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Prompt: Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

As Derek walked away Christie leant against Matt, resting her head against his chest.

"Thank you for always finding me," she whispered.

He held her close. "Always," he promised himself silently. "I'll always find you."

And then she hit him in the face.

It is often said that some people are born with a mysterious sixth sense. It is said that these special, chosen people have a power that manifests over time, so that as they grow, these people become more than human.

It is often said…but by comic books and films and less than sane men who are avoided by all on the street.

Very few people actually believe that it is true.

Matt Green generally considered himself sane. His love of comics did not lead him to believe he was somehow destined to be a superhero. He couldn't fly and he couldn't read minds. He wasn't "special" like that.

Yet his girlfriend had recently begun insisting that he had some kind of magic power.

"You always find me!" she insisted for the fifth time in two minutes. "It's almost scary how you can pick me out in a crowd like this!"
"You're loud," he countered. "And your hair is an obvious colour."

She glared at him. "Even so that doesn't make sense," she continued, still frowning. "You can't see well, no matter how obvious my hair is."

"A lovely colour!" he continued. "I love your hair…you're really pretty…" He trailed off, looking at her hopefully. If he was very lucky, she wouldn't get mad.

Matt sighed inwardly with relief as he watched her cheeks flush slightly: she couldn't hide from him that his swift complimenting had worked to get him out of trouble.

"Still," Christie said, "it's not natural. I tell you, it's a sixth sense!"

"Yes," he replied sarcastically. "My superhero power is to stalk my girlfriend. That is going to save so many babies and kittens when they somehow get stuck in trees."

"Fine then," Christie fumed. "I just thought it was romantic!"

Chuckling Matt took her hand in his and threaded their fingers together. "I don't need magical powers to be romantic, Chriss."

As they walked out of the crowded shopping centre, where Matt had managed to find Christie in less than a minute after they had become separated while looking for separate clothing items, Matt knew that he'd never admit to anyone that it wasn't ever logical thought that led him to find Christie. He never looked for her red hair in the crowd, never thought that she'd be at her favourite fast food store (oh how she loved MBQ). He didn't have to look or think because he always knew

…he always knew that if he walked that way he'd find her.

Matt wasn't going crazy, but he was convinced that he had a sixth sense: a sixth sense that allowed him to always find the one he loved.

He smiled at her lovingly.

As for having this magic sense; he was very glad that he did.