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Lieutenant Fair's point of View

Zack knew what he wanted, and theoretically, how to get it. It was the putting everything into motion that scared the absolute shit out of him. But hey, if Kunsel had any sense to him at all, then the only thing he needed to set everything up nicely was a little bit of balls.

Okay, so… Confident smile? Check. Confident stride? Check. Undeniably adorable bundle of blonde haired love scampering by my side? Oh yeah, that was a check. Now all I needed was to hold my composure and hope I didn't soil myself somewhere between here and Seph's office. Fuck. So, I've had this problem with nerves ever since I was a little kid. Most of the time, it didn't come up much in SOLDIER. If it did, I could swap it around to some excited enthusiasm and go bouncing off the walls like some kind of racquetball on cocaine. People were used to that. What people weren't used to was my other 'pubescent teenager' reaction, which unfortunately was showing its ugly head at this present time. I stopped walking and leant against the nearest wall, my head spinning, as Cloud looked on in concern.

"Zack?" he murmured, obviously noticing the draining of colour from my cheeks. Fuck. Fuck, fuckity, fuck. Not now. I offered a weak smile.

"Yeah?" I grinned, and he frowned slightly, looking on in an apparently concerned sense of unease.

"Are you feeling alright? You're sweating and everything. Did you have any of the cafeteria food?" The blonde asked, and a small sense of relief flooded me as I realised I now had an alibi.

"Yeah, you know, I always told you not to eat shit from there," I laughed, inwardly groaning at how strained it sounded. Cloud gently placed a hand on my back, patting me slightly, and just about all the walls I was holding up came down in a spectacular fashion. After projectile vomiting just about half of my stomach contents, I turned to face the blonde, who was looking on in nothing less than stunned mortification.

"Hoooly shit, Zack!" a familiar voice snorted, "You okay, man? I told you not to overdo it on those squats."

"I'm all good!" I grinned charmingly, as Kunsel made his way around the mess I'd created and gave a concerned look at my blonde accomplice.

"Hey, are you alright?" He asked, as Cloud offered a small nod.

"That… is the most disgusting…" The blonde murmured, turning away from the sight as he dry wretched a few times. That's exactly how I did not want shit to go down. Showing up at Sephiroth's office reeking of vomit, Cloud pale and clammy beside me, whilst subtly trying to suggest a less than conventional solution to all of these 'problems' we were having. Kunsel pulled me aside then, and the second class gave a small frown from under his helmet.

"Is this that whole 'nerves' thing you were telling me about ages ago?" He asked, as I gave a small groan in reply. Why now?

"So what's going on?" Kunsel asked, as I peered over his shoulder at Cloud propping himself up against a tree and fanning himself with his hand.

"Well, I was all planning on taking your advice and shit, and then halfway through walking over-"

"Wait, wait," Kunsel held up a hand, "You're seriously heading to Sephiroth's office right now?"

"Yeah, why not?" I grinned, subconsciously moving back slightly as Kunsel apparently cringed at my breath.

"You can't go now. Look at you!" The second class sighed, steering me towards the barracks, Cloud taking it upon himself to trot a few paces behind, "And you stink. You know that, right? Hey kiddo, maybe give us half an hour or so, yeah?"

Kunsel smiled warmly at Cloud then, and the blonde gave a thoughtful nod, before smiling reassuringly at me and heading for his own room.

"I leave you for an hour and you turn into this," the SOLDIER sighed slightly, "And you expect me to not want answers?"

I tried as best as I could to fill him in on everything so far; Cloud coming into the locker rooms, Cloud talking about Cloud and Sephiroth, me talking about Sephiroth with Cloud, the restaurant, my eventual decision to go striding into Seph's office with fierce determination in my eyes, and finally, vomiting on my shoes. I mean really, this was kind of Kunsel's fault. He'd been the one to stand by and watch me do squats, prattling off his theories about a three-way-rendezvous of sorts between Cloud, Sephiroth and I. He'd made it sound almost easy, and with Aerith's self-assured smile printed in the back of my mind too, why the hell wouldn't it sound like a good idea? I inwardly groaned, well aware of at least six different reasons why it would not sound like such a great idea after all. Four of those involved decapitation of some sort with Masamune.

"Wait, wait, there's a heck of a big chunk missing there," Kunsel interrupted my mindless blabbering, "What the hell did you do between the locker rooms and the restaurant? From what you say, there was a big gap between the two."

Shit. Was kind of hoping he wouldn't pick that up.

"Shower, shave, daily fix of Midgar's best soap operas out there," I grinned, and he rolled his eyes, seemingly buying the tale.

Truth be told, I'd gone back to hassle Aerith. Considering how close knit she was with the Turks and all, I'd told Kunsel I'd not go to her house anymore, considering the pinhead was stressing out over tampering or whatever. As far as I saw, she was an Ancient; big deal, she wasn't a science experiment. Keeping that in mind, I couldn't exactly tell Kunsel I'd snuck off base during a time where we might have been called for combat. Anyway, Aerith was a doll as always. She'd opened the door to my charming smile and a handful of flowers. Pretty sure she knew I'd gotten them from her garden, if the eye roll was any indication, but she'd ushered me in anyway.

"Afternoon, Zack," Elmyra had smiled as I'd entered, and I gave a polite nod.

"Afternoon Mrs. Gainsborough," I smiled a little wider, and she gave a flattered little chuckle before returning to the dishes.

"You're worse than a freaking straight guy, honestly!" Aerith sighed, stomping her way up the staircase. Elmyra offered a small shrug as I followed her daughter, before she offered a small wink. Come to think of it, that wink hadn't been entirely too pure… Well shit, that raised another can of worms… Anyway, Aerith had pretty much dragged me to her room and fallen back onto her bed as I took my spot in the desk chair beside her, absent-mindedly tossing a stress ball around and recapping the day's events.

"Well I told you," Aerith offered an exaggerated sigh, and I'd turned to face her properly, her green eyes positively livid as she stared at an empty space on her wall.

