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Challenge by Nirvana12: Naruto unlocks his bloodline during a beating at a young age. After being trained for a couple months Naruto runs away to Suna where he thinks he can be respected and cared for due to having a bloodline like one of their Kazekage. Naruto will soon become friends with Gaara, Temari, and a few others and with their help is able to keep Gaara from becoming insane. He will become a ninja for Suna and use his bloodline to make a name for himself. He returns to Konoha for the chuunin exams. The story will follow Naruto and his bloodline.

Summary: At the age 5 Naruto is beaten by a group of drunks down on their luck. While at the hospital he is visited by 2 kunoichi's who agree to train him and help him make a friend his age. A few hours later he gets a letter from someone who is angry. He goes to the Hokage about it but is told to ignore it. The next day Konoha wakes up to find not only Naruto but a certain Hyuuga failure and civilian has been killed? For now this will be a Naru/Hina/Tenny/Temari/fem Haku story.

Naruto's Hidden Power

Chapter 2

The village of Konoha woke up the day of the 'murder' and it was like any other day, except the village has yet to see the blond pain in its ass, the owners of the weapons shop haven't seen their adopted daughter in almost 12 hours when she stormed out after they punished her for knocking over the kunai's and blaming it on their precious little boy, and Hiashi was having a peaceful breakfast, well as peaceful as someone can have with a crying 1 year old,'where the hell is that failure, only she can stop that damn baby from crying' he thought. As the day went on the Hokage got worried, because not only did Naruto not came to get his morning serving of ramen, he missed his lunch serving also, not that he was complaining he could use the money he was saving not paying for the food, but still. And add on the fact that neither Anko or Kurenai showed up to work, and there is a report that Hanabi has not stopped crying since she woke up, 'yes something is wrong' the third thought getting up from his chair and walking out the office. He arrived at the Hyuuga compound and was let in with no hesitation.

"Lord Hokage what do I owe the pleasure" Hiashi asked from the main family door.

"I heard a report that Hanabi haven't stopped crying since she woke up" the third said.

"Yes, do you know why" Hiashi asked.

"I have an idea but it involves Hinata, is she woke" the third asked.

"No" Hiashi said.

"Ain't she usually the first one woke" the third asked.

"Yes, maybe she is tired" Hiashi said shrugging.

"Can I go see her" the third asked.

"Sure don't know why anyone would bother with her though" Hiashi said and led him to Hinata's room.

Hiashi opened the door and the third walked in, "Hinata" he called. No response, not even the slight movement made while sleeping, "Hinata" the third called louder.

"Weird, Hinata is a light sleeper, usually waking up at the slightest noise that isn't normal" Hiashi said.

The third walked up to her bed and gave her a slight shake and was shocked, "Hiashi Hinata is not sleep" he said.

"What do you mean" Hiashi asked.

"What I mean is she is dead, look" the third turned her over and a kunai was stuck in her lungs with her own hand holding the kunai and blood staining her purple sheets, "she killed herself sometime last night" the third said.

Hiashi looked at her, "at least she prevented the Byakugan from falling into the enemy hands and took the problem of having to always protect her off my hands" he said and walked out.

"Hiashi don't you feel anything from losing your daughter" the third asked.

"No, I'm not even 100 percent sure she was my daughter, I don't think Hanabi is either" Hiashi said then walked out the room.

The third shook his head, "I wonder" he whispered and shunshined out to Naruto's apartment, "Naruto" he called walking through to his room. He looked at his bed and was shocked to find he also killed himself with a kunai into his lungs. The third let a tear drop, "why would Hinata and Naruto kill themselves" the third asked walking out of the apartment. His feet led him to the weapons shop, "do you mind if I check on something with Tenten" he asked.

"Sure" the owner said as if he didn't care.

The third walked to her room and found her in the same position as Hinata and Naruto. He walked out, "you know Tenten is dead" he said.

"So, she wasn't anything but a pest and nuisance" he said.

