Author: RikkuRiddle

Title: Drowning

Disclaimer: Neither Yassen Gregorovich nor Alex Rider belong to me. (but I sooo wish they would *sigh*) I'm not making money with this either. It's purely for fun and to enjoy my own obsession with a certain very hot 35-year-old contract killer and a sexy 14-year-old teenage spy. *harhar*

Rating: M

Warnings: male/male, language, explicit sex, underage sex (Alex is fifteen)

Author's comment: Here's the second part! ^.^ I promised not to make you wait for too long! XD I hope this wasn't too long. *haha* I'm looking forward to your comments! Oh, and in case anyone here reads my comment here, this is actually the "start drabble" or a series... uh, kinda. I've written another short drabble and a third, pretty long one and right now I'm working on the fourth. XD They aren't actually any real drabbles, cause they usually exceed thirty pages... but oh well. I'll just have to type them cause I've written those stories in my notebook only, so far. Well, maybe someone is interested. XD


"I want you to fuck me, Yassen."

Alex heard the Russian's breath stutter and his left wrist was grabbed in a snapping, almost vicious move, so fast it startled him for a second. Holding his breath, he felt the assassin's calloused fingers wind around his wrist even tighter and he was pulled closer. The motion was short and halting, giving Alex the impression that Yassen was fighting with himself.

A moment later, the air was knocked out of him when the Russian slammed him into the wall. His head collided with the stone and he groaned in pain, his vision blurring. Slowly he regained his composure and jumped at the other's closeness. Their noses were almost touching and on pretty much every other occasion he wouldn't have minded but right now it didn't look too promising.

"Do not play games with me," Yassen hissed dangerously, making the teen shudder at the fierce glare he was getting. It had been a long time since he'd last seen that look in the assassin's eyes.

"I'm not!" Alex retaliated, wincing. A little harder and the Russian would crush his wrist for sure. "Let the fuck go of my wrist! I still need it!" He stood his ground against the other; unable to tell from where exactly he was getting that courage because the way Yassen was staring at him made the blood freeze in his veins.

To his great relief, the assassin was loosening his grip and leaned back slightly. Alex dared to release a relieved breath, watching Yassen carefully and noticing how rigid and tense his posture was as if every muscle in his body was strung taut.

God, his head was aching. He reached up to touch the abused spot, rubbing over it gingerly and giving the Russian a contemptuous glower. "You could've just told me that you don't do that 'sex on the first date' kinda thing. No need to crush my skull in," the teen grumbled.

The assassin snorted and some of the tension seemed to drain away. "You are very reckless for a boy."

"And you are very unpredictable for an adult," retorted Alex defiantly and shrugged when Yassen raised an eyebrow. "Oh, you know. Most adults are really boring and snobbish because they think they've seen it all and shit. Not to mention, they look pretty damn old with 35."

Looking to the end of the tunnel, Alex swam a few meters on his back closer towards it. "It's dark enough, isn't it?" He said when he saw the assassin's eyes fix onto a spot over his shoulder, taking in their surroundings before he followed noiselessly. "I just wanna know what real terra firma feels like again." Halting, he stopped to swim and sank down a bit. His feet touched the ground and Alex couldn't help the victorious grin when the water only reached up to his chest. "Awesome."

The Russian stopped next to him, still facing the opening, a concentrative expression on his face. Alex eyed him a little enviously as the water went hardly up to his stomach. "We can proceed. It is dark enough," he stated finally, apparently satisfied with the situation.

"No, we cannot."

Yassen frowned at him and backed up a little when Alex walked over to him, obviously anticipating what the young spy had in mind. But he was fast enough to reach the Russian and stumbled deliberately, knowing the other would catch him.

A satisfied grin flashed over his lips and he straightened back up, folding his arms as he gave Yassen a provocative look. "I thought men couldn't swim like that?"

The assassin's frown deepened; he seemed slightly out of his depth with the teen's behaviour. "You were distracting me."

"Well, maybe I should make it up to you, then?"

"Alex, this is not a game."

