Story so far: Logan and Duncan overhear Veronica at Lilly's graveside. They learn she has cancer and is dying. They also learn she can prove Abel Kunz didn't kill Lilly. In the hospital, Logan ends up rushing into Veronica's room begging her not to go to Lilly and to stay because he needs her. Logan once Veronica's heart rate rises professes he knows she is going to get better. She does and while she is recuperating at home, Logan does some soul searching and decides he needs to make changes. Logan worried about how Veronica is taking that Duncan and Meg are dating talks to her in the hallway at school. The rumors have them dating. Logan frustrated meets with Veronica at a burger bar to discuss how to handle all the rumors about them. To Logan's chagrin a tabloid publishes a picture of him and Veronica at the restaurant. Now the rumors at school are even worse. Lynn Echolls invites Veronica to be a part of the fundraiser fashion show and dance. At school on Monday, Veronica walks up and kisses Logan in first period. Logan goes along with it but is waiting after school to find out what is going on. They talk at the beach and Logan breaks down sharing with Veronica why he decided to change his life. They finish their talk at Veronica's apartment where they discuss her rape, her feelings towards Duncan and Lilly's murder case. Logan and Veronica decide to date. Meg is pregnant with Duncan's baby and he won't talk to her about it. Veronica confides in Keith about Logan's abuse. Meg goes to Keith to help her keep her baby away from her parents. Now back to the story.......

It had been a busy three months in the city of Neptune, California. Keith had gathered the information Meg needed to keep custody of her baby. She had then contacted Child Protection Services and had given them a copy of the audio and video from the bugs Keith had planted. She had also given them copies of the books her parents had made her write and the statements from her sisters. They had all gone to Arizona to live with one of her mother's sisters after the judgment came through.

Meg would have the baby and her aunt and uncle would help her raise the girl. Duncan had not acknowledged the child and Logan had not understood his attitude. Veronica knowing Duncan's way of ignoring difficult situations had not really been surprised.

Meg after talking to Keith at length had decided not to name Duncan as the father. It would ensure the Kanes did not try to get the child some day as she doubted that Duncan would ever tell them.

Meg talked to Veronica frequently. Veronica and Logan were going to visit Meg after school was out to see the baby. She was going to name them as godparents and they would have the ceremony then. Last time Meg talked to Logan she told him her baby was a girl and she was going to name her Hope Veronica Manning. Logan had smiled and said, "I can't wait to meet her."

Logan as instructed had searched the vents in Lilly's room at the Governor's Party. He had brought the tapes he found in the vent over to Keith and Veronica's place. They had watched them together and Keith had immediately stood in the doorway stopping Logan from going and confronting his father.

Keith had gone to the pool house the next day and had gotten the videotaped evidence that Lynn needed to divorce Aaron. There were so many other women. With the information that Veronica's godfather had gathered discretely about Logan's hospitalizations and clinic visits, it was more than enough for a restraining order even against the great family man Aaron Echolls.

Lynn Echolls had given the video tapes over to the Sheriff's Department. Aaron Echolls had been charged with ten cases of statutory rape and the public outcry had been huge. At first his fans did not want to believe it but when Lynn divorced him and Logan went with Lynn, many were inclined to believe it. Of course he protested his innocence and the loss of his family and many others fell for his crocodile tears.

Logan's abuse was kept out of the papers if Aaron did not contest the divorce and gave Lynn a very generous settlement. He had given in. He had agreed not to come near Lynn or Logan again.

In addition, Keith had found Abel Kunz's alibi. With her statement, the tapes of Lilly and Aaron and the other evidence that Keith and Veronica had gathered the Neptune Sheriff Department had elected to re open Lilly's murder investigation.

At the press conference given by the District Attorney, it was announced that evidence had surfaced that conclusively proved that Abel Kunz was not Lilly Kane's murderer. The DA had announced that for now the new evidence would be kept secret while a new investigation was started. It was further announced that Keith Mars had found the new evidence completely clearing Abel Kunz.

