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He had been at catering when he heard it; it wasn't like anyone told him because no one told him things anymore. Oh but he found out, he always did… and this time it had only taken him a lone walk to the beverage table to know… to find about it through whispers and hushed voices.

Jeff was back.

He didn't carry on with it, but his first impulse after hearing the news had been to grab by the shoulders the source of that dreadful information and spin him around so that he could look at him dead in the eye and then demand an explanation. Jeff just couldn't be back.

Not to his show, not while he was there…

And definitely not after he had gone through trials and tribulation to get rid of him and everything he represented. But instead of asking about it, he silently turned on his heels and began the journey of finding where the younger Hardy was by himself.

He wanted to see him with his own eyes…

So sucking into his mouth the ring that adorned his lower lip, the raven haired superstar walked out of catering and to the corridors. Once out there he walked around, looking into every locker room he could find on his way, on every dark corner that gave end to the intricate hallways and even out in the parking lot.

But his entire search was in vain, he couldn't find Jeff anywhere in the building and he was starting to believe he had heard wrong; either that or the ones who were whispering about it had done so to play him like a fool. After all, everyone and their mothers knew that there was bad blood between the two men and… well, he was not one of the favorites backstage while Jeff was loved beyond the limit of comprehension.

It was ridiculous.

The rational part of him told him that he should forget about the Hardy and go on with his life as he always did; after all, if he was indeed back, chances were that he was just visiting those enablers that he called friends, that he would be gone before he could lay eyes on him.

But he could not just forget about it, he could not miss his chance to see him slip through his fingers and that need that was now bordering into obsession kept him walking aimlessly through the backstage area.

He walked and he walked, passing by people who sneered at him until it all came to him, realization hitting him hard like a blow to the gut. He laughed out loud at how he didn't think about that first.

So with a clear idea of where he was going now, he turned around and made his way to the utility room, his long steps eating the way until he was in front of the door.

He didn't waste time in opening it.

It was a dark room, but he had no problem spotting him, he was sitting on top of a huge black lighting case, holding a notebook onto his lap as his emerald colored eyes fixed on him with contained anger.

The utility room had always been a favorite of his…

"So the rumors were true, baby Hardy is back" He closed the door behind him and rested his back against it, scanning with his eyes the older man.

"What do you want Punk?" Jeff spat in his southern accent.

"I want to know why are you back, I thought it was clear enough that you were never to come back to my show"

Jeff raised an eyebrow and looked at him for a few seconds, then he went back to scribble into his notebook, ignoring the black haired completely.

"Hey, I'm talking to you… or are you too stoned to understand? In that case I'm going to talk real slowly, why are you back?"

Jeff snorted but didn't look up once, Phil would have believed his comment didn't bother him but the way he stopped writing and just remained sitting there while staring to the pages told him the contrary.

Jeff… he might be an enigma an all, but Phil had found a way to crack the code… it was the small things that told him everything and what he told him with that gesture was that the theme did bothered him.

"Oh I get it, the lawyer told you not to talk about it, right? But let me tell you…"

"Cut it already Punk, I didn't come back here to listen to your crap, so why don't you turn around and leave me alone"

Phil grinned, crossing his arms up to his chest while his eyes drank on him, he had never been able to will his eyes off of him for long, and in that darkened room he took in his appearance meticulously, to the clothes he was wearing to the way his multicolored hair was pulled at the back of his head. "Leave you alone? You come back to my show and you want me to leave you alone?"

Jeff was back to writing and that Phil took a few steps in his direction. "I'm talking to you" He closed the distance and because Jeff was not giving any indication to care, he reached for the notebook and threw it away.

"What's your problem man?" Jeff asked while getting off his sitting place, but instead of going after his notebook he shoved Phil away, making him go back a few steps.

Phil regained his balance and pushed Jeff as hard as he could, making him stumble and hit his back against the big case. "You are my problem Hardy"

Jeff laughed bitterly, reaching for his back to rub at it. "I am? You are the one that came here running your mouth like you always do, isn't enough what you already did to me, you ruined my career, my life and even after all you still want a go at me?"

