Where I come from, nobody knows

And where I am going, everything goes.

The winds blow, the seas flow,

Nobody knows.

And where I am going,

Nobody knows.

- "Nobody Knows" from Portrait of Jennie


I wonder what Earth is like now, Lucy thought.

The thought had occurred to her more than once. It was usually just a passing fancy, a little 'what if' that didn't last long. Now, however, the thought was large and looming in her mind, for she was to return there after being away for so long.

It must be different now.

Lucy did not choose to go back, but was commanded by Aslan earlier. She thought of her home, her friends and family. Had they grown-up, lived, died, forgotten? Was she just a distant memory to them?

I wonder how much time has passed.

Had it been a week since that command, or a day? Lucy didn't know. She had lost track of time since arriving in New Narnia. It never mattered. Now, however, she was going back to a place where time was all that people lived for.

I wish I knew where I was going. I wouldn't be so scared if I knew more.

She plucked at a piece of grass under her hand. The fields of New Narnia were green, warm, familiar. Aslan had told her little of where she was to go – only to Earth. It could be anywhere – maybe England, maybe South Africa.

I'm not to stay there, but even coming and going seems intimidating.

She threw the piece of grass into the field absentmindedly. The mission was the only thing on her mind now. She wasn't going to stay on Earth, just come and go, but Aslan didn't say for how long; just until the job was done.

And that could take years, for all we know, Lucy sighed. She wished she at least knew who the man was that she was supposed to help. That would certainly clear things up. But instead, everything was murky, unsure. Aslan said little, only that this was important.

I shouldn't be worried. But I am. I'm thinking about this too much. It's making the situation far worse than it is. I have nothing to fear – I can't die again, can I?

Lucy resolved to stop thinking about it. The situation seemed worse and worse the more she thought of it. She got up, dusted herself off, and walked through the field. Tomorrow would be the day – the day she would return to Earth to help a man.

Aslan said this man was an unbeliever, and that Lucy needed to help him. How, she didn't know. She was only advised to be herself. And that there was more on the line than she would think.