The complete exoneration of Keith Mars was detailed in the papers. Lynn Echolls in the interviews she gave credited Keith Mars with helping her prove that her ex husband was an adulterer. Public opinion of Keith Mars rose substantially and Mars Investigations was busy. Logan and Veronica were happy for Keith that the public now knew what a great investigator he was.

Jake Kane had been devastated to find out that Aaron Echolls might be Lilly's killer. He had come to talk to Keith and Veronica telling them about finding Duncan in the middle of an epileptic fit covered in Lilly's blood. He had done what he felt needed to be done to protect his child. Keith had understood the need to do anything to protect your child. He and Jake had shaken hands.

Veronica had sat quietly watching her father be the bigger man but had not done the same when Jake Kane had asked for her forgiveness. She had firmly told him that she would probably never forgive him for what he had done to her, her father and Lilly. Keith had taken her hand and squeezed it and Veronica had looked at him with adoration at his understanding and his ability to forgive.

Veronica, Keith and Logan did not know if Aaron would ever be charged with Lilly's murder. Keith had calmed both teenagers telling them that he believed in the law and that eventually Lilly would get justice. He had firmly told them to stay away from the case. He looked at them both and said, "This is a new start for you both. You must move on and trust that behind the scenes people are working to make sure Aaron pays for what he did."

Logan and Veronica had talked through the situation. Logan had wanted to confront his father but he was growing closer to Keith now and he had seen the truth in Keith's eyes when he told him to wait and let others handle it. He had to admit that maybe it was time for him to help his mother and be with Veronica and just be a teenager.

Veronica had seen the look on her father's face and could see that he knew more about the situation than he was telling her. Knowing her deep inner drive to find the truth for her best friend Lilly, Keith had taken her aside and said, "You gave me the information and told me you would trust me. I am asking you to back off the case and let it go. Trust me that it will be handled."

Veronica had nodded at her father and decided to focus on keeping well and focus on getting ready to graduate and go to college. She and Logan had gone to Lilly's grave site and had drunk a bottle of champagne and had talked to her. Logan had blasted her for sleeping with his father when she knew of his abuse. He had been angry but had eventually just become resigned. It helped that he had Veronica and his mother to help him. Veronica's constant love, his mother's increased positive presence in his life and his relationship with Keith Mars helped Logan have the security in his life he had always lacked. Veronica had been slowly letting go of some of her anger at the Kane's. She would probably never totally forgive them but she was learning that she deserved to be happy and she had to hold on to the good things in her life and not spoil them with anger that could not be resolved.

The story of the Mayor Woody Goodman's abuse of his Little League teams was broken by a reporter from the LA Times. When the story broke Beaver Cassablancas attempted suicide. He was found by his brother Dick and talked off the ledge of one of his father's office towers. A few of the other students had come forward and the case against the former Mayor was strong.

Life was teaching Dick Cassablancas how to be more of a caring person. He had been there for his younger brother and had been less of a 'Dick' at school. He was still not close friends with Logan or Veronica but they were both a little surprised and pleased at the positive changes in him. They were both glad that he was going to be there to help Cassidy through what was going to be a long treatment.


Logan sat in the doctor's office beside Veronica. She had been doing well and if the results of the blood work, x-rays and examination were good, then she wouldn't be required to see the doctor monthly anymore. Logan had asked Veronica if he could go with her to the appointment. She had taken a long look at him and then agreed.

She was sitting on the examination table in her gown reading a magazine. Logan sitting in a chair beside the table looked at her. The gown was so huge on her; it wrapped around her twice and hung below her knees. He didn't know how she could remain so calm. They had gone this morning and Veronica had her blood drawn and had the x-rays. Then they had gone to lunch. They had come back after lunch for the appointment with the doctor so he could examine her and tell her the results of her blood work and x-rays. Logan shifted again in the uncomfortable chair and tapped his fingers on his knee while he waited.

Just coming to the building had freaked Logan out. 'Cancer Center' was written on the side of the building in large blue letters. A heavy weight had settled in his chest when Veronica had told him about the importance of the appointment.

Each check up he had waited impatiently at school for her to call. He had a feeling deep inside she will beat this cancer but a small part of him is worried that confidence he feels is really just his absolute need for her to be fine. Maybe he has the confidence that she is going to stay well because he needs her to stay well. He knows she needs the check ups but he doesn't know what he will do if they get bad news.

