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He couldn't believe what was happening, not the fact that he was standing outside Rachel's house at 2:23 on a Wednesday morning, that he could believe. The part he couldn't believe was what he had to tell her, if felt almost dream like, so much so in fact that his fingers hovered over the dial button on his phone before deciding to take the plunge, and once he'd hit the button, he raised his phone to his ear and stood, leaning against his mother's car, staring up at her bedroom window waiting to hear her voice.

He listened as the line clicked through, and breathed a sigh of relief as he heard her groggy voice answer the phone, "hello?"

"I need to talk to you" he blurted out quickly, but she took her time answering.

"Finn?" she questioned, not awake enough to be sure.

"Yeah it's me" he replied in a rush, "I need to talk to you, now" he demanded.

After a bit of a pause while she sat up in bed, she spoke again, "ok, what is it?" she asked, a little more alert.

"No, not on the phone, let me in" he replied.

"Huh?" came her confused answer down the line.

"I'm outside, let me in so I can talk to you," he explained.

He saw a light click on in her bed room and after a few moments he saw the curtains part and her face appear in the gap staring down at him. "This is a little stalkerish, you know that right?" she half joked.

He took no notice of her humour, but started to rush her, "yeah yeah, come and let me in, I need to..."

"Talk to me, I get it" she cut him off, "come round the back" she ordered, disappearing from the window, "and be quiet" she added before hanging up on him.

Moments later she opened the back door of her quiet house, barely getting a second to look at him before he'd picked her up in a big bear hug. Her bare feet were dangling about a foot from the ground; his arms were wrapped around her body, while hers dangled somewhat uselessly over his shoulders and down his back. His face was already buried in her hair at the nook of her neck and before she'd even had the chance to ask, he whispered "it's not my baby."

She closed her eyes, revelling in the swell of relief as she thought about what that meant. Wrapping her arms around the back of his neck and placing one hand on the back of his head, feeling his soft hair between her fingers, she squeezed him tight. She had none of the details, but hearing those words made her so happy. She reasoned with herself that the basis for her happiness was purely for him, he was her friend, and a huge burden had been lifted from his shoulders. However, a small part of her knew that she was also happy for herself, and for the possibilities that had opened up. They stayed like that for a while, and though it wasn't the most comfortable kind of hug, she put up with it, sensing that he needed this from her. It wasn't until she felt dampness on her neck that she relaxed her grip on him, and taking that as a sign he lowered her to the floor. She looked up into his face to see a small pool of tears in his eyes and a few moist spots on his cheeks. However, once he'd let her go he reached up and brushed them away, sniffing before saying "I'm sorry, this is stupid."

She shook her head straight away, "no, it's not" and she reached up to give his cheeks a bit more of a wipe before adding "your brain must be going crazy right now."

He nodded a little "yeah" and paused be for saying "and no, I feel so relieved, but I'm kinda all over the place."

"I'll say" she took a moment to stop and look at him, before letting go of a big breath and gesturing to a seat at the kitchen table. He sat down, resting one elbow on the table leaning his head onto his hand, Rachel watched him for a moment before turning around and opening the refrigerator. When she opened it and the light turned on he looked up at her.

"Soda?" She asked, gesturing at a can in the fridge door, she didn't wait for an answer before pulling two out and placing them on the table, she turned around to get two cups out of a cupboard but stoped when she heard him opening the can and slurping at the drink, putting one of the cups back she closed the cupboard and turned back around to pour some of her drink into her glass.

He looked over at her a little sheepishly before asking "umm, do you maybe have something I could eat, I just haven't eaten anything all afternoon, or evening, because of," he paused, "you know" and she could see him getting a little lost in his memories as he brought it up.

"Sure" she got up off the seat and turned back to the fridge again, "so do you want to tell me what happened?" she asked as she took some left over's out of the fridge, turning back around quickly she added, "I mean, you don't have to, but that's why you came here right?" not wanting to pressure him. After staring at him awkwardly for a moment she lifted up the bowl in her hands "umm, ravioli?" she offered.

"Ravioli is pasta, right?" he checked.

She laughed a little, he might have been the sweetest guy she knew but he wasn't exactly the smartest, "yes, ravioli is pasta" she replied.

