This a sequel from the movie "Love Actually". I really like the beautiful story between Sam and Joanna so I decided to write how their relationship would have continued.

I hope you like it.

It starts in the final scene of the movie at the airport when Sam meets Joanna when she came back from USA after Christmas Holidays

Chapter 1 "The beginning"

Sam couldn't wait to talk to Joanna again. He was at the arrivals zone of the airport. Joanna's plane had just landed. And she could appear in any minute through the doors.

"There she is" Sam says when he sees Joanna walking besides her mother

Sam couldn't believe it. Not only she was looking at him but also smiling at him.

He runs towards her and stop a few foot from her.

"Hi" Joanna says, with a smile on her face

"Hello" Sam says. "I can't believe it" Sam though "All this time waiting to see her and all I came up is 'Hello'

"So, how was Christmas?" Joanna says "I hope he likes me like I do" Joanna though

"It was good, I spent with my dad" Sam says "well, now that she is back I have a chance to be with her" Sam though ",but I would have been better if you had been here" Sam adds

"really? That's really nice of you" Joanna says "oh, this can't be true! Could he really like me?" Joanna though feeling really good "by the way, I couldn't tell you at the airport but you really did a good job playing the drum" Joanna adds

"Well thank you, but you were the best singing that song "Sam says

"Thanks" Joanna says

"Joanna! We have to go!"Joanna's mum says

"Okay mum" Joanna says to her mum

"Well I have to go" says Joanna giving Sam a kiss on the cheek "I'll see you at school on Monday, ok?

"That would be great" Sam says, not believing Joanna has just kiss him on the cheek again "I'll see you at school"

"I hope that she really likes me" Sam though as she run toward her parents

"I hope that he really likes me" Joanna though


Note 1: Aren't they cute? I really enjoy seeing them in the movie and I had always imagine what it would be like if the story goes on. I know Sam is 11 and Joanna is almost 11 as well, but they make a really cute couple!!!

Note 2: Well that was the first chapter, and as the title says this is only the begging. What do you think? Any ideas on the story will be taken into account. And if they are good I will include them in the story.

Note 3: Sorry if I had made some grammatical mistakes, but English is not my first language