Lunch was sitting like an iron cannonball in the pit of his stomach. He feels cold. He pulls his jacket tighter around him. Why did they keep it so cold in doctor's offices?

He looks over at Veronica again. She doesn't seem cold sitting naked in her thin gown. She has been relaxed about the whole day. Logan knows that she is used to coming for her appointments. He just didn't know how she could be so calm. It was her body they were testing after all.

Last night Logan had supper with Veronica and her dad. When Veronica went to the bathroom, Keith Mars had asked Logan if he would be OK going to the doctor with Veronica the next day.

Logan had met his gaze and told him he was scared. Keith had searched Logan's face reading his desire to be there for Veronica and his determination to support her through the appointments.

Keith understanding Logan's worries had put his hand on Logan's shoulder and said, "I am that way when I take her too."

Logan had looked surprised and Keith had added, "I want to support her and be strong for her but inside I think about what would happen if the cancer came back."

Keith's understanding had opened the floodgate of emotions in Logan. Logan took a deep breath and said, "That's how I feel. I know it's not about me but I don't know what I would do without her and I know I shouldn't even be thinking like that."

Mr. Mars obviously got Logan's ramblings. He had smiled and said, "When you love someone, losing them is a deep fear. When you love someone with cancer, it comes to the surface."

Logan heard Veronica open the bathroom door. He had looked at her father and quickly said, "Thanks."

Nodding in acceptance, Keith had handed him a dish towel and Logan started drying the dishes as Mr. Mars washed them.

Veronica had smiled as she rounded the corner to the kitchen and leaned on the door frame. She said, "Now this is how I like to see the two men in my life." The two men she loved most in the world had both looked at her and smiled at her. Veronica's face had softened.

Mr. Mars seeing her look of loved had teased, "Well next time, it is your turn to wash."

Veronica had tilted her head at him and said, "No problem pops."

Logan had watched the interplay between them and smiled. Every so often Logan thought about how Mr. Mars got treated when Lilly died and how he stayed so good and so strong and he is always impressed. and a little in awe of Veronica's father. He can see why she was so dedicated to him and stood by him.

Veronica had pushed off the door frame and had come over to stand beside Logan. She began to put the dried dishes away. They worked quietly each thinking his or her own thoughts.

After they were done, Veronica had looked at her boyfriend and said, "I'll drive you home Logan. Maybe we can watch a movie on your satellite TV tonight?"

"I don't know why we had to take your car tonight." Logan had complained. He ran his hand up to his hair and commented, "I am scared what bugs I am going to find in my hair after our drive in your car."

Mr. Mars and Veronica had laughed.

Mock frowning Veronica had commented, "I like to feel the wind blowing through my hair. I love driving up the PCH."

Logan had hugged her and told her, "Next time, I'll turn the air conditioning in my car on high."

Veronica had laughed and said, "Let's go. I'm thinking we should watch the South Park movie."

Logan had groaned and pointed out, "Satellite has over 100 channels Ronnie."

Mr. Mars had laughed at Logan's obvious disagreement over her vehicle and movie tastes. He knew that Logan would give in. It is hard to say no to Veronica. Veronica had turned to her dad and smiled, "See you later Dad."

He had smiled back at her and reminded her, "Drive carefully."

As they had walked away towards the parking lot, he had heard her tell Logan that South Park was the best movie of all times. He heard Logan's deeper voice answer back but could not hear what they were saying as they walked away towards her car.

After Logan and Veronica had left Keith had sat on the couch and thought about the changes in Veronica's life the last few months. When Veronica told him she was dating Logan, Keith had been against it. He knew that Logan was growing up and that he and Veronica were getting along better. He just wasn't sure that Logan was boyfriend material.

He was also scared about Veronica dating and the boy not being able to support her through her cancer appointments. He knew that Veronica's self image had taken a blow after Lilly died and he knew Logan had a part in some of that time. He also worried that she had felt less of a woman with the cancer. He remembered her putting on the wigs and looking at herself in the mirror. She had cried in private but Keith had heard her and had seen the tell tale dark circles under her eyes.

