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Challenge by Nirvana12: Naruto unlocks his bloodline during a beating at a young age. After being trained for a couple months Naruto runs away to Suna where he thinks he can be respected and cared for due to having a bloodline like one of their Kazekage. Naruto will soon become friends with Gaara, Temari, and a few others and with their help is able to keep Gaara from becoming insane. He will become a ninja for Suna and use his bloodline to make a name for himself. He returns to Konoha for the chuunin exams. The story will follow Naruto and his bloodline.

Summary: at the age 5 Naruto is beaten by a group of drunks down on their luck. While at the hospital he is visited by 2 kunoichi's who agree to train him and help him make a friend his age. A few hours later he gets a letter from someone who is angry. He goes to the Hokage about it but is told to ignore it. The next day Konoha wakes up to find not only Naruto but a certain Hyuuga failure and civilian has been killed? For now this will be a Naru/Hina/Tenny/Temari/fem Haku story.

Naruto's Hidden Power

Naruto ran as he was being chased by a group of 3 drunks. He took a turn and ran into a dead end, he gulped and turned and looked as the 3 approached him. The last thing he saw was a hand coming down on his head and everything going black. The next thing he remembers was waking up in the hospital, "Naruto can you hear me" he heard.

Naruto blinked as his eyes adjusted to the white lights, "old man" he asked.

"Welcome back to the world of the living, are you in pain" the third asked.

"No, what happened" Naruto asked.

"Well according to Kurenai and Anko you was beat by a group of drunks, they beat them and turned them in, but if they didn't come when they did you would have been killed by those three" the third said.

"Who are they, can I meet them" Naruto asked.

"Sure they will come visit you later today" the third said.

"OK" Naruto said.

"So Naruto, why was you out so late, it was well after midnight when you was found being beat, why wasn't you at the orphanage like you was supposed to be" the third asked.

"I was kicked out last week" Naruto whispered.

"And you didn't tell me why, I could have made arrangements for you so you wouldn't be living on the streets" the third asked.

"I didn't want you to worry, you have enough problems without me causing you more" Naruto said.

"How do you expect me to protect you from things like this is I don't even know your safe at night, how do you expect things to get better for you if you never let me know when things happen to you, Naruto you can't keep letting things like this happen to you, I know your only 5 but you have to remember that there are people who wants to protect you and sometimes we need your help to make sure your safe all the time" the third explained.

"Sorry old man" Naruto said.

"Don't worry, I'll tell Anko and Kurenai to bring you something to eat and a change of clothes" the third said.

"Thank you old man" Naruto said.

"Don't think of it, I only wants to protect you, I messed up with my son by letting being Hokage run my life, I don't want that same thing to happen to you, actually if I could I would send you somewhere you will be safe, but I'm afraid I know nowhere you would be safe from stupid people like those three last night" the third said.

"I know you would old man, thanks it mean a lot to know that I at least know I can count on you" Naruto said. The third smiled and walked out.


An hour later Anko and Kurenai came in the room with some food and clothes, "hey your woke" Kurenai asked.

"Yes who are you" Naruto asked.

"I'm Kurenai and this is Anko" Kurenai answered.

"Oh well I'm Naruto, thank you for saving me" he said.

"Don't worry, here I brought you some food" Anko said handing him the dango.

"Whats this, where is the ramen" Naruto asked.

"Its dango and much better than ramen" Anko answered.

"What I don't want this I want ramen" Naruto said.

"Fin more for me, you can eat this hospital food" Anko said.

"What no I'll eat it, please don't make me eat the food here" Naruto said grabbing the dango bag she gave him.

"Thought so" Anko said.

Kurenai shook her head, "Anko do you have to be like this all the time, not everyone like dango as much as you" she said.

Anko shrugged, "he is eating it right, besides he needs a more balanced diet if he plans on being a shinobi" she said.

"Shinobi, who said anything about him being a shinobi, how do you know he wants to be one" Kurenai asked.

"Naruto do you want to be a shinobi" Anko asked.

Naruto thought, "if I can learn to use sand again I will, I remember being able to move it a little bit to protect myself but now I can't" he said finally.

"Good, I train someone a year older than you, you can join us" Anko said.

"Anko you know your not supposed to train someone without their parents permission, and in this case the Hokage's permission" Kurenai said.

Anko rolled her eyes, "and you got the Hyuuga bastards permission to train Hinata I bet" she said.

"'s different he don't even like her" Kurenai defended.

"Why don't you bring Hinata to join us and we can train the three together" Anko suggested.

