~Invisible Bond~


~*Chapter 8: New Faces and...Ramen?*~

Echoing heavy footsteps were heard in the darkened room. Navy blue and sky-blue flames erupted from either side of the huge room, which illuminated the darkened figure's features. He stood tall as he walked calmly down the hall. He had unusual green hair, which was messy as it curled into slight spikes that started past half way from the left side of his head toward the right. His green hair reached almost half way down his neck with a small pony tail that reached four inches below his broad shoulders. Most of his green bangs covered his right eye as the rest of his bangs lightly brushed against his black eye-lashes to expose his white, black-slit eye. Two purple wolf-like claw scars were seen on his left cheek. On top of his head were two green wolf ears with lime green tips.

He wore a V collared gray shirt that tightened against his muscled chest and four pack abs. On top of his shirt was a small black, unzipped, shirt-jacket which exposed his muscled tan arms with red bandages wrapped around his wrists. Around his hips was a silver buckle with two green, black flamed guns attached from his brown gun-pouch. He wore black baggy pants with his clawed feet exposed. Behind him was his green wolf tail with lime green tips.

The fourteen year old wolf-boy walked to the room he was ordered to be with a blank expression. Everything was at stake for the report he was ordered to spy on. Not that he wanted to, but he didn't have a choice in the matter. He was too far gone into the darkness to get back to the light. This was his choice in order to...

He knocked on the door then walked in. His white slit eye surveyed the shadowed room with no interest. Stepping inside, he closed the door and walked to the opposite end where a shadowed being sat. His wolf-like eye landed upon two indigo slit eyes.

"What do you have to report?" The indigo slit eyes being asked.

"The kit is not their son after all, Volpes Umbre," The wolf-boy said.

"What? How is that possible? He looks too much like them," The indigo slit eyes being looked at the boy curiously, yet held a reproachful glare.

"Sciens...who knows, Umbre. From what I understand, even the boy doesn't know of his heritage. I only have a theory, but...it seems too impossible for it to be true. I need time and more accurate information to know why the boy looks the way he does, along with his strong daemon (demon) chakra," The wolf-boy said.

"Where is the boy as we speak?" The shadowed being asked.

"Right now he is with the Hyuuga Heiress from Konoha, Umbre," The wolf-boy answered.

Indigo slit eyes narrowed. "The Hyuuga Heiress? This will be more complicated than I realized. What is he doing with that...human?" The shadowed being asked, with a growl.

"I do not know. It seems that the humana (human) is completely different than those other homines (humans)," The green haired boy said.

"I see...you may go, pup. Have all the information you can gather about that kit," The shadowed being ordered.

The wolf-boy bowed with his cold emotionless mask intact. "As you wish, Umbre," He said, and silently left the room.


The green haired demon looked up to see a dirtied young girl. She held wavy black hair, which was slightly messy that looked to be small curled spikes. Her skin was soft creamy pale, but held bruises and scars on most of her delicate skin. Her black bangs reached near her long black lashes, but were parted up from the middle of her forehead to show a lavender crescent moon. She had wide, innocent, yet sad and sorrowed, red fox-slit eyes that enchanted many as it held orange-like flames around them. She wore a torn, dirtied blue shirt and black baggy pants. Around her arms held deep birth scars. She held two pointed elf-like ears behind her long black bang, which framed her heart-shaped face. Behind her was a black fox tail.

The seven year old demon girl ran toward the fourteen year old demon and glomped him with a sweet, innocent grin.

"You came back! I missed you, frater (brother)," The fox tailed girl said softly, as tears stained the older demon's clothes.

The green haired demon, Satsuriku, softened his eyes and bended down. He carefully and gently caressed younger demon's bruised cheek.

"Who did this to you, Caeli-chan?" Satsuriku asked, as his eyes slightly narrowed.

The red, fox-slit eyes girl blinked till her eyes darkened to blood red in sorrow. Her once happy fox tail drooped down to the floor. She bit her bottom lip, which was already split and bloody, and looked down with her black bangs shadowing her saddened eyes.

"N-nobody," Caeli stuttered a lie.

Satsuriku's eyes hardened, but let it go. He had a good idea who had done it. Unfortunately, he couldn't punish or kill them because that will cause her more grief, and that was the last thing he wanted to do.

With a tired sigh, he gently took the younger demon's delicate and dirty hand.

"Let's just go. You're probably tired, aren't you?" Satsuriku softly smiled.