However Keith had to admit that Veronica was happy with Logan. She grew in confidence and he seemed to really get her. Keith would be the first to admit that his daughter was difficult. He loved her and was proud of her but she was a handful. She was stubborn and hard headed at time. She was also very loving and generous with those she trusted. Logan seemed to be able to handle her stubborn side and bring out her loving side more.

Keith could also see that Logan loved his daughter. He was a calmer, more controlled young man and he had direction in his life. Keith was very impressed. Logan also brought fun into Veronica's life and she needed that. He made her feel good about herself and Keith was not going to delve into that thought further. They had been dating three months and Keith could see that Veronica was happy. He just prayed that her appointment went well tomorrow.

Veronica had driven up to the Echolls' mansion and shut off her car. She got out of the car and grabbed her bag out of the back seat. Logan had made a big show of folding himself out of the front seat of her car and Veronica had laughed at him.

She had walked around the car and gone over and hugged Logan. He had leaned down and kissed her. He had told her, "Now that is what I have been missing all evening."

Veronica had murmured, "Mmmm… I know what you mean."

Logan put his arm around her and steered her towards the house. He said, "We're taking my car to the doctor's tomorrow though. I don't want to arrive looking a mess." He adopted a high girly voice as he touched his hair.

Veronica smiled at him and said, "We'll see."

They walked into the house together. Logan told her, "Mom is still in New York. She will be back Friday or Saturday."

Veronica said, "Why don't you start the movie while I use the ladies room?"

Logan kissed her and commented, "Let's see if something better is on."

Veronica pouted at him as she walked towards the bathroom. Logan laughed and sat on the couch reaching for the controller. He had already decided to let her watch the South Park movie. It always makes her laugh and she needed to be relaxed as the doctor's appointment is important. It is a big day for her.

When Veronica came out of the bathroom she saw Logan had set the TV to play the movie. He had taken off his jacket and shoes and was relaxing with his feet up on the coffee table and his eyes closed.

She leaned over the back of the couch and kissed his ear. Logan kept his eyes closed and murmured, "I thought you fell in."

Veronica licked his ear and whispered, "Logan."

He answered quietly, "What Ronnie?" as he enjoyed her soft lips kissing his ear, neck and cheek.

Veronica's voice was husky as she spoke, "What outfit did you keep from the runway show?"

Logan absently answered, "The tux, why?"

Veronica leaned away and sat on the back of the couch. She said, "I kept this outfit."

Logan opened his eyes and had felt the breath leave his body. His whole body had come to attention.

Veronica was wearing the Catholic School girl outfit. She was looking down at him from her perch on the back of the couch. When sitting, her short skirt barely covered her butt and she pouted at Logan. She said in a valley girl type voice, "I only have two hours before curfew."

Before she had uttered the last syllable, Logan had reached for her and pulled her over the back of the couch into his arms. She shrieked in surprise and Logan cut off her shriek with a kiss.

It was a passionate kiss and Veronica had quickly returned the kiss with equal passion. When the kiss ended Veronica pulled slightly away and found herself straddling Logan. His hands were on her hips and her chest was pressed into his.

He had spoken, his voice husky with desire, "The things I want to do to you Veronica."

She had whispered, "Do them."

He had.


Logan comes out of his thoughts and sees that Veronica is looking at him. She has that knowing look on her face.

Logan smiles at her. He knows that she wore that outfit last night to take both their minds off today. It definitely worked. Logan fell asleep last night with dreams of Veronica in that outfit. He was exhausted after their lovemaking session.

He gets up and walks over to her. He pulls her into his arms and says, "If they leave us here alone much longer, they are going to be embarrassed when they come in." He leans down and kisses her neck and up to her ear.

Veronica giggles and turns her head to kiss him.

The door to the examining room opens and Logan breaks apart from Veronica. The doctor looks shocked to see Logan in the examining room and to see them kissing. Veronica blushes.

She introduces her doctor to Logan and they shake hands. The doctor walks over and asks Veronica how she is feeling. As they talk, he examines her. Logan watches from his chair beside the examining table. He feels his tension increase with each passing second.

