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So I never do sequels. Why? Because I feel they take away from the story. But here I am, contradicting myself. There are only two stories that I want to go back to, Scrubs and Vampire Heart. I loved the family dynamic in Scrubs and this story was nagging me to be written. So I don't promise that it will be as good, just that it will finally get out of my head. Also I wanted to go back to a story that was lighter.

Summary: AU. Sequel to Scrubs. The kids are out in the world and Carlisle can only watch from behind the scenes as they try to handle families, dream jobs and olympic games. Especially when Alice learns the hard way that life is unexpected and Edward learns that he can't fix everything no matter how badly he wants to.

Chapter 1,

Carlisle got out of the mini-van and took a deep breath. The city air instantly clogged his lungs and he coughed. Winter wasn't a good time for deep breaths. His lungs were frozen and it wasn't comfortable. He shook it off and looked up at the house he had grown up in. It still looked the same. After his mother left it to him he hadn't been able to sell the house. Granted it would have helped them greatly in their move to Forks but he couldn't do it. Every time he tried he would get sad and miss his mother terribly. So it had become a storage house. Practical? Not really, but it let him keep it. Besides, keeping it up hadn't been that expensive. His mother had kept the house in top condition during her lifetime and after her husband died she had sold a lot of his pricey items such as his big screens and stereo systems.

But Grandma Cullen didn't stop there. In her will she left her money to Carlisle and Esme with trust funds for each of the children. Even though she had meant well by putting a hefty sum of her ex husband's money into a special fund for Edward, he refused it. When he went to college and Carlisle gave them their checks he declared that he didn't want the old man's money. Instead he gave half of the hundred thousand to charity and the other half to his little siblings.

Carlisle was happy to be home. He could afford to keep up the large mini-mansion he had grown up in and wanted to live out his life there. His children would be enrolled in the best schools and their lives would be smooth and drama free. He loved his son's little mind reading quirk but he was so thankful when his second son, Ryan, wasn't showing any signs of it. Neither was Carmen. Though she was beginning to show the same hyperactivity her sister had.

"Carlisle, a bit of help would be much obliged," Esme called. He turned and realized that she had been unloading the car while he had been daydreaming. He smiled and went to her. She was reaching for a suit case when he pulled her hips to him and he kissed her in a swift romantic gesture. "Well hello doctor, what's gotten into you?" she asked, breathless.

"My beautiful wife I just wanted to celebrate the beginning of our new lives."

Esme giggled and hugged him. "Later," she promised in a whisper.

Carlisle still blushed when his wife mentioned premeditated sex even after all those years. He went around to lift his son from his car seat and saw his daughter was helping by grabbing her bag as well as the diaper bag.

"I gotta poopie," Ryan said.

"How bad?"


"Okay," Carlisle said. He went around to his wife. "Esme he has to potty. I'll get this."

"Are you sure?" Esme asked.

Carlisle nodded and passed the toddler to her. As she left he pulled the last suitcase from the van and looked at the small pile. Like their move to Forks they had stuffed as much as they could in the van as the truck would be a day or so late. Unlike their move to Forks, however, there were some supplies left in the house that they could use.

"Daddy can I help?" Carmen asked.

"How about you take this one," he said handing her a small bag full of plastic silverware and plates. She put it over her shoulder and began to make her way to the house. She had never seen it before so she was excited. Carlisle walked from the driveway up the stone walkway up to the house. The house had been a gift to his mother from her husband. It had been a sign of the wealth that Harold had begun acquiring at a young age in the stock market and his budding legal business. It had also been a promise that he could provide for their children, and he had. Carlisle grew up on the spoiled side, especially by his mother after his twin died. Harold just provided a bit too much attention to his young blonde son, Robert, and then again to his grandson Edward.

