Summary: What happens when countries attend Big Brother? Totally crack. But there will be angst, I'll promise.

Rating: T (for Iggy's language ;3)

Pairings: In near future: Russia/China, US/UK, France/Canada, Prussia/Lithuania, Greece/Japan, Germany/Italy

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Big Brother: Prologue

It was World Conference, and every country was sitting at their seats, waiting for one country to arrive. Then, finally, the door slammed open, and Alfred F Jones crashed to the meeting room, smiling.

"Hey everybody, I have something grea-" "You're late, you bloody git!" Arthur interrupted Alfred and sipped angrily his tea.

"Eh? Oh, I'm sorry, but listen!" Everybody sighed. "You know the program called Big Brother, right?"

"No, I don't", Yao stated bluntly, and Ivan nodded as well. Alfred frowned, but fastly regained his energy.

"Well, it's a TV-show were few people are put to a house for 3 months, and during that time, they will only see themselves, and only outside voice they'll hear, is Big Brother's."

"That sounds stupid aru", Yao said frowning.

"Aw, don't be so boring! It's fun, you know! And what's even funnier, the productor of the show asked us to make our own Big Brother!"

Arthur coughed and almost choked on the tea, but Francis slammed his back to get him breath again.

"Us?! *cough* N-Never! To spend three months with you!? No bloody hell!" Arthur almost screamed, flushed.

"I already accepted!" Alfred grinned and didn't notice all the frowns, groans and angry looks he got.

"OK, I'll say the names of the 14 who will attend the show..." Alfred continued and picked a crumpled paper from his pocket."Me, Arthur, Francis, Yao, Ivan, Toris, Im Yong, Kiku, Heracles, Ludwig, Gilbert, Matthew –whoever he is, Feliciano and Tino."

"Why me aru?" Yao whined, and dodged grinning Im Yong, who tried to hug him.

"This will surely be fun~" Francis hummed and winked at Matthew, who blushed and shivered.

Yao, who was running away from Im Yong, screamed that he didn't want to share a house with Im Yong. Toris glanced at smiling Ivan, and shivered. Excited Gilbert and Feliciano almost drove Ludwig mad, and the stern looking nation wondered if he would survive alive...

"And then, no one will be voted out! Isn't that great?" Alfred said and grinned.

Arthur frowned. The coming three months would be his worst months ever.

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