Finally the doctor finishes examining Veronica and steps back over to her chart. He makes a couple of notations and then walks back over to stand by Veronica. He tells her the blood results and x-rays show that she is still in remission and there is no evidence of the cancer.

Veronica smiles happily at the doctor and looks over at Logan. He is pale. He is looking at Veronica in shock. He does not appear to be listening.

Her attention is returned to her doctor who goes on to tell her that she doesn't need to come and see him for six months and at that time he will do some testing on her heart to ensure that there is no lasting damage. Veronica thanks the doctor and watches as he leaves the room.

She looks back at Logan and he looks like he is in some sort of trance like state. She slides off the examining table and walks over to Logan who is still sitting in the chair beside the examination table.

He does not appear to even see her. Concerned she touches his shoulder and says, "Logan."

He slowly looks at her and Veronica notices he looks like he is in shock and he has tears in his eyes. Unsure of what he is thinking, Veronica leans forward and kisses his forehead. She says, "Are you OK?"

Logan says vaguely, "Sure."

Upset at his withdraw from her when she just got great news, Veronica says, "I'm going to get changed Logan. Why don't you wait for me in the car?"

Logan nods and leaves the examining room. Veronica watches him go with tears in her eyes.

When Veronica arrives at the car Logan is sitting behind the wheel of his Xterra and doesn't even really acknowledge her.

She sees he is shut off from her and feels the pain in her chest. She asks Logan to drive her over to Mars Investigations. She tells him she wants some quality father/daughter time and she encourages him to go surfing or out with his friends.

Logan is quiet and agrees to her plan. Veronica can see he wants to get away from her. He kisses her goodbye with just a peck on her cheek and drives off when she gets in the building.

Veronica walks into Mars Investigations and her dad walks out of his office. His face drops when he sees the sad look on her face. She immediately reassures him that she is OK, in fact better than OK.

He smiles and rushes over to hug her in relief and happiness.

Veronica tells him what the doctor said and Keith is ecstatic. He hugs her again and swings her around in his happiness. Veronica smiles at him.

Keith says, "This is reason for a celebration. Let's go out for Italian tonight, my treat."

He looks at the door and says, "Where is Logan?"

Veronica bites her bottom lip and says, "He is going out with his friends. It will be just you and me for dinner."

Keith looks at Veronica sees the pain on her face. He says quietly, "I'm sorry Veronica." He pulls her into a close hug and she relaxes into his warm and comforting embrace.

After a few minutes, Keith pulls back and says, "Let's invite Wallace, Meg and Mac to go with us."

Veronica smiles a little and says, "I'll call them."


The next day, Keith is sitting in his office when he hears the door open. He walks out and sees Logan standing in the outer office. He says without expression, "Logan."

Logan looks at Keith and sees his disapproval. Logan says, "I would like to talk to you if you have time."

Keith nods and gestures Logan into his office. Keith walks behind his desk and sits down and gestures to the chair across from his desk. Logan nods and sits down. Keith settles back and waits for Logan to speak.

Logan looks at Keith and says, "I was sitting in the examining room watching the doctor look Veronica over and was waiting to hear what he had to say."

Logan looks down at his feet and then back up at Keith. He continues, "Each second seemed like an eternity and I watched each changing expression on Dr. Frank's face carefully. I could feel my tension rise."

Logan takes a deep breath and says, "I looked over at Veronica and it was like time stood still. It was like she and the doctor were frozen in time and I was watching."

Keith is looking in puzzlement at Logan. Logan runs his hand through his hair. He says, "I know this is going to sound crazy. Please just listen. "

Keith nods and Logan closes his eyes for a second and then opens them to look at Keith. He says, "As I watched Veronica looking at the doctor, her appearance changed. Suddenly, she was wearing a wedding dress. She turned and looked at me. Then she smiled this radiant, gentle smile. She looked so beautiful that I wanted to cry."

Keith looks at Logan in surprise. Of all the things he expected the young man to say, this would have to be one of the last things.