Carlisle shook the negative thoughts from his mind. He didn't want to remember the time he begged his son to come out from under the bed and admit to him what had happened. He didn't want to remember the look in Edward's young eyes as he told him that he was still sometimes afraid that he, Carlisle, would do the same thing his father had. Instead he wanted to remember his mother as she tended to the rose bushes on a hot summers day. Mary smiled at him in his memory under a woven sun hat that she always wore while gardening. She was wearing a salmon t-shirt with a faded Donnie Osmond stamped on the front.

"What's on your mind sweetheart?" Esme asked.


"You were staring at the house like you were miles away."

Carlisle smiled and shrugged, "just thinking about mom. I haven't really thought much about her in a long time and now it's like in overdrive or something."

"It's just because you're back here after so long," Esme assured him. "The kids are all going through memories so it's only natural you would too."


"Yeah," Esme said with a nod, "Edward went to see Lizzy yesterday. He said he took the boys with him so they could meet their other grandma."

Carlisle smiled and his memory took him away again. Back to the eighties when he was young and careless. Very careless.

"Are you sure they're gone?" Lizzy asked as Carlisle pulled her inside.

"Yes, Liz, I'm sure, now come on!"

"Wow you're impatient when you have a boner," Lizzy laughed. She jumped up the steps and into his arms. Carlisle stumbled back and she pouted. "Could you at least pretend that I'm not a fatty?"

"Aw lies are such a horrible foundation for a relationship."

"If you want to get laid you better lie to me," Lizzy purred against his ear.

"You are the skinniest person I have ever seen ever."

"You're such an awkward liar," Lizzy giggled. Carlisle pulled her up and held her against him. They ran up the stairs to his bedroom. Carlisle locked his door and Lizzy pulled him to the bed. "Do you have a condom?" she asked.

"Shit. No, I'm out."

"God you're lucky I'm incredibly horny. Just make sure you pull out."

"Yeah, I will," Carlisle promised in between kisses.

He loved sex with her. She was so sexy and she knew how to work her body to make him want more of her. He pushed her cinnamon hair from her face and kissed her lips as usual. When he pulled out he heard knocking. He then heard his mother saying the rosary outside of his door.

"Shit," he swore as he rolled off of his girlfriend.

"I heard that young man! You had better put your pants on! God sees what you're doing!"

"Carlisle what are you thinking about?"

Carlisle looked at Esme, he was blushing a bit.

"Nothing. Just the twins being conceived."

Esme glared and left. Carlisle sighed and followed.

"Baby don't be like that!"

"Like what?" Esme asked, bringing a suitcase up the stairs.


"I'm going to day dream about sex with Charles now."

"Don't do that you'll get depressed," Carlisle warned. "It wasn't like I was thinking about the sex! I was just remembering my mom catching us and how sure we were that pulling out was an effective birth control."

"Daddy what is pulling out mean?" Cammie asked.

"Not now sweetheart," Carlisle said, patting her head. He followed Esme into their new bedroom and she sighed.

"Do you really think I'm that over dramatic?" she asked.

"What?" Carlisle mumbled, confused. Esme grabbed his t-shirt and pulled him closer. "You aren't mad?"

"You were daydreaming about sex with the deceased mother of your twins," Esme reminded him, "I know you love her but not like you love me."

"So why did you storm off?" Carlisle asked. "You were all pissed off and what not."

"Because I knew you would follow me," she whispered before kissing him.

Carlisle smiled and kissed her back.


Edward felt like he understood his father a bit better every time he pulled his 01 prizm into the parking lot of his apartment building. He got out of his car quickly and always nearly ran up the stairs. Edward slid his shoes off and went into the living room. He found Bella sitting on the floor reading a book with Robbie asleep in his swing and Mitch laying in her lap.

"God you're sexy," he murmured before kissing her.

"You're just saying that because I gave you babies."

"Stinky babies," he said, lifting his son from her lap. Mitch cooed and Edward kissed his forehead. "He just went I take it."

"So it smells," Bella agreed.

Edward nodded and got the towel out. He spread it on the floor and laid the baby on it. Bella went and got him a new diaper and the powder from the nursery. When she got back Edward had already taken off the dirty diaper and put it aside.