Caeli brightened up. She let out a cute and innocent smile and nodded in agreement.


"Thank you so much for inviting us over, Kurenai-sensei," Hinata said, with a soft smile as she held onto Setsu's hand.

They had finished the dinner that Hinata made and it had gotten late. The Hyuuga Heiress and the demon kit now stood in front of Kurenai's front door to get ready to leave. Setsu, who held onto Hinata's soft hand, had been awfully more quiet than usual and this worried Hinata. She wanted to ask what was wrong, but knew it wasn't something she should push.

"It's no problem at all, Hinata-chan. It's nice to meet you Setsu-chan. Take care of Hinata-chan if anything happens to her, alright?" Kurenai smiled.

"Kurenai-sensei!" Hinata pouted, with an embarrassed blush.

Setsu blinked then looked into Kurenai's red eyes. He soon narrowed his eyes with determination and straightened up.

"Hai! I'll definitely protect Hinata-chan, dattebayo (believe it)!" Setsu said, as he slightly tightened Hinata's delicate hand.

Hinata's eyes widened, while Kurenai smiled warmly at the determined kit.

"I'll count on you to do that, Setsu-chan," Kurenai said, as she bended down and hugged Setsu. She then softly whispered something in his ears that made him look at her with uncertainly and slight fear, but nodded all the same with a weak smile.

"Well we better head home. I don't want the Elders getting suspicious," Hinata said.

Kurenai nodded. "I understand. Take care you two," Kurenai said, waving at them as they headed toward the Hyuuga Mansion.

"You too, Kurenai-sensei!" Hinata said with a warm smile.

"Bye Kurenai!" Setsu shouted with a grin.

Kurenai smiled as she watched her student and raven-blue, red streaked hair kit walk away. She knew there will be many difficult roads ahead of them. She can only hope they begin to realize the strong bond or...

She shook her head. 'Hopefully that won't happen to them. I've got the feeling that those two will be involved with something big. ...Something that I won't be able to stop,' Kurenai thought with a worried frown.

As Hinata and Setsu walked on their way toward the Hyuuga Resident, Setsu thought back on Kurenai's words she whispered...especially from earlier that afternoon.

"I think it is rather easy to know what you see in Hinata-chan, Setsu-chan. All of those feelings you feel for Hinata are all based on what any child would feel for their parents, Setsu-chan. What you feel...Setsu-chan is that you basically see Hinata-chan like your own mother,"

"I know you're pretty scared and frightened upon discovering those feelings toward Hinata-chan, but you shouldn't. It is normal for you since you have never been raised with your real mother, but you should really tell Hinata-chan about this. Don't be frightened of rejection, Setsu-chan. I think Hinata-chan may see you like a son without knowing it, just like you,"

'But what if you're wrong?' Setsu thought, as he bit his bottom lip. His shining azure eyes whirling with troubled emotions that plaguing with fear and doubt. 'Hinata-chan's is only 14...or 15 years old! How could she possibly see me like her own son? That is impossible! After all...who would ever see me other than a demon?'

Hinata looked down at the seven year old with worried eyes. "Is something wrong Setsu-chan?" Hinata asked.

Setsu blinked then looked up at Hinata's soft worried eyes. He suddenly felt guilty for making the Hyuuga Heiress worried, and gave her a grin while trying to hide his worries.

"I-I'm fine, H-Hinata-chan! Really! I-I'm j-j-just tired," Setsu lied, letting out a fake yawn.

Hinata bit her bottom lip. She could easily see it was a lie. "A-alright then, Setsu-chan. Let's go home. I don't want the Elders to see us sneaking in," Hinata said with soft smile.

Setsu nodded and looked down with guilty eyes. He hated lying to Hinata, but he wasn't ready to tell her about what she was feeling for her. This was all too foreign to him. He had never been raised with either parent and was on his own in the Demon world for as long as he could remember.

He could only hope that if he ever did get the courage to tell Hinata...then, hopefully, she wouldn't reject him and leave his life.


Three days have passed by since their visit with Kurenai. During those short days, they've spent most of their time out in the park, training ground, and spending their time with either Hiashi, Tsunade or Kurenai. As the days passed by, they've gotten closer and closer. For the first time in their lives, they've felt more happier than they had ever felt before.

Right now they're walking toward the training ground to meet Hinata's team-mates. Setsu had been extremely nervous and excited to meet them.

"A-a-are y-you sure th-they'll l-like me, Hinata-chan?" Setsu stuttered nervously, with big worried and nervous eyes.