Logan continues, "Then her appearance changed again and she was wearing a Neptune graduation cap and gown and she held her hand out to me like she is embracing her future."

Logan shook his head and then said, "The next thing I know she is wearing a different graduation cap and gown and she is standing proudly holding her diploma. Her hair is longer and she looks healthy and happy. I don't know how but I know it is five years after her cancer and she is cured. She looked healthy and ready to face the future."

Keith can see Logan is looking at him like he is begging him to understand. He can see Logan is trying to put what he saw into words.

Logan takes a deep breath and then runs his hand through his hair. He looks over at window and then back at Keith. He continues, "Suddenly her appearance changed again and she was wearing a business suit and her hair was up in a professional style. She had a briefcase and she looked strong."

Keith thinks about what Logan is telling him. He can see the obvious emotions in the young man.

Logan rubs his palms on his pants and says, "The next outfit she was wearing was a maternity dress." He closes his eyes as if he is remembering and says, "God Mr. Mars! I have always thought she was beautiful but she was radiant and glowing with her hand on her expanded belly looking at me with her blue eyes so soft and full of love." Logan chokes a little as he adds, "I thought my heart would jump out of my chest when I saw her like that."

Logan looks at Keith and Keith sees that Logan's eyes have tears. He listens as Logan tells him about seeing Veronica with her hair all sweaty and matted to her head holding a baby and looking at him with such happiness in her eyes. The baby had a blue cap with dark hair peeking out.

"Veronica looked like a mess but to me she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen." Logan says with obvious emotion.

He runs his hands through his hair again and takes a deep breath letting it out slowly. Keith doubts he could talk right then he is so profoundly shocked at what he is hearing.

Logan goes on. He describes Veronica with short hair again. She is in a hospital gown lying on a bed. She is holding a second baby. This baby had blond hair and had a little pink cap on her head. A brown haired, brown eyed boy sat on the bed beside her. "He looked like he was about two or three years old." Logan tells Veronica's shocked father.

Logan wipes his eyes. He says, "Our son had a huge smile on his face as he looked at his sister. She grabbed his finger with a strong grip and our son is excited about how she held his finger."

"Veronica was looking down at the baby holding our son's finger. She smiled and looked at our son and then she looked at me." Logan pauses and then says, "I don't even know how to describe that look. It was a look of dreams coming true. It was a look of wonder and happiness."

Logan is silent for a few moments. Then he says, "The next thing I remember Veronica is standing in front of me in the examination room and the doctor is gone. I don't know how much time has passed. Veronica is talking but I can't really hear her."

He looks at Keith and Keith can see the strong emotions that Logan is trying to hold in check. He listens as Logan continues, "I know I hurt Veronica. She must think I am doubting whether I feel I can handle her cancer. It is not that."

He says, "I have been trying to think about what it means."

Logan stands up and paces a few steps away and then paces back. He says, "I ended up sitting on the beach last night until very late thinking. I thought maybe the stress had gotten to me. I thought it might be a dream. I thought a lot of things."

He looks Keith in the eyes and says, "I finally came to the conclusion that it was a sign that Veronica is my future."

Keith is looking at Logan in shock. He doesn't know what to think about what Logan is telling him. He was angry with Logan last night. He thought Logan was finding Veronica's cancer too stressful and was going to bail out on her.

Now he can see that Logan is not looking to run. He wants to have a future with Veronica. Keith thinks about how Logan knew Veronica was dying in the hospital and how he had begged her to stay. He thinks about how Veronica did stay when Logan asked her to.

He thinks about how Logan has changed to become a better man for Veronica. He sees how much Logan loves his daughter and he sees how much his daughter loves Logan. He wonders what he should do.

Logan says, "I know I am not the guy most fathers want their daughter to marry but I love Veronica and I want to marry her. I wanted to ask for your blessing Mr. Mars."

Keith is speechless. He looks at Logan. Logan says, "I talked to my mother and she is concerned about how young we are and if I am ready to be married. I understand her concerns. I really do."

Logan sits down in front of Keith and says, "I have known that someday I would ask her to marry me. I just thought we would wait until she graduated from college."