Taking a step into the Russian's direction, Alex could feel the warmth radiating off the other. They were as close as they could get without actually touching. And he wondered how the assassin managed to stay so warm when his teeth were practically chattering ever since Yassen had let go of him. "I know it's not."


"Look," Alex cut across him, annoyed at the other's stubbornness. "You have a hard-on because you jerked me off and it turned you on. So I offered you to fuck me-" He held up a hand when Yassen was about to interrupt him. "Because I want it, okay? What's so difficult to accept about that?" He took a deep breath and blinked, stunned by his own boldness. God, did he really just say that?

When the Russian didn't respond, he reached out and let his fingers slide over his stomach. It was only through the assassin's shirt that he touched him, but the fabric was clinging close enough for him to feel just how firm Yassen's abdomen was. Alex couldn't deny that the intimidating strength it conveyed turned him on. For a moment it had looked as if the other was going to take a step back and break the touch, but then didn't.

"I really mean what I said," whispered the young spy, his eyes still trained on the assassin's torso, watching his own fingers draw circles and lines across the wet fabric. The heat seeping through it warmed his fingertips and made them tingle with the possibility to just slip his hands underneath the shirt. He would've loved to but didn't dare. Yassen was too unpredictable and he really didn't want to be slammed into the wall again, his head hurt enough as it was.

"You are playing a very dangerous game, Alex."

The teen shivered slightly at the Russian's words and the tone they had been uttered in, deep and rough. "I know, but I'm not afraid." Gazing up the assassin, he held the other's stare unwaveringly, not willing to back down.

"Is that right?" Yassen questioned challengingly but he didn't leave Alex a chance to answer as he backed him up against the wall. The look in his eyes was almost predatory and Alex shivered again. "Then you are either braver than you should be or simply foolish."

"Personally, I'd go for daring," the young spy retorted and saw the suppressed twitch of the assassin's lips in the twilight. Sunset had been a while ago and the last remainders of daylight were quickly fading. Darkness was crawling up around them in the already gloomy tunnel. If the water had been chilly before, it was now turning unpleasantly icy.

Reaching out for the collar of his shirt, Alex pulled the Russian close and pressed his cold cheek to the other's warmer one. "I know what you're capable of and if you were out to kill me, you'd have done so a long time ago." His lips were quivering from the cold and he wouldn't have been surprised to find out that they were slightly blue as well. Alex slipped his right hand from Yassen's collar under his shirt, enjoying the warmth that spread up along his fingers and into his hand. He was somewhat surprised that the assassin let all this happen. "Besides, it may be a good idea to warm me up or I'll be frozen solid by the time we reach the shore."

Yassen's hand came up around him and lifted him onto a little alcove behind them that the teen hadn't even noticed in the dark. His pants gave a wet, sloshing noise as they slapped down onto the fortunately dry stone and he could feel the water dripping down his legs. Not held up by the water anymore, his clothes felt a lot heavier. They were almost pinning him down.

Alex looked up at the assassin and a surprised sound left his lips as the Russian braced himself with both arms on either side of the teen, before leaning in so close that their noses bumped slightly. He doubted that it had been intentional though, Yassen had probably just misjudged the distance between them, but either way, he didn't draw back. "I will not stop."

The teen swallowed and nodded, he knew the other could feel it. Those words had been a warning and if he wanted to back out, now was the last chance. But he didn't. "I know."

Hands were suddenly back on the fly of his pants and Alex heard the zipper being pulled down. "Lift your hips." He jumped a little at Yassen's low voice so close to his ear but complied a moment later and the Russian took his pants off in a surprisingly quick and fluid motion, considering that they'd been stuck to about every inch of his skin, dropping them next to him in the alcove.

The assassin pushed the teen's legs apart and stepped up to him, his hands resting on Alex's thighs. It was a nice feeling for a change, compared to the water, but the closeness of Yassen's hands to his groin was also having an unexpectedly strong effect on him and it was making him kind of impatient.

Alex reached for the Russian's pants and he couldn't tell if it was the cold or the anticipation that made his fingers tremble. It took him a moment to open them, a shuddering breath escaping him as Yassen cupped his ass at the same time, before pulling his shorts down too. Alex blushed involuntarily. The stone seemed to be warming a little against his skin but maybe that was just his imagination, because his nerves had started to tingle wherever the assassin touched him.