Hinata smiled reassuringly at Setsu. "Don't worry so much, Setsu-chan. They'll like you no matter what. I promise," Hinata said.

Setsu stopped and held out his pinky. "Promise?"

"Promise," Hinata smiled as she interlocked Setsu's smaller pinky with her own.

This was something they shared whenever they're making promises. They would lock their pinkies and always made sure to keep the promises they made with each other. It was something Setsu treasured.

"Yo, Hinata!"

Setsu immediately dived behind Hinata and shyly peaked around to see two teenage boys and huge dog. He cocked his head as he took a good look at Hinata's team-mates.

The one who shouted was an energetic guy, but held a friendly air around him. He held the same headband Hinata wore around her neck, but wore it around his forehead as it held his spiky brown hair. His hair was shorter than Setsu though and not as wild as his. His eyes were black and slightly slit making him appear more animalistic. He wore a black buttoned jacket with a fishnet shirt underneath. He wore black baggy pants with black ninja sandals.

Next to the feral looking teen was a huge white dog. He looked to be the size of a horse. The dog nin had white fur with slight white spikes on his head.

The other teen was silent and almost blended in the shadows. He wore heavy warm clothes that almost made Setsu sweat. A faded forest green hood from his long sleeve shirt was up to shadow most of his face. All Setsu could make out were his shaded round glasses, headband, and some strands of his black hair. His presence slightly creped him out, but the sheer calmness around him made him slightly relaxed.

Kiba blinked and looked at Setsu curiously, who immediately dived back behind Hinata and blushed in embarrassment of his shy nature kicking in again.

"Who's the little guy behind you, Hinata?" Kiba asked.

Shino looked down at Setsu with a raised eye-brow, showing his own curiosity that only his team-mates understood.

Hinata smiled warmly at them with beaming happiness that Kiba and Shino had never seen. "This is Setsu-chan! Setsu-chan, this is Kiba and Shino that I've been telling you about," Hinata said softly at Setsu, which immediately calmed him just like Hinata had expected.

Biting his bottom lip, Setsu shyly and slowly stepped forward till he was in front of Hinata while holding onto Hinata's soft hand. He was slightly shaking, but stood his ground as he looked up at the rest of Team 8 with determined eyes.

"H-hi! I-I-I'm S-Setsu! Nice to m-meet you, d-dattebayo!" Setsu said with small stutter. He gave them a shaky grin.

Kiba grinned warmly at shy demon kit. "Nice to meet you, Setsu!" Kiba said.

Shino nodded. "It is nice meeting you, Setsu-san," Shino said.

Akamaru barked and jumped at Setsu by surprise. He started to lick Setsu's face as his tail moved happily, which in turn made the Kitsune Yokai giggle.

The rest of day Setsu had gotten along with Hinata's team-mates well. Unbeknownst to Team 8, as they all had fun, Setsu had been deep in his conflicting thoughts.

"...Setsu-chan, you basically see Hinata-chan like your own mother,"

Setsu's blue eyes looked upon Hinata's warm eyes as her laughter twinkled in a calm melody of joy. Eyes that showed compassion and kindness. Like a mother's warming love...

"Don't be frightened of rejection, Setsu-chan,"

The young Yokai bit his bottom lip.

"I think Hinata-chan may see you like a son without knowing it, just like you,"

His raven-blue, red streaked bangs shadowed his conflicting azure eyes and clenched his hand.



The demon kit perked up to meet Hinata's warm and inviting smile, along with concern glowing in her warming lavender pupil-less eyes.

"Is something wrong, Setsu-chan?" Hinata asked worriedly.


Setsu looked at Hinata with his wide innocent azure eyes. He looked at her concerned (and loving?) eyes that showed kindness.

His lips parted but no words came out.

'...Hinata-chan is special...I...what Kurenai said...'

With his bangs shadowing his eyes once more, Setsu quickly took Hinata's warm and fragile-looking hand. Hinata blinked then smiled warmly at Setsu, while the young demon blushed and grinned at Hinata.

'I love Hinata like she was my real kaa-chan (mom). I may not know how others feel with their own mother, but what I do know...'

"Let's go Hinata-chan!" Setsu shouted excitedly, as he pulled Hinata with him as they ran after Kiba, Shino, and Akamaru.