"I didn't ruin anything for you, if your life crumbled all around you is because of you, because of your vices and your weakness"

Jeff's eyes darkened and his lips pursed as he tried to walk away. But Phil was not having any of that; he was not finished with him so he pushed him back against a wall, blocking his way so that he would not escape.

"What's the matter? Are you upset because you know I'm telling the truth or because you proved the entire world that I was right about you?"

"You know nothing about me so don't…"

"That's where you are wrong, I know everything about you, I know about your little pills and how you swallow them down one after another… hell, I think everybody knows about that now, uh? Congratulations"

Jeff went to push Phil away but he was blocked, instead, Phil cornered him and pushed him even more against the wall, giving him no escape.

"Fuck you" Jeff spat in anger. "You think you are better than anyone just because you are stupid straight edge? Big fucking deal! You are not better than anyone; you are just a pathetic loser that takes pleasure in putting people down just so you can look good. But guess what, I might be whatever you say I am but everything I achieved in this company I did it by earning it, not by stealing"

"Oh and you are saying I didn't, I earn every…"

"Come on, everyone knows you stole the title away from me, just like you stole it from Edge"

"That's bullshit and you know it; I earn my right to cash in wherever, whenever I wanted… you would have done the same thing"

"I wouldn't, I might not be straight edge and it's true that I have fallen too many times along the way, but I have something that you will never have and that's courage"

Phil's hand went to grab Jeff's throat, holding his head in place.

Jeff chuckled. "What, now you want to hit me? Do it! What is a broken body to me?"

Phil leaned closer into Jeff, his body pressing hard against the other man's like they had done many a time in the ring. "Yes, what is a broken body when you have all those pills to help ease the pain… is that what you want, an excuse to drugged yourself?"

"You are out of your mind" Jeff whispered as Phil's hold on him grew tighter, and even when he was not in the best position, his eyes were piercing bravely into Phil's olive orbs. "You keep tormenting me even after taking everything from me! What else do you want from me?"

Phil grinned, closing the distance that separated their faces until there was not space between them. It was an impulse, and impulse that made him punish the man against the wall by pressing his lips hard against his.

For a moment he did just that, pressing lips against lips; but then the Hardy boy grabbed him by the edge of his shirt and pushed him back… but he did it without breaking away, just pushing him back until Phil was the one pushed against a wall.

The Chicago native gasped at the impact and grabbed at Jeff's hair to push his head away. It was not difficult and the oldest man lips separated from his with ease, and once their lips were not touching they both stared into each other's greens for a while.

Then, before either of them could speak a word, Phil spun Jeff around and against the wall, reclaiming those lips once again and going a bit further by pushing his tongue past his lips.

He was not going to lie, he had always been oddly drawn to Jeff Hardy… it wasn't like he was into guys or anything, but there was something about Jeff that always got his attention.

Was it his lovely green eyes or that shy smile of his? Could it be his graceful movements or the way he was such a free spirit? He had no idea what it was, and not knowing why he was feeling like that had prompted him to feel angry about it, with him.

His solution had been getting rid of him for good. If only that would have worked…

Now he had gone to a point where he had lost his mind… he must have because he was kissing him, his tongue exploring the sweet cave of his mouth as Jeff's own tongue moved against his.

It felt surreal and part of his brain was screaming at him to stop the nonsense once and for all, but he didn't want to; the way Jeff felt under his mercy, the way he was kissing him back while their bodies pressed together felt too exquisite to give up just yet.

So he kept his lips on him, amazed that he was not being pushed away.

In fact he was being pulled in as Jeff's lean fingers grabbed the back of his head so that the kiss could go deeper and more intimate, blurring the line of enmity.

But Phil didn't want the line to be blurred and he didn't want Jeff to know that he affected him so, so he pulled away, his eyes resting on the other man's tormented ones as his breath came through his lips in short puffs.