Resuming what he'd been doing, the teen tugged at Yassen's pants and slipped a hand into them, his blush darkening. He was actually- He really was-

The thought made him slightly breathless and he felt his own arousal stir when his fingertips brushed up along the assassin's hard flesh. Alex heard the sharp intake of breath and felt the soft blow of warm air caress over his shoulder. Hesitatingly, he wrapped his hand around Yassen as the Russian's hands slid up his sides and under his hoody, leaving a burning, invisible trail in its wake. It was hard to believe that it could feel this good to be touched.

Surprised, Alex looked up when Yassen withdrew one hand from his side and reached under his chin, tilting his head up. He could feel the other's breath ghosting over his face and licked his lips. Would he kiss him? The assassin seemed to waver.

"Please," said the teen quietly and blinked drops of water away that were sliding down from his wet hair. His hand in the Russian's pants had stilled as he tried to pull them down completely. With another sharp tug, the clinging fabric slid finally over Yassen's hips and Alex' eyes dropped. It was almost too dark to see but he still wanted to.

Right then, the assassin leaned in and captured his lips. Alex held his breath, eyes wide. He'd never kissed anybody before. Well, except for Sabina. But that was rather one-sided and despite keeping still and letting it happen, he hadn't actually participated in the kiss.

The other's lips were soft against his and to him it felt almost as if they were melding when Yassen moved against him. For a few seconds, he was too uncertain to do anything at all and it wasn't until the Russian pinched his nipple that he gasped in surprise. It was a strange but at the same time intoxicating feeling as the assassin's tongue slipped into his mouth, licking over his teeth and along his own tongue, teasing the roof of his mouth.

Alex relaxed into the kiss, slowly getting a hang of what to do. He felt clumsy compared to the other but if Yassen was dissatisfied, he didn't show it. On the contrary, the hand on his chin was now at the nape of his neck as the Russian pulled him closer, twining the teen's blonde strands around his fingers and trailing his hand down along his spine now and again. The way the assassin was kissing him made his knees go weak all over again.

Having to interrupt the kiss in need for air eventually, Alex leaned back, breathing heavily. He had retracted one of his hands from the Russian's pants to support himself on the alcove. A little dazed, he wondered just how much experience Yassen had. Probably a lot. If the way he was kissing was any indication.

"There is only spit and water to ease the way. It will hurt," reminded the assassin as he pushed Alex legs a little farther apart, his fingers caressing over the young spy's inner thighs.

The teen's breath hitched and he nodded, swallowing. "Yeah."

He saw the Russian lift his hand to his mouth and to his own surprise he reached out and grabbed Yassen's wrist, interrupting the movement. Alex pulled the assassin's hand closer and sucked the index and middle finger into his mouth, trailing his tongue around them and coating them with saliva. He felt the Russian's other hand close around his thigh and his own daring was making him lightheaded. Slipping another finger into his mouth, he licked along it and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation, as well as the shivers that ran up his spine, caused by the other's circling thumb on his inner thigh.

"That is enough," gritted Yassen, tension showing in his voice and he pulled his hand back. He lifted Alex up and moved him a little further into the alcove. "Wrap your legs around me."

The teen did as he was told, his breathing growing labored at the feeling of the other's cock touching his thigh. A startled gasp escaped his lips when he felt the Russian probe against his entrance and he tensed up involuntarily.

"You need to relax," said Yassen quietly and Alex was grateful for the patient, almost sympathetic tone. "You have not done this before, I presume." It wasn't a question and he shook his head with burning cheeks, suddenly feeling very vulnerable.

Relax. That was easier said than done. But the assassin seemed to be aware of that too and he wrapped his free hand around the teen's arousal, stroking and teasing, to divert Alex' attention. It worked. The heat pooling into his stomach and the wonderful friction made him almost forget what the other would do. He moaned softly. What he wanted Yassen to do.

"Relax and push out when you can," murmured the Russian.