Logan says, "Mr. Mars, I don't know how but I knew Veronica was going to respond to the chemotherapy and I knew she was going to be OK. It wasn't just wishful thinking, I knew." Logan looks into Mr. Mar's eyes. "There wasn't a doubt in my mind."

Logan leans forward. He says sincerely, "That is how I feel now. I just know in my heart that this is the right decision. I am 100% sure." He adds, "I am going to ask Veronica to marry me."

Logan reaches in his pocket and pulls out a ring box. He opens it and turns it to show Keith. Keith sucks his breath in. It is a beautiful solitaire diamond in platinum setting.

Keith looks at Logan and sees how sincere he is. He thinks about what he should do. He finally says, "Logan I am stunned. I don't even know what to say." He pauses for a second and then says, "I know you love my daughter and I know she loves you."

He looks the young man in the eyes. Keith says, "I am also concerned about how young you are."

Keith takes a deep breath and says, "You and Veronica have been through a lot together. I have reservations but I am going to be there for the both of you."

Logan smiles a huge smile and he puts the ring back in his pocket. He puts his hand out to Keith and says, "Thanks. I know this is not what you expected. I will do my very best to make her happy."

Keith smiles and says, "I know Logan. I think she can make you happy too."

Logan stands and looks down at Mr. Mars. He says, "I need to go and talk to Veronica now. Thanks for listening to me. I won't let you down and I won't let Veronica down."

Keith stands and walks around the desk. He hugs the young man briefly. HE says, "I know you won't Logan. I will be proud to have you as a son."

Logan's face lights up and he says, "Thanks."

Keith seeing Logan's emotion says, "Now go and talk to my daughter."

Logan nods. He turns and leaves the office.

Keith sits in his chair and processes what he has been told. He could see that Logan felt he saw the future.

Well so far the young man has been correct. Keith thinks about Veronica graduating college and giving him two grandchildren. He could live with that he thinks.

Logan knocks on the door to her apartment. He hears her coming to the door. He looks at her when she opens the door. He can see she has been crying and he has hurt her.

He steps in and pulls her into his arms. Logan feels her stiffen. He holds her head to his chest and puts his other arm around her holding her solidly in his embrace.

He says, "I am not running Veronica. I am not afraid of the cancer. I am not afraid of the future."

He pulls slightly away from her and looks down into her face. He puts his hand on her chin and lifts his face to look at him. Her eyes are wary. He says, "I have to tell you what happened in the doctor's office and I need you to really listen Ronnie. Can you do that for me?"

Veronica nods. in agreement. Before she can suggest they sit down, Logan starts talking.

He tells her about his nervousness and fears. Then he starts telling her about her and the doctor freezing in time and her appearance changing throughout the years.

Logan can see she is listening carefully. She looks surprised by his story and Logan can see she doesn't know what to think.

He knows it is an unbelievable story. If this were a movie he would be rolling his eyes at how absolutely unbelievable it is.

Logan doesn't know how to convince her what he saw was true. On his way over to see her, he decided to just tell her what he saw and let her decide what it means.

He meets her gaze and lets her see the feelings in his eyes. He can see she is touched and affected by what he has seen.

Logan brushes her hair off her face. He says positively, "I don't know how but I know you are going to beat the cancer."

Veronica's eyes are huge in her face. He continues his face open and honest, "I know I have been given this wonderful gift and I have seen the future. I have seen our love and I have seen the beautiful children our love will produce."

He leans in and kisses her forehead tenderly. He adds as he pulls back a little and looks in her eyes again, "I have seen the happiness we will have together. I don't know how or why it happened, but I am sure about what I saw."

Logan takes her have in his hands and adds, "I am sure about what I feel."

He rubs his thumb gently on her cheek. He says tenderly, "I want to marry you soon Veronica. I love you. "

Her mouth drops open in shock as she watches Logan lets go of her face. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out the ring box. She looks down at him as he goes down on a knee in front of her.

He opens the ring box and shows her the ring and says, "Will you marry me Ronnie?"

The end.


Thank you all for reading this story. I enjoyed writing it. You know what to do to let me know what you liked and did not like about the final chapter......