"Hey, what's the deal, bright eyes?" I asked, as she let out a deflated sigh and shook her head, seemingly dissipating some of her anger.

"PMS?" I offered cautiously, before she hurtled one of her bangles in my direction. After a five minute full-blown lecture regarding a woman's rights to be upset at 'any Gaia damned time of the month, thank you very much you sexist bastard', she eventually settled herself down again and offered a small smile.

"That's great about you and Cloud, and Sephiroth," She murmured, "I keep dreaming about the three of you."

She blushed then, pulling her knees up to her chest as she let brown curls hang loosely over her shoulders, her arms resting around her knees.

"You wouldn't have happened to have dreamt about the whole conversation that started it, would you?" I asked, and she smiled softly.

"Sort of. Cloud wasn't there though; it was just you and the General. He looked so angry when you first told him about Cloud."

I'd given a shrug then and told her she must have gotten something wrong, because I was fully intending on taking Cloud with me. She gave a secretive smile then, before offering a small shrug and toying with the hem of her skirt.

"Not everything works out the way we plan, Zack," She smiled softly, before rolling her eyes when Elmyra called from downstairs.

"Alright, get out," She teased, "The more you're around, the more she hassles me."

I feigned a look of hurt, and she swatted my arm.

"Go look for Cloud then, if you're so eager to drag him along on your little misadventures," She laughed, before practically pushing me all the way out the door. I'd almost immediately gone off to do what she'd demanded, and here I was now, tactfully avoiding a suddenly suspicious gaze from Kunsel.

"You went to see the Ancient girl, didn't you?" he asked, and I groaned slightly.

"Look, she has a name. It's Aerith," I replied haughtily, and he snorted slightly, barely holding back a smile.

"Relax. It may not be the brightest thing in the world for you to do, but I'll deal with it if it helps you out," Kunsel shrugged, clapping me over the shoulder. Kunsel was one of those guys you couldn't help but want to cling to like some kind of fluffy little puppy dog. Sure, you never really got to see the guy without his Gaia damned helmet on, but that's kind of what added to the persona.

"Let's clean you up," a set of full white teeth grinned from under the helmet, as Kunsel opened his apartment door. I'd been too screwed up thinking about shit to realise where we were, until Kunsel was quite literally shoving me inside. I'd always liked his style for such a small living space, and he coloured it well. It was pretty cool to walk into someone else's place and have it bring back so many memories of your own that didn't even have anything to do with the owner. I'd spent most of my second class days in a closet space like this one, but for most of the time, I didn't really have much time to spend in here. If it wasn't Tseng grinding my ass into the ground, it was Seph- Yeah, okay, the wording there was doing no good for the mental images in my head. Who was I kidding though? Sephiroth was gorgeous, but more than that he was outright sexy. Gaia, I could salivate over the mere thou-

"Oi lover boy," Kunsel jeered, poking me in the ribs, "Pay attention."

"Yeah, sorry," I grinned, and Kunsel shook his head as he grabbed his mail and checked his phone messages. The guy had an elegant kind of way about him as he stood by the kitchen counter, a light, almost gentlemanly smile along his lips. Until he talked.

"I was saying… did you want anything to drink, considering you projectile-chucked up whatever you had in your gut?" Kunsel grinned, and whatever elegant image I'd formed of him was destroyed.

"Water," I rolled my eyes, as he grinned cheekily and rummaged through his fridge.

I cast my gaze around the place, and sneakily grinned when I found a picture of what had to be an unmasked Kunsel. At least, it was a guy about the same height as him, in a Shinra uniform minus the helmet, and standing with a woman who I knew was Kunsel's mum. Kunsel must have spotted it, however, as he let out a small curse.

"Aw man, please don't look at that," the second class groaned, trying to pull me away from the photo. I swatted him away, and my grin grew.

"Kunsel, you're hot!" I teased, bringing a blush to his cheeks.

"Fuck off man, this is why I don't bring queers home," The second class mumbled, "I'm meant to have an air of mystique about me, and you bastards come prying around and ousting me as the hillbilly bush pig I am."

I couldn't have disagreed with that statement more. He had dark brown hair, a little past his ears, and underneath that helmet was a set of eyes blue enough to almost rival Cloud's. Team it together with that cute little smile that the guy had, and Kunsel was a guy magnet. Or, well, a chick magnet considering his side of the fence. Still, he'd become too much like a little brother to make cracks at, and he was straight. Kunsel shoved me into the bathroom and started fussing about with my hair, however, opening a cabinet to reveal row after row of beauty products, and I had to doubt that last thought. I rose a brow at what I know knew to be the 'brunette', and he faltered in his rambles.

"I just like to take care of myself," He said haughtily, before handing me an unopened toothbrush and shoving me to the sink, "Brush your teeth."

I did as I was told, and he watched with a small smile on his features.

"What?" I mumbled around my toothbrush, and he shook his head.

"You've got guts, Fair," He nodded, "Wish I had half of the courage you do."

I waved a hand dismissively, and spat into the basin, giving him a whiff of my breath, as he screwed up his face and pointed back at the brush.

I continued brushing as he casually flicked through the mail still in his hand, and occasionally dumped things in the nearby rubbish bin. He eyed me off then, a smirk still licking at his lips.

"What?" I mumbled around my brush, and he let out a small laugh.

"You're really going through with this?" He asked, and I shrugged, spitting into the basin and rolling my jaw around a little.

"You're the one who suggested it," I replied, a scowl along my features as he cautiously sniffed my breath again, before handing me cologne.

"Yeah, but I dunno. It seems like such a simple idea," He paused, "Because, you know, it's a win-win… win… situation. BUT!

"But what?"

"Well, it's pretty much every straight guy's dream to have a threesome with two girls and get some nooky," Kunsel grinned then, and I pretended to gag, "BUT, I dunno how you'd go about making it… a relationship, you know?"