Arching his back, Alex clenched his eyes shut and pushed down, making a startled sound when Yassen's finger slid into him. It was an intrusive and intimate feeling. Nothing he'd ever felt before and he had to admit that he hadn't had any imagination what it would feel like. His breathing stuttered as the Russian's finger pushed deeper into him before adding another.

This time the stretching feeling was more pronounced and it stung a little, making the teen want to draw back while the hand on his cock made him want to press closer. It was hard to act upon the confusing signals his body was sending him.

Yassen scissored his fingers and moved his other hand to Alex' back to steady him. A moment later, he curled his fingers and touched something inside of him that sent a sizzling jolt through his body that shook him from head to toe. Alex' legs around the assassin tightened and a strangled sound escaped him.

White dots were dancing in front of his closed eyes and he shuddered against the Russian, shocked and overwhelmed by the sudden sensation. What in the-? He opened his eyes and looked up at the other. "What-?"

The Russian chuckled lowly. "You want me to explain this now?" And brushed over the spot again, causing Alex to moan wantonly and buck his hips.

"Not really," the teen gasped out, his eyes fluttering shut when Yassen wouldn't stop teasing him. He thrust down onto the other's fingers, desperate for more. This was so good, it was actually agonizing and Alex whimpered as the Russian started to slowly fuck him with his fingers. Throwing his head back, he moved his hips, adjusting to the slow rhythm.

God, this was positively insane. He hadn't even noticed that the assassin had added a third finger, not to mention the fact that the pain had almost vanished. It was still strange to be stretched open like this but it didn't feel bad anymore.

Hah! The complete opposite, more like. If Yassen wouldn't stop doing this to him, he doubted he'd last much longer. "Sto- stop it!" He could've sworn it caused him physical pain to utter those words.

Grabbing the Russian by the collar, he pulled him down to his eye level, panting and shaking with desire. It took him a moment to gather his thoughts. Their lips were ghosting over each other as the teen finally spoke. "I want you… inside of me, Yassen. Now," he urged breathlessly and heard the other hiss sharply.

The fingers were removed and Alex mewled in protest. It was ridiculous really. He'd seen it coming but that didn't stop him from being unwilling to accept the loss of stimulation. Especially when the assassin had just proven him that he could make him feel better than he had already. Which was just a little scary and incredible at the same time.

One of Yassen's arms came up around his waist again, holding him in place and suddenly he felt the other's arousal press against his entrance. Alex breath shuddered heavily and he bit his lip to refrain from whining when the Russian didn't move. Goddamnit, what was he doing? Trying to torture him to death?! He bucked his hips impatiently and felt the assassin quake against him.

A hand grabbed his hip and held him in place with an almost crushing grip as the Russian bent over. "Hold still," Yassen warned tersely, his voice strained.

Alex tried to comply as good as possible but he really needed-

"Ooh!" He nearly jumped as the head of Yassen's cock pushed into him. Gritting his teeth, he forced himself to relax, channeling his tension to his hand and dug his nails into the assassin's arm that was holding his hip. Fuck, Yassen was big. Alex breath came in shallow gasps, a dark blush staining his cheeks.

The pain eased gradually and the teen sighed in relief. Blinking up at the Russian, he noticed that he was gritting his teeth; actually it looked more like he was grinding them. Loosening the grip on the other's arm, he moved his pelvis just a little. "It's okay. Go- go ahead."

Yassen sunk slowly into him, making Alex nearly yelp and shudder again. He was trying to take deep, calming breaths and after a few seconds the feeling of the assassin inside of him actually made goose bumps erupt all over his body. Wrapping his arms around the other's neck, he spread his legs wider. The Russian was almost on top of him and he raised his eyes, they were so close he could make out the outlines of Yassen's face.

In spite of himself, Alex tensed up a little again when the assassin moved backwards, pulling out slowly. He felt the other halt and knew Yassen was looking at him despite the darkness. Shaking his head, he squeezed the Russian's arm lightly, telling him not to stop. To drag this out wouldn't make it easier but Alex still knew to appreciate the assassin's consideration.