"You're so good at this."

"I'm just overall awesome, Bells, one day you'll accept it."

Bella snorted and then began laughing flat out when her son peed on Edward.

"Alright Captain Awesome, I believe you."

Edward coughed and spit out a bit of his son's pee. "Oh god I'm gonna be sick."

Bella moved as Edward jumped up and ran into the bathroom. Sure enough she heard him hurl into the toilet. She was cleaning her son's bottom when she heard Edward gargle mouthwash before puking again.

"Oh god it's so gross and minty which makes it so much worse!"

Bella was silently laughing as she secured the diaper.

"You did it wrong!" Edward called from the bathroom.

"Whatever, I did just fine," Bella grumbled, lifting her son up. Sure enough the diaper slipped down his legs. "Shoot."

"Told you," Edward said coming out of the bathroom with a toothbrush in hand.

"Whatever at least he didn't pee in my mouth."

Bella pulled a new diaper out and this time fastened it correctly. She dressed her son in a onesie with stars on it and went into the nursery to mark a number one and two on the chart Edward insisted on. She put the chart back on the hook Edward had put on the wall and tried to stifle a yawn. Edward fussed enough over her health and insisted that she always looked tired.

"I saw that," Edward said as he came in with Robbie. "Go take a nap, I'll take care of them."

"I'm fine," Bella assured him. She left and got Mitch from the floor. She lifted him up and went into the bedroom where Edward was tucking his son in his crib.

"You look exhausted that's all."

"I'm a new mom," Bella reminded him, "of course I do."

Edward touched her cheek gently and smiled. "But you're still gorgeous."

Bella blushed a bit. "Such a liar."

Edward kissed her lightly on the lips and pulled away quickly.

"What is it?"

"I just want you so badly," he murmured. "But I know you aren't ready yet."

Bella nodded. "I'm sorry Edward, I'll be ready again soon."

"Promise?" He asked.

"Edward, sweetie, I know you want to have sex, I really do. I just feel like a demolition zone right now and the last thing I want is to have you see every part of me like this."

"Like what?" Edward asked. "Bella I've seen your vagina before. I actually like seeing it."

"Yes, but you saw my lady bits before I got fat and cut open. My stomach looks like some soccer players did a victory dance on it," Bella reminded him as she put her brunette son in the crib.

"At least you didn't have to push them out. I hear that totally stretches you out."

"Helpful," Bella grumbled, before walking out angrily. She sat on the sofa and folded her arms over her chest.

"You okay?"

"No! My nipples hurt because I spent most of the day nursing two hungry boys! I milked through my favorite shirt today."


"I can't put a diaper on right, do you know why Robbie was in his swing? "

"Because he likes his swing?"

"No! Because whenever I held him he started crying! My son hates me!"

"I'm sure he doesn't hate you," Edward chuckled, "he's just being a baby."

"They both love you."

"Lots of people do."

Bella glared at him and got up.


"You can be such a jerk."

Edward sighed and watched her storm off into the bedroom and shut the door. They would have liked to have slammed it but the twins were going to sleep. Edward sighed and sank into the sofa. He looked over when the door opened and his father came in.

"Boys are napping."

"That's good," Carlisle said as he kicked his shoes off. He came into the living room and put a paper bag down. "Esme sent some stuff over. Where's Bella?"

"Sulking in our room," Edward said.

"What did you do?"

"Why do you automatically assume I did something?" Edward asked.

Carlisle raised his eyebrows.

"I upset her. She's having body issues."

"Ah, yes. Esme had that. She kept saying that she didn't want to have sex after Ryan was born because she didn't want me to get lost in the, quote, tunnel that had become her vagina."

Edward closed his eyes and shuddered. "Dad. That's just wrong."

"Ah I still love her. Sometimes we connect on such a level..."

"Oh for the love of all that's holy dad please spare me the dirty details!" Edward moaned, holding his ears. Carlisle just laughed but stopped when he heard crying. Then Bella came out.

