss, her tongue licked my bottom lip begging for an entrance, I totally forgot about my family and let her in, she took over the kiss, but I didn't mind, we were interrupted by a very fake, and loud cough coming from Emmett Okay, you can stop sucking face now. He thought, I slowly pulled away and Bella looked up at me and smiled.

"We'll leave you two to talk" Esme said rising from the floor, everyone followed suite and left.

"I'm so sorry" Bella whispered,

"why?" I asked

"For putting you through all this, I love you so much. And I lied; I'd rather disown my family, than leave you again. It was unbearable." She said burring her face in my chest, I put my arms around her "I know what you mean," I said rubbing circles on her back, "never leave me" I whispered, she looked at me "never" she vowed.

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