If possible the young spy's blush grew even hotter when the assassin settled into a smooth rhythm of thrusting into him. The stretch was still a little uncomfortable and stung from time to time but he felt his skin warming around the Russian, making it more bearable. It was strange to have something inside him like this and he couldn't help but feel exposed and vulnerable.

He'd never, ever done something equally intimate with anybody before. And here he was letting Yassen fuck him. It was slightly surreal.

The assassin slid a hand under Alex' ass, pulling him closer and changing the angle-

Pleasure exploded inside of the teen, sending a mind-blowing surge of electricity through his entire body. He barely managed to bite Yassen's shoulder to stifle his strangled shout, his arms tightened around the other's neck as his body gave an involuntary jerk. Drawing in a sharp breath, his teeth sunk into the Russian's shoulder all over again as the spot was hit again and again.

Alex scratched over Yassen's back continuously, hardly able to get some air between biting the other's shoulder and neck, sometimes through the fabric of his shirt, sometimes not. The Russian would have these marks for a while. Alex chuckled, feeling delirious. Every time the assassin pushed back in, he seemed to bury himself deeper into the teen and it felt more incredible each time. The pain was so subdued he hardly noticed it anymore, although he had to admit that the mix between pain and pleasure right now was only making it better.

But the growing need for friction, for more and fast, was getting overwhelming. Alex met Yassen's thrust, digging his heels into the other's back and god, this wasn't enough. Not nearly enough. He gasped out a plea, telling the assassin to take him harder, faster. To just-

And he did.

Yassen Gregorovich was actually fucking him.

The reality of it was breathtaking. Alex closed his eyes as his head fell back, a breathy moan spilling from his lips. This was too good to be true. It really, really was.

He felt the Russian's ragged breath against his neck and strained to hear the low, almost imperceptible growls. It caused a rush of blood to his groin and he moaned brokenly, the sound catching in his throat. He tightened around the assassin, drawing a harsh grunt from him and an erratic, sharp thrust.

Yassen's hand was suddenly back on his aching arousal, encircling it in a painfully firm grasp and almost jerking it up and down his length. Alex wailed at the blinding pleasure that set every nerve in his body on fire, writhing against the Russian and tearing so hard at his shirt, he didn't know if he heard the fabric rip but couldn't care less right now.

He was grateful that the assassin was holding him up, because except for clutching mindlessly at the other and bucking to match the rhythm of Yassen slamming into him, he wasn't capable of doing anything else seeing as his limbs trembled from the mind-blowing assault.

Alex let out a sobbing moan when the Russian pressed his lips to his neck and tilted his head, giving him more access. His skin was burning where Yassen bit down and sucked, carefully avoiding the places Alex wouldn't be able to cover with his hoody. The whimpers and whines these ministrations elicited seemed to spur the assassin on as his thrusts grew sharper.

Biting his knuckles, the teen tried to muffle a choked groan. He couldn't take this anymore. Every muscle in his body was so tense, he was shaking so hard by now, he really thought he would lose his mind if he wouldn't come soon.

"Yassen," Alex whined, hardly able to get enough air into his lungs to utter any words at all. "I need- I ca- can't, please!"

Yassen's fingers rubbed over the tip of his cock, smearing pre-cum down his length and tightening the grip as he slammed into the teen again, hitting that bundle of nerves deep inside of him that made Alex shriek in delight.

It was all it took for the young spy. He threw his head back as tremors shook him violently and the Russian clamped a hand over his mouth before a sound could leave it. Alex bit down on the other's fingers, his vision going white for a moment, blood was rushing in his ears and he pushed down onto Yassen's cock buried inside of him. Tightening around the assassin, he was barely aware of the throaty groan ripping from the other's lips as he came.

Alex moaned against the hand, feeling the Russian's cum spilling inside him and bucked instinctively, drawing another groan from Yassen. He let his head drop against the Russian's chest, listening to the rapid heartbeat that matched his own and smiled smugly.

It took a little while for his breathing to calm down again, he'd practically been hyperventilating and his fingers were still trembling from small tingling surges of the aftermath. He couldn't tell if their skin was sticking together from water or the sweat but he definitely didn't feel cold anymore.