He could end this by saying some kind of witty remark that would put the other man to shame… but the way Jeff's eyes looked at him expectantly prevented him to do such a thing.

"Take off your shirt" He commanded in his raspy voice. For a moment Jeff just stared at him, but then he did as he was told and before Phil could think on what to do next the Hardy reached to take his as well.

He let him do it, watching with hungry eyes as Jeff face got nearer to him until his lips found a nice spot on his neck to rest upon. He kissed him there, his teeth pulling and his tongue lapping at the sensitive skin.

It was insane and not what he had expected for the night.

Already lost in the moment, Phil grabbed Jeff by the neck and forced his head up so that he could kiss him again, devouring his mouth while Jeff's hand slid down his naked back and to his wrestling trunks. Once his hands were strategically placed there, Jeff pulled Phil's lower body to him until his erection was pressed unashamedly against his.

Phil was very aware of what was happening down below, he knew very well that everything was getting out of control; but at this point he was not thinking clearly and when Jeff's sneaky fingers pushed themselves beneath his wrestling gear to knead at his flesh without restrain, he knew he was not turning back.

Not until his body got what it wanted, perhaps what it had always wanted.

So with that in mind he pushed Jeff away, and placing his hand on top of his head he forced Jeff down to his knees. "Suck me"

"You are a fucking jerk, Punk" Jeff growled, but he did so as he pulled Punk's yellow trunks down until his cock was free and bobbling in front of his face.

Phil's eyes observed in a mix of apprehension and anticipation as Jeff took hold of him, his fingers running along his length, giving him a few stokes before taking him into his warm mouth.

Phil hissed, the sensation of having Jeff's tongue massaging his impossible hard cock while his fingers played with his balls overwhelming… it was clear that the little bitch had experience at that.

"You like that uh? How long you've been wanting to suck me like this?" Phil asked, his face flushed as Jeff combined stroking with sucking.

On the other hand, Jeff just looked up at him, his eyes, a clear darker shade shining as he found Phil's own eyes fixed on him. Jeff didn't respond with words, he just slid Phil's member deeper into his mouth until he took all of him in, sucking while his tongue ran in lazy circles along the underside of it.

Phil moaned, his fingers tangling into the colored hair, fucking Jeff's mouth by pushing himself deeper and deeper into the moist opening. The older man managed to keep on without chocking, but when his ministrations started to make Phil feel weak on the knees he was pushed away.

Phil blinked, trying to regain some composure as Jeff remained down on his knees with his pulsing dick between his fingers. "You look pretty down on your knees…"

"Fuck you" Jeff hissed while Phil pulled him up to his feet.

Phil smiled a crooked smile. "No, fuck you..." He once again attacked the man's lips, tasting himself as he kissed him furiously. Jeff gave into the kiss without restriction, pushing his hips into Phil's, the bulge in his pants wanting some attention.

But because Phil was not giving the attention that his hardened cock needed, Jeff grabbed the younger man's hand and brought it down to his crotch, rubbing it against him until Phil started to give a few tentative strokes through the fabric of his jeans.

Jeff gasped into Phil's mouth before the later pulled away. "You want me to touch you?"

"Yes…" Jeff moaned as Phil felt him up, his fingers running up and down his length until reaching for his belt, unbuckling it so he could go for the button and the zipper of his jeans.

"You want me to fuck you?" He whispered against Jeff ear while his fingers slid down his jeans and past his boxers, taking a firm hold of the burning erection trapped there.

Jeff moaned again, his hips pushing forward as Phil stoked him. "Yeah…"

"Yes what Hardy?" He asked taking the multicolored haired's dick out of its restrain so he could pressed it against him, taking in his hand both their cocks and rubbing them together.

"Yes… I want you to fuck me" He responded with a tingle of anger in his voice… but the anger was overshadowed by lust, and no matter that the lust that overtook them was born out of despise, it was lust and they were willing to act on it.

