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Big Brother: Day 5

10:00am ROOM C

"You're stupid!"

"Nah, I'm not."

"Yes, you most definitely are. A sane person wouldn't say those things to Russia. Hell, Gilbert, don't you ever think?"

"I was drunk, West!"

"I thought you said you never get drunk."

"Yeah, from beer. It was vodka. Vodka is not good for my beautiful skin."

Ludwig and Gilbert were sitting on Gilbert's bed, and Ludwig was examining the albino's head for possible injuries.

"Ah, I see you're still drunk. But you should probably apologize to him."

"..Yeah. But it doesn't mean I'd like him! You remember what he did to my awesome butt!"

"As long as I recall, he didn't to anything to your ass. But I understand what you mean.. kinda", Ludwig frowned to angry Gilbert.

Suddenly the door opened, and Feliciano stepped in. He carried some sandwiches and a bottle of milk.

"I brought you something to eat~!"

Gilbert frowned when he saw the food. He definitely didn't feel like eating right now (and that had nothing to do with hangover, since awesome Gilbert of Prussia never has hangovers). But being as cool as he was, he didn't want let Feliciano down, he accepted the food, smiling widely.

10:00am ROOM D

Canada was angry, And irritated. And most of all embarazzed. He sould have known that putting Francis and Heracles into same bed would never do well. This was already the second time they were.. well, making out.

Matthew had played sleeping, since they were clearly trying to be silent, so that they wouldn't wake him up. But they were still loud. Matthew wondered if others could hear them too. And he was also jealous. But he wouldn't show it. Though nobody would notice it, anyway. And that was the the other thing to be angry about. That damned Alfred always shadowed him! But today, he would put an end to it. He didn't stilkl know how, thou..

"Ugh.. Matthieu, what's the time?" Francis suddenly growled under the covers, giving Matthew almost heart attack.

"A-a little over ten", Matthew sighed, completely hiding his feeling. Francis mumbled something that Matthew didn't really catch. Maybe aomething how hard the Grecian had fucked him. Matthew shook his head, trying to forget last night. And then it hit him, like a blot from clear sky! The masteridea of how to make everybody notice him. Well, it wasn't the best idea one could get, and he didn't know if it would even actually work, but it was the best idea he could get right now. Now he needed to see Big Brother secretly..

3:00pm ROOM B

The door slammed close, and Toris and Tino sighed. It had took them about a half hour to manage to get Ivan out of the room. Only after saying that he should probably want to meet Yao (and that Yao maybe wanted to see him too), Ivan had rushed away.

Now Toris lied back on their bed and watched at the ceiling. Tino glanced at the brunette.

"You wanted to talk about something?" Tino asked and Toris nodded.

"Do you love someone?" "Eh? W-what do you mean?" Tino tried to laugh, but it was weak attempt. Toris bounced up to sitting position, blushing and wiggling his hands around, trying to explain. "I-I-I m-mean.. i'm sorry! I shouldn't have a-asked! I... I just.. you know.. I .. hehehe..." Toris grinned nervously, making Tino smile widely.

"It's about Gilbert, right?"

".." Toris blushed, and tried to hid it with a wobby smile.

"You want to know what he feels for you?"

"No! I don't even know my own feelings! Y-you know, it can only be respect. You heard what he said toIvan on the first day! And he was first friend I got here."

"What 'bout me?" Tino asked trying to act hurted, but the smile on his eyes betrayed him.

"You were my friend already! Toris said, laughing with Tino. "But.. what I'm trying to say is.. well.. actually.. I don't know."

"..well, you want to know if your feeling towards Gilbert is.. you know.." "And if I.. *cough*love*cough* him..." Toris blushed maddly and couldn't continue. He normally never speaked thing like this.

"You want to know if he loves you too", Tino finished the sentence. Toris nodded.



"C-can you help me to find out? I'I mean, you don't have to! But.."

"Of course! You're my friend, and I alway help my friends!" Tino grinned.

"T-thank you so much, Tino!" Toris said happily and sighed in relief. And then, suddenly he did something he couldn't never even think of doing: he hugged Tino.

When Tino felt Toris' body so close to his.. it brought back memory... a memory Tino had hid deeply in his soul: the only time he had hugged Tino.. Tino gasped, and pushed Toris so fiercely away, that the brunette fell to his back. Shocked Toris got slowly up, and looked at Tino, who was wearing strange expression.

"I-I'm sorry.. I shoulsn't have..." Toris whispered. Tino shook his head, closing his eyes, and tried to fade the memory away.

"It's okay.. I need beer", Tino said plainly, and stood up, walking away, and leaving Toris sitting and looking worriedly at Tino, who closed the doot silently behind him.

Toris closed his eayes, and rubbed his temples. Tino had sure acted strange.. But Toris wouldnt' make him talk; if Tino didn't want to tell, Toris didn't want to force him. He could wait. And now he had more important thing to think of.. like his own feelings.

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