Vlad impatiently paced back and forth in his private study, glancing every now and then at his very expensive watch, which now read 9:00 p.m. She was supposed to be here an hour ago! What is taking her so long? Vlad thought angrily.

"What is your heart's desire?" A familiar ghost whispered into Vlad's ear.

"You're late!" Vlad snapped at Desiree, who now appeared in front of Vlad. "And don't give me any lame excuses. I expect all of my clients to be punctual, you are no exception. I have the perfect plan to get back at Daniel and I want everything to go as planned so it won't fail!"

"What is your wish then?" Desiree calmly asked.

"I wish I was fifteen." Vlad said very clearly.

"So you have wished it, so it shall it be." Desiree said as her hands started to glow with magenta energy.

Vlad woke up three hours later due to a splitting headache. As he dug around in his cabinet to find the aspirin he looked in the mirror and froze. He leaned his head towards the mirror to study his face. He didn't have a beard, and Vlad could have sworn that his hair was more of a grayish color instead of his usual white. Vlad then noticed that the sleeve of his suit was a little longer on his arm. I must have shrunk a couple of inches. Vlad decided. Overall he was quite happy with his wish. He looked just like he did when he was fifteen, minus the hair. I wonder if I still have my ghost powers? Vlad pondered. It was a definite yes when the familiar black rings encased his body revealing Vlad Plasmius. Yes, this will work quite nicely. I now need to get the next phase of my plan into action. Vlad thought grinning evilly.