A/N: Waaaaay out of season as it's still a few months from Christmas. Written for the batfic_ contest theme "framed". Read and review!

The Perfect Gift

"Merry Christmas!" Bruce bolted up in bed looking around blearily. Dick bounced into the room, a very tired looking Alfred passing behind him towards the kitchen.

"Merry Christmas, Dick." It was 5:45. He hadn't slept for even a full three hours.

"Let's open presents! Alfred said he'd make coffee and cocoa." Bruce got out of bed running a hand over his face. Dick ran out of the room and down to the huge tree in the study.

This was Dick's first Christmas at the manor and by extension Bruce's first in years. He and Alfred had gone all out in an attempt to make it memorable.

By the time he got downstairs (not even a full five minutes had passed) Dick seemed to be buzzing with excitement. Alfred, sitting straight backed in an armchair, was smiling down at him fondly.

"Good morning, Master Bruce. Merry Christmas, sir." He said spotting the man who was so like a son to him.

"Merry Christmas, Alfred." He settled in a chair near the tree. "Should we open presents?"

"Yes!" Dick shouted before the words had even died from Bruce's lips.

The next hour passed in a blur of torn wrapping paper and gleeful cries. Bruce and Alfred exchanged small gifts letting Dick soak up the holiday spirit.

Finally there was only one gift left, which Dick stood holding nervously in front of Bruce. "What's this?" The man said with surprising gentleness. Dick didn't answer, instead shoving the gift into Bruce's hands.

Carefully picking away at paper Bruce lifted his gift out it's wrapping. In his hands was a picture held in a beautiful wood frame.

It showed Bruce and Dick on Dick's 13th birthday a few months back. Both of them were smiling widely. Bruce had an arm wrapped close around Dick who had both of his arms thrown tight around Bruce's waist. They were smiling at Alfred who had been behind the camera that day.

Dick looked so happy.

It was the perfect gift.

"I thought you could put it in your room or something." He felt, rather than saw, the boy's shrug. "You know, if you want to."

"Thank you." Bruce said in a gruff voice looking up to where Dick's anxious eyes were watching him. He pulled him into a tight hug, which was immediately returned. "It's exactly what I wanted."