A Day Without Rain

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Drabble #2: Goodbye

She remembers the day that she falls in love with him. Him being the pauper who was really in disguise as a prince charming. She never expected to fall in love with a Brooklyn boy. Someone who was suppose to be beneath her. After all, he is usually the hired help at most of the parties, even at weddings (he wasn't expected to work as a bus boy) and yet here he is dancing with her and drinking up shots with her. Here he is telling her that he hopes that she will try and find true love someday. And there he is leaving the wedding, crushing her heart, because he leaves without saying goodbye.

It's funny really how life can be so cruel to her. Today she's suffering not one heartbreak, but a second heartbreak, all because Dan simply was trying to help her feel better.

Who knew that her heart made from ice, could shatter so quickly?