"Yea, someone needs to make sure you don't corrupt him" Kurenai said.

"Sure whatever you say Kurenai" Anko said.

Naruto finished the last of his dango and looked at the two, "when can I leave" he asked.

"Well you can leave now" Kurenai threw him a bag, "I bought you new clothes" she said.

Naruto grabbed the bag and looked in, inside the bag was a pair of dark orange boots, dark orange pants, a blue short sleeve shirt, an orange sleeveless coat with a hood that went halfway between his knees and ankles, a blue belt and fingerless gloves, "these are mine" he asked Kurenai.

"Yup, I thought you would like a new look of clothes, and those was picked out by Hinata herself" Kurenai said.

"Thank you" Naruto said.

"Don't worry, now go shower so we can get out of here, I hate hospitals" Kurenai said.

Naruto ran into the shower and came back within ten minutes wearing his new clothes, Kurenai and Anko almost laughed because his entire body was still wet, "Naruto why didn't you dry your body" Anko asked.

"It drys by itself" Naruto said.

"That takes to long, go back in there and dry off" Anko said.


Naruto and Anko met Tenten at the training ground while Kurenai went to get Hinata. Tenten looked once they entered and looked at Naruto, "who is that your son" she asked Anko.

"No, this is Naruto a friend, he is going to start joining us in our training" Anko said.

"Oh hi Naruto I'm Tenten" she said.

"Hello Tenny" he said.

"Its Tenten not Tenny" she told him.

"Yea but Tenny can be your nickname" he said.

She looked at him for a minute, "sure I like it" she said with a smile.

Anko started Naruto on basic taijutsu, "this is the number one fundamental of being a ninja if you can't do taijutsu then you don't need to be training to be a shinobi" she told him.

"OK I'll train hard Anko-sensei" Naruto said.

"Good, now Tenten your going to spar with him, but remember he never had training be fore, also I'm going to teach you my style since you don't have any style right now" Anko told the two.

"I'm ready" Naruto said.

"Good get into this stance" Anko demonstrated for him. It took Naruto awhile but eventually he got it, "good, that's the starting stance, now I want to just test you out to see how much work we need to do to get you up to where Tenten and Hinata are, so it will take awhile before we get into the grove of things" she told him.

"OK Anko-sensei" Naruto said.

As Naruto and Tenten started to spar tried not to interfere because Naruto needed this so he know what he needs to build on. As they was sparing Kurenai and Hinata came up, "how is he" Kurenai asked.

"We have a lot of work ahead of us with him" Anko told her.

"I see" Kurenai said as she watched the two spar.

"OK enough you two" Anko said. Once they stopped they turned to Anko, "OK you both know Kurenai and Tenten knows Hinata, but Naruto this is Hinata Hyuuga, she the heir to the Hyuuga clan and is going to be joining us I our training" she told him.

"Hello I'm Naruto Uzumaki the next Hokage" he said.

"Hello Naruto" Hinata said with a stutter and blush.

"Whats wrong why is your face red, your not sick are you" Naruto asked.

"No she is fine just nervous, now lets get to know each other" Kurenai piped in.

The group sat in a circle and as Kurenai was about to speak a scroll fell out the sky in to Naruto's lap, they looked up but only saw a bird fly by, it didn't even look large enough to carry a scroll. Naruto picked up the scroll, "um I can't read" he said while blushing in embarrassment.

"I'll read it" Tenten offered.

"OK" Naruto passed her the scroll.

Tenten opened the scroll and took a breath, she looked around and saw everyone looking at her expectantly:

Naruto you have been lied to all these years. Before you start to worry, the old man isn't the one who lied to you, yes he didn't tell you who your parents are or why your treated the way you are, but he did that to protect you from people who would use that information to have you killed. Now I'm going to tell you exactly who your parents are and why your treated like that, but you can't tell anyone. Your father is Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage and your mother is Kushina Uzumaki. Your father is dead as you know, he died sealing Kyuubi no Kitsune in you to protect his family and friends, he picked you because he knew that only you would be able to hold Kyuubi back. Your mother, she is still morning your death, you see in Konoha there is a man named Danzo and Fugaku somehow both found out who you are and used Kyuubi's attack to fake your death. Kushina can now be found wondering the shinobi nation looking for her place in the world. Where she is at this moment I can't tell you, unless you are committed to finding her and restoring the Uzumaki clan to its former glory, and only she will be able to help you.

"My mother is alive" Naruto asked.

"It would seem so" Kurenai said.

"Maybe the old man can help me find her" Naruto said.

"Maybe he can" Kurenai said.