The third shook his head and walked out, "3 of the missing 5 people all killed themselves, would Kurenai and Anko" he thought, "naw those two wouldn't do that" he dismissed the thought and went back to the Hokage's tower. Little did he know that inside both Anko's and Kurenai's was two corpses laying on the bed both was tied down with chakra rope, gagged, raped, and killed. If he went into the rooms he would have saw that both led right to the current head of the Hyuuga and Uchiha clans, but since he didn't the two would die without anyone knowing, and the evidence accusing the two clan heads of multiple counts of rape over the past years would be unnoticed. All the evidence needed to convict the two rapist would never be found since the building the two was living in, mysteriously went up in fire after said Hyuuga and Uchiha head went to investigate the missing kunoichi's. Of course they didn't rape them and they knew it, but the evidence against them for the other rapes was to much to let get out. The two nodded to each other after the building burnt down and went back to their compounds.

In Grass Country

Kushina woke up in her hotel room with Naruto looking down at her, "Naruto what are you doing" she asked.

"I just wanted to make sure you was real, I had lots of dreams about meeting you and when I woke up you never was there" Naruto said.

Kushina smiled, "come on get in bed, its still early you can lay with me for a few hours" she said.

Naruto climbed in and laid his head on her arm, "love you mom" he said.

"I love you to sweetie" Kushina replied and both fell back asleep.

Tsunade went into the room to wake Kushina up and stop at the sight, "Shizune bring your camera in here" she called down the hallway.

"Why" Shizune called back.

"Just bring it, you will see" Tsunade said.

Shizune walked out her room with her camera, "why did you need my camera" she asked.

"Look" Tsunade pointed.

Shizune looked at them and smiled, "that's so cute" she said taking a few pictures.

"Yea I almost hate to wake them....almost" Tsunade said.

A week later

The group arrived in Suna, "passes" the guard said.

"We don't have any" Kushina said.

"Then I can't allow you to enter without the Kazekage's permission" the guard said.

"Well go get the old coot" Kushina said, thinking the Kazekage was still her uncle.

"You will do well to show respect to the Kazekage when he gets here" the guard said.

"Whatever" Kushina said.

A few minutes later the Kazekage came to the gate, "whats so important that I had to come to this gate" he asked.

"Your not the old coot" Kushina said shocked.

"I don't know an old coot but you will do well to watch your tone" the Kazekage said.

"Yea whatever, me and my family is here and this idiot wont let us in" Kushina said.

"Where are your passes" the Kazekage said.

"I didn't know being the head of the Uzumaki clan that I need a pass to enter the village when we are one of the founding houses of this village" Kushina said.

"I will not have none of your remarks, now if you don't have a pass you wont come in" the Kazekage said.

"Says who, the Uzumaki family has been in a major part of this village since before you was born" Kushina said.

"Kushina maybe we should go to another village" Anko said.

"No, I have more right to come to this village than he has to being a kage of this village, by all rights I should be the Kazekage" Kushina said.

"I will not be insulted by a mere peasant like you" the Kazekage said getting ready to fight.

"Peasant, why you little shit, if it wasn't for my uncle this village would have been crushed by Konoha, if it wasn't for my 5 generations grandfather this village wouldn't be here, now get out of my way or I will put you in your place, the middle of the desert" Kushina said as sand started to float and form around her.

"You can use the Iron Sand" the Kazekage stuttered.

"I told you once, that this village was made by the Uzumaki clan, the only difference between this village and whirlpool was that whirlpool never had the chance to take root with all the fighting Iwa does" Kushina said without stopping the use of her bloodline.

"Alright mom you rock" Naruto yelled.

"Well come in, don't let me stop you" the Kazekage said.

"I wasn't" Kushina said and shoved the Kazekage out of her way.

Naruto, Tenten, and Hinata quickly followed all wanting to know how to do what she did, "mom how did you do that" Naruto asked.

"Yes Kushina that was awesome" Tenten said.

"Can we learn to do it" Hinata asked.

Kushina laughed, "slow down one question at a time, scorpion it is a kekkei genkai something that most Uzumaki's from Suna can do, raptor I can't teach you to do it just like you can't teach me to use the Byakugan, the only one that can learn to use it is Naruto" she said.

"I get to learn to use that awesome, wait whats the Byakugan" Naruto asked.

"Its a kekkei genkai that involves the eyes, eye kekkei genkai's are called doujutsu's, there are a total of three that I know of so far, the Byakugan which is what I have, the Sharingan that the Uchiha's have, and the Rinnegan not much is known about that one though" Hinata said.

"Very good raptor" Kushina praised.

