Blood and Roses

Sequel of Blood and Chocolate

/When we are children, we believe the world is full of magic. We believe in Myths and legends, and that destiny awaits. That is the world I remember, and the one I wish I'd never known./

Paris, France. Present Day.

"Mom! Why can't I just go out to the park for a bit of fun? I swear I am not going to attack someone! Geeze! You treat me like I am a child for goodness sake!" I briskly stormed after my mother while holding my black trench coat in the crook of my left arm.

"Ithica, you know how temperamental you get if someone looks at you the wrong way. I will not have you put us in danger for your sake of fun! Now go to your room! I will call you down when I have supper on the table." My mom ordered as she turned to face me with a stern look.


"I said no. Now go to your room. Your father will be home shortly." I threw my hands up in the air and stormed out of the doorway of the kitchen and pushed passed my dad as he walked in the small apartment.

"I don't get a hello?" He asked me as I stomped up the stair case to go to my room.

"Go choke on supper! The both of you!" I spat down and slammed the door to my room. My dad sighed and shook his head as he set his stack of sketch books down on the living room couch.

"Vivian! What did you and Ithica get into now?" He asked as he stepped into the kitchen to end up seeing his wife taking pasta off the stove and pouring it into a colander so that the water spilled through the many small holes in the metal bowl.

"Aiden, you know as well as I do that she is unstable like Rafe was." Vivian turned off the burners on the stove and set the pasta sauce on the counter; before pouring it into a bowl to be put on the table.

"Yes I know that. But what has gotten her all upset this time? Did she get in a fight? Arrested for being a disturbance? What?"

"She wanted to go out. Aiden. It is 7:00 at night and she claims she wants to go out to the park for 5 hours! That is until midnight! Midnight! And tonight of all nights! It is going to be a full moon, Aiden. She is thinking on hunting. Did you know? She told me the other night. She is curious on what it is like to go on a hunt." Vivian put her hand on her mouth to try and hide the fact that she was upset and distraught. "You know as well as I do she has Loup-garoux blood in her. You know that some day she will want to run free, back to my people." Tears now streamed down her face as she leaned into her husband's arms.

"Vivian. Everything is all right. How about I talk to her?" Aiden whispered gently.

"I just don't want to lose her." She mumbled.

I sighed as I plopped down onto my bed. I threw my coat on the floor and began to fiddle around with my hands. I was too upset to think about anything but having a shot glass filled with Absinthe. I closed my eyes and pictured the cool green liquid being poured down my throat. I could almost taste the beverage; this made me crave it even more. I opened my eyes and looked about my room. I got to my feet and then knelt down and reached under my bed. I grasped the smooth neck of a glass bottle; I smiled and pulled it out into the open. It was a liter of Absinthe. I opened the bottle and dropped the cap on the mattress. Then I slowly put the bottle to my lips and slowly poured a mouthful of the green beverage into my mouth. Before swallowing I capped the bottle and hid it back underneath my bed. Then knowing everything was in the clear and savoring the bitter taste; I swallowed. I sighed, now satisfied for the moment; everything was put on hold when I heard footsteps coming straight for my room. I quickly got to my feet and walked over to my window and looked out; I did this whenever I knew I was going to get a lecture about spouting off at mother. But this time, the footsteps told me that dad was going to wear the pants and ring me out for talking back at mom and spouting off at him.

"Ithica? Sweety? Can I come in?" I heard the muffled voice of my dad at my bedroom door. I didn't answer. Then the sound of my door slowly swinging open came to hearing. "Ithica? Honey, what happened between you and your mother?" I heard my dad sit himself down on my bed. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath; then I slowly opened my eyes. My reflection showed that my eyes turned yellow.

"Nothing. Nothing happened." I spoke in a hushed tone. I kept my eyes out the window and focused on the eastern-horizon that was ready to present the night moon. I could feel my heart rate increase making me work harder in order to keep my breathing under control.

"Ithica. Don't lie to me. Something went on with you and your mother. Now speak up and tell me."

"I said Nothing happened!" I slightly raised my voice to stress my point. "Now can I go out to the park for a jog?" I asked now showing my slight irritation. I turned around to face my dad with only one eye yellow and the other blue. My dad looked at me with some shock and then stood up and walked over to the doorway. "Why are you looking at me as if I am some sort of beast?" My dad didn't answer. "Are you saying that I am a beast? Huh!" I threw my hands up in the air.

"I didn't say that you were a beast-"

"Then why are you acting like you are scared of me all of a sudden?" I was now shouting and had stalked to the middle of the room.

"What is going on up here?" my mom showed up and looked at her husband and then to me. "Ithica? Darling? What is going on?"