"Good luck with that, he maybe nice to you, but he don't even try and prevent you from being treated the way you are treated, if he knew she was alive why didn't he try and find her before" Anko said.

"Do you have to be so negative" Kurenai asked

"I'm just saying, don't expect him to do anything to help you" Anko said.

"Well I have to try" Naruto said.

"I guess, I'll take you to his office" Anko said.

In the Hokage's office

Naruto and Anko walked in the office, "hey old man" Naruto said.

"Hello Naruto, how can I help you today" he asked.

"I have this letter, maybe you can help me with it" Naruto said.

"Let me see it" the third said. Naruto gave him the letter and he read it, "don't bother with this, who ever wrote this don't know what they are talking about, Kushina is dead, and how did they know your parents and about the Kitsune anyway" the third said.

"What but cant you at least send someone out to look for her" Naruto asked.

"There is no point, Kushina has been dead for 5 years" the third said giving him back the scroll.

Naruto took the scroll and left, "OK bye old man" he said and walked out with Anko behind him.

"Don't get so down kid, everything will work out" Anko told him while rubbing his head.

"How do you know" Naruto asked.

"Don't worry just leave that to me, how about I treat you to lunch, ramen on me" she told him.

"OK" Naruto said cheering up.


Later that day Anko went to Kurenai's apartment, "whats up" Kurenai asked.

"We have to do something" Anko said.

"About what" Kurenai asked.

"About that letter, I told you it was a bad idea to talk to the Hokage about it, all he did was shoot down Naruto's hopes of finding his mother, we have to at least look for her" Anko said.

"I agree, what do you think we should do though" Kurenai asked.

"Well, we stage a kidnapping, take Naruto, Tenten, and Hinata and leave the village, train them while we look for Kushina, no one will miss Naruto since just about everyone hates him, Tenten's foster parents don't even like her, and Hinata is already an outcast in her family even if she is the heir, all we have to do is get some supplies and leave before anyone wakes up" Anko said.

"But eventually someone will come looking for us" Kurenai said.

"Nope I have a plan for that also, all we have to do is fake our deaths, it will be awhile before someone realize that we are not dead and by that time it will be to late to even look for us" Anko said.

Kurenai thought about this, "OK I'm in, but we need to get some supplies first" she said.

"OK, you buy clothes and food, I'll get weapons and scrolls to teach them from" Anko said.

"Right, meet here in 30 minutes" Kurenai said.

Anko was leaving the ninja store with a ton of scrolls and weapons when she passed the Hokage's tower and smirked, summoning no jutsu, she summoned 3 snakes, "go in there and find anything that belongs to either Minato, Kushina, or Naruto" she said.

Ain't that stealing one of the snakes asked.

"Yea I know but I'm taking him out of the village to look for his mother and I need things that will help train him, plus it technically belong to Naruto since its his inheritance anyway" Anko said. The snakes nodded and went into the tower.

Anko arrived at Kurenai's apartment, "well lets get the kids shall we" she asked.

"Yes, but first we need to seal all this stuff to make it easier to carry" Kurenai said.

An hour later Anko and Kurenai was running away from the village with the three kids sleeping on one of Anko's summons, "where do we start looking" Anko asked.

"I don't know, but we need a place to rest" Kurenai said.

The next day outside of Konoha

Anko and Kurenai woke up early to prepare for what they would tell the 5 five year old's and the 6 year old. Sometimes planning a kidnapping was more work than it needed to be they both thought. Not surprised that Hinata was the first to wake up, or that she was terrified when she wasn't in her room. The resulting scream woke both Tenten and Naruto. Tenten screamed out, but Naruto took it in stride thinking he was beaten again and was in the old mans home. Anko and Kurenai looked at each other trying to decide what to do next, "well I guess we should explain" Kurenai said.

"I had the idea to help Naruto find his mother, I planned this entire thing out, in a few hours the village will think you three are dead giving us time to get out of fire country and look for Kushina, eventually they will notice that the bodies are a fake, but I'm hoping that they wont until a few more hours or days, if you want to go back tell us now and I will have one of my summons take you to the village" Anko explained.

"Awesome your going to help me find my mother, you are the best sister ever" Naruto said jumping on Anko hugging her.

"I don't have to deal with my foster parents blaming me for everything and acting like their son never does anything, I'll like to beat show them how much a pain I can be" Tenten said.

"I'm happy to be with my friends and not looked at with hate, but I will miss my sister, she was only one" Hinata stuttered.

Anko looked at Kurenai, "and sometimes its easy" Kurenai said knowing Anko was thinking the same thing.