"Mom where are we going" Naruto asked.

"To the Uzumaki compound" Kushina said.

As they walked through the village Hinata, Tenten, and Naruto looked around the extremely hot and plainly colored village, "Kushina look" Tenten said pointing to a boy in the park.

Kushina looked at where Tenten was pointing, "that boy whats his name" she asked.

"Gaara" the Kazekage said.

"Who are his parents" Kushina asked.

"I'm his father, his mother is dead" the Kazekage said.

"What family was she from" Kushina asked.

"If your wondering he is not related to you" the Kazekage said.

"Then how is it possible for him to use use sand, its a bloodline only known to my clan" Kushina said.

"He said Shukaku in him" the Kazekage said.

"What why, my uncle sealed it in a teapot, how did it get in that boy" Kushina asked.

"There was complications" the Kazekage said.

"Complications, the seal was perfect, created by 3 of the best seal masters to walk this earth, my uncle, Minato, and Jiraiya" Kushina said.

"I know who created it, people was trying to break the seal to use Shukaku's power" the Kazekage said.

Kushina looked at him, "if I find out your telling me a lie I'll kill you" she said.

"Mom can we go play with him" Naruto asked.

"I'll take them" Kurenai said.

"OK behave you 3" Kushina said.

Kurenai led them over to the park, "hey whats your name, I'm scorpion, how did you do that with the sand, my mom can do it she said its called a kekkei genkai, I will learn to do it one day, want to play with us, do you have any brothers or sisters, do you have any friend, I have 2 friends and 2 sisters, why did those kids run from you, whats a monster" Naruto asked really fast.

The boy looked at Naruto confused, "huh" he asked.

"I'll translate for you, whats your name" Tenten asked.

"Gaara" he said.

"OK Gaara, how did you do that stuff with the sand" Tenten asked.

"Well I don't know it just happens" Gaara said.

"OK do you have any brothers or sisters" Tenten asked.

"I have an older sister and brother Temari is much nicer than Kankurou though" Gaara said.

"Do you have any friends" Tenten asked.

"No only Temari plays with me" Gaara said.

"Why did those kids run from you" Tenten asked.

"Because I have Shukaku in me, they say I'm a monster" Gaara said.

"Is that the same as a demon, at our last home I was called demon a lot" Naruto said.

"Um, I think so" Gaara said.

"Oh want to play with us, we are new here and don't know anyone" Naruto asked.

"Um, OK" Gaara said unsure.

"Cool, lets play tag" Naruto said.

"OK your 'it' scorpion" Tenten said.

"No fair cat" Naruto whined.

"Why afraid you can't catch us" Tenten teased while running.

"Oh your on, I'm going to catch all of you" Naruto said.

Running into the park was a blonde haired girl, "on no I'm late, I hope Gaara didn't get into any trouble" she said. She stopped when she heard laughter and looked at see Gaara playing with some kids, "Gaara made friends without me" she asked herself. She ran up to them, "hey who are you, you better not have hurt my brother" she said.

"No Temari they asked me to play with them, they want to be my friend" Gaara said happily.

Temari looked at Gaara then at the three and back, "they didn't hurt you or make fun of you did they" she asked.

"No, we was playing tag" Gaara said.

"Oh, well good then I don't have to hurt them" Temari said.

"Hi I'm scorpion" Naruto said.

"Scorpion, your named after an animal" Temari asked confused.

"We all are, that's raptor and cat" Naruto said pointing at Hinata and Tenten.

"Why are you named after animals" Temari asked.

"They are not our real names, we have to go by those names until our sisters tell us we can go by our real names" Hinata said.

"Oh whats your real names" Temari asked.

"We can't tell you" Hinata said.

"Want to play tag with us" Naruto asked.

A week later

Kushina was sitting in the living room when Naruto and Hinata came in, "mom we are bored" Naruto said.

"Why don't you go play" Kushina asked.

"We just came from playing" Naruto said.

Kushina thought, "well I can start your basic training now" she said.

"Really, I get to learn to do that sand thing now" Naruto asked.

"Not quite yet, go find Tenten and bring her back here and we can get started" Kushina said.

Hinata and Naruto happily ran out the compound looking for Tenten. They found her at the park with Temari, Gaara, and some guy, "hey cat, mom said come home and she will start our basic training" Naruto said.