"Ask him! He is the one acting weird here! ASK HIM!" I screamed some more while pointing at my father. Vivian stared at me with a concerned expression and then turned to her husband, Aiden.

"Aiden?" She whispered.

"Vivian. There is something different about our daughter. Can't you sense it? Look at her! Her eyes!" Aiden pointed back at me and spoke as if he was going to be late to some big event. Then I watched as my mother walked up to me and peered into my eyes as if searching for something.

"I don't - . Oh. A Loup-garoux as well." she murmured as she slowly touched her bottom lip with her index and middle fingers.

"Loup-garoux. Is that all you can say. MOTHER!" I spat. "I knew I was a Loup-garoux, ever since I was five. Where have you been?" I chuckled.

"What have you been up to?" Vivian began to sound irritated in her worried state. "You are not yourself. What have you been taking?" I didn't answer and just shrugged.

"Nothing. Nothing of any interest." I stretched my arms over my head before standing straight once more.

"Aiden." Vivian was quite short with her words at this point and needed to investigate on my on goings. I looked at my father with no interest what so ever and sighed. My father walked over to me and then walked over to my bed. I watched him with an emotionless expression; I didn't know what to think at this point. Then I watched as he bent down and looked under my bed.

"What's this?" Aiden sounded surprised as he pulled out the opened liter bottle of Absinthe. "Ithica?" He turned and showed the bottle to the both of us. I didn't answer and refused to look at my astonished mother who now stood next to my father.

"Absinthe..." Vivian whispered breathlessly. Her hands shook as she took the bottle from her husband and examined the half full glass container. "Ithica, where did you get this?" Her voice shook as if she was horrified to see the bitter liqueur. I remained silent. "Where did you get this, Ithica?" she rose her voice as if she was in a haste to get an answer.

"Why should I tell you? You never were interested in what I did before. This is no different." I growled as I spoke.

"Because this can kill you if you have too much!" My mother shouted.

"Will you can it VIVIAN! I know how to use the stuff! How would you know about Absinthe if you claimed you never had it? Huh? You had it before. Otherwise you wouldn't have known what this is!" I shouted.

"WATCH YOUR TONE WITH YOUR MOTHER!" My father shouted and slapped me across the face. My head flew to the side from the blow. I hung my head low and tried to control my temper.

"You really are stupid. Aren't you MEAT!" I lifted my head and showed that both of my eyes grew a deep yellow and looked wild. "Look at what you did!" At that moment; Aiden saw the memory of Rafe before he fought and died in Silestru Chapel in Romania flashed before his eyes. I had matched what my dead cousin's attitude toward humans.

I was locked inside my room until I would calm down; but both of my parents knew full well that it would take a long time for me to get a grip on myself. I paced back and forth from wall to wall in my room; just the thought of knowing that I was stuck here and my parents were eating a nice warm dinner made my blood boil even more. I looked at my bedroom clock; it read 11:30pm. I had to get out of my room; my yearning to hunt turned my feeling from irritation to becoming savage.

"I refuse to be leashed and caged because of you, mother." I spat out my whispered thought and grabbed my long black trench coat. Then with a quick look around my room; I grabbed all of my money that was now stuffed into my wallet and into my coat pocket. I then opened up my backpack and dumped all its contents onto my bed and began stuffing an assortment of clothes into it as well as some jewelry and a spare bottle of Absinthe that my parents failed to find. I then zipped my pack closed and slung it on my back. I held my coat in my arms and walked over to the window. "I'm bustin' outta here even if it means me dying trying." I gritted as I forced the old window open. Then with little effort I crawled out onto the porch roof. I looked around to make sure that no one I knew was going to rat out on me. I looked up at the full moon that was now high in the starless night sky and felt drawn to it. I then sucked in a deep breath and leapt down from my perch and climbed into my father's car. I locked the doors and dropped my bag on the passenger seat next to me. I looked out the tinted window of the car and saw that no one noticed that I was going to steal the car. I licked my lips and turned the key in the ignition and listened gleefully as the engine roared to life.

Just then I noticed that the front lights in my house turned on and I saw my parents looking out the window. I felt my heart stop and I watched as my father opened the front door and began to approach the car; my mind froze and I quickly looked forward and slammed the car out of park and into drive and sped off down the road. I could hear my father shouting as well as my heart rapidly beating. Now that I had escaped my parents for the meantime, I had to figure out where to go. I had to find the rest of my kind; I knew they were somewhere; otherwise I would have been a regular teenaged girl.

I sped off toward my mother's native country; Romania. Bucharest, Romania. That was South East from Paris and a long way. So I was planning on some pit-stops on the way.