"I milked again!" Bella cried coming down the hall in just her bra.

"Are you okay?" Carlisle asked.

"I got some on his pillow. See that's why we can't do it!"

"Because you'll leak on my pillow?" Edward asked.

"No! Because I'll leak all over and it's gross and you'll decide that I'm not sexually attractive anymore and then you'll go off and find a hooker and then you'll accidentally knock her up because believe it or not pulling out obviously doesn't work then you'll leave me for her because she won't milk through her fake breasts!"

There was a bit of a silence while Bella dried herself.

"So...do you go pick up hookers regularly then?" Carlisle asked.

"Not habitually no. Bella, why don't you take a nap?"

Bella just glared at Edward. "I am not tired. I wasn't a fifteen minutes ago and am not now."

"You do look worn out," Carlisle observed, "be careful dear, we don't want you to get sick."

"I'll be fine, thank you Carlisle. I'm going to take a shower," she said to Edward.

"Alright hon."

After the shower started Edward sighed and looked at his dad. "You've got to help me."

"With what?"

"Bella! She's been so different since the twins were born."

"Different how?" Carlisle asked, resting his elbows on his knees.

"I don't know exactly. I mean she always wakes up early and is always the one doing the feedings...well okay that's obvious since they're on breast milk...but she does the diapers and all of that. I mean it's only been a couple weeks since we brought them home and I've changed maybe ten diapers."

"She's boxing you out as a parent?" Carlisle asked.

"Kind of, but not really. I mean she doesn't get mad when I chip in but I feel like a deadbeat sometimes. I feel like she's doing all the work. I doubt my boys know who I am!"

"Edward, they're not even a month old. They don't know who anyone is."

"She's just...different."

Carlisle sighed. "Well, it's possible that she has PPD."

"She's not really all that depressed."

"Is she crying a lot?" Carlisle asked.

"I don't know. Not while I'm here. She's just incredibly moody. Like just now, she's completely disgusted by her body and then gets mad at me when I say otherwise."

"Edward Esme spent months hating her body after giving birth. After Carmen was born she complained that her stomach looked wrinkled and after Ryan she declared that her lower region was so stretched out she could fit a circus in there."

"Again, horrifying images."

"The point is," Carlisle continued, ignoring Edward's comment, "after pregnancy it's normal for a woman to have body issues, especially if they were self conscious before. Bella now has a large scar from the C-section that I know bothers her."

Edward looked over towards the bathroom. "I just wish she would open up to me you know. Or at least say yes when I propose. I want to know that we're going somewhere. I mean come on I don't want to be just a boyfriend to the woman who had my sons."

"I dunno I thought it was fine," Carlisle said with a shrug. "You know with you being all into commitment and her not it's like you're the girl."

"No, it isn't it's completely different," Edward grumbled. "Seriously dad she's been so distant lately. She's like completely focused on the kids and..."

"Aw is my little boy jealous that his sons are getting more attention?"

Edward scowled and Carlisle ruffled his hair. "That is so not true."

"What isn't true?" Bella asked from the hall.

"Nothing, dad's just being a jerk."

"Be good guys."

"Always," Carlisle promised. "Wow she does sound like a mom."

Edward just sighed and fell back into the couch with a pained look on his face.


Jasper shrugged out of his coat and hung it up in the closet. He had a million files he had to go through and review for his boss by morning. Being an intern sucked but it was a foot in the door at least. He saw Alice's shoes were neatly tucked away and her coat was already hanging in the closet. He wondered why she was home so early. She was usually coming in about an hour after him with her phone in hand and a headset fastened to her ear, talking quickly. Lately she had been giving instructions instead of taking them which seemed to mean good things as far as her job went.

He didn't see her in the living room where she was usually reading a bridal magazine or in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee or something. He also didn't hear the shower running. He figured she was probably napping so he dropped his briefcase on the chair and debated if she wanted to go in to change into sweats and risk disturbing her.

