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"Vlad!" Danny yelled. Instead of hearing Vlad's response all he heard were footsteps growing fainter and fainter.

Looks like Lord of the Fruit Loops isn't going to let me out. Figures. I wonder what his reasons are for being here. Besides the whole we're archenemies maybe Vlad is still mad about the whole cloning incident. Danny thought to himself as he tried to find a weakness in the portable ghost shield. Ten minutes and forty two painful shocks later Danny was still stuck in his locker.

You know, I should probably clean my locker sometime. After all, I spend most of my school days in here. Danny thought to himself as he continued to shock himself against the portable ghost shield. Once again, Danny poked another section of the ghost shield, only this time his hand ran smack into locker door.

Wincing slightly in pain, Danny carefully extended his hand hoping that he would not meet the resistance of the ghost shield. Fortunately, his hand met the chilly door of his locker. Not wasting another moment Danny turned intangible and flew threw the locker and straight towards Mr. Lancer's classroom.

"Who can tell me what the quadratic formula is? Any volunteers?" Mr. Lancer asked as he closed the math textbook he was holding and turned to face his students. Not a single one raised their hands. He sighed and noticed that Danny's seat was empty. A few seconds later the classroom door burst open and a familiar raven-haired teen ran through the doors.

"Sorry I'm late, Mr. Lancer!" Danny cried as he screeched to a halt right in front of his teacher.

"To Kill a Mockingbird, Mr. Fenton what's your excuse this time because I find it hard to believe that you had to go to the bathroom for the entire length of last class, lunch, and part of this class."

"There is no excuse." Danny said rather glumly before adding inaudibly, "That you would understand."

"Then I'm adding another two weeks detention to your," Mr. Lancer paused for a moment then pulled out a book called How 2B Hip, "Stash."

"Yes, Mr. Lancer." Danny acknowledged before he sat down at his math desk, which, to his misfortune, was directly in front of Vlad. Once Danny was seated Mr. Lancer carried on with his teaching.

Thwack! A piece of paper hit the back of Danny's head, believing it to be Dash, opened the note and read its contents.

Impressive, you wore the batteries down quicker than I expected. I was going to give you five more minutes.

Danny scribbled a quick "leave me alone" before checking to make sure Mr. Lancer's head was facing the blackboard. Once the teacher's head was turned Danny spun around in his desk so that he was facing Vlad, a few seconds went by as they stared at each other before Danny raised his arm and threw Vlad's note back at him managing to hit him square in the face.

Facing the front Danny knew that Vlad was going to get him for that, but he didn't care. Danny glanced at his friends; Tucker was giving a silent cheer while Sam was shooting him a "you're so dead" look.

Clunk! Another flying object hit poor Danny in the head, only this time the object had greater density. Rubbing the back of his head Danny realized that Vlad had thrown a rock at him with a piece of paper attached. Reluctantly, he read the note.

Surely by now your feeble mind has realized that I will never truly leave you alone, little badger.

Learning his lesson from the last note Danny decided to try another tactic against Vlad, the good ol' silent treatment.

Seeing that his "little badger" was trying to ignore him Vlad agreed with himself that it was time to be more annoying. Discarding the rocks he collected from outside the school into his pockets he pulled out a straw that he obtained during lunch. Vlad then set to work in making spitballs.

When Vlad's "arsenal" was finished he proceeded to fire at his target. Namely, Danny's neck.

Smack! Danny felt something gooey and slippery hit his neck. Suppressing a shiver he knew that the culprit was Vlad.

Just ignore him. Danny thought to himself. Witnessing Danny's stubbornness, Vlad kept firing at Danny.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Five more spitballs joined the first. This time Danny decided that he was going to end this immature fight. Rubbing the back of his neck to get rid of the spitballs, Danny turned to face Vlad.

Unluckily, Danny decided to turn around just as Vlad had fired another spitball at him. The end result was the spitball hitting Danny's cheek. Involuntarily, Danny let out a shiver as he quickly brushed the spitball off his face with his hands. Vlad was grinning and looked like he was about to burst out into a laughing fit. Needless to say, Danny was not happy.

"Mr. Fenton, may I advise you to turn around and face the front of the classroom and quit bothering Vlad." Mr. Lancer said with a warning tone.

"But he- And I- Then he- Yes, Mr. Lancer." Danny said swinging back around in his seat.

After what seemed like eternity the school bell mercifully rang. Not even a second had passed before the entire class saw Danny running out of the classroom with speed none of his classmates knew he had.

While all of the other students started to file out of the classroom, Vlad approached Mr. Lancer.

"Yes, Vlad, is there something you wish to discuss?" Mr. Lancer questioned out of curiosity.

"Indeed, you see, back where I used to live I was a tutor for my classmates. Not only in academic subjects, but behavior as well. If a student was failing or close to failing a subject I stepped in and when I was done with them they had a minimum final grade of a B+. Kids that came to see me became more interested in learning instead of playing hooky and sleeping during class. I would like to continue my tutoring sessions at this school." Vlad explained.

"Well, that is quite a feat. A couple students come to mind; the people that I see that need the most help would be Dash Baxter and Danny Fenton. They seem to struggle in class, although truth be told, Mr. Fenton hardly shows up for class."

"Unfortunately, my schedule only permits time for one student. If you will allow it, I will help Daniel and turn his life around."

"Of course, Vlad, you may. Thanks, I know that Mr. Fenton certainly needs the help." Mr. Lancer said gratefully.

"You are very welcome. Ta." Vlad exited the classroom.

Phase three complete, my plan is coming together perfectly. There's no escaping now, Daniel.