I shrugged as I splashed on some cologne and ran a comb through my hair, looking myself over in the mirror. He clapped a hand over my shoulder and smiled at me in the mirror, a perfect row of teeth showing from beneath his helmet.

"Hey, shit just seems to work for you though, so I have no doubts you'll be fine," He reassured, giving my shoulder a squeeze, before kicking me out of his bathroom and pushing me towards the door. I made sure to put in as many comments as I could about him being a pushy ass hole, before turning once I was in the hallway and seeing his wide grin briefly, before the door slammed shut on my face.

"Go get 'em tiger!" I heard his muffled call through the door, "I'm busting for the toilet."

He seemed to offer the last bit as a kind of explanation, but it kinda made me think that sometimes you just didn't want to hear that kind of shit.

I swallowed hard, standing outside that big old mahogany door, utterly and completely alone.

"You can go in, Mister Fair."

…Apart from the secretary, that was.

"Uh, thanks," I grinned, before standing and staring at the handle for a few more moments. The secretary must have thought I was crazy or something, as she eyed me off from her desk with increasing concern. She was yet another new face around here, and it made me wonder what it was that kept inspiring Seph to hire new ones. Most of them were female, but on occasion, he'd had quite a few pretty boys come in and take the title. Basically, it couldn't have always been about the eye candy. I shifted slightly on my feet, as her gaze continued to rest on me.

"Lieutenant Fair, are you alright?" She asked, and I gave a firm nod. She really didn't know when to shut up, did she? The secretary then cleared her throat and announced through the intercom that I was there, and seemingly hesitant to come through the door. Bitch. It was then that the door swung open and I nearly swallowed my tongue.

"Hello," He said slowly, a rumble through his chest, as he settled his gaze on my eyes, a smirk licking at his lips. I swallowed again, and managed to plaster a grin across my stupefied face.

"Yeah okay, hello," I rolled my eyes a little, "You wanna move your ass so I can get in?"

He stepped aside, and I sidled into his office, the door closing behind me with a metallic 'click' which sounded way too loud in the enclosed space. Gaia, I wished Cloud was here.

After heading back to the little blonde fur ball's quarters, I'd run into Elliot, who was as flirtatious as ever as he answered the door.

"Oh, he's not here," The grunt had smirked deviously from the doorway, "But you're welcome to come in if you like."

I raised a brow at him, and he placed a hand across his chest, feigning hurt.

"You seem to be mistrusting of my hospitable nature," he pouted, before becoming drastically more serious, "But no, he's not here. He had to do an errand for the drill sergeant, and was hoping it would give him extra credit of some sort. What did you do to him?"

I'd stilled at that, looking on in confusion, as he leant casually against the door frame, all mirth slipping from his eyes.

"He was damn near shaking like a leaf when he came back here, as timid as the first day he hit Shinra. He kept saying something about 'doing something with Zack', and a reluctance about 'taking that next step'," Elliot narrowed his eyes slightly, "I like you a lot Fair, you know that, but Cloud is more important to me than anyone will realise. So I'll ask again, what did you do to him?"

Well what do you know, Cloud had a guard dog, and he was a nasty son of a bitch at times…

"I didn't do anything," I replied stiffly, all mirth dropping from my own tone, "He was simply going to accompany me to the General's office, regarding personal matters between Cloud, General Sephiroth, and me. If you think for a minute that I would do something to Cloud that would ups-"

"It's all I needed to hear, Lieutenant," Elliot interjected, that cheeky grin returning abruptly to his lips, "You can stop flaring mako at me now, it would seem you're not a filthy lecher after all and I no longer have any desire to kick your ass."

He then gave me a once over, before standing up from his casual lean against the door frame.

"That's not to say I couldn't find something else to do involving your ass," He wiggled his eyebrows, and I snorted, before gesturing at my own appearance.


"Understatement of the year," He nodded in approval, gesturing for me to turn around. I did so, and a low moan rumbled from his throat.

"Oh Gaia, you truly are gorgeous," he murmured, looking at me almost predatorily, "Who helped doll you up for this little get together?"


He screwed his nose up at that in distaste.

"A straight guy? Ugh," He frowned, "Although, I give him credit for doing a fine job."

He then leant forward, teasing smirk along his lips, as I stilled. He was a few inches from me then, before he pulled back just as abruptly.

"Nice cologne," He remarked casually, before giving another cheeky grin and claiming he was running late for catch up classes and kicking me out in much the same fashion that Kunsel had. Shinra was always full of surprises.

"Zackary?" Sephiroth drawled then, as my attention snapped back to reality. He was looking on in amusement, his emerald gaze set squarely on me, a languid smirk trailing along his lips.


"What are you here for?" He asked, forcing his amusement away, seemingly after seeing the anxiety creeping along my features. I scratched the back of my head, a nervous habit I picked up some time back in primary school, and shrugged slightly as he looked at me from his position behind his desk. He was… breathtaking. Surely he knew that, every time someone settled their gaze on him and caught an eyeful of that beautiful hair, and those eyes, and that body, and oh Gaia, talk about the leathe-


He'd said it softly, coaxingly, and all too terribly invitingly. The band-aid effect had failed me before, but I was hoping it wouldn't fail me now. Just grab it by the edges and tear it off.

"I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Cloud," I said quietly, but firmly, as a myriad of emotion flashed through his eyes in that single moment. He remained silent however, as I leant against his desk before him. That bit wasn't the biggest part of the revelations section though.

"Cloud has feelings for me too," I continued, as I watched a bright flare of mako burn through his eyes. His head fell forward slightly as he rested his arms on top of his desk, and seemingly became lost in thought. I was giving him an opening to say something, anything, but he chose silence as his most fitting option, and it was damn near tearing me apart. I fell back in the chair behind me, well aware of Aerith's reminder in my ears. He'd be angry at first, she said that, but he was going to warm up to it. He was going to, right?

