Edward? Bella? Breakup?

Chapter 1: Bella stops by

"Are we almost there?" asked Coraline as Ezeph was driving towards Emmett's apartment.

"No, but we will be there in 5 minutes!" yelled Ezeph being annoyed. Coraline slouched in her seat and went silent for a minute. When she got bored of the quiet, she grabbed the bop it from the back seat. When the cat pulled up to the driveway of the apartment, Coraline bolted to the front door. When Ezeph caught up with Coraline, she let out a grown. Edward was sitting on the couch across from Emmett. Then Ezeph and Coraline went to find a seat on the floor since no one wanted to sit next to Edward.

"So Edward, where is Bella and Nessie today?" asked Coraline with a surprised look. Usually Bella fallows Edward everywhere.

"I have no idea. she hasn't talked to me all day. She is most likely out with Nessie at the mall." That would be very true. Bella likes two things and two things only in life, Edward and shopping.

"So, what brings you girls over today?" asked Emmett changing the subject.

"Coraline and I where on our way to the movies and she," Ezeph snuck a glance at Coraline, "was wondering if you would like to come." said Ezeph while Coraline was drooling over Emmett.

"That sounds like fun." Said Emmett looking at Coraline. "Uh, Coraline, are you ok?" he questioned.

"Huh, what? Oh ya, I'm ok." Stuttered Coraline. Suddenly the door flew open. It was Bella standing there in the doorway.

"Oh Bella, there you are." Said Edward in a cheerful voice. Bella's face didn't light up like it usually did when she saw his face.

"Edward…… I have to tell you something." Bella's voice started to crack. Edward frowned and looked at her suspiciously. "I have decided, that…. I want to divorce. There is someone else." Everyone's face was shocked. Then Coraline smirked and waited for her to announce who the "someone else" is.

"WHAT! How could you want to break up? We had a beautiful relationship! We have a beautiful daughter! Who is the one you truly love?" Edward's eyes filled up with tears.

"Nessie is not your daughter! She is Jacob's and mine!" Ezeph's mouth dropped open wide. She couldn't understand how Bella could have kept that secret so long. "Goodbye Edward." Said Bella in a quiet voice.

"Wait! Bella!" screamed Edward, but it was too late. She was in her car driving away. Emmett caught a glance at the car driving away. Jacob was in the passenger seat and little Nessie was in the back.