Nothing Left To Say.

Rating: T

Notes: Written for the Creddie Fan Forum Croctober fanfic challenge. 4 chapters.

Summary: Freddie has to come to terms with Carly's relationship with Sam. Cam. Freddie - Carly. Drug use. Swearing. Sexual References.

"Sam.. dude.. Sam, Sam, hey, Sam, Sam."


"Chill bro, seriously, you totally need to try this." Rodney handed Sam a small little pill. Rodney quickly turned around, distracted by a shiny silver balloon floating through the air. They were at Josie's 18th birthday party, she was one of the girls in Sam's history class, and with Carly studying for an important test and needing to be undisturbed as long as possible, Sam had decided that Freddie and her would make an appearance.

"What the hell is this?" Sam put the pill up against her eye, looking at the little logo imprinted on either side, and it's slight blue tinge. She had an idea what it was, but wanted to make sure. People needed to be safe these days. You wouldn't want to take something that ended up being a date rape drug.

"Dude, don't worry, it makes you feel happy. Ecstatic even." Rodney laughed, amused with himself, like he made some kind of monumentally funny inside joke no-one would understand.

"Very clever. Did you come up with that in English class? Whatever." Sam looked back at Rodney.

"On 3."

A simultaneous countdown. "3. 2. 1." They both stuck a pill in their mouth, took a swig of the beer bottles they were holding, and down the little pills went. The rest of the night followed in a blur of music, alcohol, laughter and dancing.

After the booze ran out, most of the party people followed. Sam woke up in a daze on the floor of the living room. "How do I look? Rod. Roddy. Yo!?" Her fingers reached over and snapped twice against the back of his face. He responded by slowly tilting his head over in her direction.

"Sam, you look hot. Apart from the messed up hair, the red eyes and the drool hanging off the side of your face, you look smoking hot. I'd totally do you." Rodney slurred, howls of laughter rebounding off the floor they were currently sprawled out on.

"You would do anything with 2 legs and a heartbeat you pervert. I, on the other hand, am a bit more picky." Sam tried to fix him with a serious death stare, but it didn't last before it turned into a stammering, incomprehensible series of vague insults hurled by both sides, although Sam felt that it was nice to be complimented once in a while, even if it was in a pig-headed fashion.

"Dude, give me a chance. I'd rock your world back onto the straight and narrow. A one way trip back from Planet Lesbo." Rodney made a pelvic thrust, his smirk returned, followed by more laughter. Rodney got up, took one look at the girl on the floor before grabbing her hand and dragging her up.

"I think I'm gonna puke. And no-one uses the term Planet Lesbo. Ever." Sam went green across her face.

"Is the idea of doing it with a man that wrong? What next? Start wearing combat boots and riding a bike? Sam, get away from the couch. The bathroom is around the corner somewhere. You got a ride home?" He watched Sam stumble over to the bathroom, before unleashing a torrent of junk food and beer into the bowl.

"Where's that nub Benson.. he's supposed to take me home." The thought of relying on Freddie caused a violent stomach upheaval.

"Oh man, he was gone about an hour ago, before midnight. He left with Tareen." Rodney looked around, cracked open a beer bottle and took a gulp.

"Tareen? The little bastard probably spiked her drink. Dragging her unconscious body out the door as fast as he could I'm sure. It's about the only way he knows how to score." More vomiting.

Rodney had finished the bottle, he chucked it randomly towards one of the many piles littered around the house. "Yeah, she wasn't exactly walking upright, that's for sure. Sucks to be her. I'd drive you, but I'm hammered. I'd fail just about every drug test known to man if the cops picked me up, and I'm on probation. If you wanna crash, go ahead, my room is on the left at the end of the hall. Be warned, I sleep naked." He didn't sound like it was a joke either.

"Fuck that." Rodney was a friend and all, but if she passed out again, Sam didn't exactly trust him to keep his hands off her.

"I'm not walking either. It's too far." Sam whined as she looked around, but Rodney was gone. Sam took her phone out from her pocket. At least no-one stole anything this time.

"Hey Cupcake."

"Don't Cupcake me."


"Let me guess, you got smashed, passed out and don't have a ride. About right?" Carly's tone had an air of annoyance, rather than malice or anger.

"Look, I didn't even know about this party until it was happening. I'll make it up to you later. I promise."

"Where are you? Who are you with?"

"At Rodney's."

Sigh. "I'll be there in 10 minutes." Sam attempted to say thanks, but the line was dead.

Carly pulled up the street, and her feelings of annoyance quickly fled as she saw her blond girlfriend waiting out on the side of the road. Carly opened the door, and Sam managed to get in on the second attempt.

"All I want is to know where you are. You know how much I worry. I want you to be safe." Carly leaned over, and planted a kiss on Sam's cheek.

Carly recoiled in mock horror. "You smell awful."

"Well, I think you know how we can fix that problem Carls." In her drunken state, Sam was more laughable than seductive, and Carly giggled as she turned the key and started the car.

"I'll take you out the back of the building, and hose you down till you don't smell anymore." Carly was concentrating on the road, and didn't notice Sam pouting.

"But having a shower together is heaps more fun. Plus I wear the pants in this relationship." This time Sam had got her seduction act together, and it was working. Carly thought back to all the times they had done that previously. The combination of having a shower just for her inside her bedroom, and Sam staying over during school weeks had lead to more than a few such incidents in the past weeks and months.

"Well, just this once. But only because it's too cold outside." Carly quickly took her eyes off the road to poke her tongue out at Sam, before Carly got all serious again.

"What happened to Freddie? I haven't seen him all night. He was at the party right?" Carly was worried about Freddie's behavior, he was becoming detached from his existing circle of friends, going with Sam to wild parties, and had even managed to start a few fights at school, Freddie was now generally more rambunctious and crude. Needless to say, his mother's instructions weren't being followed at all. The only good thing, was that Carly had convinced Freddie that he still needed to keep his grades up, which meant he only went out at most twice a week.

"Yeah, Rodney said he left with Tareen, even though she couldn't stand up straight." Sam didn't really care one way or the other, if Tareen was dumb enough to accept Freddie's advances, even when smashed, that was Tareen's problem, not hers.

"Ms Benson will be pissed if he hasn't shown up by now, every 20 minutes until 11pm she was knocking asking if I knew where he was, like I'm his keeper or something. Freddie needs to get his act together, he's getting a reputation, and that isn't good at all. We need to talk to him. I hope at least he called and told her he was okay."

"Please.. for me?" Sam fluttered her eyelashes at Carly, parodying Carly's ability to control their rebellious male best friend with a single phrase, then started laughing.

"Joke all you want, but it works." Carly was focused on the road, the white lines on the black asphalt blinked past one by one, and soon they were home.

Chapter 2 Teaser:

"It's not right. People are starting to talk about you. I'm worried about you as well, it's not healthy behaviour. Once rumours get started, especially ones like this, they could follow you for years." Carly had hoped Freddie would be over this by now. "All it would take is one of your party girls crying rape and you could get your life ruined." Carly was almost pleading with him to see her side.