They couldn't have stayed there for more than a few minutes but to Alex it seemed forever and he didn't mind one bit. The Russian was warm and right now he really wanted to slip into his bed, snuggling up under the blanket and forgetting about his wet clothes, the cold water… and just about everything around them.

Yassen touched his arm and caressed lightly over it to get his attention. "Come on, get dressed. We need to leave." He took a step backwards.

Nodding, Alex fumbled for his clothes in the darkness and slipped off the alcove, back into the water, shivering at the sudden coldness. It was awkward and complicated to get dressed like that. His pants and shorts were still wet and half-way underwater it was more difficult than he thought to get his clothes back on. He managed eventually and washed his own cum from his chest, before pulling his hoody back down.

Yassen had already moved closer to the end of the tunnel and the teen followed him slowly.

Except for the first few stars that were already out it was completely dark and the ocean looked almost eerie as it lay pitch-black before them. The water here was getting deeper again and Alex started to swim next to the Russian. They stopped for a few moments when they reached the end of the tunnel.

"We have to swim a little way down before we can get to the shore. There are guards on the beach and on the dunes," Yassen was looking out onto the sea and the teen wondered what he was seeing. "It is good that the moon is not out yet. Stay close to me, there is a strong current not far off the shore. I will not be able to help you if it seizes you."

Alex nodded and squinted, following the assassin's gaze. "Okay."

Yassen touched his shoulder briefly. "Let's go."

Soundlessly, they glided through the water and the young spy made sure to swim as close to the Russian as possible without interfering with him. He had to admit the prospect of being swept away by some current was a bit unsettling but he trusted Yassen's senses to get them safely to the shore.

Out in the open he could see the mansion on top of the hill that was brightly illuminated and he spotted two guards standing right on the cliff above the tunnel. His gaze flickered down to the beach and he saw more guards posted there as well. Yassen was right; they couldn't get out of the water here. Alex was a fairly good swimmer but he noticed how his muscles started to protest after a while. The chilly temperature of the water numbed his legs and arms again and he had to admit that he was also quite exhausted and exceedingly tired.

Shaking his head, he concentrated on swimming, his eyes fixing on the assassin in front of him. A few more hundred meters down the shore, Yassen moved closer to the beach and Alex followed.

"Whatever you do, stay behind me." The assassin's voice was thick with tension.

The last guard was maybe three hundred meters from where they got out of the water. The teen's legs wobbled at first when he could stand again and he stumbled but the Russian reached out to catch his fall. Steadying him with a firm grip, he found his footing again and they sneaked out onto the beach. The sand under their feet scrunched quietly.

Suddenly he was seized by the arm and almost hauled to the ground, a hand clapped over his mouth and Alex tensed, writhing in shock for a second when he noticed it was Yassen. Relaxing, as the Russian pulled him closer against him and into the reeds, he looked around them with wide eyes and spotted a dark figure stepping out between the dunes.

The assassin let go of him and he felt him move, his eyes still on the guard that came steadily closer. They would be discovered, thought Alex as panic welled up inside of him and he jumped startled when Yassen rose to his feet, not making a sound.

Rooted to the spot, the teen watched the Russian walk up to the guard that had just turned his back to them and he looked like he would shout for backup any moment now. But before he could he was grabbed by the assassin. Alex could hear a muffled sound, maybe a shout and then something sharp as if a knife was sliding through-

He froze, his eyes wide as Yassen laid the guard quietly to the ground and was back in front of him a second later. The Russian pulled him up and he noticed that the other was wearing leather gloves. Fingerprints, thought Alex dazed. Did this man think of everything?

They proceeded through the little way that parted the dunes and halted. Another guard. Yassen pushed him back and up against the sand hill. Craning his neck, the teen tried to look over the other's shoulder. The guard hadn't noticed them yet but it would only be a matter of minutes for him to notice that the other guy wasn't coming back and then he'd go looking for him.

It didn't even take minutes. The dark shadow turned around and looked down to the beach, reaching for his belt. Alex heard the safety catch click and the guard pulled the gun out of his belt before walking slowly through the dunes.

