Into the Wild Black Yonder

Chapter One - Boring and Tedious

On the Enterprise

June, 2258


Jim Kirk sat in the command chair, thinking. Then he pressed the com button on the panel at the end of the right hand arm of the chair and spoke. "Senior Staff Meeting in the Captain's Ready Room at 1600."

Immediately four sets of eyes swiveled in his direction. "On the very first day out of SpaceDock?" he heard an incredulous female voice say behind him.

"Well, hey, we've got to start sometime - and just how many of us really know what the hell it is we're supposed to be doing, anyway? I think we need to get together and figure it out right away." He waited for any further input. None being forthcoming, he then contacted the kitchen with his next request. Thankfully, he got no trouble over this one.

1400, Captain's Ready Room

Kirk looked around at the familiar faces sitting at the table. "Ah, the usual cast of suspects."

One slanted eyebrow rose high at his comment. "And just what are we suspected of, Captain?"

He had a dreadful feeling in his gut that there were going to be a lot of responses like that over the next five years. "Just an expression, Spock. You aren't actually suspected of anything." He sighed. "All right, you guys, report." He went around the table, getting feedback from everyone. "I think we have to keep logs."

He was interrupted once again by his half-Vulcan First Officer, also his Science Officer. "Actually, Captain, StarFleet Regulation 2235.46 states that all Staff Officers must keep daily logs as well as submitting written reports weekly."

"Thank you so much for quoting that regulation for me, Mr. Spock. I do appreciate not having to look it up." The captain's expression was becoming a bit strained. "Now I don't expect to have this kind of meeting every day" - he heard mutters of appreciation at that - "but we will have one every week and whenever something extraordinary happens. Our first assignment is to patrol in Alpha Quadrant, so I expect a regular pattern of arcs to be set up, so that we cover as much area as possible." He got nods all around the table. "Okay, let's hit the Mess Hall."

"Why should we hit the hall, sir? That hardly seems logical."

"Are you trying to be funny, mister?"

"On the contrary Captain, I am just trying to ascertain the true meaning of your order."

Kirk saw Lieutenant Uhura breaking up, trying hard to stifle the laughter bubbling up. Was Spock being deliberately obtuse? "Just go eat supper, okay?" He sighed heavily.

At this everyone jumped out of their seats and made quickly for the door into the corridor. He followed last, shaking his head. Command was not all it was cracked up to be.


That had been the lamest excuse for a staff meeting she could think of. But at least he was making an attempt. Which was actually more than she had expected. And he was right, none of them had any real idea of what their duties were - most of them had never even served as an underling in the departments they now headed. She foresaw lots of problems. She walked briskly down the corridor towards the Mess Hall, the tall Science Officer at her side, not quite touching. She moved her hand over, just the slightest bit, and touched the back of his hand with one finger. He twined the first two fingers of his hand around hers, leaving them there until they were at the door to the Mess Hall. She could feel his relief that the day was almost over, that soon they would be able to shut the door on everyone and everything for a while.

They joined the end of the food line. Having that short meeting meant that everyone else getting off-shift had arrived before them. They stood idly, waiting their turn. Through the line they went, selecting their food, putting items on their trays. When they got to the end, there was a surprise - dessert tonight was make-your-own-ice-cream-sunday. There were three flavors of ice cream in cooler buckets, six varieties of syrup, sprinkles, chopped nuts, crushed candies, all sorts of goodies. She quickly grabbed a bowl and filled it up, looking over just in time to see Spock lifting the small squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup over his dish of vanilla ice cream. She grabbed it out of his hand before a single drop of chocolate landed in his dish. "NO!"

He looked at her with longing in his eyes. She shook her head vigorously. He held out his hand, pleading silently. She held the squeeze bottle behind her back. "Pick something else. You're not getting this here." She waited while he hesitated over the other choices, finally picking caramel sauce and chopped nuts. She backed up out of his way and made him precede her to a table. He did not notice that she surreptitiously snuck the small squeeze bottle into the top of her right boot, after first flipping the lid shut.

She followed him out into the room, sliding into the seat beside him at the table where Bones and Scotty already sat. She was glad he had selected a table with other people there, trying to fit into the crew. These were some of the people he knew best, and would be working closely with for the next five years, so he really needed to try to make friends with them. She lifted her food dishes off the tray, stacking it with the others on the end of the table. When Spock had emptied his, he took the whole stack and returned them to the pick-up station, then came back and sat down. Sulu and Chekov sat down about that same time.