"Where do we start first" Naruto asked.

"First we have to eat breakfast, I'm starved I didn't get dinner last night" Anko said.

"I'll cook something" Kurenai said.

"OK, now we need to set some ground rules, because we will need to be careful where we go and what we do for awhile, at least a few months if not years, we want everyone in Konoha to think we are dead" Anko said.

"Do we have to have rules" Naruto complained.

"Yes Naruto, you want to find your mother right" Naruto nodded, "then trust me with these rules things will be easier for us all" Kurenai said.

"OK now first, none of will go by our original names until we are ready to come out of hiding, me and Kurenai will be either sister or sensei, Naruto will go by scorpion, Tenten will go by cat, and Hinata will go by raptor" Anko said.

"We will travel at night and train and sleep during the day, you all will learn to cook" Kurenai said.

"You each will try and find your own summon, decide what weapon you want to specialize in, including you Tenten I know you want to be a weapons mistress which you can but you need a basic weapon, you will start learning ninjutsu and to control your element when you turn 8, for now we will focus on weapons, taijutsu, and finding Kushina while making friends in important positions" Anko said.

"Hinata and Tenten will need to pick a new style of clothes, since Naruto just got his yesterday and no one saw it he is safe" Kurenai said.

"Did you buy them some styles to chose from" Anko asked.

"You are not to tell anyone about where you are from, if someone asks then your traveling with your family" Kurenai said.

"Is the food done I'm hungry" Naruto said.

"You have a one track mind" Anko said.

"Hey are you calling me stupid" Naruto asked.

"Hey if the kunai fits" Anko said.

"Enough you two, and breakfast is done" Kurenai said. For the rest the rest of the day Kurenai and Anko taught the three the things they should learn if they had a loving family, starting with basic chakra control, then going to teach them taijutsu.


That night Anko and Kurenai packed everything in a scroll and the 5 left the hotel heading towards Grass country. They looked around once they got to the country, "this looks like a good place to start their serious training" Kurenai said.

"I agree, no one should look for us here, and it has been a few days since we left so everything should be calmed down a little" Anko said.

"Hey what does my mom look like" Naruto asked as he looked around at all the ladies that was in the small country.

"Well she is about my height, has long red hair, blue eyes, always wears red, has a katana on her back" Kurenai said.

"Like that" Tenten pointed to a kunoichi that had long red hair with a katana on her back walking with a blond and black haired women.

Anko and Kurenai looked over at her, "yea, and that looks like Tsunade and Shizune" Anko said.

"Lets go find out if that is really her" Kurenai said. They walked up to them, "Kushina Uzumaki" she asked.

The red haired kunoichi turned, "yes who are you" she asked.

Kurenai and Anko smiled, "I'm Kurenai and this is Anko, we are from Konoha, so are these three we are looking for you" she said.

"Why are you looking for me, and I only see two not three" Kushina said.

"What" Kurenai looked around, "Anko where did Naruto go" she asked.

"I don't know he was walking right behind us" Anko said.

"Wait why are you looking for Kushina" Tsunade asked.

"This letter" Kurenai said handing the letter to Kushina.

Kushina read the letter and her eyes went wide and she dropped it, "my son is alive where is he" she asked.

"I don't know he was just with us" Anko said.

"You lost him" Kushina yelled.

"Ahhhh sisters help" they heard a boy scream.

"Naruto" Anko and Kurenai yelled at the same time.

"Um sisters, you said we can't use our names in public, his name is scorpion remember" Hinata stuttered.

"We know that, but this is an emergency" Kurenai said. She looked around and found Kushina already running to where the noise came from.

Kushina turned the corner and stopped cold in her tracks, "Kari what are you doing here, I didn't summon you" she asked the large scorpion that was licking Naruto.

I know but I found your son for you, it took longer than I thought but I found him, I'm sure you read the letter, it was written by mother the scorpion said.

"What you did that, I told you to stay out of my personal affairs" Kushina said.

Why aren't you happy you have your son Kari asked.

"Well yes I'm happy, I want nothing more than to be with my son, but still you should have told me before you did it" Kushina said.

Maybe but mom wanted it to be a surprise, she even got the falcon to deliver the message Kari said.

"Fine, just don't do anything like this again, you know how much trouble they could be in for leaving their village" Kushina said.

Its better if he wasn't in the village the scorpion said.

"What do you mean" Kushina said.

Well, before I told mom where he was I watched him for awhile to see if he would need his mother now or if it would be to much for him to handle, and well lets just say that he has a first hand experience at almost dieing Kari said.