"Who are you" Hinata asked the other boy.

"He is my brother Kankurou, Gaara came home bragging about having more friends than him so he wanted to see if it was true" Temari said.

"Oh" Hinata said.

"Well come on cat and raptor we get to start training today" Naruto said.

"You know scorpion this ain't the first time we trained in the basics" Tenten said.

"I know that, but this time its official, like our first steps towards the ninja life style" Naruto said.

"He just wants to learn to use his kekkei genkai" Hinata said.

"I realize that" Tenten said.

"Well lets go" Naruto urged.

"OK scorpion we are coming" Tenten said.

"Hey can we come with you, no one is at home" Temari asked.

"Sure, I'll ask mom when we get there" Naruto said. They all ran to the Uzumaki compound, "mom" Naruto yelled.

"In the living room" Kushina yelled back.

Naruto ran into the living room, "can Temari, Gaara and their brother join us" he asked.

"Sure, now lets go" Kushina said getting up and leading them to the back. Once they got to the back Kushina lined them up in a line and stood in front of them, "OK first you all need to learn to access your chakra" she said.

"Um Kushina, I learned how to access my chakra at the academy last year" Temari said.

"I learned how to do it this year" Kankurou said.

"Well just wait until the rest can access theirs, it shouldn't take long" Kushina said.

"I can feel my chakra" Hinata said.

"Me to" Tenten said shortly after they started.

"Mom, I feel two chakra's which do I use" Naruto asked.

"Does one feel like its blue and the other black" Kushina asked.

"One feels red and the other blue" Naruto said.

"Well for now ignore the red one and try and access the blue one" Kushina said.

A few minutes later Naruto smiled, "I got it mom" he said.

"Good, Gaara how is it going" Kushina asked.

"Well I only feel a brown chakra" he said.

"Really, you don't feel any other color" Kushina asked.

Gaara concentrated harder, "I do when I concentrate really hard but its hard to get it to come out" he said.

"OK, just concentrate on accessing what you can on the other color, for now I want you to focus on that one" Kushina said.

"OK" Gaara said.

"The rest of you since you can access your chakra we are going to work on chakra control, the first thing you need to learn is to focus chakra in one area of your body" Kushina said.

"How do we do that mom" Naruto asked.

"Well you all will practice walking up the wall" Kushina said pointing to the compound.

"What how do we do that" Naruto asked.

"I'll show you" Kushina turned and calmly walked up the wall, "when you first start you need to focus on it, but once you learn how to do it then you will be able to do it without thinking" she said.

"How did you do that" Naruto yelled.

"Anyone want to try and describe how I did it" Kushina asked. Hinata raised her hand, "OK Hinata give it a shot" Kushina said.

"Well I'm not sure but I think its the same thing as when I try and activate my Byakugan, you have to single out the part of the body you want the chakra to go to, once its there you need to learn how much is needed for a particular thing to happen, in this case walking up the wall, so I guess that once we get our chakra to our feet we will have to test it by putting our foot on the wall and see if it sticks, if it don't then we have to try again until we get it right, if it does then we should be able to put our other foot on the wall and hopefully we have it right and we can walk up it, if not we fall and hurt ourselves" Hinata said.

"Nice job Hinata, that's exactly how you do it, and I like how you compared it to activating your Byakugan" Kushina said.

"So we have to focus chakra to our feet" Naruto asked.

"Correct, I want you all to practice this while I work with Gaara, if you need help don't be afraid to ask for it, that's why I'm here" Kushina said. Kushina went over to Gaara, "how is it coming" she asked.

"I can feel it, but I can't do anything with it" Gaara said.

"I see, I know someone who can help you with that, but it might take awhile for them to get here" Kushina said.

"OK I will continue practicing until they get here" Gaara said.

"Kushina we have a problem" Anko said running into the back.

"Whats wrong" Kushina asked.

"Konoha is here, word got out about the Uzumaki clan coming back to Suna, and Naruto being named after you caused the Hokage to send someone here" Anko said.

"This is a problem" Kushina said.

"Whats wrong mom" Naruto asked.

"Nothing son, continue to practice wall walking" Kushina said.

"What should we do, we can't leave it would look to suspicious" Anko said.