"Yeah, that'd be good then," he didn't say anything while she busied herself heating up the food for him, taking the opportunity to have a look around her kitchen in the half dark. It was all very clean, and much newer and more upmarket then his, it was completely fitted out with granite bench tops and stainless steel appliances. When he was done looking around his gaze settled on her, she was barefooted, and based on what he could see in the dark her pyjamas were pale pink, not shocking. She was wearing little shorts that looked just as hot on her as the little skirts that she wore all the time, and now that he looked he could tell she wasn't wearing a bra under the little pink singlet top she was wearing, and it made his pants just a little tight thinking about the fact that he had just had her body pressed against his. While watching his food revolve around in the microwave she ran her hands through her hair, which he noticed was straighter then it usually was at school, which he assumed was probably due to some girly thing she did to it in the mornings to make it look a certain way. When the microwave beeped she pulled the food out, grabbing a fork for him, she gave it to him and waited patiently while he took a few bites before her curious nature got the better of her. She leaned over the table and slid the bowl towards her, he looked up at her puzzled, fork still in hand, "so are you going to tell me about the baby? And how you know it's not yours?" she reminded him impatiently.

He sighed but started anyway "Quinn and I had a fight" he told her before reaching across the table to pull the bowl back, but she moved it further across the table so he couldn't get to it.

"That doesn't explain anything, you two fight all the time" she pointed out, grabbing the fork out of his hand and starting to eat his food, he made a noise protesting her theft, but all he got was a look that told him he'd get it back if he elaborated.

So he tried again, "we were fighting about getting a car and an apartment and dropping out of school."

She almost choked on the piece of pasta she was eating, "she wants you to drop out of school?" she said through a mouthful, he used her surprised to grab his food and fork back.

"Do you want to know what happened or are you happy interrupting me?" He asked, she rolled her eyes but motioned for him to go on. He put a piece of pasta in his mouth and talked though it, which she would have objected to if she hadn't just done it herself. "so we were fighting about all that, and getting jobs and we were, you know, yelling a lot" he squewered some more ravioli, putting it in his mouth before continuing, "and then Puck showed up and started yelling at her about how she's a bitch and she's ruining my life, and I was about to tell him to piss off, but then it turns out she cheated on me" his volume got louder with this last statement and she shushed him a bit but leaned in intrigued, and he continued in a hushed whisper. "She cheated on me with him, and it turns out he's the father, not me" he said dramatically, taking a moment to appreciate her shocked face. He pushed some more of the food onto his fork, however, halfway to his mouth he stopped, offering it to her with a gesture of his fork, she leaned over the table and he reached over to her. She bit the pasta off the fork and he was pretty sure that if the room had been a bit lighter he would have been able to see most of the contents of her top, however, with the lighting the way it was all he could make out was a vague outline. His eyes darted quickly up to her face, suddenly worried she might have caught him looking, but she seemed to be too busy processing what he had told her to notice.

When she finished chewing she sighed a bit before focusing back on him "but if she cheated on you, then Puck could be the father, but technically couldn't you maybe still be the father too?" she asked confused.

He'd worried he might have to tell her this part, "umm, it's a very slim possibility, very very slim, because we never really" he paused "had sex" he grimaced as he explained, but started up straight away, choosing not to give her the chance to ask him if he actually knew how babies are made. "We were in her hot tub once" he took a deep breath "and I, you know" he stopped, looking to her to see if she understood, based on her expression she clearly didn't. "We were fooling around, and I, you know, had a moment" she still looked confused, "the moment, you know, that guys have sometimes," and she suddenly got it.

Her eyes went wide open before she blurted out "are you sure it can actually happen like that?" she looked somewhat unbelieving.

"I googled it" he added "and apparently its very unlikely, but it's still possible" he informed her. They sat in silence for a while, and he ate while she thought through everything he'd just told her, she had a far away glance as her mind churned through the information. He got down to the final piece of ravioli, spearing it he reached across the table with it, breaking her out of her thoughts, she leaned forwards and took it with her mouth, and again his eyes drifted south, his eyes having adjusted a little but not much his view wasn't much better than the previous time.

This time though, her eyes followed his and suddenly realising what he was looking at she quickly grabbed the front of her shirt "FINN."