"What someone almost killed my son" Kushina asked.

Yea, well by I have to report to mom that you two have found each other Kari said then puffed away but not after licking Naruto one last time.

Kushina and everyone else stood there for a minute not moving. Thinking about what the scorpion said, "so sister what was that, is it some type of animal" Naruto asked looking at Anko.

"That was a scorpion" Anko said.

"So my nickname is that animal" he asked.

"Yes" Anko said.

"So who are these people" Naruto asked.

"Na-Naruto" Kushina asked.

"Um, yes" Naruto answered confused.

"My baby is really alive" Kushina cried out swooping him up and spinning him in the air a few times before she brought him into a hug, "I'm so sorry I wasn't there to protect you, but I promise I will be the best mother ever" she said.

"Mom" Naruto asked.

"Yes" Kushina asked.

Naruto just looked at her they threw his arms back around her neck in as tight a hug as he could, "mom" he cried.

Kurenai, Anko, Tsunade, Shizune, Hinata, and Tenten watched them, "this will be great for both of them" Kurenai said.

"I agree, I was about to give up on bringing her out of her 5 year long depression, and a few times she tried to kill herself" Tsunade said.

"Son you have to tell me everything about you" she then looked at his clothes, "your wearing the same thing I'm wearing" she added.

Naruto smiled, "these are my favorite clothes" he said.

"So what do you like to do for fun" Kushina asked.

"Well I never get to do anything, no one in the village would let me go to the parks like the other kids, and I never had any friends, and they all called me monster, demon, or motherless demon brat, I don't even know what those mean" Naruto said.

"What you never went to the park" Tenten and Hinata yelled at the same time.

Kushina abruptly stood up with Naruto and started to walk away, "where are you going" Tsunade asked.

"To the park" Kushina said and kept walking. Hinata and Tenten ran to catch up with her, the 4 kunoichi's looked at each other then followed. They arrived at the park, "what do you want to do first" Kushina asked.

Naruto looked around, "you mean I can really play here without being kicked out or hit" he asked.

"Yes, and if anyone tries to do anything to you they will have to answer to me, now go play I'll be watching from the bench" Kushina said pointing to a bench that was close by.

Naruto looked excited then turned to Hinata and Tenten, "will you play with me cat and raptor" he asked.

"Of course lets go" Tenten said and ran into the park with Hinata and Naruto close behind.

Kushina sat on the bench and watched Naruto play with Tenten and Hinata when the others came up, "Kushina are you OK" Tsunade asked.

"Yea, why" Kushina asked.

"Well you was depressed for the last 5 years, even trying to kill yourself" Tsunade said.

"Well that's when I thought my son was dead" Kushina said.

"You know the old man tried to keep scorpion from looking for you" Anko said.

"I believe it, he was the bastard that told me Naruto was dead" Kushina said.

"I thought that Danzo and Fugaku told you that" Anko said.

"Like I would believe anything those two say" Kushina said.

"So what will you do now" Shizune asked.

"Well I'm going home" Kushina said.

"Home" Kurenai asked.

"Yes, the Uzumaki has 2 branches, one from whirlpool and another from Suna, I am the only member of the family who has a parent from both branches, and I'm going back home to Suna" Kushina said.

"Oh, so we are headed straight there" Anko asked.

"Well I guess, I have no reason to hang around here anymore" Kushina said.

"What are we going to do" Shizune asked Tsunade.

"Well I guess we can stay with them for awhile to train them a little in medics" Tsunade said.

"You know I can make you honorary parts of the Uzumaki clan" Kushina told them.

"Fine with me, Naruto already thinks of me as a sister" Anko said.

"Me to" Kurenai said.

"You can do it if you want Shizune" Tsunade said.

"What about you" Shizune asked.

Tsunade shrugged, "I'm not sure, besides I don't think Suna will try and prevent a sennin and medic expert from coming into their village, if I'm going to help improve their medical training to be the best" she said.


they spent a few hours in the park watching the three play around when they walked up to them, "we're hungry" Naruto said.

"Well lets go get something to eat" Kushina said. They started to walk through the country, "so let me make sure I have the names right, Naruto is named scorpion, Hinata is raptor, and Tenten is cat" Kushina asked.

"Yup" Anko said.

"Why those names" Kushina asked.

"Don't know those are the first thing I thought of when I gave them the names" Anko said.

"I see" Kushina said.

"I must say you are much more happier than you have been the last few years" Tsunade told Kushina.

Kushina shrugged, "how long do think it will take to get to Suna" she asked.

"A week at most" Tsunade said.


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