"Whereabouts is Cloud, then?" He asked slowly, his eyes still not rising from their position on the middle of his desk. I leant forward slightly, and he finally raised his eyes. For the most part, they still looked angry, but they were quickly becoming filled with confusion and what seemed to be hurt. Shit, no, I never ever wanted to see that.


"Where is he?"

"With his drill instructor…"

He nodded, before picking up the handle of his telephone and making a call. I felt that weird anxiety rising up in me again, and when I started to get the shakes, I begged Gaia for a break. If I was leaving this office, I was leaving successfully… not covered in sweat and vomit.

"Jameson," He nodded as the person on the other end picked up, "Send Strife to my office immediately… Don't ask questions, just do it."

I tensed a little at his overall curtness, as he hung up the phone and pressed a hand to his temple. It was quiet for some time, even as his eyes continued to glow.

"Sephiroth, please, we jus-"

"Why would you do this?" He asked sharply, "Was it some kind of revenge scheme for something I'd done, or perhaps a way to… A way to- Gaia!"

He placed his palms flat on the table, as he practically bristled, his eyes meeting mine in a manner that made me entirely uncomfortable.

"Do you know how I feel right now, Zackary?" he said lowly, and I opened my mouth to say something, but fell short. He let out a sigh as he stood, and began pacing, his feet practically burning a path along the floor, he was so pissed.

"And why would you tell me this? Even you know that sometimes those 'little white lies' are beneficial for the wellbeing of other comrades, yet you chose to be blatant in your truths now?" He frowned, his eyes not meeting mine.

I couldn't handle it. He wouldn't even give me a shred of recognition, and I was left standing like an idiot whilst he threw accusations at me and let my tail droop between my legs. I slammed my hands down on his desk as hard as I could afford to, and he stopped, his eyes finally turning to mine. It was a standoff then, as we both glared each other down.

"For Shiva's sake, if you had have let me finish, I would have-"

"Furthered the damage? Do you possibly have any more surprises hidden up your sleeve that you're keeping from me, Lieutenant?" He rounded, his own fists hitting the desk before him, as I snapped.

"There you go again, jumping to conclusions!" I snapped, "You know, it might have been a bit of a hassle for me when you two hooked up behind my back too, but do you think I bitched and whined about it? No!"

"So that was your motivation, was it? To come to me with this information and make me feel like I had unintentionally made you feel?" He snapped, his words icy as I leant on the desk again, my hands banging once more.

"If you'd quit interrupting me I could-"

"Could what exactly?"

"Tell you that Cloud still has feelings for you, you idiot!" I snapped, as his fists unclenched, that odd silence returning once again as I let out a long breath.

"And so do I," I said significantly softer, turning my gaze from his in a mixture of nerves and a sudden onset of embarrassment, "And we were coming here to talk to you to try and figure out some kind of… compromise, I guess you could say."

The silence extended again, as I pointedly avoided his gaze. I'd seemingly stunned him into silence, but I could still feel those eyes trying to draw mine to them. I did so reluctantly, a further defense on my lips, but the moment I raised my gaze, he had a hand extended and cupping the back of my neck as he practically crashed my lips into his, his tongue prying at my mouth as I let out a soft groan, unbidden, from my lips. Good Gaia, he knew how to work that tongue of his, and I was practically clawing my way across the desk to get a little more, my fingers diving into his hair as I tugged at silver locks and drew something akin to a purr from him. Then, he was nipping lightly, his teeth tugging at my bottom lip in an almost feline manner, before his tongue continued to press and glide against my own with a subtle sensuality. Wait… waitwaitwait…

"Seph…" I urged, pulling back slightly, even as his lips tried to follow mine. He opened lust hazed eyes, and his fingers toyed with a stray lock of hair at the back of my neck. Urgh… He definitely felt that little shiver run down my spine as the pads of his fingers trailed feather soft touches along my skin.

"Yes?" He murmured, that delicious smirk edging along his lips again.

"You're not… angry?"

"Angry?" He scoffed, "I thought you were smarter than that, Zackary. Have you misunderstood my blatant flirtatious remarks and gestures up until this point?"

"You hooked up with Cloud though, and I-"

"I had to make a choice, and Cloud was showing that he was much more willing than you were at the time," He remarked casually, "It was not an easy choice, nor was it something that I could live with, guilt free."

His eyes flicked from mine briefly, and due to the attempt at a serious conversation, I really wished he'd stop playing with the hair along my neck. It was more than a little distracting.

"I wanted you both," he admitted softly, "But wasn't sure of the etiquette in such a situation."

You and me both.

Cloud chose that moment to knock timidly on the door and pop his head reluctantly around the corner. His eyes were wide with caution, as he eyed off the pair of us with a shaky smile on his lips.

"Strife," Sephiroth nodded, playing tough General, even though his eyes lit up the moment he saw the blonde.

"General Sephiroth, sir. I heard you need me for something," Cloud nodded firmly, saluting Sephiroth, before flicking his eyes briefly to me in question.

"I've been speaking to Lieutenant Fair here," Sephiroth began slowly, his voice becoming softer in spite of his act, "And he informs me that… you and he share feelings for each other. Is that correct?"

Cloud looked over at me again, mild panic in his eyes. I wondered if Sephiroth realised the attitude he was portraying was borderline terrifying the blonde.

"Cloud…" I began, but Sephiroth shook his head. He wanted to hear it from Cloud, and that only unsettled the blonde more, as his cheeks reddened, his eyes watering slightly.

"Yes…" he said softly, swallowing hard, "I do, but Sephiroth…"

"Romantic feelings?" Sephiroth interrupted, as Cloud turned watery eyes to me in desperation. I had to turn away, for fear that the freaking fear in his eyes was going to tear me apart.

"Yes…" He choked, a shudder going through him as he fought back tears, "I apologise sir. I was hoping that things would work out differently. I can't say how sorry… How sorry I am that they didn't."