They sat and ate, carrying on a slow conversation with the others at the table. Everyone was still hyped from finally being out in space without a war going on. Thankfully today had been very quiet, giving people a chance to get used to their surroundings. She lingered over her ice cream, savoring it, keeping a watchful eye on Spock's spoon, which kept hovering over the side of her dish that had chocolate syrup on it. After the third dart in her direction, she turned the bowl around. Across the table, Bones raised his eyebrows at her, reminding her far too much of Spock.

"Is that green hobgoblin trying to eat your desert, Uhura? I could do something about that, you know, dollface."

"And just what would you do about it, Doctor? And exactly what is that term you used in addressing the Lieutenant?"

"It's just a term of endearment, Spock, hush."

Spock turned his face in her direction. "Why would the doctor be addressing you with a term of endearment? Should I be alarmed?"

Across the table, Bones sputtered indignantly.

She giggled. "No, you shouldn't. He's just a southern gentleman and always uses terms of endearment towards ladies. It's just his way - you'll get used to it."


She polished off the last of her ice cream and stacked up her dishes, noting that Spock was doing the same. She stood up, taking her leave of her friends, and walked across to the busing station, sitting down the dirty dishes, then crossing the room to the corridor, Spock on her heels. When they were in the corridor, she spoke softly. "Whose quarters are we headed for?"

Beside her, he spoke just as softly. "I believe mine are closer. However, we can go to yours if you prefer."

She thought for a moment before replying. "I think maybe your bed is larger." She looked sideways at him, seeing the tips of his ears turn a slightly brighter shade of light green. She noticed that his pace picked up just a bit after that, bringing them quickly to the hall where his quarters were. When they were at his door, he glanced quickly down the corridor in both directions, then lifted her hand to the touchplate. She quickly tapped it, delighted when it opened this time. She gave him a quick smile as she stepped into his room.


Behind her he touched the controls beside the door, locking it securely and setting the communications to alert-only status. He turned the lights, which had come on automatically when they entered the room, down from the 75% he had set them at, to 50%. They wouldn't need any more light than that. He crossed to the small table, sat down and removed his boots, lining them up beside hers, against the wall. Then he noticed what she had set down in the middle of the table. He reached out and snatched it up, then looked at her.

"I just said you couldn't have it there, not that you couldn't have any at all." she was laughing softly at the expression on his face. "And you can only have one spoonful tonight." Her face sobered. "Ah, Spock, it's been too long, ashayam."

His other arm reached out, pulled her close against him, speaking against her body. "All day I have sat beside you, smelling you. I do not think I really need this tonight."

"Well then, I will take it and hide it away for later." She made to take the small bottle back, but he moved it out of her reach.

"I only said I did not need it, k'diwa, I did not say I did not want it." His voice was rougher now, soft and low, and his hand had drifted down to cup her bottom, sliding across it under her short skirt. "And I can think of a much better way to absorb it than using a spoon. It comes in a very interesting container."

She shivered, sighing softly. "All right." She released his ears and started tugging at his shirt, pulling it up over his head. When she would have tossed it on the floor, he took it from her and folded it neatly on the table. She handed him her uniform dress, which he folded as well. Then he stood, as her hands worked at the fastenings of his slacks, and added them to the pile of folded garments quickly. She handed him her grey undershirt, and was rolling his up his body before he could finish folding hers. Her bra went on top of the stack, leaving them standing so close together with only two small garments left. He bent and laid his face against the curve of her neck and she stretched it sideways, expanding the curve between neck and shoulder, offering it to him. With a great sigh, he fastened his mouth upon her and bit softly, growling low and hungry. She moaned. He bit again, feeling arousal, hot, filling him. She cried out, twisting her body against his. He shuddered against her, wanting. His hands slid down her sides, finding the waistband of her panties and pushing them down so that they fell off her hips onto the floor around her ankles. Her hands were at the waist of his briefs, pulling them out away from him, to untangle him, then down over his hips. Once free, he swept her up into his arms and headed for the sleeping area and the bed waiting there. With one hand, he swept the coverlet and blanket off the bed before laying her in the center. Then he knelt beside her, taking the small squeeze bottle that he had kept in his hand and flipping the lid up. Very carefully, he squeezed out one pendulous drop, holding the bottle just over her right nipple. When that drop fell exactly where he wanted it, he moved to the other side. Another drop fell into her navel, making her jump slightly. The fourth drop when considerably lower down, right into the cleft between her legs. She moaned louder then.