"I know" Kushina thought for a minute, "I got it, you and Kurenai go put on some of my clothes and change your looks, you both know the jutsu to change your hair and eye color use that, and come up with a new name, hurry because we will need to know your names until they leave, I'll take care of Naruto, Hinata, and Tenten" Kushina said.

"OK, but what about you" Anko asked.

"I have nothing to worry about, I never became a Konoha kunoichi, and as head of the Uzumaki clan they can't do anything to me without causing war between Kiri, Suna, and Konoha" Kushina said.

"Kiri why Kiri" Anko asked.

"Our whirlpool branch had a treaty with them, and it extended to all Uzumaki's even the branch living in Suna, I sent a letter to the Mizukage, I have a meeting with her in a few weeks" Kushina said.

"Oh, well we will be back" Anko said and ran into the house.

"Naruto, Tenten, and Hinata come here" Kushina said. The three walked up to her, "listen carefully, Konoha sent some ninjas here to find out if one of you are from Konoha since I decided to start the clan back up, I'm going to change your hair, eyes, and voice, these changes will only last until they leave then I will end them, also don't say anything that will make anyone think you haven't lived with me your entire lives OK" she said.

"Yes" they all said.

Kushina proceeded to change their basic looks and voice, "good, raptor you look good with blue eyes and hair" she said.

"What color are mine mom" Naruto asked.

"Yours are eyes are blueish purple and your hair is red like mine, you look quite handsome if I do say so myself" Kushina said.

"What about me Kushina" Tenten asked.

"Your eyes are light green and your hair is blonde" Kushina told her.

"I'm a blonde" Tenten asked.

"Whats wrong with being a blond" Temari asked.

"Nothing, just never figured I would change my hair color to be a blonde" Tenten said.

Anko and Kurenai came out the house in different clothes and their hair and eye color changed. Kushina looked at them and laughed, "did you peek when I changed their eyes and hair color" she asked.

"No, I just picked a random color" Kurenai said.

"I picked a color I would never think of" Anko said.

"Well since you look the part, I suggest that Kurenai play the roll of Hinata's mother while Anko play the roll of Tenten's mother" Kushina said.

"That's a good idea, now lets go meet them" Anko said.

"Lets, you all stay here can continue to train" Kushina said.

The three walked to the front of the compound and saw Jiraiya. The three sweat-dropped, "what are you doing here" Kushina asked.

"I'm here to visit you, but did you know that a group of jounin's was here from Konoha" Jiraiya asked.

"I knew that, but I thought they sent you" Kushina said.

"Why would I care, I have a life outside of that village" Jiraiya said.

"I know that, pervert" Kushina said.

"Is this the Uzumaki compound" a Konoha jounin asked.

"Depends on who wants to know" Kushina said.

"I'm Hayate and I'm here with Genma and Kakashi" he said.

"They just had to send that pervert" Kushina groaned.

"Whats the matter sister" Kurenai asked getting into her roll as Kushina's younger sister.

"Nothing, just we have the two biggest perverts ever trying to get into our house" Kushina said.

"I guess we better get this over with so we can get back to training our kids" Anko said.

"I guess, can you wait here Jiraiya-sensei while I deal with Konoha" Kushina asked.

"Sure, I saw someone I need to catch up with anyway" Jiraiya said.

"OK, oh I need your help with something later" Kushina said.

"Right, later" Jiraiya said and walked away.

"Well you three are you coming" Anko asked and turned to walk into the house.

"What exactly are you looking for" Kurenai asked.

"We need to see any other people living here or named Uzumaki" Hayate said.

"Fine follow us" Kurenai said and the three kunoichi's led them out to the yard, "you can look and see which are our kids and which are just friends of theirs" Kurenai said.

The three jounin's walked up to the kids, they immediately knew Gaara wasn't one because of the dark look on his face, and he looked like the Kazekage. They next eliminated Kankurou based on the same thing as Gaara. They came to Tenten and Temari, "these two look like they could be the blonde ladies" Genma said.

"Yes, but none are a male" Hayate said.

"Yes, the blue haired girl is clearly the blue haired ladies daughter, but its the red haired boy that I'm curious about" Kakashi said.

"Why" Hayate asked.

"Because, Kushina and sensei only had one kid, Naruto, and this certainly ain't Naruto, or it is him just under a genjutsu or something" Kakashi said looking at Naruto who started to get nervous under his gaze.