But his suit was itchy. So sweats it was.

Or sweats it would have been. When he opened the door he didn't see his wife napping in sweats, but wide awake in a sexy teddy.

"Hey handsome," she purred.


Alice sat up and he saw that her hair was feathered the way he liked it and she wasn't wearing makeup which she knew he loved.

"It isn't our anniversary so what is the occasion?" he asked.

"I need a reason?" Alice asked, crawling across the bed and then walking sensually to him.

"Baby you don't usually dress up like this," he reminded her with a smile, "it must be really special if you went so far as to mask your emotions."

"Well," Alice smiled, wrapping her arms lightly around his waist, "you'll find out soon."

Just then Jasper's phone rang and Alice nodded for him to answer it.


He saw her smiling and barely registered his boss telling him that he was being promoted.

"Seriously? Thank you sir!"

After getting some details about the new job Jasper hung up and kissed Alice.

"My little psychic."

"Congratulations Jazzy," Alice smiled, kissing him, "now, celebrate by having your way with me."

"How can I resist?" he asked as she pulled his tie loose and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. He kissed her while she worked and slowly backed her to the bed. They laughed together as they fell back. Jasper spared her his weight and rolled onto his back, bringing her with him. "Did you get the job?" he asked between kisses.

"Of course I did. I'm brilliant after all."

"You certainly are," he agreed with a smile, "my smart sexy wife."

He could spend hours just kissing her. He had spent hours just kissing her. Their honeymoon was primarily spent in the beach side condo slowly kissing each other and they had even gone so far as to sneak out to the shore at midnight and make love under the full moon. It was probably the most erotic moment of their lives and an excellent way to kick off their new marriage.

"Jasper," Alice whispered against his kiss, "I love you so much."

"I love you too, my Alice," he whispered back. He pulled away from her and slowly removed the teddy and her lacy panties. He smiled as he looked over her body. "You're perfect."

Alice smiled and sat up with him. "Of course I am silly. I was made only for you."

Jasper smiled and kissed her again. Alice helped him undress and they laid back. He kissed her slowly while fumbling for the drawer in the night stand. He grabbed a condom. Alice opened it with her teeth and then put it on him. With her mouth.

"Oh sweet lord," he moaned. It was incredibly sexy and enlightening as he learned why she liked to buy flavored condoms every once in a while. He laid her back and slid into her slowly and carefully. He had always believed that the universe made up for his hellish early years by giving him his soul mate early, and a gracious plenty to pleasure her with. Making love with Alice Cullen was always an amazing experience that he never grew tired of. Whether they were in a heat of passion, or just sharing an amazing connection.

"Jasper," she whispered softly, "kiss me."

He obeyed as always and kissed in time with his moving hips. Her petite arms were wrapped tight around his shoulders and her legs helped keep him in place. He felt his release come before hers but kept going until she had her own. When it happened she trembled and he could only hold her in awe of her beauty as if it was the first time.

"I love you," she whispered, brushing some hair from his face. "Remind me again why you chose me?"

"Because you complete me," he reminded her in a soft murmur, "and screwing my sister took out the whole finding someone drama."

Alice laughed and he kissed her neck with a smile. Jasper rolled off of her and pulled the condom off. He dropped it in the small trash can beside the bed and then laid on his back. Alice had gone under the covers to escape the cold and he went under with her. They laid on their stomachs and looked at each other.

"You're cute when you have a sex flush."

Alice was about to say something when the phone rang. She sighed and Jasper picked it up.


"Hey what's up?"

"Just had amazing sex with your twin."

"Oh god ew!"

Alice was just laughing and Jasper reached over. "I'm feeling her luscious bottom as we speak."


"Tell Edward to stop being so pissy because he isn't getting any," Alice laughed, "and god that feels good."

"You guys suck so damn much," Edward grumbled. "Dad needs help unpacking and all that tomorrow and wants to know if you can help."

