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Here it is!!! The sequel to iAsk Freddork for a Favor!

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(A lot of the story is in Sam's Point of view or POV)


It's been 2 weeks me and MY Freddork have been dating! I mean time has just been flying by! I love him SO MUCH! I know what you are thinking right now! "Love, aren't they going a LITTLE to fast?!? Well… no! I love Freddork with ALL of my heart, and there is nothing you can do about it! Anyway, what was I saying again…? Oh yea! It's been 2 weeks as I told you before and we are secretly dating (the only person who knows is Carly!) Yes it is a secret! You know, it keeps this relationship interesting! You know me and Freddie are on dates and we're like "Oh no!" Then he's like "What?" Then I say "So and so is here" don't bug me about the name! I'm too lazy to figure one out right now! WOOPS! I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Sam Puckett, and this is my life! Now don't bug me! I'm going to take a nap!

(Sam's POV)

"Hey Freddie!" I said as I walked into the iCarly studio

"Hey beautiful." My new boyfriend said to me, Sam Puckett. No NOT to Carly! But to ME!

"What are you doing?" I asked walking up to Freddie and his brand new HP Laptop

"I am looking up for some costumes" Freddie said "It's almost Halloween you know, Just a couple days!"

"Oh yea!" I said "Didn't you have that one dorky witches costume last year?"

"It was not dorky!" Freddie said while getting of the beanbag with a little bit of anger in his words

"Was to!" I said ready to start a fight

Yep we still do fight sometimes. Like why not argue every once in a while! But mainly I do it because normally he says sorry later, then he either buys me a present or he just gives me a passionate kiss for making it up! (I enjoy the kiss better!)

"Was not!" He said back

"Was to!" I said back getting into the fight

"Ok, whatever!" He said ending it and sitting back down on his favorite beanbag

We call it the love beanbag because that's where our first make out was! Oh and it was great! I wonder how long we were live while that happened. And we never new where Carly went, she probably left cause she wasn't there when we broke the long make out session. Well… we are getting off topic here.

"Well back to the costumes" I said as he pulled out his laptop again

"Yes, I was thinking on dressing up as… the Prince from the Cinderella story and you could be…" He said but I interrupted him

"Cinderella" I said finishing his sentence

"Yea… It's like you read my…" He said but got interrupted again

"Mind" I said finishing his sentence again

"How do you do that?" He said curiously

"That's for me to know and you to find out... dork" I said in a loving way

"Alrighty then…" He said voice getting quieter

"What should we do now?" I said sitting on his lap with my his lap putting my head up against him

"I don't know" He said putting his laptop aside

"Well… we could... um…" I said stuttering a bit

"Go to the park" He said

"That would work!" I said getting of his lap and getting my coat

"Ok then lets go!" He said happily getting of the "Love Beanbag" and grabbing his coat to"

"I hope we don't get caught!" I said stepping into the elevator with him and pressing the 1st floor button

"Yea, that wouldn't be good at all!" He said as we felt the elevator start to move down

"So what do we do when we get to the park?" Freddie said as we walked out of the elevator to find the one and only Spencer coming in from what looks like the grocery store

"Hey Spence!" I said as we walked out the door

I heard a quiet "Hey" from the other side of the apartment buildings door

"We'll have to see when we get there" I said continuing my conversation with Freddie as we were walking down the sidewalk

(At the park)

We decided we could go and play tag on the playground. I didn't know how fast he could really run until he caught up with me and picked me up and pulled me over his shoulders.

After a good couple games of tag we decided to rest on a park bench that was by a clear blue pond at the park.

"I love you" I said as Freddie sat down and I went to sit on his lap

"I love you too" He said as a sat down on his lap

"Sorry about our fight earlier" He said than gave me a passionate kiss as I looked up at him still on his lap

(While we were still kissing)

"What's going on here" I heard a familiar voice say

I break the kiss and look up to see who the familiar voice belongs to. NO! It can't be it's… it's…

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