"We would have noticed a genjutsu already" Hayate said.

"No we wouldn't have, Kushina was the second best kunoichi in genjutsu to ever step in Konoha behind Kurenai, now Kurenai and Anko comes up missing and these two pop up claiming to be related to Kushina" Kakashi said.

"What are you getting at" Hayate asked.

"Kushina once said that her entire family was killed" Kakashi said.

"How, it would be almost impossible to know if the entire family was killed, the Uzumaki clan had 2 branches, one here in Suna, the other in whirlpool, but the one in whirlpool had a good relationship with Kiri they could have easily fled to Kiri when Iwa's civil war started to spill over into whirlpool" Hayate said.

"Yes that would explain the other two and their daughters, but that don't explain him, Kushina only had one child" Kakashi said.

"How can you be so sure, the Hokage did run her out of the village before she was healed, she could have easily had twins" Hayate said.

"Not likely" Kakashi said.

"Just like its not likely that of all the places in the world Kyuubi decide to attack Konoha on the day Kushina is having her baby" Hayate asked.

"I'm telling you, Naruto faked his death and ran away from the village, he somehow was found by Kushina and brought here, this is Naruto" Kakashi said.

"Wait, what if it is, what will you do, not like Kushina will let us walk out of here with her son" Genma asked.

"He already faked his death, my orders was to eliminate anyone who is a fraud" Kakashi said.

"And again what makes you so sure this is Naruto and not another kid, hell he could be adopted for all we know" Genma asked.

"Call it instinct, I know its him" Kakashi said not taking his eyes off Naruto.

"Mom" Hinata said.

"OK enough, what are you three whispering about, either say it out loud or get the hell out of our home" Kurenai said.

"And stop glaring at my son Kakashi or I'll take your only good eye" Kushina said.

"The Hokage gave me orders to bring Naruto back to Konoha" Kakashi said.

"The Hokage, the same Hokage who told me that Naruto was dead, the same Hokage who created a corpse out of a dead child's body, the same Hokage who ran me out of the village before I was fully recovered from giving birth, the same fucking Hokage who failed to follow Minato's wishes by giving me the house and scrolls he left for me and my son who your Hokage told me was dead, the same Hokage who up until now had absolutely no interest in my safety or if I was alive until he heard me and my sisters was restarting the Uzumaki clan with our three kids here in Suna, the same fucking Hokage who has no dam morals, the same fucking Hokage who let a fucking perverted sadistic child molester go free after he found out he killed kids, helpless woman, and men for his experiments because he couldn't bring himself to kill his favorite student, that Hokage is trying to tell me what to do, no tell your Hokage if he ever send anyone after me, my sisters, or our kids we will kill whoever he send" Kushina said. As she went through that she got angrier and angrier until she had her iron sand bloodline spinning around her.

"I think you have worn out your welcome, I suggest you leave or we will kill you" Anko said.

"And don't think about touching anything on your way out" Kurenai said.

As the three walked out the yard a lady walked in, she looked at the three jounin's then continued to walk towards Kushina, Anko, and Kurenai, "hello Anko and Kurenai" she said once she was sure that the three jounin's was out of hearing distance.

"I don't know who you are, but you have the wrong people" Anko said.

The lady rolled her eyes, "don't play games with me Anko, you almost had me fooled with those fake bodies and the rape you tried to put on Hiashi and Fugaku, but you forget I know you two better than anyone in that village, besides Anko I saw you two leave the village while I was on patrol" she said.

"OK you got them, now who are you" Kushina asked.

"Yuugao" Kurenai and Anko said at the same time.

"Yup, how could you two do something like this and not include me, I thought we was best friends" Yuugao said.

"Sorry, we was going to write you and let you know what was going on, but we needed to wait until everything died down" Anko said.

"But you still did all this without me" Yuugao said.

"It would have been to obvious if we included you" Kurenai said.

"To who, Hiashi didn't even care that Hinata was dead, only that no one could stop Hanabi from crying, Tenten's adopted parents was the same, and the only people who was worried about Naruto was me and Teuchi and to an extent the Hokage" Yuugao said.

"Fine we are sorry we didn't include you, but its not like the plan was well thought out anyway, Anko came up with it 2 hours before we left the village, we had to scramble to get enough food, clothes, weapons, and cover our escape" Kurenai said.