"Yeah sure, see you then. Now I have to go, I think my lovely wife wants another round."

Jasper and Alice laughed as Edward cried in distaste and hung up quickly. He tossed the phone over his shoulder and went back to kissing his wife.


The following evening found Carlisle and his sons in the basement sifting through mountains of boxes. Esme had made them a plate of snacks and some lemonade. She had set up a play pen for Ryan who insisted on being a part of the excitement.

"I know there's some baby stuff down here. Your old crib for starters."

"Wow you are a sap aren't you?" Edward asked. Carlisle pushed him playfully and Jasper just laughed.

"Okay in all seriousness Edward take that side, Jasper take that side and I'll take the middle."

Jasper was the first to come upon baby supplies and while he was sifting through old onesies and tiny dresses Edward found the first box of photographs. He held up a picture of two blonde boys that got into mommy's makeup.

"Aw look daddy is so pretty," Edward cooed passing the picture to Jasper. Carlisle perked up and snatched the picture from Jasper.

"Oh sweet lord," he groaned.

"I wonder if mom has seen that," Edward snickered.

"Oh haha, laugh it up chuckles she took embarrassing pictures of you too."

Edward rolled his eyes but soon enough Jasper found one.

"Haha look dad's changing you."

"Why would she take a picture of that?!" Edward cried.

Carlisle just laughed. While he talked with Jasper about his twins as babies Edward went back to the boxes. He found a small shoe box that was taped shut. He pulled the tape off and opened it. There were more photographs. He just smiled to himself and plucked one out. It was his dad (or maybe his uncle) stark naked with only a ball cap. He couldn't have been more than three. He wondered what it was with the naked baby pictures. Sure it was cute when toddlers decided that they didn't want to wear clothes and just run around naked in the living room, but did it really need to be documented?

He turned over another picture and found it was basically the same. The blonde boy was still without clothes. Edward picked up another and it was still more of the same. His hand was moving automatically through the box.

"More pictures?" Carlisle asked him. "God I swear mom had a camera glued to her hand."

Edward didn't answer. So many pictures of the same boy. He knew it was his late uncle because Carlisle didn't have birthmarks on his left hip and right knee. He was seeing more of his uncle Robert than he ever wanted to. Then he found new ones. This time he was staring at himself nearly twenty years in the past. The redhead in the picture was undressing with the help of his grandmother and being bathed by his father. All the angles were overhead at an angle, as if taken by a hidden camera. He turned the picture over.

Edward, 4, bath time.

"Edward what's up?" Jasper asked, noticing the spike in Edward's negative emotions.

Edward didn't answer. He just got up left. Carlisle stood up and grabbed the box.

"What is it?" Jasper asked.

"Pictures," Carlisle answered quietly as he looked at the photographs of his twin and son. "Harold's pictures."

Upstairs Edward had grabbed his keys and his coat, startling Esme.

"Honey what's wrong?"

"Nothing. I have to go."

"Why?" Esme asked, following him to the front door.

"I just do okay. Don't call me for a while I won't answer."

He left with that and Esme immediately felt angry. Someone had upset her son and she was going to find out who and when she did heads were going to roll. She marched to the basement steps to find Carlisle rushing up.

"What happened?"

"Where's Edward?" Carlisle asked.

"He just left and he said we won't be able to reach him for a while."

Carlisle just handed the box to Esme and she looked in it. "Oh my god."

"Yeah. I'll call Bella in an hour to see if he came home. I can't imagine too many places where he would go."

"Maybe he went to go see grandma," Jasper suggested, "you know how close they were."

"It's possible," Carlisle agreed. He looked at the time and when he heard crying he remembered that they had been so distracted by Edward's discovery that they left Ryan downstairs. Carlisle went down to get him and when the boy was in his arms he held him tight, as if his father was there.

"Daddy where Edward go?"

"He went home because he doesn't feel good," Carlisle said. His son looked at him with his own blue eyes.

"But he didn't say bye."

"I know but don't worry yourself okay, Edward just had to go home."