Quick as a snake, Yassen was behind him but he'd heard the sound and was about to turn when, and this time the young spy could see it quite clearly as the lights of the mansion in front of them illuminated the Russian and the guard, a blade glinted in the dark and in the blink of an eye the guard dropped into the assassin's arms, who caught him and lay him down as well.

Alex stumbled over to Yassen, starring at the dead man but shook his head and looked into the direction of the dune access they'd been guarding.

"There is a car in the woods. We need to hurry, the security is tight. They will notice those men before long," hissed the Russian and pulled him along before he got a chance to move.

There were no more guards behind the dunes and a little path in front of them that led straight to the trees rising up in the distance was surrounded by bushes that would shield them from view. They hurried through the darkness, almost noiseless and it hardly took them a few minutes before they actually reached the wood.

Alex tried to stay close to the assassin as they reached the first trees. It was too dark for him to see anything at all but Yassen didn't seem to have any problems as he moved ahead. Stumbling and biting back a curse, the teen caught himself against a tree. The rest of their way through the woods went, thankfully, a lot better and he was glad that the Russian didn't have to help him. He wasn't a clumsy idiot after all.

They reached a little clearing and Alex could see the black car, sighing slightly in relief. They'd made it, thank god or more like a ruthless assassin who had-

He shook his head, it was no use getting shocked all over the fact again that Yassen was a contract killer but he couldn't help the chill running up his spine as he thought back to the cold efficiency the man had shown when killing these men. They were in their way, so they had to go. Alex wondered what value a person's life had in Yassen's mind.

The Russian took a key out of his pants and the central locking system clicked quietly. He went around to the back of the car, opened the trunk and took his shirt and boots off. Taking a towel out, he threw a second one to Alex, who caught it but kept staring at Yassen for another second.

"You need to change. This is my car and I do not want you to ruin it with your soaked clothes. There are fresh clothes on the backseat."

Alex quirked an eyebrow as he dried his hair and went to open the back door.

"They will be too big."

They are Yassen's, the teen thought and felt a slight tingle. He struggled a little with his hoody but managed to pull it over his head eventually. Stepping out of his pants, he dried himself off quickly and slipped into the new clothes. They really very too big but he didn't mind. They smelled of the Russian.

When Yassen snapped the trunk back shut, he came around and stopped next to Alex, regarding him for a moment. The teen looked at the loose, white shirt the assassin wore, it was still open, showing his chest and his eyes wandered over the smooth skin, biting his lip.

"Thanks for- uh, getting me out of there," he stuttered around a gulp and tore his eyes away from the Russian's torso. "But how did you-?"

"Coincidence," interrupted Yassen curtly. He was still eyeing the young spy with an unreadable expression, not moving. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking and Alex found that fact frustrating to no end, besides that, it was making him nervous to be stared at like that.

"Get in the car."

The teen flinched at the cold order and before he knew it, the Russian had opened the door to the car and slipped into the driver's seat with a fluid motion.

He knew they were still in a hurry and they could still be found out but Alex didn't hurry as he walked around the car, reluctantly opening the door when he reached it and slumped down into the seat. Fastening the seat belt, he looked out of the window, not that there was much too see but it wasn't like he was overly keen to see anything anyway. His eyes were starting to hurt and he noticed that he was getting tired.

Yassen started the engine and backed the car up.

"Your friends from MI6 are waiting for you. I called them before I went down to get you. We are late, they will be wondering," said the Russian after a few minutes of silence.

Alex turned his head and looked at the other, he had almost dozed off a little but now he couldn't help the smirk at the unspoken implication. "Well, I'll tell them the tunnel was a little longer than you thought." He caught the slight twitch on Yassen's lips and grinned.

Sighing, he let his head drop against the back rest and rubbed his eyes. His hands vanished completely under the long sleeves of the sweatshirt. It was big and comfortable, very much like a blanket. Pulling it down a little, Alex looked at it. The black fabric was really soft. He tried to imagine that the assassin had worn it before, although he didn't know if he had. It was clean, probably just laundered but it still smelled unmistakably of the Russian.

