Things change in peoples lives. People change, relationships change. All Will's friends had gone to different college's, some in different states. They all had old and new boyfriends, and old and new lives. The only thing in the world that didn't change was Matt, he was always there making her feel better. And he always would be.

She had been feeling more down now than ever. All the girls had come for a visit, they spent the whole weekend laughing, joking, and catching up. But now they were gone again, leaving Will alone in her small flat eating ice-cream and watching bad black and white movies.

Lucky Matt was coming to save the day.

"If you stare at that all day your eyes will fall out." Matt took the ice-cream from Will and took a mouth full.

"Will not." She huffed, only to have Matt bob a creamy tongue out at her. "Grow up." She laughed throwing a pillow at him.

"I called you in sick today, so we can-" he pulled out a small basket from behind the sofa, "go on a picnic."

"You called me in sick!"

"Errr...Nooo." He fought a smile.

"Matt!" Will moaned.

"One day out of a million wont kill you Will. In fact I think its good for you to play hooky every now and then." He sat next to her and gave her his famous smile.

"That must be why your in tip top shape." Will rolled her eyes.

"Told ya. Now come on, we're losing light." Matt effortlessly throw Will over his shoulder.

"Matt! Put me down." He did outside there bedroom.

"Go get dressed Missy." He pointed to the door. "Or no pudding for you."

"Yeah yeah, OK mom." She ducked into the door before he could think of a come back.

"One nothing Vandom!" He shouted though the door, and waited for her to dress.

Now he was alone he let his nerves surface. His leg began to twitch and he started cracking his knuckles. He wanted to do this sooner, but with the girls coming over he didn't think the timing was right. If he was honest he was just to chicken. But his thoughts were cut off when Will come out dressed in simple blue jeans and a pink short sleeve top.

"OK Picnic boy, lets head out." He picked up the basket and gave Will a quick peck on the cheek before heading down the lift to the car park.

Matt drove all the way out the there favorite spot in town, Shell beach. It held plenty of good memory's, and he was praying to what ever Gods were up there that the record wouldn't break tonight.

"If I knew we were coming here I would have brought my swimsuit." Will crossed her arms as Matt lay out the blanket.

"And ruin your hair! Never." He said chucking under his breath.

Matt had made them plenty of food. From hot-dogs to salads, the food was great.

They lay down watching the sun set the sky on fire as it slowly dropped behind the tall buildings of Heatherfield.

"Do you wish you went to college?" Matt asked out of the blue.

Will thought for a while. "Sometimes." She admitted. "But I already have the job I want, working for the publishers is like a dream." She held onto him tighter. "And I have you." She whispered.

College was never a option for Matt. Him and his band knew they were going to make it. They were about to get signed with quite a big company soon. So he was happy with the decisions he had made.



"Stand up." He said simply.

"What?" She sat up and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Stand up." He repeated. She rolled her eyes and stood and he followed her.

"Whats all this ab-" He cut her off by dropping down to one knee. "M-Matt?" He took her hand.

"Will Vandom. I've loved you since we first meet in that stupid playroom. You gave me the inspiration to learn to play music. You gave me the courage to get on that stage the first time. You've been there practically my whole life, and I wouldn't want it any other way. Everyday I get to wake up to the most beautiful girl in the world. And I want that to last until... until forever." Will watched him as he told her just how much he loved her. One tear spilled over and rolled down her cheek.

"Matt." She whispered.

He pulled out from his jacket pocket a small blue truck and handed it to her.

"Is this...?" Matt nodded.

"Open it." She pulled the back open to see a little black box inside, she opened that to.

Inside was a sliver band with a pink circular diamond, with tiny silver wires wrapped around it. It looked magic made it.

"Will... Marry me." Matt whispered.

Everything but the ring fell from Will's arms. She dropped to Matt's eye level and stared into those sapphires he called eyes for what felt like forever.

"I will." She whispered, crushing her lips to his.

Matt pulled away to take the ring back, he then took her left hand and placed it where it should have been since they first meet. Will immediately throw herself at Matt knocking them both back to the sand.

"I love you." Matt whispered.

"I love you too. So much." She whispered back.


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