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Bella's POV:

"He's going to run," I said loudly to my partner, Emmett, as we watched the car in front of us slow down and veer to the left side of the road.

"No he ain't, he's just pulling over like instructed," he yelled back, so I could hear him over the siren.

I turned to look at Emmett.

"Twenty bucks says you're wrong," I said to him as the car in front continued to slow.

"You're on, baby girl," he replied, reaching over from the driver's seat to grab my hand in a shake.

No sooner had our hands pulled apart did the car in front slow to a stop. The driver flung the driver's side door open and took off on foot.

"You owe me twenty bucks, bitch," I smirked, opening my door.

Emmett was still parking the car and calling in our location when I took off on foot after the driver when I heard a frustrated 'dammit' come from out cruiser.

I couldn't help but laugh. Emmett hated to lose a bet.

I jumped the guardrail and carefully made my way down the hill; it really wouldn't help matters to fall on my ass right now…

Lucky for me, the hill lead into a large industrial area that I knew well and since it was after 10pm on a Saturday night; no one else was around.

As I walked into the parking lot of the building, I unclasped the clip on my gun holder and readied my hand over my 9mm, just in case.

I stopped and took in the area.

The air was cool and had a bite to it. I took a deep breath and could practically taste the freshness in the air. It was so refreshing and smelled like damp moss.

I would never admit it, but I loved that smell.

When I moved to Forks from Phoenix to be closer to my dad three years ago, I never thought I would get used to the dampness and freshness of the air, after living in the dry heat for so long. Now, I couldn't bear to be without it.

The area was quite well lit from the street lamps above.

I scanned the area when I heard a noise coming from the dumpsters to the right. I took out my gun and flipped the safety off while I stepped towards it. I saw a foot poking out from behind the largest Dumpster.

I bet this guy sucks at hide and seek, I thought to myself and couldn't help but snicker at my internal monologue; very mature Bella.

"Come out, slowly, with your hands in the air where I can see them."

After a minute, he stood and followed my instructions. I could tell he was drunk from the way he was swaying. He couldn't even stand up straight, why the hell would you think about getting behind the wheel?

I took another step toward him and noticed his eyes darting around trying to find an exit.

After a second, he took off to the left.

"STOP, POLICE!" I yelled as I took after him.

Luckily for me, he was slow.

I may not be the most coordinated person on the planet, but I'm a fast runner when the need arises. Whether it be chasing after a perp, or being chased around a pond by a psychotic duck.

Hey, long story, but it happened…

I tackled him to the ground and placed my knee firmly in his lower back.

"Put your hands behind your head and don't move."

He groaned and followed my instructions and I cuffed him.

I pulled him to his feet and frisked him, checking his pockets for weapons but also for some ID.

"Oh yeah, a little to the left. Damn baby, if you wanted my dick, all you had to do was ask," he groaned.

I rolled my eyes and opened his wallet.

"Sorry, Walter, I don't get out of bed for anything less than six inches, and by the looks of things, I doubt you're even packing four…"

"Oh, what a dirty mouth little slut. I'd love that pretty little mouth of yours around my cock. I'm probably bigger than you can handle baby," he slurred.

Yeah right, like I hadn't heard that one before…

Typical, drunken ass.

I walked up to him and grabbed his crotch in my hands, hard.

"Listen you little limp dick mother fucker, let's two things straight. One, I'm not your baby," I said, and he whimpered as I tightened my grip around his manhood.

"And two, if you know what's good for you and your balls, you will shut your fucking mouth and respect me, got it?"

His yes came out in a wheeze. I let go of his crotch ad he fell to the ground in the fetal position gasping.

"Damn B, remind me never to get on your bad side," Emmett chuckled as he leaned up against the hood of the cruiser, clearly amused.

"Ha-ha, Em. Can you read him his rights for me while I call it in? I've had enough of his drunken antics and rancid breath."

"Sure thing, baby…" He drawled.

I shot him a death glare and he bellowed out a laugh as he walked over to the idiot drunk.

"Em, you're my best friend and I love you, but call me baby one more time and I'll drop you on your ass." I said as I entered the drunk's details into the system.

Em paused reading the man his rights to chuckle and wink in my direction.

Not surprisingly, the drunk had two priors for DUI and was driving with a suspended licence.

Scum like him were the reason I got out of bed in the mornings.

What if it hadn't have been our cruiser that the dumb shit nearly sideswiped while running a red light?

What if it had have been a mini-van with a mother and three kids?

Yes, this is the reason I had become my own worst fear, to put insects like the man in cuffs in front of me behind bars, to keep him from hurting others.

That's right, I had become my father.

I, Bella Swan, was a cop.

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