Moonlight and Serenades

Firefly fanfic by Brandywine00

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: I don't own nor make any cashy money from these wonderful folks. Joss is Boss.

By special request for BigBadJayne, who asked so nicely. Here's your RDA of N.I., cause ya deserve it!


Glancing over her shoulder, the petite brunette slipped smoothly from the main path into the woods.

A well-worn trail wound between the moonlit trees, leading her away from the noisy revelry of the settlement behind her. Serenity's crew had brought new seed and implements for the fledgling farm colony. Even now the town folk were hailing her shipmates as heroes and scholars and gentlemen.

Inara would have snorted, had that inelegant expression been one a Registered Companion would dare let escape her perfectly rouged lips. Scholars and gentlemen indeed, if one took a very loose interpretation of the term. And squinted really hard. And perhaps imbibed a copious amount of the local fermented drink.

A raucous cheer sounded from the party, muted now by the dense foliage. Strains of homestrung violin rose up festively behind her, though they insisted on calling it fiddle out here on the Rim she reminded herself. Perhaps she would have joined in the dancing this time, had a more delicious treat not presented itself.

Let them dance, she thought, and drink their hard cider and whiskey. Life bore them few enough pleasures out here on the edge. Her own personal heaven awaited at the trail's end, one rarely available to her on any but the Core worlds and the most settled of the Border planets. That she'd found it here, on this nearly primitive Rim planet's moon… well, Buddha didn't have to knock her over the head for her to see a special gift when fate laid it gently in her lap.

She caught the scent on the warm night air, an increased moistness luring her closer. A few footfalls closer, and her ears picked up the sound of rushing waters playing against stone. Inara felt a delicious shiver run over her.

It had been so long…. She paused beside a smooth-skinned birch tree, steadying herself against the sturdy trunk to remove the embroidered slippers from her feet. Closing her eyes, she drank in the night. Breeze blowing gently, calling her forward. A night bird calling softly to its mate, echoed somewhere farther in the darkness. The shushing sound of leaves. A small twig crackling…

Her eyes snapped open, quickly peering through the moonlight for the source of that last sound. Steadying her breath, she decided it must have been a small animal, so faint had it been. She was certain to have this time to herself, as all the men of the small settlement were wed and attended by their spouses for the soiree. The magistrate's wife, an attractive young woman who once held hopes of attending Companion training, had assured Inara that she could take this respite in privacy, that everyone would be busy with the celebration.

Only a few yards now, around one last bend in the trail, and the splendor opened to her.

The sight nearly took her breath. Fifty feet of pale stone rose into the sky, the rock glowing nearly alabaster in the light of Eire's two sister moons, both making a rare twin-full appearance. Their radiance sparkled on the rushing stream falling in an arc from the stone apex, caught the mist rising from the water's dance against the polished stones rising out of a wide pool. Within yards of the falls, the small lake grew still and calm.

Her breath truly did catch as she drew closer to the water's edge. In the pale mist lay the unmistakable prism of a moonbow. The hostess had spoken of its rarity in the known worlds, how the delicate hues only appeared during the twin-full moons, perhaps twice per year.

She found herself unable to resist the beauty and solace of this place any longer. Slipping her shawl from her smooth shoulders, she was rewarded by the caress of a light wind against her flesh. Unhurriedly, she laid the shawl and slippers on smooth rock, and began to work the tiny buttons down the back of her satin gown. Allowing the garment to pool around her ankles, she stepped slowly from the fabric before laying it gently with the shawl. Flecks of mist from the falls kissed her shapely form, gathering like diamonds in the long black curls cascading down her bare back, past her narrow waist, nearly reaching her full round buttocks.

Closing her eyes in thankfulness to Buddha, she took a deep cleansing breath, allowing the cares and woes of life to slip away. This was a moment in time. Just a moment, and Inara intended to be fully in that moment. She allowed her soft fingers to trail up her torso, skimming the firm swell of her breasts, tightening her dusky nipples into erection. Opening her eyes, she stepped almost reverently into the lake, her long, tanned legs indulging in liquid bliss. Gliding forward, she swam with sure strokes, turning her body languidly, allowing rivulets to run from the peak of her breasts into the valley between them.

Nirvana. This positively must be Nirvana, she thought, delighting in the sensual feel of warm water on her bare skin, amplified by the total freedom allowing her to drop her constant persona. Floating on her back, slender arms spread wide, she drew her fingers slowly through the water, staring up into the vast star-jeweled night.