Sephiroth let out a soft sigh, stepping forward and pulling Cloud against him by the back of his fluffy little head, the blonde letting out a sniffle as he did so. Seph then did something kind of unexpected, as he wrapped his free arm around Cloud's shoulders and placed a soft kiss on top of blonde locks. I hated it. I hated how I could look at that and find it so… gorgeous… I dunno, there was a part of me that reared up with envy seeing them both together, but there were two other sides to it as well. One filled me with happiness over the fact that they both looked really good together. The other was a flare of desire. I mean heck, they were both very, very beautiful men. Cloud was a little more on the boyish side, but did that really matter?

"I should be the one apologizing," Sephiroth admitted, somewhat ashamedly, "I believe my approach lead you to believe that things were worse than they really are. Zachary has also told me that you still have feelings for me, and you were looking for a solution."

I saw Cloud nod his head against Sephiroth's chest, before pulling back to wipe at his eyes.

"Look at me blubbering like an idiot…" he murmured, offering a weak smile, "I was just… You kind of frightened me. I thought I'd upset you."

"You thought you upset me, yet you're the one crying?" Sephiroth smiled teasingly, bringing another blush to the blonde's cheek, as he laughed, embarrassed. The kid was cute as a button. The only times I'd ever seen him get teary was at the expense of others, in one way or another. Still, the kid had a lot of guts and he was firebrand too. He handled stuff better than most of the other people in his class, and his will was as strong as a bull's. His only fault lay in his empathy, in terms of making it to the higher ranks. You couldn't be too empathic in the middle of a war zone, and I guess that was what made-

"Zachary," Sephiroth broke my thoughts, emerald eyes settling on me as his fingers slid idly through blonde hair, "Any input?"

I faltered slightly, swallowing hard, as I realised that Cloud's tears had subsided, and he was now looking at me with hopeful, albeit slightly puffy, eyes. I dunno if he knew how alluring he was being right now, or whether it was just my undeniable adoration of him, or whether I was wrong on both accounts, but I wanted a piece of that.

"I… dunno what to say," I croaked, before clearing my throat. That was kinda embarrassing. Cloud looked concerned, but Sephiroth knew better, as he let a smirk creep along his lips.

"Are you okay?" Cloud asked, "You sound kinda choked up…"

"Uh yeah… I'm fine," I nodded, "So, do you think this would work? You know…Us? All of us?"

There, it was said; plain as day. It was out there.

"What do you mean?" Sephiroth asked, that smirk still toying along his lips. I could have killed him, then and there. Fucker. He was toying with me. He just wanted me to say… whatever he wanted me to say. I wasn't a hundred percent sure, but I knew he'd get it out of me.

"Do you think the three of us can have some kind of relationship that would work?" I said, a little more forced from frustration. Cloud blushed as the words were spoken, and buried his head back into Sephiroth's chest, seemingly giddy in his smile. Sephiroth raised a brow, slowly, deliberately, and gave a small nod.

"I want the both of you, in more ways than one," He said simply, and as I swallowed hard and Cloud let out a little groan, he shrugged slightly, seemingly resigning to the fact.

"I see no point in being coy any more. I don't think that if the choice came, I could choose either of you on your own," He said softly, turning to Cloud and lifting his chin, "I felt that the something that was missing with us was… Zack."

Cloud nodded enthusiastically at the General.

"Same. I thought I was being too selfish or something to not be quite content with just you, you know?" He blurted, before letting out a small laugh, and returning his head to Seph's chest, although his eyes were now settled on me. It seemed to be a preferred place for him to hide when he was particularly bashful. I'll take note of that and make sure he has a spot on me that he likes to hide to- Whoa boy. Sephiroth was gently prying Cloud off him now, turning himself to face me, and I felt like a wobbling little amoeba wriggling under that intense gaze.

"Well, now that we've agreed on our mutual feelings, let's test it out," Sephiroth said casually, although his smile was anything but.

"You look like you wanna eat me…" I smirked teasingly, even though I was pretty much trembling and subconsciously stepping back a little. He just kept on advancing.

My breath stilled a little then, as big, bold and beautiful himself had my back hitting the wall behind me. His hands rested on either side of my head as he hovered over me, and a dark, yet seductive smirk began creeping across his lips. I honestly couldn't decide whether to be terrified or turned on. Either way, he had that look on his face again, like he was going to eat me alive, and although I wasn't complaining too much, he had that darker intent lurking in his eyes as well. I didn't have much time to dwell on it any further, before he'd brought his lips down firmly against mine, and I groaned slightly as his tongue slid along my lips. I reached out and snatched the arrogant son of a bitch by the coat and pulled him closer to me with a violent tug, which only seemed to widen the smirk now pressed against my mouth. As a small gasp resounded, I wasn't too sure whether it was my own or one of Cloud's, as the blonde looked on in apparent shock. My head spun as I felt Silverlocks thread a hand around my waist and pull me even closer, letting me know just how in to this entire situation he really was. He pulled back from his attack on my mouth, for lack of a better description, before leaning in to bite lightly on my earlobe, flooding my cheeks with heat at the needy little whine I gave out. Well shit, I wasn't meant to be some needy, clingy little bitch around him, but it felt good.

"Are you kidding? I've wanted you since the first time I saw you smile," He murmured hotly against my ear, leaving me breathless with the almost romantic notion of the murmured words. That was, until he left me entirely breathless by trailing his hands down to grip roughly at my ass and lifted me up slightly, before moving in to bite down on my neck. This time, I knew the gasp that resounded through the room was definitely mine. In reaction to the gesture, I automatically wrapped my legs around him, finding the instant pressure against my growing hard-on a pleasant surprise, as I adjusted my position slightly to make the most of it. I clenched my eyes shut then, as a very wet, very teasing tongue slowly slid from my collarbone to rest just below my ear. His lips then teased and nibbled, leaving just enough suction to undoubtedly leave a love bite just behind my ear, before his ministrations ceased, his teeth biting once more. It was then that he stopped entirely. I wondered why he'd done so for a moment, before my eyes opened and I could see a very familiar head of spikey blonde hair just behind Sephiroth's back. On further inspection, it appeared that Cloud had placed his hands around the front of the General and was timidly trailing fingers along Sephiroth's expanse of bare chest.