"So, they know you're alive?" Asked the teen as he recalled the other's words once more and looked over to him. Wasn't that… kind of bad? If they thought he was dead he could probably be of much more use to – did he still work for them? – Scorpia. He noticed Yassen's grim expression. "Or… did they know all along?"

The assassin glanced at him. "How do you think I survived?"

"They…" Alex gaped for a moment, shocked and confused. "… saved you?" He halted. "Wait, they- MI6 made sure you didn't die so they could get information from you about Scorpia." It wasn't a question. A little dazed, Alex looked at the road and felt his stomach lurch.

They were driving a lot faster than what he considered healthy. A lot faster.

Throwing the Russian an apprehensive glance, the young spy decided just not to look at the road and concentrated instead on the unexpected revelation. "How long?"

"About three months, I suppose."

"You escaped?" They wouldn't really let him go out of the goodness of their hearts. The most dangerous and skilled contract killer there was no less. Fat chance.


"What are you doing now?"

"I became a priest in a cloister to repent for all the sins I have committed in my life. Saving your life seemed like a good thing to do," the assassin explained dryly, making it quite obvious what he was really up to. Which wasn't too big a surprise for Alex.

Chuckling, the teen shook his head. That must've been the first time he had seen Yassen being sarcastic. "And along the way you killed off two other guys. Way to go on your quest for redemption."

"Weighing up one person's life for another does not work?"

Alex snorted. "Not really. But depends on the religion, I'd reckon."

"So I thought."

Laughing, the young spy thought how surreal this whole situation was. He was in a car with Yassen Gregorovich, an infamous contract killer who supposedly died sixth month ago. The same man had just saved his life, slept with him and was actually making him laugh. If he wouldn't know that every drug out there worked only for so long, he'd think that they really must've given him something pretty damn strong.

His musings were interrupted when Yassen pulled over and stopped the car. They were still in the middle of nowhere. From the looks of it still in some forest. He spotted a little path between the trees that led into the forest but only a few meters in everything was shrouded in darkness.

Alex watched the Russian put the car in neutral and apply the handbrake before he looked back up to him. Leaning back into his seat, Yassen pointed towards the trail that he'd just seen. "I gave them precise instructions where to be. You will follow down that path for ten minutes before reaching a clearing. MI6 is waiting for you there. Do not worry, you will not wander from the path, it is very narrow and they will be looking out for you."

Nodding slowly, the teen had surveyed the path again while listening to the assassin's explanation and was now looking down at himself. "Uh, those-"

Yassen waved dismissively. "Keep them. There is a bag on the backseat where you can put your wet clothes, so you can take them with you."

"Okay," Alex opened the door and got out of the car, he packed his own clothes away and closing the backdoor, he hesitated. Chewing on his lower lip, he gazed at the little trail for a few moments. He had thanked Yassen already, so no need to do it again. But he…

"Yassen?" Bending to the side, Alex leaned down so that he was at the assassin's eye level and poked his head through the door. He bit the inside of his cheek, stalling for time.

"Try not to get into mortal danger too often. I have better things to do," cut the Russian in before he could say anything.

Alex halted and had a bit of trouble to cover up his almost-smile with a resentful expression. That had sounded a lot like Yassen would come to save him again if he had to and for some ridiculous reason it made him happy. It made him think that maybe there was the, really very unlikely, chance that the assassin cared about him. A tiny bit. "Geez, thanks a lot you prick. Believe it or not, I can take pretty good care of myself."

The corner of Yassen's mouth moved upwards just a fraction. "Of course you can."

Alex slammed the door shut and took a few steps away from the car. He knew if he wouldn't check himself he would get all sentimental about this whole parting scene that he had gotten himself into and that would be pretty embarrassing… and pathetic. So no goodbye was probably better than a bad 'see you', he decided.

Throwing the bag with clothes over his shoulder, he watched as the Russian pulled back onto the street and waited until the car vanished into the night. But Alex didn't quite trust MI6 in the department of keeping promises lately, so he walked up to the street, seeing as the black car rounded a corner. No helicopter, he thought looking at the sky and finally shrugged, turning back to face the forest.

"And that's that," Alex muttered to himself and walked down the twisted pathway.

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