Chapter One: Absoling Around

Dino Faris is a normal teenager: he goes to school, parties hard, sleeps harder, and has angst like any other person his age. But sixteen-year-old brown haired Dino has something else, an Absol. This white dog like creature that cynical and slim Dino is appreciative of, yet can't help be amazed by it.

On this particular dewy morning, Dino Faris is in his house, his kitchen to be precise. And while Dino lives in Kanto, he has never seen himself as your typical boy from Viridian City. True, he still lives at home, but his parents are off roaming. Johto perhaps, or it could be Orange Archipelago nowadays. Who knows; they don't have Facebook. And if they did, they wouldn't update their status enough to clue in young Dino about their location, even if they could do it through their PokéNav. Besides, they're off being youthful, while their two sons live at home. And of course Dino and his brother Ebo are being good kids. No parties at all...

Well, that may not be true. But that's beside the point. For Dino and Ebo's partying antics aren't necessary. For at the moment, Dino is leaning against a bench in his kitchen, looking at his male Absol, who is sitting on an opposing bench top.

"You realise you're head isn't symmetrical." Dino remarks to his Absol. "Do you have any idea how weird that is? Like, name one creature that isn't generally symmetrical."

His Absol stares at him, cutely, but somewhat confused: "Absol..?"

"Yeah sure, Kingler, but apart from them, what else is there?" Dino responds to his Absol.

But his Absol is still confused. For his Absol was as confused as a Pokémon who just got told something by his trainer that he didn't understand. In fact, it was exactly like that.

"Absol… Absol, Absol?" Absol responds.

Dino laughs at his Absol's reaction: "Yeah, I get it: Absol, Absol, Absol. You need some new material."

But this wasn't what was on Dino's mind. He had much larger issues. You see, for the last couple of weeks, Dino had really started wanting the ladies. While many teenagers like him might be well into their journey as a Pokémon trainer, or even on their way to be a Pokémon researcher. Dino wanted none of this. Dino never really wanted anything heavily involved with Pokémon, as Dino merely saw Pokémon as creatures that inhabit this world, and wasn't anything he really wanted to get in to. So Dino just lived with his Absol, not quite understanding why so many people went off to become Pokémon trainers, hoping to eventually become Pokémon masters. But if Dino knew that ladies swoon to Pokémon trainers, and especially Pokémon masters, he might just have a change of heart. But he didn't. So that was that.

What Dino did know however concerned Absol, and more specifically, it's apparent rarity. You see, moments after his discussion with Absol in the kitchen, Dino went outside to retrieve the mail a mail-Pidgey had just dropped on the driveway. He decided now was the best time to inquire about Absol.

"You know… You're the only Absol I've ever seen." Dino remarks to his Absol - who is walking alongside him. "I mean, I haven't even seen Absols on television. There's none on 'Everybody Loves Riolu', not even a mention on 'Two and a Half Grovyle'."

But of course, Absol responded the way he always did, with a couple of 'Absols'. True, with varying emotion and tone in each 'Absol', but all the same to Dino. Perhaps if Dino spent more time with his Absol - who was an amazing gift from his Grandmother - he would fully understand his Absol. But this proud Absol seemed fine and hey, at least it gave Dino someone to talk to. It also makes the story considerably more interesting. So win-win.

However, as Dino reached down and picked up the mail, he noticed something, or to be more exact, someone. And this someone looked good. Looking up, Dino noticed that this was in fact a girl, an attractive girl about the same age as he. But even more surprising than her beauty, was the fact that walking so elegantly beside her, was an Absol. An Absol with a glistening coat, sparkling eyes, and a cute, pink ribbon tied around its sickle-shaped growth on its head.

Ugggh.... sickle-shaped growth? Lets call that something else. Lets call that a taft.

So on this Absol's taft, was a pretty pink ribbon. All of this not only amazed Dino, but his Absol was suddenly very attentive too. After all, how many Absol's are in Kanto? Let alone Viridian City.

"Absol… Dude…" Dino muses to his Absol in amazement. "That's like us. In girl version…. Do we really look that cool when we walk together?"

"Absol….!" Absol murmurs in response, still amazed by this walking beauty.

"She is totally mine…" Dino proclaims.


"Fine, Fine…." Dino reluctantly responds. "I'll paper-scissors-rock you for her. Wait… what? You're the Pokémon! I get first shot. Sorry buddy… but that's how it is"


A now upset Absol groans at Dino, making innocent noises in its throat. Dino stares at his Absol, and for the first time in years, he feels for it. For Dino has just realised that even with his recent lust for ladies, his Absol hasn't even seen another Absol in years. Staring down at his Absol, Dino feels for it, as slight tears come to his eyes.

But then again, Dino still wants a lady. So he may as well get something from his Absol's yearning.

After some quick scheming, Dino devises a plan. Whispering into the ear of his Absol, he tells him his plan. And Absol sure is happy. So with a ruffle of his Absol hair, and a stroke of its taft, Dino sends it on his way. It runs straight towards the girl, and more importantly: her Absol.

But what for? And what is Dino's plan? Will he ever get a girl? You'll just have to wait and see...

To be continued.....