As Sephiroth pulled back from me, his eyes glazed slightly with amused lust, it seemed that I wasn't the only one surprised by our little blonde bundle of love's bold move.

"Uh… sorry?" Cloud murmured bashfully, raising his head to meet both mine and Sephiroth's, the General now looking over his shoulder at the cadet. Sephiroth turned to me briefly, quirking a brow.

"He attempts to participate… And he apologizes?" He smirked, as I let out a snort in spite of my own desires still burning through my blood. Cloud's cheeks just about flared as he gave an indignant scowl. Sephiroth's eyes glittered once again with a dark amusement, and he exchanged a message within that gaze that even I couldn't misunderstand. Basically, Cloud was in for it.

"Well you can't expect to… to do that, and then think that I'm not at least going to want to touch you for crying out loud," The blonde muttered, as I felt Sephiroth pry my legs from his waist and lower me to the ground with a teasing press of his lips against my chin, biting slightly, before flashing his eyes in a pre-warning to what he was about to do. In a fluid motion, he grabbed Cloud's hands, which were still pressed against his chest, drawing a startled gasp from the blonde, before stooping and pulling the blonde overhis shoulder. Cloud snorted with surprised laughter, before spluttering as Sephiroth gave him a firm slap over the ass.

"Zack…?" Cloud called out sheepishly, his head still tucked between Sephiroth's arm and side, as I wiped at my slightly sweating brow. Were we really going ahead with this shit? I mean, really? Seemed the only one who wasn't in the least bit nervous was Sephiroth. I guess that made sense in a way though, considering he didn't really have all that much experience in 'normality' when it came to this kind of thing. To him, this was all perfectly reasonable, and not in the least bit… strange…

"Yeah?" I replied slowly, as Cloud attempted to raise his head from its leathery trap. He was awarded with another sharp tap on the rump from Sephiroth, who smirked deviously.

"Never mind," Cloud replied quietly, blushing to the tips of his ears, as he let out a giddy giggle. Heck, if Cloud was getting into it, there was no need for me to feel unsettled, right? First date spent together or not, albeit the weird circumstances, here we were… feelings admitted, and about as turned on as dogs in heat, so…

I settled a suggestive gaze on Sephiroth, whose smirk faltered slightly in response. I gave my best pout, and his smirk returned full force.

"Feeling left out?" He practically purred, leaning forward, tantalizingly close, his breath caressing my face in dizzying warmth. I reached my hand down to run fingers through blonde hair, as Cloud still dangled helplessly over Sephiroth's shoulder, before offering a coy smirk.

"I was just wondering if you were intending to steal Cloud off of me, is all," I murmured, as there was a deep breath from the blonde's lips. He nuzzled against my hand, the gesture seemingly uncontrolled, as Sephiroth gave a small smirk, placing his lips against my ear, almost crushing Cloud between us.

"You stole him first," He murmured teasingly, his tongue emerging to suck slightly on my earlobe, before he pulled back abruptly, leaving me practically yanking Cloud's hair from his head with frustration. What surprised both Sephiroth and I was the low moan that reverberated through the blonde's body at the notion. Sephiroth's eyes flared with the barely concealed lust I felt growing in my own as we exchanged another heated gaze.

"You kinky little minx," Sephiroth murmured, as Cloud let out another indignant snort.

"You know, that's meant to be an insult," He replied haughtily, being silenced once again, by a slap to the rump. He muffled another moan, and I bit back a coy smirk. For some reason, this didn't feel awkward any more. It was just like it had always been, in a way. We were all friends, and even though Cloud hadn't been with us for as long, he still seemed to fit so… naturally… Admittedly, if Sephiroth wasn't as teasing and flirty as he was this may very well have remained awkward. As it was, however, it was just plain fun. I guess what surprised me most though, was Cloud's eagerness regarding the whole thing. Sure, he was a teenager and full of hormonal urges, but was he ready for this kind of thing? I frowned slightly as Sephiroth carried Cloud to the General's bedroom, the blonde flailing against him, giggling bashfully as Sephiroth murmured something to him that I couldn't quite hear.

I hesitated for a few moments, well aware of what I was getting myself into, and suddenly a little thrown off by the idea. My mum and dad were two of the happiest people I knew. They didn't need anyone but each other. Did I need more than Cloud? Well fuck, what made me put Cloud first? Wasn't it Sephiroth that I'd been in love with for as long as I could remember? Then okay, Cloud and I could just be friends, right? Did I need more than Sephiroth? My head span slightly.

"Too many questions…" I murmured out loud, before eventually resigning to my thoughts. I couldn't. I couldn't have just Cloud, and I couldn't have just Sephiroth. I wanted… needed them both. Besides, wasn't it me who suggested all of this to begin with? I bit back a little on the wave of unease sweeping over me, as I bravely crossed the final frontier and stepped through Sephiroth's bedroom door.

"Holy mother of Gaia…" I blurted, letting my eyes rake over the sight of Cloud pinned to the king sized bed by the wrists, as a curtain of silver hair hung around him, whilst Sephiroth straddled his hips. They both turned to look at me once I said it; Cloud with a bashful, but entirely too enticing smile, and Sephiroth with a wicked smirk. My breath caught in my throat, even as I forced a cocky grin. I was gay. We were the kinds of people that were meant to be able to flaunt themselves around at will. We were notorious for it.

"He looks good pinned to a bed, does he not?" Sephiroth remarked casually, as Cloud snorted at the remark, a goofy grin along his lips. Blondie was enjoying it, there was no doubt about that.

