A/N: This is a one shot I came up with when I watched "The Wedding Planner" set before Luthor/Lang Wedding Its Chlex though 'Freak' never happens I Have never done the Tango so If I get details wrong Sorry.

Disclaimer: I own nothing if I did the Luthor Lang wedding never would even be plausible because he'd be with Chloe and Lana would be dead no offense Lana fans but she annoyed me to no end oh also don't own Tango Argentino which was the tango that played in my head while I typed this.

The Tango

Standing in the Dance Studio with a man she cannot stand to be near Chloe waits for one of her best friends whom is marrying said man, the friend is thirty minutes late. Chloe looks over at the Groom to be who is wearing that smirk of indifference she has seen on so many occasions.

Then her cell phone goes off in the pocket of her jeans. She sees 'Lana' flash on her caller I.D. and she quickly answers it. "Lana where are you?" she immediately says skipping the pleasantries.

"Sorry Chloe traffic is hectic I was uh wondering if you'd take the lesson 'til I get there I'm still across town." Lana says pleadingly.

"Lana I'm not doing the Tango with Lex Luthor," she whispers turning her back to the billionaire, Chloe then hears a rumble of a vaguely familiar laugh in the background and Lana swiftly says "Thanks Chlo'," then hanging up.

Sighing in frustration Chloe turns back to Lex, who has an amused look on his face "Lana said she'll be late she wants me to take the lesson until she arrives." She looks everywhere else except Lex a blush spreading across her face pushing the nagging feeling about the voice she heard in the background of the brief phone conversation.

"Very well," Lex says his smirk firmly in place. The bald tycoon nods to the very gay Hispanic dance instructor who turns on the music, one of the many sensuous forms of the Tango begins to fill the room as itbegins to play Chloe places one of her small hands into Lex's much larger one. The other hand gently rests on his shoulder. The blonde intrepid reporter tries to keep her distance, yet upon noticing this Lex pulls her closer to purposefully make her uncomfortable. He Places his hand on her upper back. They begin to sway to the music. He is amazed at how well her body fits to his with Lana it is a round peg square hole but with Chloe its two puzzle pieces. "Where did you learn to Tango Chloe?"

"Where did you learn?" she already suspected the answer but asked it anyway.

"One of the advantages of growing up the way I did you pick up a few things." He says spinning them. "Now will you answer my question?"

"Lois signed us up as a joke and I caught on quick." She begins to breathe heavily due to exertion. As her feet dance in and out Lex's legs she couldn't believe how good she still was at this. He spins her out almost a little too far as the move dictates. Before swirling her back into him. Their bodies collide almost violently. Lex could not help but think of how much this dance reminds him of the blonde he is leading around the dance floor. He dips her low his hand slowly sliding down her body his head following stopping at her chest. Then his hand comes to rest right above her hip and he brings her back up her leg wrapping around his own, their faces inches apart. He leads her backwards a few steps. Before they can finish their dance the doors swing open and Lana comes in looking out of breath, and the dance partners bust apart like shrapnel.

As he watches the blonde quickly leave he wonders and not the first time if he chose the wrong person when thinking of how to punish Clark.