"Fine, next time don't do anything like that without me" Yuugao said.

"Deal" Anko and Kurenai said.

"Wait how did you get out of the village" Kushina asked.

"I'm supposed to be on a mission, I staged my death, bloody clothes, the hitai-ate sliced off my head, broke my ANBU sword, I think I did a pretty convincing job" Yuugao said.

"You thought this threw to the end didn't you" Anko asked.

"Unlike you, I planned this out since I saw your dead bodies, the moment I saw them I knew you wasn't dead, but finding you two is damn near impossible when you want it to be" Yuugao said.

"How did you find us" Kurenai asked.

"I heard about the Uzumaki clan starting up and put 2 and 2 together, Naruto dead, you two faked your deaths, then add Hinata and Tenten just to spit into Konoha's face, and now Kushina wants to organize her clan again after what happened to her, really anyone who looked at the clues could have figured that you was here, but lucky for you, only I went to look at your dead bodies, and the Hokage didn't even check Naruto's body, he just looked at it from his bedroom door, the body still had Anko's smell on them" Yuugao said.

"No one else figured it out" Kushina asked.

"No, Hiashi and Fugaku burnt the building Anko and Kurenai's body was in so no one would find their body and the evidence pointing to them for all those rapes, and the building Naruto was living in was set to be torn down anyway" Yuugao said.

"Well, what now" Anko asked.

"I don't know about you Anko but I'm going to officially adopt Hinata" Kurenai said.

"I could adopt Tenten, she reminds me of myself at her age" Anko said.

"So Kushina can I become an honorary member of the clan" Yuugao asked.

"Of course, anyone who treats my son as if he was their friend is a friend of mine" Kushina said.

"Mom, I got it, I can walk on the wall" Hinata cheered on the side of the wall.

"Hinata you know you don't have to keep up the act, and stop doing that or you will fall" Kurenai said.

"Oh" Hinata said then lost her control and fell off the wall.

"Hinata" Kurenai yelled and ran to catch her, "Hinata you have to be more careful" she said.

Hinata smiled up at her, "sorry, I was just happy" she said.

"I know your happy, but be more careful" Kurenai said.

"I will" Hinata said.

"So Hinata is your name" Kankurou said.

"That's raptor to you" Hinata retorted.

"Kushina I'm back what did you need me to help you with" Jiraiya called out walking into the back.

"Oh Jiraiya, I need you first to look at the seal on Naruto to make sure that its still working properly, then look at the seal on Gaara" Kushina said.

"Sure" Jiraiya looked at them, "which one is Naruto" he asked.

"That's me" Naruto said.

Jiraiya looked at his red hair and blueish purple eyes, "aren't you supposed to have blond hair and blue eyes" he asked.

"I changed them so I didn't have to deal with Konoha at the moment" Kushina said.

Jiraiya nodded, "well lift your shirt so I can see your seal" he said. He looked over the seal, its perfect, now where is Gaara" he asked.

Gaara got up, "that's me" he said.

"Well show me your seal" Jiraiya said. Gaara took off his shirt to show the seal on his shoulder. Jiraiya looked at it, "whoever did this really screwed up, this can barely hold a bug let alone a tailed beast" he said.

"It don't, Shukaku has all but ruined Gaara's life so far as if its trying to make him insane" Temari said.

"I wouldn't doubt its doing that, I can improve the seal, but not by much the best I can do is add a seal to it, this new seal will at best control how much influence Shukaku has over you" Jiraiya said.

"Will I be able to sleep" Gaara said.

"I'm not sure, but I can try, but remember I'm not making any promises" Jiraiya said.

"OK, I'll take my chances" Gaara said.

Jiraiya started to make marks on Gaara with a brush while going through one hand signs and whispering to himself. This continued for the next hour when Jiraiya stopped, "there I'm done, this seal works off your emotions and feelings, as long as you don't let your emotions become to dark you can keep Shukaku back" he said.

"Thank you" Gaara said and fell back unconscious.

"Is he OK" Naruto asked.

"We will find out in a few hours" Jiraiya said picking him up, "I'm going to take him to Tsunade in the hospital" he said and walked off.

"Well get back to training" Kushina said.