Ryan pouted and Carlisle knew why. He had been born about a year and a half after his four older siblings left for college. So until he was almost a year old he didn't even know he had more siblings. Needless to say the discovery was a delightful one for him and while he missed his big brother Emmett (whom he got to see monthly while in Washington) the pain was eased by the appearance of two new brothers and a sister.

Carlisle kissed his forehead and took him upstairs. As he walked he started going back to the mindset he was in after Edward told him about his grandfather. He wished he could go back in time and be the one that picked Edward up from school. Sex with Esme had been amazing, but he would have traded it in order to protect his boy.

"Daddy why you sad?"

"I miss my mommy," Carlisle lied. Well it wasn't all a lie, he did miss his mother. But his son was too young to know what happened to his brother.


"I tell ya dad, I'm on top of the world right now," Emmett said with a smile as he pulled his bag over his shoulder. "I'm first line for China, I have a supermodel girlfriend and I'm in the best shape of my life."

"I just worry about you out there alone," Carlisle sighed.

"I'm really happy though," Emmett assured him, shutting his locker and locking it. "I think I might as Rosie to marry me."

"Wow that's a big step."

"Yeah. We are so connected though. I mean we don't even have to have sex to be completely and totally connected."

"Son I really don't want to hear about your sex life."

Emmett laughed. "Relax dad, we aren't doing the nasty until after China. I don't want to risk getting her pregnant."

"Always a good move. I wish you would have shared that philosophy with your brother."

Emmett and Carlisle both laughed. "How are they handling things anyway?"

Emmett pulled the door open and turned into the hall. He slapped the cement arch with the olympic rings on it as usual as Carlisle began to tell him about the twins and the new parents. Then he went down as something hard hit the back of his knee. The phone slipped from his hand and skidded across the pavement. He felt incredible pain rush through his leg. He heard Carlisle's concerned voice over the phone. Emmett turned and looked up just as someone in a black ski mask slammed a metal bad hard on his knee again. He screamed as his bones shattered and Carlisle screamed over the phone.

Another swing of the bat found Emmett throwing his hand up to stop it and resulting in more bones breaking. His attacker stomped on his chest before leaving.


Emmett laid on his back. He could see his ankle where it shouldn't have been and was afraid to look at the damage. He sloppily grabbed his phone.


"Emmett, what happened, are you okay?"

"No. Call Rosie and tell her I'm just outside of the lockers. I need an ambulance, my legs broken to shit."

"Right. I'll call you back in..."

"Don't leave me," Emmett sobbed, "dad I'm really scared."

Miles away in Chicago Carlisle was scrambling for another phone. He could hear his son trying not to cry out loud on the other line.

"Esme, I need your phone, Emmett's hurt."

Esme nodded and handed it to him. He dialed Rosalie's number.

"Oh hey Esme what's up?"

"Rose, it's Carlisle. Emmett's been hurt and he needs you to call an ambulance. He's outside of the locker rooms and he said his leg is broken."

"Okay," Rosalie said firmly, "right, tell him I'm on it. I'll be there in two minutes."

"Thank you Rosie."

"Yeah. I'll call you from the hospital."

"Alright." They hung up and Carlisle turned his attention back to Emmett. "It's going to be okay Emmy, I'm with you."

"Someone planned this. Someone hates me that much! I'm not going to China now!"

"Maybe it isn't that bad," Carlisle said, encouraging optimism.

Emmett closed his eyes and bit his lip hard. The pain was so tremendous but it was nothing compared to knowing that the Olympics were in his grasp only a few minutes ago. He was aware of the paramedics when they came and his phone being handed to Rosalie who assured Carlisle that Emmett was on his way to the hospital.

"He could have killed you," Rosalie sobbed while the paramedics set his leg in the ambulance.

"He may as well have," Emmett mumbled quietly. He felt her small hand on his head in an attempt to console him. He just let his mind wander away as the heavy pain killers sedated him.


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