"Too many clothes," I remarked just as casually, hoping that I was doing as good of a job at being casual, as Sephiroth was. Cloud's eyes went wide at this, and this only seemed to encourage Sephiroth more, who undid the button from the blonde's pants and yanked them clear off in a fluid motion.

"Uck…" Sephiroth rolled his eyes teasingly rolling his eyes, "He wears underwear."

"I have to," Cloud huffed, "You've had training before. It's too… bouncy otherwise."

Cloud was playing it cool, but I could see the goose bumps along his legs already, as well as the bulge he was packing in his y-fronts. Sephiroth was working on unbuttoning Cloud's shirt then, taking care to continue pinning him down with a hand as he did so, but it looked as if he were struggling. I realised then that it was, effectively, my cue. I sucked in a breath and shuffled over to the bed, taking Cloud's wrists and holding them down, as he looked up at me, blushing with a mix of apparent arousal and bashfulness. I decided to hell with logical thought, and acted on instinct. Seph had managed to unbutton Cloud's shirt, so I leant down and held Cloud's eyes, slowly closing my own as I pressed my lips against his. I guess I expected him to be as bashful as he was with most things, but instead, he practically shoved his tongue into my mouth and sucked on my tongue within seconds. I smirked against his lips, and he let out a teasing laugh mid kiss. It was cut off with a groan from his mouth, and I looked up to see Sephiroth sliding his hand down the front of Cloud's underwear. I nearly swallowed my tonsils at the sight, until Cloud had boldly stuck his hand out and grabbed a handful of my own growing problem. I sucked in a breath, and Sephiroth smirked coyly.

"He's quite the tease, it seems," He remarked, as Cloud broke our sloppy kiss to turn his eyes to the silver haired General.

"You talk too much," He grinned, before trailing a foot up against Sephiroth's crotch. I almost laughed at the expression on Seph's face, as his mouth dropped slightly, before his expression of surprise turned into something a little more wanton, his fingers stilling on Cloud's skin as he pushed against the blonde's coaxing foot with growing appreciation.

Sephiroth's lips curled into a smirk, as he opened glowing eyes to face me and beckoned with his head for me to lean over. I did so with a half dazed awe of what was really going on, before he grabbed the back of my head and yanked me over the closing distance to kiss me hard. I was so out of it, I almost didn't notice Cloud's tugging on my pants. The only thing that drew my attention to the fact was Cloud's little curse words as he fiddled with the button. Sephiroth smirked against my lips this time, before slowly pushing me to help the blonde. I did so, clambering off the bed momentarily, so I could slide out of my pants. It was no easy task, and my… frustration… didn't make it any easier. I had to bend down when my ankles got tangled up in my pants, but Sephiroth clucked his tongue disapprovingly.

"If you're going to do that, turn around," He drawled, a smirk still firmly along his lips. I raised a brow, before doing so, bending over slowly, and giving him a great little view of what I knew was a fine ass. I'd worked on it, after all. He let out a low rumble of approval, but I wasn't sure whether it was because of me, or the fact that Cloud had managed to free Sephiroth's own length from his leather pants and was now stroking it skin on sk- Holy shit Seph was big… I'd seen his junk a few times on missions, or in the shower, but not when he was… hard. I swallowed hard, as Seph leant his head back slightly, showing off all that long, lean, pale muscle, from his now bare chest (Cloud must have stripped him off whilst I was fiddling with my pants) to his long, muscled neck. He was stunning, as always.

I don't think I've ever slipped out of my underwear and kicked off my tangled pants quicker. Cloud turned and eyed me off with approval, as Sephiroth did the same.

"I…" Cloud faltered, seemingly stuck for words, "Maybe you should come back here…"

Sephiroth nodded, and I couldn't help but put in a little swagger as I headed back to the bed. I climbed up, and Sephiroth had a thoughtful expression. I moved to the side of Cloud's head, hoping he'd take a suggestion, even as his fingers reached out and timidly stroked my erection, and- holy fuck, he was good…

"Try this," Sephiroth said, lifting me with surprising ease, as I startled slightly. He'd grabbed me by the waist and plopped me over so I was now straddling the base of Cloud's neck. The blonde offered little more than a warning seductive smile, before his lips slipped over my length in a fluid motion. I couldn't help the groan, and I gripped so hard onto the blonde's arms that I thought I'd broken the skin. The weirdest thing was that Cloud seemed to like it. His face only showed pain for an instant, before a somewhat satisfied smirk crossed over his lips. No way. The supposedly innocent little bundle of love was a masochist of sorts. Cloud let out a long groan then, and I turned my head over my shoulder to see Sephiroth skillfully sliding his fingers into the blonde's entrance. I clenched my eyes and tried to ward off the spine tingle that little image gave me. I had stamina, but fuck this was so… new. And exciting, and freaking unbelievable… A thought then struck me however, and I tensed a little.

"Cloud, have you… have you ever done this before?" I asked, and he smirked up at me, with his lips still firmly around my cock. I clenched my eyes again, as I took in the image. He slid me out though, and nodded.

"What's with everyone seeing me as the epitome of innocence? I've had experience, don't you wo-OH!" He cried, his head falling back on the pillows, as I turned to see Sephiroth smirking, now with two fingers deep inside the blonde. It seemed he'd found a particular sweet spot for the-

"Fuck!" I hissed, as Cloud's mouth slipped over me once again, his teeth dragging slightly, as I let out a small pant of exertion. He came on loose and flexible, but pulling back, he sucked a little tighter, and his fingers came up to toy with my balls.