'Hinata is definitely a mother I would forever treasure and keep safe with my life,'

Hinata laughed as Setsu grinned. Kiba watched in amusement with Shino, who had his lip twitched to a smile. Akamaru barked happily and jumped up at Setsu and Hinata, who both giggled. Setsu up behind him and grinned even wider upon seeing Hinata's happiness glowing beautifully from her twinkling eyes.

'That is my promise for a life time...dattebayo (believe it)!'


"See you tomorrow, Hinata!" Kiba shouted, as he waved goodbye toward Hinata and Setsu.

"Hai! See you tomorrow, Kiba, Shino, Akamaru," Hinata said with her usual warm smile.

"It's great meeting, Setsu," Kiba grinned.

Shino nodded in agreement. "I concur. It was a pleasure," Shino said with an unnoticeable smile.

Akamaru barked in agreement.

Setsu grinned a familiar fox-like grin that reminded Kiba and Shino of a certain blond haired Jinchuuriki. "It was great meeting you too, Kiba, Shino and you too Akamaru!" Setsu said.

With that, Hinata and Setsu both walked back toward the Hyuuga Resident with the rest of Team 8 watching.

"He reminds me a lot of Hinata in some ways, doesn't he?" Kiba mused.

Shino nodded. "Yes...but he does reminds me of another," Shino said, as he pushed his shaded glasses closer to his eyes.

Kiba smirked. "Yeah...he does," Kiba said.

"He should be back soon," Shino said.

Kiba sighed and looked up at the Hokage Monument. "It's been three years...three years that Hinata waited for his arrival," Kiba said.

Shino looked at Kiba. "Do you believe she will finally confess?" Shino questioned.

"I don't know Shino. I hope so because...call it a haunted hunch, but if she doesn't soon then something horrible will happen that will forever make her regret not telling how she truly felt for that baka," Kiba said with a concerned frown.

Shino remained silent, not knowing what to say.

They could hope nothing will go wrong for both of their friends and finally find happiness they've been seeking in each other.


"I still can't believe you did that to Kiba," Hinata said with a giggle.

Setsu grinned slyly and puffed his chest proudly. "He had it coming! I did tell him to stop Akamaru from peeing on me but no~! He just let him do it!" Setsu shouted with a huff.

"That is true, but that didn't mean you had to prank him by setting all of those cats to attack him," Hinata said, trying to scold the young boy, but failed miserably by her melody giggles.

"Well, he had it coming - !" Setsu stopped and blinked. He sniffed up in the air as he suddenly smelled a wonderful and delicious smell that made him start to drool.

Hinata stopped when she noticed Setsu stopped walking and looking dazed with a slight drool suddenly running down his mouth.

"Setsu-chan? Is something wrong?" Hinata asked.

This made Setsu snap out of his daze. He looked up to meet with Hinata's amused yet concerned eyes.

"Sorry, it's just...I smell something really good," Setsu moaned, when his stomach took this cue to give out loud growl. Setsu blushed from his loud hungry stomach calling out for some delicious food.

Hinata blinked then smiled down Setsu. "Well, I suppose we can go where you are smelling that aroma. Is it nearby though? I don't want to draw too much suspicion from the Hyuuga Elders," Hinata asked with worried eyes.

Setsu grinned reassuringly. "Don't worry. It's actually nearby from here," Setsu said and began to drag Hinata after him.

When they gotten closer to the source of the delicious aroma Setsu had been smelling the more Hinata was beginning to recognize where they were going. She had been to this side of the road so many times whenever she...

'Naruto...' Hinata thought as her heart ached at the thought of the boy she had unpredictably fell in love with.

Setsu soon stopped in front of a very familiar restaurant stand.

"Here it is!" Setsu shouted excitedly in hunger.

'Ichiraku...why am I not surprised?' Hinata sweat dropped.

"Come on! Let's go!" Setsu shouted and dragged his mother (in his view and heart) inside with him.

"Welcome to Ichiraku! Oh, Hinata-san! It's nice seeing you again. I haven't seen you in awhile," Said the owner of the ramen stand.

"It's nice seeing you again as well, Teuchi-san," Hinata said warmly.

"Eh?" Setsu blinked and looked between the two in confusion. "You know the old man, Hinata-chan?"

"Hai, he's the owner of this restaurant," Hinata explained.

"Are you here to have some ramen, Hinata-chan?" Teuchi asked.

"Actually - " Hinata was about to explain when Setsu quickly interrupted before she could.

"What's ramen?" Sets asked with his cocked to the side.

That was when all chaos broke loose.

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