Phil grinned, running his tongue over his lip ring as he pushed Jeff's pants down his legs and out of his way, leaving Jeff in nothing but the stupid Hardy pendant he always had around his neck.

"Turn around" He commanded and Jeff obeyed. Once Hardy's back was to him he lifted one of his legs and positioned himself in place, moistening his cock with some spit.

Now, Phil had never done this with a man but he was guided by instinct and a burning desire, so without further preparation, he made Jeff lean a bit forward and grabbed him by the hips, then without any further preparation he pushed the tip of his cock into Jeff's tight entrance.

He waited like this for a brief moment, feeling his cock throbbing in need, wanting to be treated… then, not wanting to wait anymore he forced himself all the way in, making Jeff's groans turned into a yelp.

"You fucking jerk" He gasped, pressing his forehead against the wall in front of him.

Phil resisted the urge to apologize; this was Jeff Hardy after all. So instead of apologizing for the abrupt intrusion, he retreated almost all the way and then pushed back again, letting out some moaning of his own as the sensation of Jeff's tight ass taking him all in send shivers all through his body.

"God… you feel fucking amazing" Phil said repeating the motion over and over again. "Don't you love it?"

Jeff only gasped as a response; he was still pressing his head against the wall.

He ran a finger up Jeff's spine, watching as he arched under his touch. "You make for a nice little bitch"

"Screw you Punk" Jeff said trying to pull away, but before he could do it, Phil grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back, slamming even harder into him. "Oh fuck…"

"That's it… you love it uh? You love having my cock in you, don't you Hardy?" Phil breathed out he slammed against Jeff, his eyes focused on the way he slid in and out of him. "Tell me"

Jeff gasped as Phil fucked him, his fingers running along his back, his neck, his hair… touching him all over while his hips kept grinding against him.

"Yes… Phil… just don't stop" Jeff moaned, the way he purred his name making Phil's control to alter into a frenzy.

He increased his pace, reaching down to wrap his fingers around Jeff's hard cock… giving it the attention it so desperately needed. He was close, Jeff was so fucking tight… and the way he was moaning and pushing against him was all too much.

He was so very close…

"Fuck… oh don't… I'm gonna cum" Jeff whined, and not long before he finished the sentence Phil felt him jerk and shiver, and before he could take all this new experience in Jeff spurred into his hand, moaning and gasping as Phil stroked him.

The sight of Jeff cumming while he fucked him was a whole new experience, the feeling of the oldest man's cock twitching and filling his hand with his sticky fluid oddly pleasant… it was too much and Phil had to close his eyes and throw his head back, letting sensation wash through him.

Not long after that, Phil felt his own release approaching, so with a groan he grabbed Jeff by the hips and slammed hard as he could take him, and as he was buried deep inside his cock gave away all his seed, marking Jeff as his own.

He moaned, his hips giving a few more trust until his body could give no more, and only until then he pulled away from Jeff.

That had been something of another kind; his body was exhausted and his breathing labored, and while he waited for his heart to go back to normal he reached for Jeff shirt and wiped the cum off his hand, then he went to clean his dick with it.

"You stupid asshole, that's the only shirt I have"

Phil's eyes moved to Jeff's, for a while he just stared at him, then he shrugged and pulled his trunks up to cover himself. "Ask your brother for another one, I don't care" With that he threw the shirt back to him.

"And I'm supposed to walk out of here without a shirt?" He spat angrily as he started to get dressed as well.

Phil took his own shirt and walked to towards Jeff, once he was close enough he kissed him hard, his tongue finding its way in once again as Jeff responded to him… once again.

But before the kiss could go on for much longer, Phil pushed away and shoved his shirt into Jeff's chest. "Here" With that he turned away and walked to the door, but before he could go out Jeff called him.

"Hey Punk"

Phil turned around and sent a glare to his direction. "What?"

"What happened here, stays here… and by the way, I still hate you"

Phil snorted and turned around, opening the door to walk out, but before doing so he gave the Hardy boy, the man he had driven out of business one last lingering glance. "Yeah… so do I"