Ok this is a Setoxjoey series. But I not gonna but this series on quizilla (sorry people I m lazy) so hope you enjoy. I DO NOT OWN YUGIOH OR ANY OF THE CHARACTERS

===Seto Kaiba pov===

I am Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corp. I'm 17 years old but don't underestimate my age because this last person that who did ended up dead. My hair color is a chestnut brown and my eyes are a deep blue. I have a younger teenage brother named Mokuba, he is 13 years old. He had long jet black hair and storm grey eyes.

I was in my office room working on some paper for kaiba corp., I heard the door open, and I looked up and saw Mokuba he was already in his pajamas.

"Seto your still up" he said

"Yeah I am" I said

"Seto it's almost midnight, you should get some sleep" he said

"I have to have this done, I don't trust those idiots to work on something this important" I said

"Seto you need your rest. Can't it wait till the morning" he asked

"No it can't" I said

He sighed heavily then left the room. Mokuba always worried about me. Ever since I took over kaiba corp. five years ago I had neglected my health. Not that it bothers my much but, it worried my brother deeply. I continued to work on the papers until four in the morning, I was pretty much done all I had left to do was print out everything. I clicked on the print button then looked at the printer, nothing happen. I clicked on the print button again, nothing happen still. I got up from my chair and went over to the printer. I looked at it and checked at the paper compartment, it was empty. I growled in announce, I am going to fire the person who forgot to put paper in my printer. I check over at my desk and looked around for some blank papers. I didn't find any, I sighed annoyed and left my office. I went over to the basement where all the usually office supplies were kept. I went down the steps and turned on the lights, they didn't turn on.

/What the hell, is it technology hates seto kaiba night/ I thought

I looked around for the papers in the dark, I found some along with some other offices supplies I was running low on. Then the room lit up, I walked over to one of the small windows and looked up. The full moon shined in the black night, no stars glowed in the sky just the pale moon. Then I heard glass breaking, I turned around and looked around for the source of the sound. I kept looking until I found a boy about my age, he had golden hair and brown eyes. He only wore blue jeans which were ripped him, the kid had a muscular body. He looked at me fearful.

"Just who the hell are you and what are you doing here" I asked

"No get away from me" he yelled in a weird accent

"This is private property, you better have a good reason on being here" I said

"Please get away from m-

His eyes widen in fear and he fell to his new. He started to breathe heavily, I glared at the kid just who the hell does he think he is. He started to growl then let out a bark, not let dogs bark but more like a raged animal bark. I stared at this boy, gold fur started grow all over his body. His body began to change one thought hit my mind and it was the only thought that stayed there.

"Werewolf" I said

The boy changed completely, he stood up and looked at me. He was only a foot taller than me, he looked exactly like all of the description of werewolf. His red eyes glowed dangerously at me, he growled at me. I dropped my things and slowly back away but the werewolf walked closer to me, two thoughts came into my mind. Fight or flight. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my hand gun. The werewolf growled angrily and was about to attack my but I pulled the trigger just in time. The bullet hit the werewolf in the shoulder, I pulled the trigger again this time it hit the werewolf in the stomach. It growled and took off. The lights came back on then one of the security guards came down into the basement.

"Mister Kaiba we heard gun fire, are you ok" he asked

"Yeah just peachy" I said sarcastically

I went up the stairs, still think about that werewolf considering that the lack of sleep finally hit me.

===end of part 1===

Cat:you get attack by a werewolf and you deny it

Kaiba: wouldn t you

Cat; no I m on team Jacob remember

Dark: aibou

Cat: what Jacob is hot and you know it

Dark:T___T what about me

Hikira:she love you dark

Cat: yup R&R