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Pairing: NaruHina and others

Rating: M

Summary: Coming back from an easy C-Rank mission Hinata found an injured little boy. Only to see he was no ordinary boy but a fox demon! Not caring about the fox ears or tail Hinata took care of him till he felt better. Waking up to see a beautiful young woman taking care of him, the little fox demon was confused as to why she's taking care of him. Hinata just said she just wanted to take care of him, demon or not. After a week taking care of him, the demon became attached to Hinata. She reminded him too much like a mother. That's when he decided to always be with her, protecting her, and never let anything happen to her. She too became attached to the little demon that she really did see him like a son. That's when they became mother and son. But will this indanger Hinata from the enemies that wanted to capture the little demon? What will happen once Naruto comes back? With the little fox demon around will this bring Naruto and Hinata together? Hinata won't let anything happen to her son even if he's not her son by blood. What's this secret that the Hyuugas are hiding about her? What is her connection of to Kyuubi's mate the 8-Tailed demon fox? Not only does Hinata and the fox demon kit have to worry about the enemies but also the village itself! Will they make it alright in the end?

~A Demon Kit's Mother, The Heiress Kitsune~

~*Chapter 1: The Injured Demon Kit*~

'Run! I have to run!' He thought.

His tiny legs ached and he was tired. But he knew that he couldn't afforsd to stop. He just couldn't! If he does...they will catch! He can't afford to get caught.

'I have to run! Run as far away as I can! I can't allow them to catch me!' He thought determindly.

His ears sharpened and heard the whistle sound of a kunai heading toward him. Naturally he dodged but he never gotten to dodge the other kunai and shuriken. They all pierced his skin and went through it as well. He winced in pain but ignored them and ran for it again.

He knows that if he stops they will get him.

'I can't afford them to catch me! I will never go to them!! I have to run for it as fast as I can!' He thought. With that he immediately sped up in order to get away from those men in black cloaks and red clouds on it.


Team 8 were all walking back home to Konoha after finishing an easy C-Rank mission. It was rather easy mission but they never complained about it...ok maybe Kiba did but then stopped about it as his team-mates convinced him to stop. His team-mates and friends always over power him when it comes to quiet him down. All three were pratically like siblings to each other really. Ever since all the hardships and the friendship they had for each other, they started out as a family.

Hinata walked calmly as she walked back home. She really didn't want to go back to the Hyuuga compound but she knows that she has to. Even with her father finally started to see her along with her little sister finally seeing her like a big sister and her cousin treating her like a little sister, the Hyuuga elders along with the rest of the main house-hold just kept pressuring her. Not only that but they kept belittling her and still had those hateful and disgusting looks toward her.

She really doesn't know why they looked at her with those looks in their eyes. It was pratically the same looks that the villagers look toward Naruto 3 years ago before seeing him with more respect over the years. In fact, she noticed that the detest looks just increased and more intensified than they were a few years ago. Now that she has thought about it, her father had the same look till they finally changed after the Chuunnin Exams.

As she had those thoughts, she wondered that it was this reason why found herself so drawn to Naruto. They were pratically the same in more ways than one. They both wanted respect, acknowledgement, and love to the people they want them to see as them. Every time she asked her mother, when she was still alive, as to why do the Hyuuga main hous-hold look at her with those cold and hated eyes, she always look at her with sad eyes. Her mother always looked sad whenever she asked, that's why she stopped asking again.

Now, though, she really wanted to know the reason of their hatred toward her.

A sad sigh escaped her pink lips. Even after the hard work and changes she has been through her family, other than Hiashi, Hinabi, and Neji along with the rest of the Branch Hyuugas, they just never look at her or decrease their hatred toward her.

Kiba and Shino both looked at their team-mate and friend with sad looks. They were literally the only ones other than Neji from the Rookie 9 and Gai's team who knows about Hinata's daily life. Even about the hatred looks she gets from the Main Branch family. They too wanted what was the reason for this? How can anyone hate Hinata when she's too sweet and kind to even hurt a small ant!? Akamaru kind of knew the reason for their hatred from his sharp senses and hearing but decided not to tell. It was something for her to figure it out and her secret to be kept from others. She was definately like Naruto was the thought of the dog when he finally realized the secret from the Hyuugas.

As they made their way, Hinata spotted something behind a bush. She stopped walking as she looked toward the bush. This didn't go un-noticed from the rest of Team 8.

"What's wrong, Hinata?" Kiba asked with a curious look.

Snapping out of it, she looked back Kiba with a shy smile. "Oh nothing, you guys go on ahead. I have something to do for a bit. Don't worry about me, I'll be right back to village," Hinata said.

Kiba looked unsure about this but after Shino convincing his friend's worries even thought he too didn't like it, they both along with Akamaru left Hinata behind. After confirming that her team-mates were gone and on a safe distance away she immediately ran toward the bloody small body behind the bush. She was glad that neither Akamaru or Kiba scent the blood from the body.

Checking the small body's pulse she let out a relief sigh after confirming one. She carefully brought the body to her arms, the way that her mother had carried her years ago. The small body snuggled closer to her warmth. This brought out a smile for reasons that even she doesn't know why. Heading toward the cave she found with her Byakugan earlier was a slow and smooth walk.

During the walk she decided to look at the body she is now carrying in her arms. She noticed that it was a small child that looked about 6 or 7 years old boy. This made her worry even more and hopefully his injuries aren't too serious. Then what she also noticed was two fox ears sticking out where his ears were suppose to be and 3 tails sticking out on his behind. This caught her by surprise but being the sweet and kind hearted girl that she is, Hinata didn't care at all about that.

Truth be told she somehow loved foxes and not because they remind her of a blond knuckle head. She was somehow drawn to them as they were to her. This was a secret that only her and her mother know about. Not only that but she was the only one other than the Yondaime, whom she doesn't even know that, know that there must be a reason as to why Kyuubi attacked Konoha all those years ago. She just doesn't know why but she had this strong feeling that something happened as to why Kyuubi attacked her village.

Finishing those last thoughts she took another look to the kitsune. She knows for sure that this boy was a fox demon like the Kyuubi but...she didn't care. She also noticed that he has blue-black raven colored spiky hair with red streaks on it. His two fox ears were also blue-black raven color. The same goes with his 3 tails. It was something she has never seen before but she thought it suit him. He looked super adorable to her. She softly smiled at him.

Finally reaching her destination Hinata immediately set the boy down for awhile as she took off her lavender and gray jacket. She folded it like a pillow for the boy to rest on. Hinata carefully picked the boy up and set him carefully back down as his head rested on her jacket. Using the significant hand-signs, her hand glowed to lavender. That was another thing, for some reason her chakra always glow a lavender color instead the regular blue or green for medic jutsu.

Her medic skills aren't perfect but still strong enough than regular medic-nin's. As she scanned the boy's injuries she was relieved to see that none aren't too serious. From what she can tell was that he was attacked by a ninja or ninjas. She looked at him sadly, having an idea as to why he was attacked.

Hinata decided to get some rest since it was getting late and she was really tired. She decided to sleep next to the kit so she can keep a watch over him. As sleep came Hinata's last thoughts were, 'I sure hope he'll be alright. I better make sure that the village doesn't see him especially with those ears and tails,' Then sleep overcame her, not knowing the change of events will happen to her because of a certain demon fox.

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