I turned to look at Sephiroth, and his face was right by mine, his fingers still working the blonde, who was now offering little moans around my aching length. I clenched my eyes again, and Seph took the opportunity to press his lips against mine once more. He bit slightly on my lower lip, and my face twitched slightly with the effort of holding back the waves of pleasure that were seemingly threatening to overcome me. Cloud seemed to feel it, in one way or another, and was slowing his ministrations, but he still couldn't help the little moans of pleasure that Sephiroth was creating. Sephiroth's lips were incessant against mine, as he eased his tongue into my mouth and coaxed mine out to play. I did so very willingly. It was around about then that I felt Cloud's knees hitting against my back, and although I should have seen it coming, I still shuddered when Cloud let out a long groan. Simultaneously, Sephiroth let out an almost carnal growl in my mouth, obviously pleased with how tight Cloud had been upon entry. I too, couldn't help the shaky moan that fell from my lips. It kind of unsettled me, how hauntingly perfect that sound was; the three of us enraptured with pleasure. Cloud was kind of panting now, his lips keeping up their constant pleasuring of my own swollen member, and I trembled as Sephiroth moved against Cloud's hips, all three of us seemingly moving in a rippling effect, rolling along each other's skin as it happened.

"Fuck," Sephiroth huffed against my cheek, as he pulled from my lips, his teeth grinding together slightly. He seemed almost beyond coherent thought, as his tongue reached out, brushing along my throat, before sinking his teeth into it. I let out a louder cry than intended, and briefly, was concerned of the people outside in the hall hearing. Why Sephiroth would ever have an adjoining bedroom to his office, I never would know, but I was thanking Gaia for the convenience of the situation right now. Maybe next time we could do this in Sephiroth's quarters, and I could scream all the compliments in the world.

Cloud was looking up, as Sephiroth's hand gripped one side of my throat, his teeth gripping the other, as he pounded mercilessly into the blonde. Cloud gave a shudder, and I watched as he clenched his eyes. I felt a distinct wet feeling against my ass, and realised then that the blonde had reached climax first. He was biting down slightly, and although it was a little uncomfortable with two sets of teeth in me at the present time, I couldn't help but feel that pang of pleasure through it all. My skin was sweating and shaking with the effort, as Sephiroth pumped steadily harder, and Cloud's lips became tighter and more insistent. Sephiroth's teeth suddenly fell from my throat, and he all but roared as he came, one hand gripping Cloud's hips, as his other hand's fingers dug into my waist. I hissed, but Cloud let out another moan as Sephiroth filled him, and all hope was lost. I clenched my teeth against the shuddering cry threatening to overcome me, as I felt that all too familiar sensation through my entire core. I was silenced from any cries anyway, when Sephiroth tongue once again invaded my mouth, and I clutched Cloud's hair automatically, pumping his slick mouth up and down over me, riding out my climax as it hit full blast. I heard a faint splutter from the blonde, but couldn't even manage to raise a little guilt in my head for almost choking the poor kid. To my surprise though, he swallowed everything down, save for a few drops he'd unintentionally spit out from shock. By the time I'd finished, Sephiroth had pulled out from the blonde and moved to his chest, licking the few drops off my chest. I'd momentarily thought I was going to die for a few moments there, I'd held my breath so fiercely. I shuddered with the residual pleasure, as did Cloud beneath me, but Sephiroth looked almost composed, save for his still greened eyes and sharp breath.

"Mrrrmmmfff…" Cloud blubbered incoherently, as he rolled underneath me and buried his head into a pillow. Sephiroth smirked, as he reached up to brush a hand along my exposed chest.

"I think he means we made a good choice," Seph murmured against my chest, as he leant to press his lips against it. Cloud merely nodded. I rolled off the blonde to lay on my back, and both Cloud and Sephiroth turned to look at me. Cloud's cheeks were flushed from pleasure, but his eyes were obviously drowsy, and even Sephiroth was stifling a yawn behind his fingers. It was then I'd realised he'd left his gloves on the entire time. I looked at them meaningfully, and he smirked deviously.

"I like them," Cloud murmured through his pillow, where he had returned his head. I nodded my approval also, and Sephiroth calmly pulled a blanket over the two of us, before hastily getting dressed.

"You're leaving so soon?" Cloud huffed, turning his head to face the General, who was tugging on those tight leather pants.

"Fuckin' meeting," He laughed, "Was meant to be there twenty minutes ago. Shinra'll be hysterical."

Clouds then sat bolt upright, his eyes wide open as he let out a curse of his own.

"I have classes!" He cried, "Shit!"

Seems I was the only one who hadn't neglected duty for mind blowing threesome sex.

"You can sleep here," Sephiroth said, as if reading my mind, bending over to nip lightly at my nose. It was a strange gesture, but I found it endearing none the less, especially since he wasn't fully dressed yet, and Cloud was struggling to pull on his uniform.

I yawned and slid under the covers further, stretching out across the bed, and Cloud leant over to give both Sephiroth and I a shy peck on the lips, and a cheeky grin, before waving manically and running out the door.

"I could have excused him from classes," Sephiroth sighed, pulling his boots back on, and sitting on the bed to do so.

"He tries real hard to be good at school and the likes," I shrugged, feeling a little strange at how casual everything seemed to be. I'd just had sex with my best friend and the object of my desires. Well, they were both the objects of my desire. Well… They were also both my best friends… Technically, it wasn't sex on my behalf anyway, except for the oral kind, but…

"This should feel strange," I remarked out loud, and Seph turned to face me, a curtain of silver locks falling across his shoulder as he did so.

"No," He smiled, softer than I'd expected, "It should feel normal."

I smiled a little to myself, turning my gaze from his.

"It does…" I agreed, "I guess it's something I need to get used to."

"I don't know about you," He murmured, leaning down to press his lips against my ear, "But I could get used to this very quickly…."

I rolled my eyes, even as he nibbled at my lobe.

"Sleep," He said firmly, "I want you feeling refreshed for tonight."

"Tonight?" I frowned, and he nodded.

"I suppose you and I should go on a date," He smirked teasingly, as he grabbed his coat and headed for the door, "I'll be back at six."

I nodded, as he slid out the door and left me in the darkened room. I barely had time to try and comprehend everything that had just blown my freaking mind, before I felt my eyelids getting heavy, and I drifted off to sleep.

Life was weird. But so far, I liked it.

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