He carefully recapped the small bottle and set it on the shelf above the head of the bed, where several books were neatly stacked. Now he braced himself on his forearms, lowering his body to the bed beside her, one arm on either side of her body, the outsides of their legs brushing against each other from hip to ankle. He began to lick the chocolate off her body, nibbling, pulling with his lips, making her aureolas crinkle up and her nipples stand erect. She moaned and writhed, her hands caressing his ears, pulling low groans and growls from him. He moved down her body, slowly savoring the flavor of her, too long deprived. His tongue swirled in her navel, removing all traces of the liquid chocolate, before grazing on down her belly, slowly approaching his main target.

He could feel her through all the skin contacts, feel her response, her growing heat, flaming down his nerves, arousing him even more. He slowly pulled on the sides of her legs, spreading her apart, opening her to his gaze, then his tongue, caressing her, licking, lapping, nipping, tugging, until she bowed up against him, crying out. He could feel the pulsations in that small bundle of flesh against his tongue. Almost, he followed her. It was always hard for him not to follow her into ecstasy - he always wanted to share this with her, always.

He waited just long enough for her breathing to stabilize and then was moving over her, between her legs now, more than ready. And she rose up, opening herself, pushing herself toward him, urging him when he needed no urging. He slid slowly into her, reveling in the feel of her, raising his hand to her face, feeling her turn her face into his hand so that the points he was searching for fell under his fingers with no effort at all, and then they were once more dahkuh-terau-veh, flowing through each other, feeling all the other felt, rising in a surge of heat until they exploded together.


The chocolate was slowly leaving him. She was draped over his chest, muscles so lax and fluid, her knees beside his hips, still holding him within her. Her face was pressed against the side of his neck, her breath cool against his skin, and she was humming softly to herself, such a happy little sound. He smiled widely, supremely pleased with himself. He had given her six climaxes before she had practically fallen asleep on top of him. And he had had three himself, shared with her, besides experiencing the remainder of hers. Yes, he had definitely performed satisfactorily. The amount of chocolate had been just right, loosening his inhibitions without disabling him. And there was sufficient in that little bottle to last quite some time.

He reached one arm over the side of the bed and pulled the blanket and coverlet up onto the bed and over them. They would sleep now, then he would take her back to her quarters before others were about, so that she could prepare for the day. They would have to find a way to bring some of her clothing here. He slipped softly off to sleep, holding her gently close to him.


She sat on the couch in her quarters, feet planted on the couch, knees bent up, PADD braced against one knee, trying to write her daily log. Since she hadn't done it yesterday, she had two days to complete. Beside her, Spock was nearly finished with his and she had barely started. She sighed. Surely this would get easier in time. Today had been so tedious! Just sitting there, listening to nothing all day. Even the message array lab at the Academy had been more interesting than that! She had been bored out of her skull, and so had everyone else on the bridge. Sulu and Chekov had even started a limerick contest at one point. When it started to get raunchy, she had objected and the captain had sheepishly put a stop to it, only after coming out with the worst one yet.

She wrote another sentence, then two more. Okay, she was getting the feel for this. She quickly finished yesterday's report, started on today's. Beside her, Spock shut off his PADD, obviously having finished both day's logs. He reached over and set his PADD on the table, then stood and walked over to the small replicator, studying the controls. "There is no setting for tea. There is one for hot water. Do you have any tea, Nyota?"

"In that small cupboard. I think I have four tins. I need to put it on the shopping list."

"Where is the shopping list?"

"Um, I think I put the PADD I use for that in that same cupboard." She continued to write her log, hearing him rummage about. He must have found the tea, because he was setting the controls on the replicator. She glanced up to see him writing on the small PADD she called her shopping list. Good, she wouldn't have to remember that then. With a happy sigh, she finished her log, saved the file and shut down her PADD, laying on the table beside Spock's. "This is so boring! Absolutely nothing is happening."

"Would you prefer another Nero?" Spock spoke dryly.

"Heavens, no! Maybe tedious and boring does have some advantages." She took the steaming cup of tea that Spock offered her as he settled back down on the couch. Once he was settled, she carefully moved so that she was leaning against him as she drank her tea. His arm slid around her, his hand resting on her midriff. Evenings were definitely not boring and tedious.


Ashayam = beloved

dahkuh-terau-veh = two joined as one

Author's Note: I have lots of plotting left to do, so if there is anything you'd like to see in this one, there's still time to ask :-) I've made a list of everything I can find in all the reviews that people have asked for and divided them out into the first three 5-year missions, and also allocated all the drabbles I have written so that I know how to weave all this stuff together. But this first five year mission is mostly blank! I jumped ahead a bunch with most of the rest of the drabbles.