His eyebrows shot up, shocked she'd caught him, he stammered out an explanation "I, its dark, I, uhh, I can't really see anything any way" he tried.

"You can't REALLY see anything?" she questioned him, whispering venomously.

"No" he corrected himself, "I can't see anything, full stop, no 'really,' it's too dark" he went on apologetically.

Sitting up straight now, she pulled the front of her shirt forwards and looked straight down into it, seeming to not be able to see much of herself she gave an uneasy sigh of acceptance, before adding irritably "glad to know you were checking" but her tone was undermined by the fact that the corners of her mouth were curling up.

"Well I wouldn't want you to expose yourself" he replied with one of his impish grins, and she couldn't help but let out a little laugh. He smiled knowing he'd gotten away with it, and she rolled her eyes as she picked up the bowl and her cup, getting up to put them both in the dishwasher, walking back to the table to pick up the empty cans and throw them in the bin. She looked over at the clock, seeing that it was past 3 in the morning and they had been sitting in her kitchen for over half an hour. He seemed to notice the same thing and stood up yawning. "I should probably go" he gestured to the door, she nodded and he gave her a small awkward hug, he found it odd how much the dynamics between them changed when he was towering over her like this, it seemed to make her a little insecure, or turned on, he could never quite tell which. "Thanks for, you know, listening" he added before heading to the door.

He hadn't even turned the handle when she piped up "it's probably not safe for you to drive when your this tired" and he looked at her, a little unsure what to say to that. "You could, stay here" she pointed out meekly.

Pausing to gauge just how tired he really was, he then nodded "yeah" he breathed out "that would probably be a good idea." She smiled at him before motioning with her head for him to follow her out of the kitchen. He stuck close behind her, not knowing how to navigate her house in the dark. Sensing this, she took his hand and led him up a flight of stairs, turning and pressing one of her fingers to her lips to remind him to be quite as they got to the top of the stairs. He nodded a little and she led him to one of the first doors, opening it, they wandered into what was clearly her bedroom. The bedside lamp still on from when she had left her room earlier. Dropping his hand, she gestured to the side of the king size bed that he was welcome to sleep on. He put a lot of effort into trying to appear calm, even though he was completely shocked that she would suggest he stayed in her room with her. Had he known that she was feeling as nervous as he was, he probably wouldn't have been so jittery, but he sat on the edge of the bed back to her as he pulled his shoes and socks off. He felt her sitting down and sliding into the other side of the bed behind him before he stood up to pull his sweater of. Without looking at her he climbed into the bed, dressed only in his track pants and t-shirt, and he quietly sighed with relief when she turned off the bed side lamp, plunging their adjusted eyes into darkness.

"Finn?" she whispered into the darkness, rolling over so she was facing him.

"Yeah?" he responded, lying on his back, head turned towards her, he was starting to make out the outline of her under the covers

"I'm glad you came and told me all of this" she said quietly "it's good that you can talk to me," and he could feel her shuffle a little closer to him.

Suddenly there was a loud bang as the door slammed open and they both sat bolt upright in bed as the lights turned on and both of Rachel's fathers appeared in the doorway. They both looked absolutely shocked at being caught, and Finn was about ready to make a dash for it when the sleepier looking of her two fathers pointed at the both of them accusingly before focusing on Rachel "if you are going to have boys sleeping in your bed, then your bedroom door is staying open, understand?" he muttered sternly and the both nodded obediently, "and you" he pointed at Finn whose eyebrows shot up higher "no hanky panky, get it!" Finn who was scared witless just nodded again, but Rachel laughed a little under breath at her fathers' language.

Her other father seemed unimpressed by this though, and pointed a finger at her "don't think you're getting away with this, we are going to have a long talk about sneaking boys into the house in the middle of the night!" and with that they shut the light back off and disappeared back down the hallway. One of them was muttering something about how at least their daughter seemed to have good taste.

The both lay back down and Rachel rolled over to face him, banging into his chest, she giggled against it quietly, and he put his hand over her mouth shushing her. When she finished laughing he took his hand off her face and draped it over her waist. He quickly kissed her forehead, not giving himself a chance to convince himself not to do it, and from where he was lying he whispered "good night" against her head.

Shuffling a little closer to him, she replied "sleep tight" against his chest and as if taking her cue he tightened his grip on her.

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